A week and she was already a lot richer than she had been before stepping foot in the city. Alexandra was surprised at how little some people knew about cyber-security and she had spent a good day hacking into their accounts and then going on a well-deserved shopping spree to spend some of the money. She really couldn't have asked for a better life and though Lexi did miss her parents and the gang, getting away had been the best decision she had ever made.

Being an interior designer in the city seemed like a piece of cake. Of course her colleagues complained about their unreasonable clients while quizzing her about her branded bag and though most of the demands seemed rather absurd to the diviner- who in their right mind would spend dollars upon dollars to have their walls painted in white, excuse me, peal tinted toner? The whole ostentatiousness of their business was something that never failed to make her smile, and the added fact that most thought of her as some sort of heiress, working in Beyond Upholstery was a very amusing job.

Evermore seemed like a great place to spend some more time and earn some easy cash and though Alexa would have already departed for her next destination by this time, her encounter with Kaelyn played in her mind making her think of temporarily settling down in the city for a while. Wanting to meet her new friend and fellow con artist, she decided to stop by the address she had been given.

Getting some take-out Chinese on her way, Alexa easily found her house and without waiting to knock, put her lock-picking abilities to good use and entered. She had no doubt that the alarm would go off, if Kae had been sensible to keep up, but hardly fazed by that realization, she coolly entered the house.

"Chinese food here. Will only be available for the next 10 mins" she called out in a playful voice before making herself comfortable on the couch and starting to open up the packages. She had never been big on polite society manners and the fact that it was the house of someone who was almost a sort of friend, made her all the more daring. "And while you are at it, change the locks Kae. Unless of course it is a trap to lure unsuspecting victims to your house. Then by call means go right ahead" Busy in her task of arranging the food, she hardly looked up to see if her fellow Diviner was even in the room or had heard any of the things she had said. 

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She never saw Evermore be one of the places she’d be finding herself settling down making her own. Yet now here she was a year later still not left yet. Moving from the city center to The Riverbanks. To where her fraction was. Becoming part of the community rather than an outsider looking in. It took some time with things coming in the way pushing her to stay in the city. With becoming the new Instar Diviner ambassador. Something Kaelyn would have never thought herself being. A wayward Diviner, one to never be part of a coven or community to becoming the leader of one. It weren’t a position that Kaelyn had wished for or wanted yet she had no choice or say, she was chosen by the ancestors. Still was she figuring it all out all the responsibilities that are on her shoulders now, what being a faction ambassador here in Evermore entities. Helping so far one Diviner who came knocking on her door seeking help, knowing it wouldn’t be the first or last time. Kaelyn weren’t sure if she was giving the best or right advice, if she was doing the right thing. Never been a leader of anything before or a teacher when it came to being an Instar Diviner. The Redhead was always more confident in her other line of work, being a skilled Con artist. Of course it weren’t a title she’d proudly add next to her name since it was an illegal, behind closed doors kind of job. Still keeping it part of her life with a only few knowing. Riley her girlfriend along with Wyatt her cousin. Not wanting anyone to find out yet she knew here in Evermore it wouldn’t come to a surprise for a type of job. Knowing there were some other jobs and things happening behind closed doors. That was something she knew for sure. No city was fully clean from the dark ways and illegal crime committed.

