Abraxas walked down the long hallways in a hurried pace, fingers clenched into fists as he kicked open the basement door, striding down the stairs in a fit of rage. He was betrayed. Not paying heed to his men who had warned him about this new businessman who had taken interest in his dealings, Abraxas had felt drawn to this male in a way that he had given away his trust easily. He should have known better. Anger boiled in him like a volcano waiting to erupt but as he neared one of the many dungeons in which he kept those he needed to punish, he realised giving into his emotions wasn't the best way to deal with this situation. So he took a deep breath and put on the facade of the emotionless killer that he was best known for.

Finding Jonathan in his office after an elaborate plan of keeping Abraxas distracted had gone south, the crime-lord wanted nothing more than to drive a blade through his heart, but he found himself questioning his impulse and decided to lock him up instead. He needed to find the others who had broken into his office with him and while his men worked on hunting them down, Abraxas had the luxury of teaching the male why he should never be crossed.

"You know, Jonathan." Abraxas started as he stepped inside the cell, gesturing for his men to lock it behind him. "The last time someone betrayed my trust, I clawed her heart out of her chest and preserved it in a jar in my office." Picking up a blade out of the many that were laid out on the shelf by the wall, he slid it against his palm, the mere touch cutting into his skin before his angelic blood sewed the wound back shut. "But what I have in store for you is so," He paused, taking a step in his direction, holding the edge of the knife to his neck as he gently swiped it along the skin enough to draw only a mere drop of blood, "So much more entertaining."

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His joints and muscles ached, he’d long ago lost the feeling in his wrists, and his head was pounding like a jackhammer. Licking his chapped and cracked lips Jonathan tried to shift his weight a bit, groaning as the manacles around his wrists cut into the tender skin. It had been a couple of weeks since the Bradford siblings had broken into their Father’s office and he had taken the heat to allow the three of them to escape. It made the most sense that he be put in this position, as the eldest it was his job to protect them and protect them he would. At all costs.

The door opened, his one good eye sliding to the figure that walked in and a small smirk turned up the corner of his lips. Abraxas had his minions work him over good, trying to get the information out of him and thus far he had remained mute. There was no way in hell he was giving his brother and sisters up, even if his Father killed him in the most painful way possible his siblings would remain safe. The male strode in, trying desperately to hide how furious he was and yet his son could see it. Could see how betrayed he felt which meant that Jonathan had hit a nerve.


Tilting his head up the kiss of the knife was barely felt, his non-swollen eye looking level with the man who had helped to give him life and then destroy his entire world. Swallowing several times he opened his mouth, deigning to speak despite the blow he had just received. He had passed by that heart at least 3 times without knowing who it belonged to. “Weird. You do have a heart.” His voice was shaky but thanks to the torture he had been enduring it might be chalked up to that, and not the heart wrenching realization that a literal piece of his mother had been kept as a trophy. “Careful with that, don’t want to tarnish your psycho reputation.”

Isaiah ran the slightly oiled cloth over the blade he was holding in his hand before sheathing it alongside his others that were strapped along his body. “I still say you two let me go in and do what is needed to be done. We don’t need either of you taken captive either. If I died it wouldn’t matter.” He looked to Cornelia and Clarissa. They had spent the last few weeks coming up with a plan not that Isaiah had been overly helpful. He didn’t wish to lose another sibling to the mad man.

Isaiah was sure Jon was dead at this point he hated to admit he had been the strongest of them all. “It would be quieter if I went in on my own.” he said running his hand through his ragged hair moving closer to his sisters. Taking one of each of their hands for a quiet moment “Run if things get to crazy I will not let either of you get hurt.” He looked to Cornelia “No Psycho has a heart jokes either.” He let out a slight chuckle.

Since learning about Abraxas, and the nature of the Psycho he saw to many things that tied the two together. He didn’t wish to be like his father, though he did wish to have his hand in his downfall. Looking to the clock, letting go of his sisters hands. Picking up the hand guns and slide them into their holsters hoping it wouldn’t come to needing to use them. “It's almost time for the guard change, it will be the time we can get the most of his men out of their stations. ready?”

