Theodor had heard from Tia that there was a new Element a woman named Sofi the new Initia Ambassador wielded it, Tia was learning it from her. Tia had been helping Theo keep up with his training Theo was over 1000 years old and well versed in all currently known elements, he was not a master. When his emotions were heightened Theo could still lose control of his elements, which is why he put himself through such rigorous training often.

Theodor was on his way into the Initia Territory to meet with this woman to get a feel for her ideals for the tribe he has loved for so long. While Theo may be apart of the guard the Initia as a whole still meant a great deal to this man. If Sofi was as talented as he has come to hear about Theodor planned to ask her if she could train him as well. 

If anything could be said of Theodor Dimitreu it was that he had a love and a knack for learning, the elder gentleman still lived in centuries long forgotten. He stood when a woman entered the room, held open doors, helped a woman to take her seat before he himself sat. Theodor was a regular Prince Charming it was how he had grown up and he did not plan to change that any time soon, even though he was often teased by his old fashioned ways.

Though his long life taught him that he often needed to be ready for anything and everything to happen, Theo never let his training fall by the wayside he kept his skills sharp. Opening the door Theodor walked up to the office door and lightly knock upon the door. Once he was guided into the office and seated Theodor’s eyes bounced around the room finally his eyes fell onto the blonde.

“Hello Ma’am I am Theodor Dimitreu.” He stood once more and rounded around the table to shake her hand, and out of respect and his old fashioned ways he brought her hand to his lips and gave her knuckles a light kiss before rounding back around and taking his seat. “You are the woman all the news up at the manor is buzzing about?” He said with a soft smile.

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The clock hung across the room kept ticking, exactly like it should do; to work. Like what the person inhabiting the room should be doing, but no, instead she was busy jotting down her reviews on her notebook. From page one, it had been random sketches, but up to page 4, it was filled with a completely different content, most those that consisted of her Psychic element. She also had list down the names of all the Masters in Evermore. The fact that Evermore had rare element Masters such as Electric, Metal and Gravity was already an amazing feat. And now they would be the first tribe in history to possess all 8 element Masters. To be honest, Sofi wasn't sure how she would ascend to her leadership as the new Grand Master of the Evermore tribe and while she kept convincing and encouraging others, the same didn't exactly work for her own self. 

She was a good actor to show that she hasn't been encountering the same insecurity issues as others, of course, it was a tad bit easier when you've been in the field where manipulating the state of mind for a while. It builds you up to mask any emotion when you probably feel the most. Rubbing her temple after letting out a heaved sigh, Sofi decided she couldn't keep doing this self thing with herself, not when she's surrounded by things that would pressure her more than good, aka the newspaper articles she collected regarding the Initia tribe here. Before she assumed the leadership for the tribe, it was under the command of another one, who she knew to be quite wise beyond his years and that did hold a weight over her to be the best successor her predecessor will ever get, that's what you get for being such a perfectionist, she could almost hear Rowan saying I told you so. Which doesn't really work when the Electric Master is just the same as she is, dictating every move perfectly to make sure it stays precise.

 With one hand running through her blonde locks, she got up from her seat and closed her notebook shut, tossing it inside her drawer before grabbing a hold of her jacket as she makes her way to the shelves where all the books were arranged neatly. She desperately needed to let off some steam, when she's not in control of her unpredictable element, she's always a bit overwhelmed by all the voices. That's the con of having that element, you really had to train diligently to make sure you are in control of it at all times. Sofi had heard about the two people who would come to seek her help in training them in this new element nobody has ever mastered, and she wasn't sure what to feel about it. Teaching someone who is so much older than her, not just by a century or two but a whole millennium? Had she said she wasn't shook by the fact would be a vast understatement. 

While she was busy staring at the books aligned with the sheets in between, a knock came from outside which made the blonde frown briefly, she wasn't aware she was supposed to have a guest? It was then when she saw the sight of the male that came from the door, oh, she recognized him from the files, Theodor Dimitreu. Her eyes were narrowed when he suddenly kissed her knuckles but said nothing, well, this was new. "The Ailward manor is buzzing about me? I find that hard to believe yet so believable" she scoffed lightly, oh she doesn't exactly like the Ailwards. Maybe for a petty reason but they brought more trouble than peace so forgive her for wanting nothing more than to preserve her own tribe's longevity. "Yes, I'm Sofi Zahara. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is it that you people were talking about me?"