Kaelyn was spending the day reorganising her closet, one of the things that she did quite frequently. Most of the clothes she owned were either stolen or bought using money she had stolen. All were from high quality and brands. Along with which shades of red too, prefering to wear clothes to match her hair and red colour lipstick. All were a signature look for the Red Haired Diviner. Keeping up with appearances when trying to con and flirt with any rich person if it was a man or woman. Whilst she knew Riley didn’t come to liking the ways which Kaelyn goes about with her line of work as a con artist. Knowing she didn’t like seeing her girlfriend flirting with other people, yet Kaelyn always was reassuring that Riley was and always will be the only person for her. Kaelyn was starting to feel all attraction to men lost, with her sexuality changing since meeting Riley. She was too distracted and busied in her own organising not hearing the front door open till she heard a voice calling somewhere through into the house. Not able to exactly able to hear or pinpoint who it was, guessing that it was probably Riley. Leaving the sorting till later, Kaelyn got up from her walk in closet walking downstairs to the living room. “Hey Babe, I didn’t think you were home till later” Kaelyn called sounding a little bit flirtatious all ready to greet her girlfriend. Taken surprised to see it was not her someone else who came in making themself at home instead. “Wait your not Riley” She gasped feeling all mix of emotions, embarrassment and shock mostly. Expecting to see her girlfriend not one of her new found friends. A fellow con artist. “What are you doing in my house?” Looking confused to how she gotten in, looking through to the door way knowing she’d broken in. “Don’t you know how to knock?” Yet knowing it was no use for people like them. Soon noticing and smelling the chinese take away floating around the room. “Okay you're forgiven” She grinned flopping down beside the brunette on her sofa. “So how have you been?” Wanting a full catch up, it’s felt like forever she’d had a catch up with anyone other than Riley.

In their line of work, Con artists stuck together but never got attached to each other. Even within their gang, the members were close-knit but if shit hit the fan so to speak, they'd run off and save their own skins. Hence Lexi never really had any sort of lasting relationship and neither was she too keen on them. Relationships were messy and emotions were messier and she'd rather have her head than her heart anyday.

It was why it surprised her to see a fellow con-artist in a relationship. Perhaps Kae wouldn't know if Lexi had almost killed her girlfriend. How was she to know the girl could transform into a wolf? Their encounter at the bar had been far from friendly but Alexandra needed Kae's favour to understand herself and her powers. So she decided to drop in a day she knew the other girl wouldn't be around and it seemed her research had paid off.

Her grin widened at Kae's unusually flirtatious tone and she made herself comfortable on the couch "Knocking is for the dull and boring peeps Kae. What's the fun in an announced entry? But please feel free to keep calling me babe" With a teasing wink Alexa gestured towards the food before becoming serious. Her powers were one of her greatest assets and she was ready to do just about anything to harness them to her benefit. 

"I came here because I wanted to talk about my powers. Things are working well and most times I have them under control but there are times when they threaten to overwhelm me and I hate that feeling." Being vulnerable was something Alexandra never allowed herself and she'd be damned if her own powers got in her way of wealth and success. "But apart from that, I had been good. Busy and all..you know how that is. Also, is there any place with a wealthy clientele? I am getting bored with the same old upper-middle-class houses. I need a change." Grabbing a paper plate and scoping down some food on it, she took a bite and continued "What's new in your universe? Got any good Con stories to share?" 

Kaelyn was only just now trying to turn her life around. Well trying was the word. With new found responsibilities now on her shoulders. Truthfully she didn’t know what to do with it all. Still not believing in herself was proving to be difficult even with people telling her not to worry. All she could do was to worry. Just the person she was. To worry about the worst possible outcome for anything. The what ifs. Mainly down to if a con went down pear shaped and she was caught out. The one thing that every con artist feared. Yet all the good ones knew of backup plans to save and get themselves out of trouble. Something she was good at. One of the reasons why she’s been conning long as she has without being caught. Well almost nearly. Having been bailed out of jail by her cousin but no charges were made, luckily. Still after that and being made new coven leader having spotted her from still continuing to carry on with the only job she’s ever known. Truthfully even with it all going on, Kaelyn couldn’t see herself stopping and leaving her con artist life being. It was part of who she was and others knew that. If she wasn’t a con artist, Kaelyn would have never met Riley like how she did. Stealing from the same place at the same place. Quite corny but still romantic. Now Kaelyn was facing another problem in her life but this one was more easier and no crimes committed. Just clearing out her closet. Trying to make some room for Riley to keep some of her stuff at her place. Although she was practically all moved in these days. Yet even with her persistent hammering, Riley was still living in the wrench of  cabin in the woods. Nowadays Kaelyn protested to step foot in there. 