Cornelia checked her watch for the millionth time in the past hour, wanting nothing more than their play to execute as precise and perfectly as they had planned. She was so against Jonathan taking the fall for the rest of the siblings that in her anger they had managed to come up with what could've been considered a suicide mission. But she was desperate, they all were. And they still had their biggest weapon under wraps.

"If you think you can single-handedly take down all his men, Isaiah then you're just as stupid as our father." She responded with a slight roll of her eyes, not taking no for answer. She loaded the magazine into her gun, waiting for the soft click to resonate in the silence before turning to Clarissa, "If our brothers keep underestimating us, I'll make sure my next bullet goes through their skull instead." She spoke, a light tinge of humour in her tone that she used only to ease the situation.

Once Isiah mentioned the time, Cornelia took a deep breath, turning the safety of her gun off before taking a step forward, peering from behind the wall they were hiding against to watch just as they had hoped, the guards getting ready for the shift change. "Two at the gate and one patrolling the area. We have 2 minutes."

Suicide missions, her favourite, yet it was the waiting around which killed her; Rissa was not known for her patience. Her back leant against the brick wall in which three of the Bradford siblings loitered behind, the chewing of her gum the only sound in the deafening silence until Isaiah broke it by trying to play hero which caused his twin to roll her eyes dramatically. Despite the skills that Isaiah, and herself had acquired throughout their training at the Assassin’s League, even she wasn’t stupid enough to think or even believe she had the ability to take on the masses of imbeciles which worked behind the grand gates of Abraxas’s empire. “I would rather go down fighting, than running, Brother” Clarissa commented, and squeezed Isaiah’s hand before it was released; snorting somewhat at Cornelia’s comment, noting the humour which laced her words in an attempt to calm the atmosphere they were in. “Eliminating the Bradford males, is very tempting”

Her gaze dropped down to the weapons which her sibling’s held, and both had decided a gun was a better choice; a choice that Clarissa couldn’t agree with, she preferred her trusty dagger more than anything. Delicate fingers wrapped around the handle of her dagger which was given to her at the very start of her training and twirled it between the gaps her fingers provided before peeping over the wall as it was almost time. “Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe” Clarissa sung almost happily, despite the anxiety that washed over her; she was scared of the state in which they would find Jon. Her lips curled upwards as she chose her victim. “I will take the one patrolling - he looks feisty” She turned to face Cornelia and Isaiah and wriggled her brows; noting they only had a few moments left, Clarissa stretched and straightened her back as she waited for the nod to proceed.

"Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan." Abraxas spoke in a sing-song teasing tone, circling the tied up male, dragging the blade from one shoulder blade to another, knowing as a Nephilim that was one of his weakest spots. "Now as much as I enjoy this friendly banter." He stood right behind him, angling the tip of the knife right over his left shoulder blade. "There is something far more important that we must discuss."

Abraxas slid the tip of the blade just enough to break through the skin, "I'm only going to ask once, just out of pure formality because we both know if you were to give into torture, you would have done so by now." Pushing the blade in deeper, he continued, "Then we move to plan B, I've heard you have family and friends back in England. Maybe we can do something about it." A sadistic smirk turned up the corners of Abraxas's lips, his men were hunting down leads as they speak, and sooner than later they would bring back all the information he needed about Jonathan. "Now, who are you working with? And is it really worth losing people over?"

His father didn't rise to the bait, not that he had expected him to. Abraxas was a psycho but he was control for the most part and most likely raving mad at his betrayal. Before they had been caught he had gotten close to the man that had sired him, playing the part of a willing and eager disciple well. “Now now, proper torture etiquette demands banter. These things have to be observed or the world would dissolve into chaos.” He managed a grin despite the clenching of his stomach as the blade of the knife slid across his skin.

His teeth snapped together, the bite of the knife excruciating as it was dug slowly and deliberately into his weakest point. Eyes tearing up Jon managed to shake his head, “You gotta work on your information my friend or fire your PI. I am alone and always have been.” He gasped, arms tugging against the chains that held him aloft in a futile attempt to escape. He couldn't stop the pain, couldn't move away from it, couldn't blackout; so he did the one thing he could control. He screamed, tunneling the pain in a physical sound that echoed through the room. The pain eased, a light chuckle sounding behind him a moment before the same pain exploded on the other shoulder blade.

