The full moon was high in the sky this evening. Her back against a tree, her butt on the ground, and blood trailing down her chin and neck; Mairenn sat there with rosy cheeks and a small grin. She was feeling quite intoxicated and in a blissful haze. She hadn't been in a great mood in recent days. Her nightmares had become so profound that she wasn't sleeping. Whenever she tried, she'd wake up screaming. Sometimes her flashbacks were so realistic that she'd end up breaking furniture in her room or bathroom. The only thing keeping it at bay was to drink blood. She was aware it can be addictive, and she was doing well with slowing down. But now she was desperate. She'd left a long trail of dead animals, or weakened drunks the past month. Most were human and they constantly wondered in and out of eternal city. She'd simply catch them in passing. None were killed or weakened so greatly that they were at risk for dying. But she couldn't bring herself to stop.

She stood and cracked her shoulders by rolling them back. She stepped over the unconscious man's body and headed home. It was a 6'1" male with blonde hair and blue eyes, a five o clock shadow and plenty of beer on his breath. His intoxication likely made hers worse. She didn't know for sure. Her mentor never told her if that was a factor. It's just something Mairenn guessed. The walk home was quiet as she took back roads and nature trails to get there. 

She entered her home and went into her bedroom. Instead of showering and getting ready for bed properly, she wiped her mouth with her forearm, kicked off her shoes, removed her shirt and pants, and got into bed. Luckily Mairenn had the next three days off thanks to the second librarian begging for more shifts. Library work wasn't necessary for the valkyr, and so she didn't mind being asked to take a mini vacation. With the current status of her mental health, the time off was well aligned with what she needed.

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A few days had passed since word had reached Edwards ears that’s people were being attacked not viciously and no one had been killed as far as he was aware of as his eyes scanned the moonlight alleyways for anything out of the ordinary before slipping into the crowds of people looking for the nightlife in Evermore city as his mind wondered if he should have made the Guard aware of what he had learnt but again in his mind, it may have been a person looking for help Edwards eyes noticed a  vendor promoting a  new bar between the Valkyr and Human territories as he took a flyer as he went past. 

Edward  looked at the glossy flyer as  walked down the street diverting to the road this new  place was on if  it was a Valkyr  which he was  certain off they would hunt  in places that weren’t too quiet to slip in and out off as  he continued to  walk he scanned the  adjacent alleys when the smell of blood  hit his nostrils  igniting his senses like  a fuse to dynamite he began to follow the trail before coming across a dazed  male  as he rushed over  he  pulled a tissue from his pocket placing it on his wound “   you had to  annoy that dog didn’t you buddy “ Edward glared a little as he  noted he had passed into Valkyr Territory  as he pulled out his cell dialling 911  stating where to find the male before  standing  and noticing a bloody handprint  with a fresh  smell of blood he continued  to follow the scent   as he arrived at an apartment  as  he walked up to the door he gave 3 loud knocks before looking around as he waited 

Rain gently pelts on the roof of Mairenn's home. Darkness blanked the sky with only the moon and distant stars as nightlights. Breathing in, one one-thousand two one-thousand, and breathing our at the same pace. Mairenn slept in her kind sized bed, sunken in the blankets and pillows. At the corner of her mouth was the faintest smile. In the depths of her mind, she saw his face- the man from the library. Ironic he made his way into her subconscious thoughts. Maybe her recently flares of tormenting visions caused her to wish that said prince charming would rescue her. Her eyes shifted beneath their lids as she head the faintest thuds of footsteps on her front porch. They snapped open and dilated when the knocking erupting on her front door. She awoke aggravated and she couldn't help, but snarl as she jumped out of bed. The first time resting in days and someone has the arrogance to knock on her door. Glancing at the grandfather clock, she saw it was just 3:15 in the morning.

Her dark hair fluttered back as she stormed through the house to the front door. She unlocked the door and grabbed hold of the brass knob, she pulled the door open and stepped outside. The valkyr bumped into a man standing on her porch with enough force to potentially make him stumble or fall. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?!" She was so boiled over with frustration that she'd forgotten her attire. She'd gone to be in undergarments only and failed to put on anything before opening the door in a rage. There were still evidence of small blood stains on her porcelain skin. She drank in the appearance of the gentleman standing at her door and she quickly made note for future reference. He's not a face she'd ever seen before, so why he was here was beyond her. 

Edward tilted his head as he looked at the girl that had appearing at the door in just her undergarments he quickly took his jacket off holding it in front of her “ I believe you are the Valkyr I am looking for my lady  “  his eyes fixed upon the bloodstain on her skin as he lowered his right arm it revealed his guard tattoo “ the human you have fed on he is now in the emergency room ideally we call 911 after we feed nowadays “ Edward folded his arms as he looked at her “ I am Edward Starhawk most just call me Ed and may I know who you are My Lady”

Not use to not being invited in Edward moved at speed into shadow arriving in the darkness of the Female Valkyr’s house as he took a seat on alone armchair he coughed a little as he drew attention “ now My lady I have been tracking you for a few weeks and you clearly have an addiction from the number of victims “ Edward rose to his feet as he made his way to the kitchen fridge as he opened up the door not seeing much in the fridge at all “explains one thing but you need to act human so you have to go shopping in case you get human visitors.

