Theodor had heard from Tia that there was a new Element a woman named Sofi the new Initia Ambassador wielded it, Tia was learning it from her. Tia had been helping Theo keep up with his training Theo was over 1000 years old and well versed in all currently known elements, he was not a master. When his emotions were heightened Theo could still lose control of his elements, which is why he put himself through such rigorous training often.

Theodor was on his way into the Initia Territory to meet with this woman to get a feel for her ideals for the tribe he has loved for so long. While Theo may be apart of the guard the Initia as a whole still meant a great deal to this man. If Sofi was as talented as he has come to hear about Theodor planned to ask her if she could train him as well. 

If anything could be said of Theodor Dimitreu it was that he had a love and a knack for learning, the elder gentleman still lived in centuries long forgotten. He stood when a woman entered the room, held open doors, helped a woman to take her seat before he himself sat. Theodor was a regular Prince Charming it was how he had grown up and he did not plan to change that any time soon, even though he was often teased by his old fashioned ways.

Though his long life taught him that he often needed to be ready for anything and everything to happen, Theo never let his training fall by the wayside he kept his skills sharp. Opening the door Theodor walked up to the office door and lightly knock upon the door. Once he was guided into the office and seated Theodor’s eyes bounced around the room finally his eyes fell onto the blonde.

“Hello Ma’am I am Theodor Dimitreu.” He stood once more and rounded around the table to shake her hand, and out of respect and his old fashioned ways he brought her hand to his lips and gave her knuckles a light kiss before rounding back around and taking his seat. “You are the woman all the news up at the manor is buzzing about?” He said with a soft smile.

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The clock hung across the room kept ticking, exactly like it should do; to work. Like what the person inhabiting the room should be doing, but no, instead she was busy jotting down her reviews on her notebook. From page one, it had been random sketches, but up to page 4, it was filled with a completely different content, most those that consisted of her Psychic element. She also had list down the names of all the Masters in Evermore. The fact that Evermore had rare element Masters such as Electric, Metal and Gravity was already an amazing feat. And now they would be the first tribe in history to possess all 8 element Masters. To be honest, Sofi wasn't sure how she would ascend to her leadership as the new Grand Master of the Evermore tribe and while she kept convincing and encouraging others, the same didn't exactly work for her own self. 

She was a good actor to show that she hasn't been encountering the same insecurity issues as others, of course, it was a tad bit easier when you've been in the field where manipulating the state of mind for a while. It builds you up to mask any emotion when you probably feel the most. Rubbing her temple after letting out a heaved sigh, Sofi decided she couldn't keep doing this self thing with herself, not when she's surrounded by things that would pressure her more than good, aka the newspaper articles she collected regarding the Initia tribe here. Before she assumed the leadership for the tribe, it was under the command of another one, who she knew to be quite wise beyond his years and that did hold a weight over her to be the best successor her predecessor will ever get, that's what you get for being such a perfectionist, she could almost hear Rowan saying I told you so. Which doesn't really work when the Electric Master is just the same as she is, dictating every move perfectly to make sure it stays precise.

 With one hand running through her blonde locks, she got up from her seat and closed her notebook shut, tossing it inside her drawer before grabbing a hold of her jacket as she makes her way to the shelves where all the books were arranged neatly. She desperately needed to let off some steam, when she's not in control of her unpredictable element, she's always a bit overwhelmed by all the voices. That's the con of having that element, you really had to train diligently to make sure you are in control of it at all times. Sofi had heard about the two people who would come to seek her help in training them in this new element nobody has ever mastered, and she wasn't sure what to feel about it. Teaching someone who is so much older than her, not just by a century or two but a whole millennium? Had she said she wasn't shook by the fact would be a vast understatement. 

While she was busy staring at the books aligned with the sheets in between, a knock came from outside which made the blonde frown briefly, she wasn't aware she was supposed to have a guest? It was then when she saw the sight of the male that came from the door, oh, she recognized him from the files, Theodor Dimitreu. Her eyes were narrowed when he suddenly kissed her knuckles but said nothing, well, this was new. "The Ailward manor is buzzing about me? I find that hard to believe yet so believable" she scoffed lightly, oh she doesn't exactly like the Ailwards. Maybe for a petty reason but they brought more trouble than peace so forgive her for wanting nothing more than to preserve her own tribe's longevity. "Yes, I'm Sofi Zahara. If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is it that you people were talking about me?"

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