Theodor had heard from Tia that there was a new Element a woman named Sofi the new Initia Ambassador wielded it, Tia was learning it from her. Tia had been helping Theo keep up with his training Theo was over 1000 years old and well versed in all currently known elements, he was not a master. When his emotions were heightened Theo could still lose control of his elements, which is why he put himself through such rigorous training often.

Theodor was on his way into the Initia Territory to meet with this woman to get a feel for her ideals for the tribe he has loved for so long. While Theo may be apart of the guard the Initia as a whole still meant a great deal to this man. If Sofi was as talented as he has come to hear about Theodor planned to ask her if she could train him as well. 

If anything could be said of Theodor Dimitreu it was that he had a love and a knack for learning, the elder gentleman still lived in centuries long forgotten. He stood when a woman entered the room, held open doors, helped a woman to take her seat before he himself sat. Theodor was a regular Prince Charming it was how he had grown up and he did not plan to change that any time soon, even though he was often teased by his old fashioned ways.

Though his long life taught him that he often needed to be ready for anything and everything to happen, Theo never let his training fall by the wayside he kept his skills sharp. Opening the door Theodor walked up to the office door and lightly knock upon the door. Once he was guided into the office and seated Theodor’s eyes bounced around the room finally his eyes fell onto the blonde.

“Hello Ma’am I am Theodor Dimitreu.” He stood once more and rounded around the table to shake her hand, and out of respect and his old fashioned ways he brought her hand to his lips and gave her knuckles a light kiss before rounding back around and taking his seat. “You are the woman all the news up at the manor is buzzing about?” He said with a soft smile.

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From the way she sees it, nobody actually tried to reach out because that was probably a one way ticket to a normal life without looking back to the Ailward Guard faction. “A part of me somehow feels like this is not a returning journey, am I right to think so? I don’t think a Guard can just go out and expect to return to your arms easily, right?” You don’t leave to come back to something so easily. At least, that’s what she thought so. When he suddenly laughed, Sofi couldn’t help but shake her head before following suit, it wasn’t that funny, sure but to the Psychic Initia, there was nothing wrong to find it humorous, everyone had their own humor, after all. She wasn’t about to make him feel like he didn’t have free will here. The last thing she wanted to do was make Theo uncomfortable. 

“Don’t worry about it” she chuckled. “For the longest of time, I thought I was a defective Initia” she shrugged, it was better to be Diverse, she was guessing, at least nobody would look down and sneer at her because of it. But no, she had no affinity element, at all. To the point where she had to wait until she could choose an element after her adoptive father gifted her with the metal element. His answer to her question made Sofi nod slowly in agreement, “That’s right… you try to analyze your surroundings and find the crack so you can be sure that’s the problem. You missed one pointer though, we all have our checkpoints, right? The same for your mind. Your mind is not one thing only… it is the most complex part of your whole being." She's a Psychic Initia but she was also someone who studied neurology. 

"You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a secondary part that’s meant to serve as a layer. Biologically, that’s considered logical because you need to protect it. But supernaturally? It can be used to fool you or trick you into thinking that’s the problem when the actual problem lies further. That’s why nobody’s ever come out of mind-controlling sessions unscathed." Of course Sofi knew mind-controlling wasn’t impossible, it’s mostly the diviners who could perform them, those who rely on dark magic and exchanged information in necromancy back and forth. It’s the same case. But to take over the consent, the doer must really find the weakness of that particular individual. “So if you were to be mind-controlled right now…how likely do you think you’d be able to get out of it?” 

“To be honest I don’t know how the guard would react if someone left us and tried to come back later on. I would like to think would we take them back, but some things have happened in the past that I disagreed with so of that, I am truly unsure.” He said to her softly. Theo was not one to lie, but he could hide certain facts if he had to. Theo loved all of the guards and their purpose though he did not always agree with everything that was said or done. As of right now, he felt there was not enough being done to find his brother. Though on the other hand, he knew a few who were stopping at nothing, maybe it was just the fact that he felt too emotionally connected to this situation; nothing would feel right, his brother was gone his bestfriend.

Theo listened to everything she had to say but it was almost like she was talking a foreign language of sorts as he tried his best to make heads or tails out of what she was saying. He had been partially right so that made him feel a little better, Theo tended to rely on his instincts and that is where his answer had come from. When she asked if he would be able to get out of being mind-controlled. He wasn’t sure.

“To be honest, I do not know, I would hope I could after all with how old I am.”  There is a vast amount of information within his head. He needed to know how to keep that information safe and secure. Theo hopes he would be able to fight back against a mental attack but he wasn’t so sure. “I would do everything within my power to escape it. Though as I said it has never happened to me before so I really couldn’t tell you. What sort of things would I have to keep a lookout for?”

Theo’s brain was a mess and anyone who tried to control his mind might even get lost within the vast mess his head was in after the loss of his brother Theo wasn’t quite his normal composed self on the inside.

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