Theodor stepped back to give the woman some room to not fully invade her space “Well your ability is quite rare.” He said in a soft tone. “I have learned as much as I can with the different elements myself, and I have never in all my years come across someone like yourself. It is intriguing and a mystery how such an ability went unknown for so long.” Theo was a sponge in his own way of learning, it was something the older man enjoyed very much. Languages, Abilities, new recipes, anything really. The one thing Theo seemed to have the most trouble learning was how to fall in love with the right person. “I can assure you nothing bad has been spoken in my presence.” Theodor gave her an honest smile as he watched her.

Sofi looked apprehensive of him, had Theo and her crossed paths in the past he was sure he would remember such a face. He tried to reach all aspects of his brain but he was coming up blank “Have I offended you in some way?” the Initia Guard tried his very best to not anger people or hurt them, he only hurt when he had no other options left. He believed it was his duty to Help others and not to hinder them, to protect magic and the supernatural and all that was dear to Evermore.

“In Truth, I would like to learn from you, to understand this ability of yours, How it works, why it’s been as I said unknown for so long. If you wouldn’t mind teaching an old dog a new trick.” The chuckle that escaped his lips was one of joy, it had been a while since Theo was able to crack a genuine smile let alone a laugh and yet here he was doing both. Folding his hands neatly into his lap he studied her face waiting to see what her next move would be.

Hearing that her ability being rare wasn't the first for Sofi, she knew it was rare, hell even she thought it was extinct a few centuries ago. That was until her miraculous birth, Kris said. She remembered the old man told her that she was special after she complained about the headaches and constant hemorrhaging whenever she denied her own affinity shortly after she finally became a Metal Master in her tribe. Obviously, she wasn't able to ignore the signs for long or else she would've probably bled out. "I have to say, Theo, I am a bit overwhelmed… I was told you are over 1000 years old and that means you're a Diverse who's had his hand in multiple other elements, maybe all of them with the exception of one?" Without Psychic, he should have control over 7 elements altogether. A relieved sigh escaped her when he told her nothing bad was spoken regarding her, good.

 Honestly, Sofi may not show it as much, but she was basically dealing with her heart shaking in tremor internally. Thankfully, majoring in Psychology for years taught her how to wear a perfect mask on the face. Besides, no one could read her mind, anyways. She wouldn't allow them and being a Psychic Master comes with a few perks; one of them being immune to mind reading. "No, no, of course not… I'm sorry, I feel slightly jittery because this isn't my first time meeting a student but this is my first time meeting someone who's lived 10 times longer than I have so… it's a bit overwhelming, but I'll be fine in a jiff" she reassured. Well, first things first, at least the procedures never changed. He would still have to go through her evaluation first to prove if he's mentally and physically stable enough to learn this element. Psychic is quite volatile and often times, Sofi calls it a tricky element who definitely goes around prancing like a trickster. 

"Psychic doesn't have a lot of history to begin with… nobody knows much about it. Any documentation about it was either destroyed or it's never existed before. Nobody wielded it much less mastered it. The only way I even managed to mold it, was because I'm studying psychology myself back then. I had to implement everything I learned in my own way, experiment and see if it goes south or not" Which ended up with a lot of casualties, if she might say so. "But I have a few conditions to any student who wishes to learn about Psychic. It's neither am old element nor a new one. We have no idea if it's too ancient or too new, so I have several criteria people must live up to in order to learn. I need to know if they are both mentally and physically stable. Psychic is very tiring. The question is, are you the right fit for it?" 

Theodor couldn’t help but smile as she spoke of his age “Yes Yes I am an ancient pile of dust in the form of a human male.” He said in a teasing tone. Theo hated that people often spoke of his age but it couldn’t be helped when he was so well known within the different communities. “Yes I know all of the elements to date, that is true. I had never even heard of Physic until you arrived. It is hard to say if it is ancient or new. I would be willing to help you chase down any leads on it if you wanted though.” Theo wasn’t a master of any element that was for sure but he was close enough with his experience of each. Theo was strong with all he had learned so far and all he had been through in life he was sure he was mentally able to handle it.

“I am willing to at least go through any and all tests you may have to throw at me, if I am unable to take it on that is okay but I would like to learn more about it none the less.” Theo gave her a genuine smile as he shifted. “Please try not to be intimidated by my age, just try and see me as a fellow your own age.” Theodor’s eyes scanned the room. “How is it living in Evermore? Stepping into the role of…” Theo took a moment to gather himself.