Thinking that Riley was back early or back from wherever she was these days. Kaelyn wasn’t an overprotective girlfriend, yet sometimes she couldn’t hope to worry for what her girlfriend does. Knowing how clumsy and strange ideas Riley gets at times. Too distracted, Kaelyn haven’t even noticed that there was another person within the house not who she thought it was. Finding out the hard way feeling embarrassed that she was wrong, rolling her eyes as Alexa was trying to flirt back with her. “In your dreams” She reminded shooting her down. One thing she remembered about her that Alexa was one of those nomad con artists who goes and comes to wherever she wants. Not liking to stay in one place for too long much more than her. Including to break into other people’s places making it their own in a way. Kaelyn was surprised a little surprised hearing that she was here for her help but this time it was for the supernatural kind of help. Rather than the usual conning. “So you travelled all this way for my help?” She mused a little to why she came all this way, sure that she’d find far better people than here with herself. “You know this isn’t New York right there’s no Manhatton, Brooklyn or Queens right?” Kaelyn spoke sarcastically knowing only reason why Alexa was here that she was out of people to rob them of all their wealth and fortunes. “The whole city is full of supernaturals here so my best advice is to be careful” Yet Kaelyn knew that wouldn’t stop her, it never did. “Oh you know the usual, few jewelry and valuable heists here and there. Pick pocketing” She struggled a little not having gone with all out cons here, since she’d prefer not to ruin the life she’s made here for herself. “So you going to tell me what you’ve done to make you flee and come running here?” Knowing her well to know a con went south making one to move to a new city in hopes of starting over again. 

If there was one thing that was ingrained in Lexi right from her childhood, it was that no one could be trusted. Sure her parents loved her, protected her but they also manipulated her, put her in missions right from the start and though she couldn't really say whether it had been right or wrong of them to rob her of a choice to decide the direction she wanted to go in her life, being a con artist was now completely ingrained in her personality and to separate it from her identity was absolutely impossible.

She was often friendly with a lot of people, but she didn't have friends and didn't really make an effort to get one either. In her line of work, it was better to rely on oneself and easily move ahead than to wait for the flock to survive. It was why she was so surprised to see the Diviner in front of her actually making efforts to work on a relationship and Lexi couldn't help but state how baffled that made her-

"I am surprised that you went as far as to get yourself a girlfriend. Most of us are rather comfortable with just an occasional fling. So what gives? You know how difficult it is to trust anyone in our line of work" 

When Kae asked her about being in Evermore, Alexandra grinned widely. While most did believe it to be out of necessity, she knew she had done it as an act of independence. "I am wounded by how little faith you have in me. I don't flee...sheesh what a thought" Waving the statement off, she relaxed against the cushions. "I wanted to see how capable I was in handling con missions outside the family. You know with them constantly hovering around, I had neither privacy nor a true inventory of my own talents. So, sorry to disappoint but there is no juicy running away from the law story here."

Kae's confirmation regarding the supernatural elements in the city, made Lexi sit up. It was something she had often felt, easily with the messy con mission they had undertaken before she decided to part ways and explore the place. "When you say supernaturals, exactly who all are you referring to?" Unable to stall her curiosity, she leaned forward, thoughtfully tapping her chin in her finger "I know about the vamps and the werewolves...or whatever they are called. And then there is our kind of course. You mean to say there are more out there? Wow!"

She didn't mention how exactly she knew about the wolf though. As welcoming as she thought Kae was, Alexandra knew that it would all evaporate once she knew how close Lex had come to accidentally harming her girlfriend.  "Manhattan, Brooklyn and all my next stops. Thought to try out a lesser-rich place before trying out the big giants. So anyway, tell me about the spells and stuff. I want to learn and better myself. A con-artist and a spell-caster sounds like a perfect recipe for success" 

