Rashesh tended not to be the outdoors type of guy. Since the vast majority of his days were spent locked away in a morgue cutting open dead bodies. Yet he was trying to branch out of his comfort zone since he no longer had his sisters around. Emily the woman who he thought was the love of his life went missing, and Now he was lost in a confusing dance with the aspect of darkness.  He needed to get out of the city the best he could and clear his head. His eyes wandered over to a card he received on Christmas that had a gift certificate for a tour at a ranch that was a brewery.

He picked up the card and stood from his desk tossing his white jacket over his shoulders before making his way out to where he parked his car. He could use a beer and he hoped maybe being out of his element for a while would make him stop overthinking everything that was plaguing his mind. The drive was quick and as he pulled up to the ranch he parked and got out taking deep breath of fresh air. “Ah.” he let out softly before looking around to the rather empty place.

He wondered if it was closed as he began to wander around the building when he heard the sound of something screaming. Rashesh found the sound coming from the barn when he moved through the doorway of the barn he found a horse rearing around in her stall. Moving closer he saw a man trying to calm her down. “Everything okay?” Rashesh asked and then noticed how swollen the horse was. “Oh she is ready to pop.” it was as if he knew the horse was pregnant by just the look of it.

The horse was clearly uncomfortable with the sounds she was making, “I’m not a vet but I am a doctor do you want me to see if I can help?” he looked to the southern male who was there in the stall with the fear stricken horse. “Do you have any medical stuff around?” it was a ranch so he was sure there had to be something around to help with difficult births how the horse was acting it was clear to him that, something was wrong.

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Clayton and Tia had both been keeping a close eye on LilyRose which was currently the only on the Arabians who hadn’t given birth yet. Both checked on her nearly hourly to make sure than neither she nor the foal were in distress since they were both beginning to get worried since she should have already foaled and yet she was still as big as a barn and getting mean as hell. Not that Clay could blame her since he was sure it was far from a fun state to be in. Usually she a bit of a hardheaded mess but that had gotten worse the closer she got to foaling since she didn’t want anyone around her and even Tia’s gentle nature didn’t seem to ease the large and unhappy beast.

Having after using Ace to get the cattle from one pasture to another along with the help of the ever attentive Champ, he had returned to the stable at just the right time. Usually he would have put Ace in his stall but even he seemed to know it was unwise to be in there with Lily and so Clay released him out to the pasture as well to graze knowing he would come back towards the stable when he knew the coast was clear. Even males of all species knew better than to be near a cranky and pregnant woman, he had only had to deal with in his own life once and it had been well worth it. Returning to Lily’s stall he did his best to stay out of the range of her hooves since he wasn’t trying to get knocked on his ass. “It’s alright girl, I know it’s gotta be a pain but you’ve gotta calm down, this ain’t good for either of ya.” He said reaching his hand out with confidence and without hesitation knowing she would only push him around if she thought that she could. As she reared up his released a sharp whistle and clicked with his tongue as she reared up at him. “Lily.” His tone was strong and demanding as understanding seemed to pass and she released a sound of annoyance before placing her hooves back on the ground. “Relax girl.” He said softly as he pressed his hand against her muzzle, “I’m right here, now relax.” He said in a calm and soothing voice before hearing another.

Turning his head he looked over at the man standing there, he had never seen him before that wasn’t unusually these days since his PR representative had decided that it would be good publicity and get more people aware that his business existed if he started doing tours and opened a tap room on a portion of the ranch. It wasn’t something he was thrilled with since he had more than enough going on but he had agreed none the less since he found it hard to say no at times. “Yeah and she ain’t making it easy on herself. Lily’s always been a hell of a stubborn mare.” She seemed to be interested in the newcomer and was watching him. Something about the man seemed to calm her which was strange since usually she didn’t like new people and only tolerated him at times so this was rather odd.