Sofi had stepped into the shoes of his ex the one woman in all his years that had truly captured the man’s heart. Sierra was a hard woman for the elder man to get over yes they may have had quite the age difference but she challenged him in ways nobody ever had, she was also able to calm him in ways no one had ever accomplished. Theo gulped fighting back the swell of emotions in his chest, the woman had called an end to their relationship to travel with her brother. While Theodor understood why she was doing what she did it didn’t stop the elder man’s heart from breaking a little. Yet here he was trying to learn from her replacement not that anyone could have replaced her fully.

“The newest ambassador to the faction?” He cleared his throat.

Did he intimidate her? Sofi would lie if she hasn't he didn't. It wasn't in any bad way but as usual, from where Sofi hailed, the tribe she grew up in back in Kiev, they had a rather strict hierarchy ties. It wasn't the older the person is, the better the respect goes. The stronger they are, the better the respect goes. That's the principle they lived in, for centuries. Evidently, the elders are very much respected for their contributions and experience hence why Sofi felt the need to actually give a small bow or nod to acknowledge him. But this wasn't your previous tribe, she reminded herself. This is a new one and Theodor was neither a member of it or a stranger to it, which does strike her interestingly because whilst she's confused, she also had her interest piqued. "I did not mean it in that way" she chuckled nervously, how could she actually call someone old without offending them? Probably add to the fact that they're being experienced or wise, that's what Rowan would've told her. 

When he told her he's never heard of Psychic throughout the time he's lived, Sofi wondered if they wanted to keep it a secret from other Initia back then. Maybe it existed. Maybe it didn't. But if it didn't exist, how come myths that turned into bedtime stories are generated? It doesn't make sense. Perhaps one day she'll find out about it. The blonde had to admit that she was in awe upon discovering that he had learned every element possible with the exception of her own. That's a remarkable feat. But considering his age, maybe he had the time to kill for it. His determination doesn't surprise her, Sofi has heard plenty of them, and he wouldn't be the first, neither would he be the last to say that. All that stands between their learning was whether they could prove themselves to be stable enough to learn the ropes. "Of course, I can keep helping you until you're ready to start learning." 

Her evaluations are always so complex and unpredictable, it's basically going through a psyche test, sometimes. They needed to be able to visualize what would occur before anything else. "Living in Evermore is fine. Like anyone, the city drew me in with its… mystical energy. I feel safe here, like I could live my life the way I see fit. As for stepping into this position, it hasn't been easy" she pressed her lips into a thin line briefly before chuckling wryly, "But nobody else would do it. It's my responsibility, I have to work on it one way or another. It's definitely a lot easier with the Elemental Masters helping me." The other Initia in the tribe weren't too harsh on her either. It's a learning progress either way. "If you're fine with it, I guess we could start." First stage; visualization. 

"Normally I would give a brief introduction on what it is, but I'd rather ask you what you think." Sofi beckoned for Theo to follow her into the office and pointed at the painting that was hung next to the clock, "Can you guess what its trying to tell? The story?" It was a painting of a rotten apple that still shone because a moonlight is illuminating it.

Theodor couldn’t help but chuckle as the smaller woman chuckled “I take no offence, I am rather old, I wouldn’t go for wise as some would say, I am still learning as life goes on just as much as the person next to me. Life is never easy on anyone, age, gender, strength, none of that matters to time and life.” Nodding his head when she mentioned that Evermore was filled with Mythical Energy. “Yes, this city is very mystical that is certain.” He added.

“I am sure you will do her proud, I knew Sierra very well, she was a remarkable person she would like you very much. I do hope she returns one day and sees where you take the faction. The masters are a good place to start, as with most tribes we try to teach our own and protect our own. I may not be with the main Initia Faction anymore but they and you are still my tribe.” He offered hoping to give her some insight into how he was.

Following the blonde back to the office he lifted his eyes to the painting of a rotting apple that looked like it was shimmering from the moonlight. Theo turned his head to the side and thought for a moment, “It reminds me that like this painting people have two sides, the bad and the rotten, as well as a the good and shiny. The story of the two wolves, it matters to which side you feed more to which you become. Though not everything is so black and white there is always a little grey area. Somewhere in the middle where things combine, where you will always have a bit of both.” He stopped “It also brings to mind that while an apple may rot and break down over time it will go back into the earth and new life may grow in its place. So once more you need good and bad equally for life to thrive.”

