Today marked a week since Tae had last saw him. Nikolas Peralta. He was a broken soul , and defined by the fact that he'd been born as a premie with a family who was there to remind him of his weaknesses every single day. Tae wasn't an expert at retraining the way someones mind worked. But, he'd been through enough of his own shenanigans to know how to handle situations like Nik's and he figured what was the harm in trying to help? 

A week ago, Tae and Nikolas had agreed to start meeting once a day, where Tae could  help the Dhampir realize he was nothing like his family, and that it was a strength in it's self. And that just because he wouldn't take up in the family business, didn't mean he wasn't worthy of plenty of other things. 

Tae walked through his tiny studio sized apartment, tidying up all the stuff from the night before's events and quickly got his things ready for a shower with the realization that he was meant to be meeting up with Nikolas in the next hour. Hell, it took the Diviner that long to style his hair. Sighing, Taehyun grabbed his phone for music, blasted the volume to some heavy metal, and turned the water on, waiting until the bathroom was full of steam before jumping in. 

He nearly cooed at the sensation the hot water brought to his tensed up muscles and lingered there for nearly 30 minutes as he took his time, slowly washing himself from head to toe, never missing one spot. Tae was a clean freak, and had OCD pretty badly. The Diviner had set a timer before he climbed in earlier that way he could get out, get dressed and get gone before he was late. 

Once he was dressed, and his hair was finished, Tae grabbed his personal items, shoving it all into the pockets of his leather jacket, and departed his small but cozy apartment. Tae and Nikolas had agreed to meet at the fitness center a place Tae loved hanging out at to keep his body in shape. From the steam rooms to the work out pool to the weight room, there was nothing Tae didn't love about the place. The owners had even bared in mind how hungry people got after working up an apatite, and had installed a small cafe within the building. 

Tae was still saving up for a car of his own, so with that, he flagged a cab down, and made his way into the center of the city, not taking but a few minutes to find his way in and to the pool room where he sat his book bag down on a bench and quickly slid out of everything except his swimming shorts. Tae enjoyed looking into the water, as crystal clear as it was. It seemed to be the only thing clear in his world right now, except for how happy he was to know Miyaza was alive. 

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The Dhampir rarely talks about him growing up in care for people wanting to make fun of him as he was so much brought down already by his family. The only time he was shown to be someone was his father that only trained him a little but then Nikolas came to America.  When the Diviner said he could help him, he never thought anyone would but any help he can get the better he finally become the Dhampir he always wants to be. Stronger and confident.

Getting out of his office, he knew there is more work ahead. There is no clue what the day will bring to the Dhampir but Nikolas will take the day ad it goes. Getting home as he got into his workout clothes and took the cab to the place the Diviner told him. Very confused about the pool had to do with anything but packed some swims trucks just in case. 

When he arrived at that pool, Nik walked in and beginning to talk around until he saw the Diviner. " So remind me what does a pool has to do getting me stronger or to think about good about myself?" he asked putting his stuff down looking down. Nik didn't see the other was deep in thought when he spoke up. "You alright man?" he asked poking out the other was looking at his own reflection in the water. Did he like looking at himself or was he thinking about something that caught his mind?

Tae had never been one to offer a helping hand to anyone. Not without something in return. But, he hadn't really made any friends in the city yet, and truth be told, he needed to try because so far, all he had done was scared everyone away. He knew if that didn't stop, that the city officials would likely try locking him away from the public. He coldn't even bare the thought of losing his freedom. He studied the male next to him for a moment, a sly smirk gracing his features when his own dark optics, met the others, finding how easy it was to get lost in the others eyes. He was attractive, no doubt. But Tae wasn't here to be a whore. 

He'd tried cutting back on those habits anyways after a certain Celestial popped back into his life. He could sense how broken the other male seemed, and wondered just what it was he had been through. "Have you never found comfort in just swimming a few laps around the pool before? It does wonders if you allow it" he gave a firm nod, and shook his head, smirking a little. "Plus... I only intend to use it for the talking part of our little meet up today. It doesn't have anything to do with helping you get better.. It's just there for us to relax in" he explained, and sighed softly. "I -" he stuttered out when the others voice chimed in, tearing him away from his thoughts. As Tae looked up to him, he nodded "I'm fine. Sorry about that" he said, genuinely. 