That started what seemed a very long bloodletting session, with his captor asking him the same question while finding new places and ways to cut him. Jonathan refused to speak, short of opening his mouth to scream he kept his silence and endured. His death would be slow in coming but he would die protecting those bbn he loved above all else.

Isaiah rolled his eyes to his female siblings "Forgive my lapse in judgement let me hang back here and let you both do the fighting. I am sure that would make everyone happy." Giving a heavy sigh as he looked to the guards that were standing there "Fact of the matter is Cornelia he wants you." Isaiah said heavily and flicked his gaze to her "and that won't happen if I have my say." With that he pulled out two daggers. "I will take out the four that will meet at the front gate quietly, Corn if you get the ones in the watch towers." He nodded his head up to the towers "We can regroup at the front. we may make it in unnoticed." He said pulling the dark skull dusk mask up over his face in an effort to blacken himself out as much as he could be.

A few more seconds had ticked by when he moved out knowing that Clarissa would behind him to take out the man she had choice the one that could easily run off and alert the others. moving to the wall of the building moving in the shadows to where the four gathered to trade shifts he waited for a brief moment till all their backs were turned and he was there digging the blades into the back of two of their necks separating the spinal columns hitting nerves so they were unable to scream out while yanking the blades for the first two and quickly threw the eyes of those who turned around to see what was going on. before returning to his first two victims taking a moment to feel their pain, enjoying the taste of it before finishing them off. Whipping the daggers along his pants he wore as he stared at the dark red blood pools that swirled into the dirt before he moved the bodies into the bushes out of the way and out of sight.

He found himself kneeling among the bodies waiting for his sisters searching for keys and anything else they three may need to get Jon back. He even cut off the highest guards finger and took his eye out of his socket just in case it was needed along with the badges. Closing his eyes and just listening to see if he could hear anything.

Rolling her eyes at the male Bradford, Cornelia bent over to retrieve the second gun she had hidden inside her boot, fixing the silencer on both of them before she stepped out from behind the walls, ready to take down the men in the watch tower first so they couldn't alert the rest of the security about their breach.

The brunette detective walked stealthily up to the entrance of the watchtower, shooting at the man that guarded the small door that led inside, while mentally wincing at the idea of killing them. She had to remind herself that this was necessary, that these men had lost control over their lives the moment they submitted to Abraxas Bradford. She made a quick work of the two guards stationed on top of the watchtower, creeping up behind them and sending a bullet straight through their heads before they could react.

Bypassing the first layer of security, Cornelia met up with the rest of the siblings at the front, raising her brow at Isaiah's little collection. "I appreciate the idea, but was the eyeball really necessary?" She grimaced before bringing her attention back to the plan, "According to the blueprints, Jonathan is probably being kept in the basement so I'm gonna go in there, but I need you both to clear the exit for me."

"It would certainly make me happy, yes” Clarissa responded to her twin’s rhetorical and a rather sarcastic comment; she had been on one too many missions with Isaiah to know what he could be like when handling the gift of death. She knew he would collect some form of trophies from them - which in all fairness, she could not argue against that; she often found herself taking jewellry, like a magpie, she couldn't resist. Her brows rose at the sight of the mask that he had pulled over his face, before shaking her head in amusement; people would most certainly link this murder spree to him with or without the mask. Rissa placed the blade between her teeth as she tightened her ponytail before nodding to both siblings as they ventured silently over the wall to their victims.

Despite the huge amount of change Rissa had undergone since arriving in Evermore, she could never shake the feeling of pure enjoyment of the hunt; she followed after Isaiah for a few moments before darting off, remaining in death's shadow until her target was in pouncing range. Her lavender tinted eyes narrowed as she took note of his demeanour before confidently taking flight to land right before him; as she slowly rose from her landing position, she impaled the guard with her knife, slicing his abdomen right open. The assassin exhaled as her face became the canvas - red blood, tainting her pale complexion; she waited for a few moments before joining her siblings to make sure the men met his death. Clarissa found it satisfying to watch him take his final and gurgled breaths.