She knew she was a lot younger compared to the immortal beings residing in the eternal city, Initia weren't supposed to be an immortal being, after all. They only had extended lifespan to help them control their abilities counting the years. If it was going to take someone at least a minimum of 30 to 40 years to master an element, surely they needed a few more decades under the belt. Which made her curious as to how Theo was able to live this long. He's a part of the Ailward Guard though, she supposed that made sense. For an ancient organization, they wouldn't want to discard their members easily. Surely, they had a few advantages. Governing the supernatural world isn't easy. "Speaking of which, how are you able to fare so well while not having a tribe? Or do you have one under the Guard? Lone Initia aren't meant to last as long without a tribe, it's like an ant who hunts without the help of its colony." 

It was the same analogy, really. In all their years of Initia history, lone Initia were predicted to be one of the hardest phases an Initia could even think of going through. Without a tribe, their control over their elements would slowly deteriorate. "I hope to do the tribe's name justice. I'm still new to the whole leadership thing but I'm not rejecting it per se." Maybe once she's had it a few months further into this, she'll be more used to it. When he explained to her what he perceived of the painting, Sofi stood there with an impressed smile, his explanation was intricate and simple, the analogy stood its ground and he understood the meaning behind the painting. "Very impressive, not everyone could gauge what this meant on the first time basis. But then again, they're not as experienced as you are" Which explains why he's more in tune with everything in his surroundings. 

An Initia must always be cautious, nature is what fueled their energy, after all. To give and to take, the same rule applies. "As an Initia, we should be the ones who understood nature the best. Everything they give, we take… and once we take it, we utilize it to the best of our ability and give back to nature by making it a better offering." Hence why their trainings were always centered around character building. "If you were given the choice to help a lady find her son's killer knowing she may be driven to take the path to vengeance, would you help her?" Not everything is a trick question, this one is simply for Sofi to understand what he would do given the chance. There was no right or wrong. 

Tribe yes he may not have been a part of the main initia tribe but in a way, he had his tribe “Well sort of being the oldest Initia I know of, I help to teach any initia within the guard. So I guess that makes me the leader of that tribe, but in a way I think the Guard are my family, my tribe, Initia or otherwise.” Theo shrugged. Theodor felt like he had his home where he was and he was proud to have the family he had.

“Thank you, I just say what I see or what I think I suppose, I am rather old fashioned most seem to tell me.” He chuckled a bit his daughter told him more often than most, she seemed to want him to get with the times already; it was something he struggled with. Learning a new element was easy for him, he had been doing it most of his life training and practicing and mastering them in his own way. The technology was still so foreign but he was trying to grasp the concept more and more even if it did cause many arguments between the father-daughter duo.

Her next question once more made Theo take pause to think before he answered “I would help her because though she may be driven by vengeance, she could possibly be persuaded to take a different path; she deserves closure, and the killer deserves to be brought to justice. I would stop her from killing the killer myself if I had to, and they would both be brought to justice. But yes, ultimately, I would help her, it is in my nature to help.”

Since Sofi was brought up to be like any normal Initia, save for the fact that she didn’t tap into her element until she was older, and it hadn’t even been her affinity element. She knew there would be anomalies that would allow them to twist the cap a bit and make a rule of their own from it, like both their situations. “That’s interesting to hear, I don’t think I’ve heard of it but then again, you’re probably the oldest elemental I’ve met, aside from the Aspect of Elements, Aurantia.” The Psychic Initia was sought out by the Ailwards to teach both the Guard and Aspect on Psychic seeing as that was the only element that they haven’t learned yet, much less have under their belt. She also knew that because Theo wasn’t a Master Initia, he could only guide the others to go only so far, and how the Initia in the Guard would also house the Diverse Initia only. 

“I didn’t know my own affinity element until I was already a Master of another element I chose” she chuckled, she remembered thinking she was going crazy after getting back from training that day because she had been having non-stop nose bleeding and the voices in her head were threatening to give her a big hemorrhage. “For a while, most people thought I was crazy. I mean, I did too. Wasn’t like the other young Initia under the age of their initiation ceremony either.” But nevertheless, it was a period of studying for the blonde. His answer to her question made the Initia Grand Master grin, “That’s an interesting way to look at it, I’m not going to lie” it was the first time she’s been given an answer like that, “So you would do both ways? You’d help her either way, but in your own way of thinking. You’d help the woman find the killer but eventually, instead of leaving her to take things into her hands, you wouldn’t allow that?”

 The mindset of a Guard indeed. They were disciplined in that way, she guessed it as much. “Have you ever been mind-controlled before, Theo?” She was curious to know if the Guard had come across any mission that was similar to it. To know more about what he fears would serve her a better advantage when it comes to testing what level he was in. Even the strongest could crumble with one hit to the head. 