Something had her wound up and given the placement of the foal it should be a straightforward birth but something in the air was bothering her and keeping her on edge and if that didn’t change this whole thing was going to get hands on. “No offense Doc but what are ya doing way out here?” As the other man offered to help Clay mulled over the suggestion, “A’ight, if ya wanna help slowly move on in here and try to get her to relax, that’s the biggest problem right now. Mind the hooves, she’s having a day.” He commented as he slowly moved around the Arabian who was still just standing and staring at the other male, trying to assess, “Don’t go testing the Doc like ya did the last one Lily.” He said before ducking out of the stall and moving to the front of the barn where he kept the medical supplies for the horse in case of complications since most vets couldn’t get out here in a timely manner.

Returning to the stall he was still clearly confused at why this doctor was here. “Doubt you’re in the business of making impromptu vet house calls so I gotta guess ya had something else in mind for the day.” Lily hadn’t reared up or started pacing again since the newcomer appeared and the Southern Valkyr knew there had to be a reason why, along with a reason Clay was trusting a complete strangers with a horse he had raised since her birth. Lily might be a bit of a bitch at best but he’d still move heaven and hell to make sure she was well taken care of. “Clayton Forrester.” He said offering the man his hand as he carefully placed the medical bag down on the stall floor as not to freak Lily out.

Rashesh hadn’t seen anything quite like it if he had been honest, though he had not been around many horses willingly either in his life. The way the Valkyr seem to talk the bucking animal down and back into her place while clearly being in a large amount of pain.  Rashesh moved closer as he spoke of the Mare. It was like he could feel the pain coming off her. It made the Celestial wish he could soothe her pain completely. “It's not her fault, poor thing seems like she is in so much pain.” He gave a slight chuckle at the thought. “To be honest she sounds like my sisters being stubborn, and getting themselves hurt.”

The doctor turned his gaze back on the man who clearly was a farmhand or even the owner of this place. “I was given a gift certificate to come get a tour and something else. A co-worker gave it to me because he knows I am a fan of a good brew.” He said as he gave a soft shrug. “Looks like I may have came on a good day.” he said with a slight chuckle as he moved closer to the horse. It wouldn’t be the first time he got hit by something that would pack a punch. Rashesh couldn’t help the chuckle that passes his lips as he looked to the Valkyr before focusing back on the mare in front of him. “It's gonna be okay.” he ran his hand along the Mare neck slowly, showing no fear as he did so.

“Well it was my day off and I was coming to get drunk. But helping this beautiful girl isn’t the worst way to spend the day.” he chuckled as he felt the glowing from him grew as he helped soothe her. It was a big reason he worked in the morgue he didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing him glow. Rashesh reached over with one of his hands keeping the other stroking the horse slowly. “Rashesh Patel, feel free to call me Ra. It's a pleasure to meet you Clayton.” He said as he moved to the bag and pulled out the stethoscope and placed it in his ear and pressed it to the horses side. Closing his eyes listening close to what was going on with the Foal.

“How far along is she currently?” He asked as he placed his hands to her side and pressed on it gentle waiting for the horse to give him a sign of what was hurting. “She seems so swollen, Horses tend to be pregnant for 11 months to a year right?” he asked as he pressed a little harder. “Has her water broken?” he asked as he looked to Clayton.

This wasn’t the first, nor would it be the last pregnant mare he had to deal with and Lily was already stubborn on a good today. Obviously today was not a good day. Clay could tell that she was in discomfort but she thankfully didn’t seem to be having complications. Something was just bothering her even though she needed to calm herself. There was no doubt within his mind that the other male was right, after all pregnancy wasn’t all fun and games, especially not when it came to giving birth. “I know girl, I’m sorry but you gotta calm down so I can help you.” He said in a soothing tone knowing that despite what he said or did she would calm when she was good and ready and obviously right now she wasn’t good nor ready. “Lily is stubborn alright and it wouldn’t surprise me if she was trying to do something she should be doing right about now.” She’d been far too active as of late which was why she was pinned up now, he didn’t know if it was just discomfort causing her to need to move all about or something else.