Kaelyn was now starting to wonder the reason for Alexa’s visit. Surprised to have a fellow con artist walking into her home, an Instar Diviner one at that. Knowing there was no stopping for people like them who knows how to pick and lock and get through different security codes. All came like child's play for them with years of mastering different skills for their line of work. Kaelyn didn’t know yet why Alexa choose to come to her in this city of all places but part of her should of known and expected trouble always seemed to follow her. Not saying she weren’t happy to have her here it was just a bit unexpected not thinking she’d have people from her past coming back into it so soon and making themselves home in her home without an invitation. Kaelyn knew that was how Alexa was that type of con artist who could magically make them self part of someone's life, most reasons was to steal all their money and fouritumes. Something that she herself used to do in the past but now she was trying to change her ways. With the new responsibilities on her shoulders she was trying the more legal way of things. Kaelyn didn’t have the heart to leave it all behind, it was was and always will be a part of who she is. That people close to her have accepted accepted. 

A frown appeared on her face hearing how Alexa made a comment on her relationship with Riley, but in a way she knew she was right. “Calculating me and Riley both met each other robbing the same shop but I did my witchy vodo stopping her from leaving” Sounding like it was something normal but it was something normal for people like them. “Me and Riley both trust each other, it’s taken us some time to get to the stage of admitting feelings but everything is right” Her face always lights up with she speaks about her love life still in the happy stage of things. Kaelyn have told Alexa all about her past relationship troubles, even about the time she sworn off men all together because all that happened. “What about you? I’m sure that there might be someone here in the city who will catch your eye. You’ll never know” Kaelyn teased her softly winking at her, hoping that maybe soon that her opinions be changed. With how its happened with her maybe it’ll happen with Alexa who knows. “How long will you be sticking around?” She wondered curious to know how long she was planning to stick around for knowing that she was one to like to travel to go to city to city than her. Or if she’d settle for a while here. 

She couldn’t help to role her eyes at the brunette seeing how she shook off her advice like how nothing worried her. Especially with all the craziness that happens in the city. “Hmm you never change don’t you” Kaelyn laughed softly shaking her head seeing how some things never change. Not that she’s complaining. “Hmm so you left so you can wreak more havoc somewhere else, did you run out of people back home to steal from?” In some ways they came from similar paths both being brought up in the life of crime. All that they’ve known and been trained for both being Instar Diviners too. That's why they got along so well with how their not so different. “A couple months ago I got arrested. I was trying to pickpocket someone but with my luck he turned out to be a police officer off duty” She admitted sheepishly with how foolish she was slipping up on the most simplest crime. “Luckily for me my cousin bailed me out and all charges were dropped” Not wanting to spend the rest of her life behind bars for one little mistake. “You must of had a close call once or twice? You might have to be careful in this city of who you try to con” Kaelyn learnt sooner enough to watch her back here in Evermore having a few run ins with some supernaturals so far, different than a city of humans who were blind by all their actions and tricks. 

Kaelyn wanted to let Alexa know exactly all she was in for before she decides to settle in the city for some time. Seeing how she reacted to the mention of superntals, Kaelyn knew she took the diviner by surprise. “There’s more than those three kinds here in the city. There’s Inita, people who can wield the elements, Nephilm who are angel children. Celestials, fallen stars. Dhampir’s half human, half Valkyr. Ailward Aspects their like dragons who have a different purpose. Then finally there’s Nieves, the newest species. Their kind of ice phoenix’s, I’ve not figured them out yet” The Redhead listed all the names of the different supernatural species here in the city, giving little about them. “There’s different leaders in the city for each supernatural kind and it turns out I’m the Instar Diviners ambassador” Spilling the truth all out knowing that Alexa would bound to find out sooner or later. She was wondering whether Alexa knew or if it was all a shock for her. 

In the past she’d spent some time living in New York one of her favourite cities. Having fallen in love with it. Kaelyn did wonder whether it would be her next spot too. Being both a con artist and Diviner to come with many perks, both helped with each job. It took her many years to find a way how to mix both things together but it was all true of how it makes you more powerful when using each other in their line of work. “That's something I can help with, you know me I love a challenge” 

Relationships weren't something that was Lexi's forte. Sure her family was close-knit but under tedious circumstances, most would save their own skin. She was emotionally closed-off and it had served her well so far, but, there were moments like this that she felt a pang of things she was missing out. Not an outright regret- she enjoyed the thrill of her lifestyle and the ambiguous territory of right and wrong that she was inhabiting, but just the strange loss of things she'd probably never experience in her life. 