“Tia is quite a knowledgeable person, she has much to teach even me. Being Diverse I can only teach so much and if someone wishes to Master an element well, I steer them to the master I know of, or I may send them to Sie.... well you.” He did it again slipped up he was finding it hard to not automatically say her name when referring to the head of their kind. 

“I didn’t know that was possible to manifest after Mastering one, that is truly remarkable.” The Elder man was beyond curious about her story. “I can understand that, Though I am sorry you thought you were crazy, I see nothing but a strong woman and confident if I must say so.” Theo offered her a smile as he watched the blonde. 

“I couldn’t allow someone to commit a crime, it is not in me to allow such a thing.” Even though Theo was a Guard and he often had to kill when the circumstance required it; he much preferred to have the person seek the appropriate justice for the crime(s). Though being a guard, he also knew sometimes that just was not possible. 

Theo shook his head no to her question “I have not.” Did she know what was happening in Evermore? Theo knew of many cases where people were mind controlled but he had not experienced such an Event. He was one of the fortunate few, He had plans to track down what was happening. He intended to bring Bexley along she was the only one he knew of who would be willing to help Theo no matter the cost. 

She wondered how the guards would feel if they wished to master an element, logically speaking, they would have to leave the Guard to train under a certain Master since the Ailward Guard housed none. "Has there been any cases in which the Initia in the guard wanted to pursue the path to mastery? I imagine that's quite hard to control, no? You'll have to leave the faction for a while and train under another for an extensive period of them." It's also rare to find people who chose mastery path and didn't wish to be under a faction because in all honesty, the connection to their own tribe was strong enough to fuel even the weakest. Everyone wanted to be a part of the community, even she did, and she lived like an outcast for the most part of her life. 

"I didn't know it was possible until after I experienced myself either, it's been that rule for centuries, the road to mastery will allow you to have some element and no more. I guess mine checked our weirdly because unlike the others, metal was an element I chose because I didn't have my own affinity element." Imagine her surprise when the hidden affinity element just decided to interrupt her day with nosebleeds and a few headaches here and there, successfully making the blonde think she was crazy the first time. "Well, if you were in my place, you thought everything was fine, you were finally a metal master, the position you've sought out is finally yours. Then one day, you just started hearing voices from… everywhere. And have a few intense episodes of nosebleeds… yeah that too. Either I was going crazy or I was cursed. Since I pretty much pride myself in living within the Initia community back in Kiev, there was no way people knew me enough to hex me."

 It was a big battle between herself, having to choose to leave or stay and feign arrogance to her pressing element. "When you want to learn an impulsive element such as this, it's very important for us to look at the individual's character. I can't measure your mental intellect easily, I'm a psychologist, not a mad scientist slash mind reader. Even if I can tap into your head to find out the rest, I would prefer having them be honest with me. First step to acquiring one's trust is to not lie." It seems like Theo was approaching this well, after all. "So if you were to be… let's say, fall victim to being mind-controlled by a very powerful individual, and you're not aware that you're being controlled at first, once you figure out there were cracks inside, how would you approach this case? This is not a yes or no question, it's simply me trying to gauge your response. Because honestly, trying to escape from being mind-controlled isn't as easy as people would have it." 

Theodor thought about her question in all his years he hadn’t known anyone who wanted to, or if they did maybe they kept it to themselves thinking they would have to leave the guard to do so. The guard was a family and for most, it was what gave them all this sort of will to go on, some had found the guard at their lowest point while others were content when they found the guard but either way, the Guard was a unit and one each member did not take lightly. 

Theo had to hide a chuckle at her response only because of how she ruled out being hexed as an option “Forgive me, that was rude to laugh.” He quickly gained himself again and watched the blonde he couldn’t imagine being on a different path than the one he was on. So to think that one day another element just popped up and said ‘hey I am your affinity’ It was a little mind-altering that Theo may have only been a diverse because he had yet to discover his affinity. 

Theo was not sure how to answer her question truth was he didn’t know how to approach a case where he was being mind-controlled how would he expel someone from his mind, was it even possible to do such a thing. Theo knew of cases of people being mind-controlled but could someone fight back and push them out? “I suppose I would start with trying to figure out where this crack inside is, and try my hardest to find a way to repair it as one would a crack in the foundation of a home.” He wasn’t sure if that was possible but that seemed the most logical way to do it. 

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