He was lying of course. Tae wasn't alright, not even a little bit. He just wanted the huge void he was feeling, to go away. And, he had felt that void, ever since the morning he'd woken up to Jae being gone. Jae had left for service without Tae, because Tae believed they could simply live on love and happiness. Jae was a realist, someone who knew better, someone who knew they needed money to pay bills and have a future. Tae couldn't imagine a life without Jae though, and wanted to spend every second in his arms. He knew if they went into the service together, that their time of romance and lovey dovey gestures would be over. Not to say their relationship would, because he knew how strong they had been as a couple, but everything else, especially on the base of a place that was at war, would simply be lost to them. So, Jae decided to leave that next morning after they fought about it, without Tae. Tae had soon followed behind though, and when he arrived, he'd caught his lover in the arms of another man. It had been their last argument. And he could still see it so clearly, as if it were happening right now. 

With shaken hands, he swallowed the lump in his throat, hoping to avoid scaring the other away. "So, join me if you'd like and we'll get into some conversation first" he expressed, and let his legs kick below him as they dangled down into the pool. Tae could very well be in over his head with all of this. But, being as disciplined as he was himself, knowing how he could train the mind to think differently, he figured he could be of some use regardless. 

The Dhampir lost all hope after his family had been dead set that he could not do anything that means protection. After coming here and meeting a diviner he had enough reason for him to try harder. he reached out to two people outside of the Dojo the other male, Tae is one of them not sure what the other had in mind to help the dhampir. When the other looked at him in the eyes Nikolas didn't know what to do but the stand there. 

When the male finally spoke up the Dhampir looked at the pool. "No actually, I've been in the office and school most of my life," he said looking at his reflection. Talking? Nikolas was more confused than ever was there something for them to talk about. He could not think of anything related to helping him. The Dhampir could tell there was something wrong with the male but it was not his place to drag himself into the other's life. Nik left it alone unless the other brings it up again. 

"So first I do get to ask what does the pool has to do with anything?" Nik asking point at the pool. "Am guessing you want me to get into my swim trunks and swim laps?" he asked to make things clear for himself. What was the other up to? Nik's self-confidence has never been used by the Dhampir due to his mind always reply to the voices of the past. it's one part of them he wished would stop and look the other way and let them just talk but listening is making himself lose the fight. Nikolas wanted to get better it was for himself but now it's a mix between him and Audrina. She needs someone to fight battle with her he needed to make sure the diviner does not do anything else alone anymore. 

The Dark Diviner looked up to Nik, who seemed confused, and smirked at him a little. The pool didn't have anything to do with what Tae thought he could do to help him out, it was simply just a way for them to talk, relax and break the ice before getting into the more serious stuff. Tae had never been the type of guy to reach out and help someone, but when he had met Nikolas, something shifted within him, and he just felt like he had to do this. Nikolas had a rough go of things with whatever, and Tae knew what that was like. From a light Diviner, happily in love with his boyfriend, to a Dark Diviner who had worn his boyfriends blood around his base, and doused a man's tent in gasoline, smiling as it burnt with him inside of it, Tae had truly been through hell and back.

It was safe to say he knew how it felt to feel like you're not worthy of anyone's acceptance or love. Tae stared to the water where Nik's reflection was, before looking back up to him as he spoke of being in the office and in school all his life so far. "Well, by office, you mean what? Do you work as a lawyer or something?" he questioned curiously.

Tae sighed to himself a little, he knew this was going to take longer than a day or two. But, if he had any say so in it, he would get Nikolas to the point where no one ever dared challenge him and his abilities ever again. The Dark Diviner chuckled when he asked if he was meant to get changed and swim laps. "Yup, that's the idea, only for right now though. Don't worry, I don't bite, too hard" he flashed a wink at the male, and swam off as he gave Nikolas time to get ready.

After swimming a few laps, Tae leaned his back against the ledge of the pool, letting his head lull back as his eyes fluttered closed. He had to admit though, the bright shining sunshine wasn't helping with his mood. Tae enjoyed night time better, where it was dark, which allowed him to feel more like himself. Thankfully, there werent many people here today, so at least he wouldn't have to socialize much.

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