"I'm glad to hear that. No place like a con mission to fall in love" Raising her glass in a toast, she took a long sip and grinned. It was sweet of her friend to have found love and eternal commitment and everything that entailed, but as for her, Alexandra knew that it was something she wouldn't want to waste her breath on. The concept of being emotionally vulnerable in front of others wasn't something she would ever be comfortable with.

"No one had caught my eye, except perhaps my favourite bartender at Rockhell's club but I am pretty sure he is gay. Though it seems, I have unfortunately caught someone's eye and all for the wrong reasons" Since the disastrous mission at the Zonderkoop house, she had been keeping a low profile. It would be foolish to jump to a new con without first throwing off all suspicion away from herself.

"Detective Graydon Lee. What do you know about him?" She didn't even need to ask Kae if she knew the detective. Their first main task once settling in a new place and planning missions was to know the law force and people who they should avoid and others who could be bought for a price. "I was working at this place as a designer when there was a theft. A lousy con if I say so myself. Obviously I didn't do it and I don't think anyone suspects me. But since I was also a part of the family in some capacity at that time, I have to stay low and stay in the city."

With a grumbled breath, she dug into her food "I am actually meeting with him this week. He has more questions and the sort of man who cannot be turned with pretty lies."

It was also one of the reasons she wanted to master her skills. If she could throw him off her case, or charm the hell out of him with a spell all the better. It would be easy to accumulate more money and still have the fun of the chase. "This is the closest I have come to brushing hands with the law. Back home in Sweden, most law agencies could shift loyalties for the right price and we weren't the only ones. So it was easy. I think money makes everything easy" 

Alexa's eyes widened as Kaelyn listed the number of supernaturals that resided in the city and for the first time, something akin to uncertainty assailed her heart. Perhaps after the whole Zonderkoop affair, it would be better for her to move away from the place to somewhere with more humans. "Are they all peaceful? Like how do we even know who is who? The last thing I want is to be attacked by a species I have no idea existed."

On hearing she was the Diviner Ambassador, a bright smile lit up her face "That's awesome! Then you can really help me. So where do I start? I am not even sure what I am capable of doing and it all seems so much. Glad though I could meet you"

Alexandra, despite her many faults, wasn't a slacker and when she often put her mind to it, she could easily pick up new skills. Though learning about magic went far beyond any other course she had taken, she was excited for all the cool things she could do when them. She wasn't naive enough to believe that there weren't any rules, but having often bent them to her own convenience, she wasn't too worried about it. 

Kaelyn weren’t too sure how long Alexa would be staying here in the city. Since she knew her fellow Diviner con artist was like her always liking to move around. Something that was very common for con artists. If it came they ran out of ways in a city or place to steal from people. With how there was only so many people you could steal from in on place. Almost making herself think why the brunette chose here of all places if it was just for her or for another reason. Kaelyn knew she would make sure to find out soon. “Move your feet will ya” She complained playfully want to be able to sit down without Alexa hogging all the room on the sofa. “To con missions” She grinned as she raised her glass toasting with her old friend, truthfully she missed her. Missing being around over con artists with how here it was always just herself with nobody else knew of her being a con artists apart from Riley and Wyatt. Now more than ever she was feeling she was forever having to look over her shoulder just in case. With how it wouldn't exactly go down well if news got out that the Instar Diviner ambassador was a con artist. Who liked to steal from people of the city. Yet there was a part of her who didn’t want to leave that part of her life behind with how conning always was and will be a part of her. A leadership position would never change that. 