“Well you’re sure getting your something else. Tours usually don’t come with a potential birthing so I guess you came in on a good day. Though might just have to give you another of those fancy certificates.” The tour thing hadn’t been Clay’s idea but he understood why it was necessary since it was to stay competitive and to introduce people to the brand. “Though then this part it over I’ll let make sure you get the brew even if the tour doesn’t happen.” Especially since most had the day off today and he couldn’t leave Lily in her current state. “You might be what I need right about now though since she seemed to like you which is rare with her. Not even sure she likes me most days.” Though for Lily her emotions were all over the place and changed by the minute but she was beautiful and any foal from her would bring good money. Usually he wanted to keep them but he had so many and he knew he needed to consider cutting down more than adding more, especially if his focus was meant to be on the brewery and distillery side of things. Though cattle at least still brought in money and he enjoyed it so he wasn’t given that up, plus local places liked to say they had locally sourced beef.

“I’m sure they’ll still be time after, hell may just grill ya up a steak or something for the trouble.” Clay knew this was coming one of these days and she was unfortunately later than anticipated but the doctor had been here a few days back and said everything was looking good and it should be any day, seemed he wasn’t kidding. “Welcome to my little corner of heaven and one of the temperamental creatures that calls it home.” He said with a chuckle since usually Champ or Ace would make better impressions but at least Ra didn’t seem bothered.

“She’s getting close to three-hundred and sixty-four days. She’s later than we expected but the last doc that was here said she should be alright. Not that I necessarily putta lot of stock in that kind of stuff, no offense.” He just hadn’t been a big fan of doctors in his human life and that hadn’t much changed since. “Yeah eleven months give or take is the norm but some carry passed that. Her water hasn’t broken yet but she’s in the first stage, her restlessness shows me that much plus the sweating along her neck and flank. It shouldn’t be long now though.” Then after that the rest of the process was usually pretty quick but for the moment it was just a bit of a waiting game.   

Rashesh was out of his element in a sense but he also believed he could help the stubborn mare who just seemed extremely uncomfortable. All Rashesh wanted to do was calm her into a relaxed state. The stress to her couldn’t be helpful for her or the foal that was growing in her belly.  Rashesh ran his hand along her side slowly as if testing for a sore spots that may indicate why she was acting in such an erratic manner. “You say she has been doing a lot of active things even this late in her pregnancy?” He asked as he wondered if maybe she pull a muscle or something that would cause her to act in such a manner.

“I have been told many times that I am lucky. Seeing a horse give birth in person I find to be an extremely lucky day for me.” The celestial gave a laugh. He spent so much of his time dealing with those that had already passed that seeing a being brought into the world taking its first breath seemed to be a rare moment for him. “Just let me have some of your beer on the house and you don’t have to give me another fancy certificate.” Rashesh reassured him. “I am sure I would have fallen off the horse anyways.” He chuckled as he looked back to the horse as he ran his hand along her side. “Sometimes I wonder if my ability to calm comes with being a celestial or if it comes from understanding what it's like to be locked in a cage in pain.” Rashesh spoke without thinking for a moment. He waited for the question of what a Celestial was. Rashesh had a lie lined up long ago for humans who wanted to know what he meant.

“It really is no trouble Clay.” Rashesh said as he looked to him. “Though I won’t turn down free food.” He chuckled as he took in a deep breath. “This place is honestly more of a heaven then my morgue that is for sure.” The celestial spoke softly as his hand moved along the horses side softly. “I am sure these temperamental creatures appreciate you even if they can’t express that while their moods are through the roof.” He chuckled as he focused on what Clay was informing him when it came to the mare in front of them. 

Rashesh chuckled at the no offense. “No offense taken, all my patients come to me one way. There really is no reversing it.” he gave a pause. “Almost twelve months?” he let out a low whistle. “And I thought we had it rough when it came to pregnancy.” He sighed as he looked back to the beautiful mare. He gave a soft sigh as he listen through the stethoscope for a moment to the horses heartbeat. “She seems to be in an extreme amount of stress.” He said as he then looked to him. “I think her water is going to break any moment. Her breathing is becoming more erratic.” He said as he pulled back.

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