A smirk found her lips as she cleaned the blade with her black hoodie, whistling as she did so. “Sleep well” The soft words drifted from her before she returned to the shadows to get to the entrance where Isaiah and Cornelia were waiting for her; Clarissa regarded the fingers and one eye Isaiah held and snorted. “It's what he does with them that worries me” Her shoulders shrugged before turning her attention to the next stage in their suicide mission. “You've got two of the best exit clearers on hand” Clarissa grinned, knowing she would send more to their death without Cornelia’s passing judgement. “I enter first, this time Izzy” She muttered playfully.

"You know Jonathan," Abraxas spoke up as he denied having any family or friends, "You almost convinced me that you're a lone wolf. But interestingly enough, you must have some vendetta against me to even think of betraying me, let alone act on it." He smirked as he plunged the blade deep into his scars, a stream of blood oozing out from all around the wound. "I sincerely hope it was worth it."

And so began the torture session, Abraxas cutting into the man with no remorse, his screams fuelling the pleasure the older male felt as it bounced off the walls of the dungeons and rang in his ears. He would make him suffer to his last breath, even if he didn't give him the answers he needed. That was the price of betraying Abraxas Bradford.

"It's a shame." Abraxas paused in between sliding his blade down the male's torso, cutting through the almost torn fabric, "What would your family think, your parents after they find out how you died for a lost cause." He pushed the knife in deeper, reopening the string of wounds that had healed a few minutes ago. "Any last message you want me to deliver to them?"

Screaming seemed to bring his torturer pleasure, each slice or stab of the blade meant to bring the utmost amount of pain. Jon retreated into that deep pool of calm within his mind, letting the images of his loved one's bolster his fortitude while his voice became hoarse from screaming. He cared not how his sire felt about each scream, the sounds were for him alone, a way to release the pain and keep himself from slipping into a vulnerable position that might expose who he was.

An exhausted smile spread across his cracked lips, the pain nominal to what was radiating through his body. “You're...you are a disgrace…” he gasped for breath as the knife was plunged just under his ribs, the tip puncturing a lung. Wheezing out a breath he stared at his father in pure loathing and spoke nonetheless. “...to Nephilim's.” His body jerked with a groan as the knife was yanked free, his body trying to heal as quickly as possible.

“You flatter yourself if you think this is anything other than business. You threaten exposure for all our kind and I can't have that.” There, simple and a facet of the truth. His strength was flagging, the bloodletting sapping his strength but he knew the end was near. Abraxas couldn't leave him alive, couldn't show such weakness and wouldn't abide him living after such a betrayal. Again, he laughed, looking up into the eyes of his father, “You can't deliver a message to the dead. Though there is one you can take personally” He licked his lips while his stare burned into the Male he hated with every fiber of his being. “Go to Hell you piece of trash!” He growled the words as Abraxas raised the knife, poised to make the killing strike.

Isaiah looked up to his younger sister as he stood up slowly and chuckled “I mean you never know when you are going to need an eyeball to get past a layer of security, this wouldn’t be the first one that I would have used to break into a building.” he said with a shrugs as he stood up straight looking over to his twin with a small smirk on his lips as he twirled one of the blades back into their place, he always prefered a blade over guns. It felt more personable though his true weapon was his form and Nephilim powers. “We can make a clear exit for sure. Though letting you go in alone doesn’t seem like the smartest idea. You are who the bastard wants anyways. Why let him have access to you so easily.”

Isaiah looked over to Clarissa “Maybe one of us should be close just in case.”  pulling the mask down not seeing the point in it anymore. Isaiah giving an eye roll to Clarissa as she snored at him “I burn them, you haven’t seen any of them lying around have you. I am not an animal geeze Raven.” He said as he held the blade in his hand looking to the building for a moment. “There is no going back ladies. Lets go get our brother since he clearly can’t help but get caught.”Isaiah let out a chuckle but secretly he was worried about the older brother they had all come to learn about.

Isaiah held a hand out to his twin sister “After you then, lets get this show on the road.” He waited for his sisters to move in front of him before, walking behind them keeping his ears open to anything that may make a sound. Keeping Cornelia between the two trained assassins. He kept quiet as they all walked there was a tension in the air with a ominous feeling, a feeling he was getting use to at this point.

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