She wasn't going to let the brunette got off so easily with how she already have been pressed about her love life. Kaelyn wanted for the same to happen with Alexa. Hearing how the only romantic excitement that she has is from trying to flirt with someone who was gay. “You do know thats a gay club right?” She couldn’t help but laugh, waiting for her reaction to her telling Alexa the truth. “Probably explains that you got flirted with someone whose gay” Pointing out the obvious. It was a place she and Riley often go to when they want to have a fun night out with how they could dance and be themselves without anyone looking for judging them for being who they are. Kaelyn looked over to Alexa with confusion as to why she was bringing up if she knew some detective. “Umm, no why?” Now she was wanting to know how and why Alexa wanted to get involved into detailing and following a detective. With how it should be the total opposite. Hearing of the simple and bad con going wrong she knew of the pain and bother it all was. “So you got to stay on the downlow now?” Now she could see why Alexa was here on her doorstep well making herself home in her house.

“So you want me to give you tips on how you can bail out of it?” That's why she was here for tips to use. “Try flirting with him that works each time” Having it saved her many times before. “It may not be a good idea to use your powers on someone who you know. Especially in the city it might not end will” Hinting of the ways it could end badly if this Detective guy was supernatural and Alexa didn’t know until it was too late. “I kind of had a run in with the law soon after I arrived in the city” Too admitting that every once in a while they got a bit sloppy. “Yeah just a tip try not to pickpocket from an undercover cop” She mused almost laughing now of her run in with the law. “Luckily my cousin bailed me out and all charges were dropped” Now it was something her and Wyatt laughed about with how it brought them back to reconnecting. Kaelyn now thought it would be best to tell Alexa before it was too late of things she could run into in the city. By her reaction she could see how surprised the fellow Diviner was. “So maybe think before you con and do more research” Making it more difficult for people like them. “Mostly, luckily our coven has no enemies yet so we don’t have that worry” Kaelyn started to say before getting off the sofa and fetching a book she had left around when she was trying to educate and fill Riley in. 

Kaelyn always have liked teaching Diviners and people her many skills sets. Whether it was for her Diviner skills or conning. Liking being a help to others. Feeling that she was still always needed. “How about after we finish up our food we can go somewhere to start your training. Away from here”  Having her schedule all clear, free to help Alexa. A few weeks back, Kaelyn had looked up and found an old abandoned building within the Instar Diviner territory. A place that was perfect for her to train her students in situations like these. With how she didn’t exactly wanted to have her own home burnt down in the process especially with students like Dakota around.

"If I did ever seriously flirt with someone, they'd probably follow me around, bringing flowers and shit. I don't know how anyone thinks that is the sign of romance. A dying romance, probably" The diviner chuckled, moving away to make some space for Kae to sit. Although Lex had been around her gang for almost all her life, the concept of family and bonding was missing. She grew up with guns and drugs and everything people told their kids to stay away from. Perhaps more than anyone, she knew how fickle human beings were and how easily their loyalties shifted. They just needed to be bribed with the right price.

It wasn't a stretch to say that she didn't respect most people, much far from actually liking them. Those she did, they were often her friends and she could count on a single hand just who those people were. 

"Yeah, unfortunately. And I can't leave town. Not that I was planning to." She gave a lazy yawn "The moment I spent out, my family is definitely gonna drag me back. And to be honest, I love the freedom of working alone"

It had taken Lex ages to convince her family to stay behind. They usually did not allow their member independent gigs and most of her relatives had been there their entire life. It was her dad who had a soft spot for her and allowed her to spend some time here. There were moments when she missed him, but with modern technology at hand, it was easy to keep in touch.

She listened intently to Kae, nodding at her advice. She knew that it was dangerous to brush arms with the law enforcement but now she had to contend with not only Gray but also Markos. "You should be proud of me Kae. I am under the radar of not just a detective but also one FBI who comes to me for love advice" Alexandra couldn't help but smirk at the irony of the whole situation.

Sitting up in surprise at her admission, Lex couldn't help but laugh "Damn wouldn't have expected you to get into trouble but that is one hell of a story. Don't think you are getting away without giving me the complete details" But the fact about supernaturals was certainly worrying. It was easier to deal with plain humans who were drunk on the presupposition of their own prowess but confronted with supernatural beings whose powers she'd probably not had a good estimate about, would put her in a very difficult position. 

"Yeah, I definitely should do more research. Isn't there any way for me to recognise who is a human and who is not? Would make things so much easier" The fact was indeed troubling but she was glad to have the support of a fellow con artist and friend to guide her.

"That'd be great actually. I have all the time at present" Her gaze flicked around the apartment. "Your girlfriend isn't due anytime is she? Wouldn't want to keep you two lovebirds apart" However the real reason Alexandra didn't want to face Riley was that she had accidentally injured her. No matter what Kae's position might be, Lex knew she wouldn't take kindly to anyone who had harmed someone she professed to love. 

She was used to seeing Alexa’s flirting skills mostly when they were out on a con. With how it was one of their skills to deceive others so they could easily rob them blind. Using it to their advantage. “I’ve seen both men and women follow you around, all mesmerised” She teased her softly, with a smirk on her face that reminded her of the old days. How it has been a while since they last saw each other, with herself taking a step back from getting involved with too many cons. Now things were different for her now, needing to be more careful unlike before. Kaelyn sat down on the sofa now there was enough room for her to sit, making herself comfortable with how it’s her own home and all. “I got to say I have missed you Lex” She admitted missing her old conning days and friends. Still feeling that she’s not really made any friends here yet that now it’s more people just see her leadership rather than wanting friendship. Making it all a bit lonely. With how Kaelyn knew both Riley and Wyatt had their own lives not wanting to impose all time. Kaelyn knew a little about Alexa’s family having heard her speaking about them quite often and met them a few times herself. Knowing they were a bit more difficult to protect in a way. So that's why she’s more surprised they let Alexa come to Evermore. “You gotta branch out once in a while” Something that she was used to doing in the past trying not to stay in one place for too long. For if she was to end up people to steal from or the whole worry of being found out sooner rather than later. 

Just like how she had gotten sloppy that one time but was luckily to have her cousin there to bail her out. Where she learnt her lesson so she wouldn’t slip up again. “You’ve got yourself ties with the FBI already here?” Looking confused taken aback almost. She didn't know where even FBI agents here in the city herself. Now making her wonder, worrying a little. Whilst knowing they were most likely supernaturals themselves and all. “You always like to have people under your thumb don’t you?” Teasing the brunette at one of her talents. Plenty of research and planning was top priority for things that needed to be involved in any heists. Able to narrow down any leads of whose you need to get close to and wrap around your finger to get what you want in the end. “It's kinda ironic because me getting arrested actually was how me and my cousin were brought back together. You know me and my stubbornness. So it took where I couldn’t run to speak to him” Since Wyatt bailed out of jail she's' found herself making a family connection, he even now was helping her with her ambassador stuff now. “Luckily I was only held for a few hours because I wouldn’t be caught dead in those horrible, ugly orange jumpsuits” Even picturing it made her cringe at all the fashion going wrong of what could have happened to her if he didn’t bail her out that day. 

Kaelyn could see already how Alexa has so much to learn seeing how she’s only now branching out of her own family and own species. “There are a few ways you can tell some are more easier than others. For Nephilim if you look closely you can see a purple tint in their eyes that are naked to the human eye. For Celestials it’s the glowing of the skin. Whilst all the others are more difficult to tell” Trying to fill her in so she’s able to catch up whilst it’s more difficult to tell who's supernatural reason how everyones able to blend in so easily with other humans. She didn’t mind when Alexa wanted to start their training, with how she’s used by now for others coming to for help. “Oh Riley is with Virideus one of the Ailward Aspects she probably won’t be back till later” Casually replying back not catching on how there were more behind her asking. Kaelyn knew Riley was busy how Virideus was trying teaching the Lycanthrope of how to read and write. Almost surpised but she knew he had more of the patience and skills for it than herself. Reaching to the coffee table in front of them she pulled out a takeout menu from one of the draws, always having them in reach. “So what you fancy today huh?” She went on already starting to flick through the pages whilst knowing she'd pick the same things as always rather than trying something new.

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