Edward walked back to  the seat as he put his hands together “ now have been where you are and can help  you before  you make a mistake  where  either the Ailward Guard intervene or Gideon does and neither was good  my  addiction was a 130

 Years ago    if you  wish i can help you “ Edward sat back in his chair waiting for a response  

Her left eyebrow arched dramatically as he held a jacket in front of her. She was in her 'antique' undergarments sure, but they were still far more covering than modern underwear. Though the corset was quite pushing on her breasts. Her eyes followed him as he rushed inside her home. Her fists clenched and she glared coldly at the intruder. She doesn't know the full laws of this place, and so she forced her violent nature from peeking. But doing so made her breathing labored and sweat started beading across her neck and collarbone. Is this the standard of these so called "police" of eternal city? Barging into homes without asking to even come inside? Had she not been aware of her location, she would've immediately defended herself and her home. Big brother wouldn't approve of her fighting. It would cause him a great deal of stress, and Mairenn did not wish to accumulate additional worry onto his plate. While Mairenn is often a timid person, provoking her takes very little effort. In such instances, she becomes hostile to protect herself and others. Her timidness only comes from hesitance of over exerting her valkyr abilities. In efforts to maintain the fragile image of the humanity she has left, she has attempted to lead a normal life, or a life of seclusion. Yet day by day, that image chips away and she catches glimpses of the terrors buried within.

"You know nothing of me-" she scowled when he judged her fridge. She hadn't been living in this new house for very long, so it's no wonder she wasn't stock piled on food. Her relations he knows nothing of. She knows how to feed people. Did he simply assume that she only consumes blood? It is a classic approach when trying to investigate someone. Create a ground of relatability, and thus extend an offer to assist. But then what happens if she didn't wish for whatever assistance he was offering? People turn cold once rejected more often than not. "I do not fear death. You need to apologize for barging into my home. Otherwise, I have nothing to say to you." Mairenn stood her ground near her opened front door. Oddly enough, this man vibrated with hers. Is he a valkyr? She narrowed her gaze and awaits his response. She wasn't opposed to discussing things cordially, but first, she deserved to at least be respected within her own home.

Edward Starhawk and I am surprised you do not recognise your own kin  I am Valkyr like yourself “ Edward rose to his feet as he folded his arms watching her “ and I know someone that is in a vicious cycle wake up feed pass out at home or anywhere you can rest “ Edward waved his hand near his nose “ the blood smell the taste it is intoxicating I should know I have lived through many wars “  Edward moved to the window as he looked outside “ how many years have you been one of us My lady “ he looked at her through the reflection in the mirror.

Edward turned to face the younger  Valkyr noticing the clenched  fist “ “the truth hurts doesn’t it if you feel anger cause that’s what I felt when I sorted myself out  if  you wish to take a swing  feel free “ my lords are not aware I am here and I have not informed your ambassador  but you need help my lady and I will  if you accept it  “  he stared right at her “till you control your blood lust  you  will not fully be able to control things if you curb your blood lust i will train you  do we have a deal “ Edward held out his hand “

It's obvious to her that he refused to acknowledge her request. One that she didn't find too difficult to comply with. Whoever that someone is, it wasn't her. She didn't lay her head anywhere. And while she's experiencing a tough time, it doesn't imply that she does not follow her daily routines. Her breathing was shallow and her hands trembling a slight. Not of fear, but of anger. However her anger wasn't about her life. It was the intrusion of personal space, and the neglect to have a two way respectful conversation. It was like talking to a pastor that assumes your life by the glance they got of it. Even if blurry or isolated, they'll create an entire fabrication of lies from the cloth they snatched. "You can either apologize and then we talk, - or you can leave. There are no other options that I am willing to comply with." Mairenn chose to stand her ground. Backing down in her own home surrendered her dominance to a stranger that she felt herself wanting less and less to deal with. Something that she previously didn't imagine possible. 

Edward moved back to the door as he stood outside “ hunter would not be so obliging may I come in so we can discuss what happened tonight “ he folded his arms “I pulled a favour at the hospital the guy won’t remember anything and why are you asleep in our time perfect time of night don’t you agree to many drunk people ripe for the picking but your not out spending the night even though we can spend time in the day we feel more alive at night don’t you agree “  Edward Smirked.

“ or im guessing from the nightwear  victorian “ Edward raised his eyebrow “ each to there owns I presume “  im a few  hundred years older  crusades you slept in what you wore  even though the desert  was cold at night “ he perched his self against the wall as he raised his hand rubbing his eyes 

She watched him make his way back out onto the porch. She relaxed a bit more and waited for him to finish his lyrics. "I work day shift at the library and therefore I sleep in the evening. I don't go about just picking people." She covered her chest with her long dark hair and sighed softly. Her head was beginning to throb. It's best to just get this over with. So she stepped aside and waved him in. "Okay, fine. You have fifteen minutes." She sat down on her covered couch and waited for him to take his seat. "First I'd like to know my rights in this city. Is what I say on or off the record?" She crossed her arms over her belly and yawned. She was starting to miss living in the wilderness again. But then she'd be abandoning the one person that brought her here. She didn't want to hurt him. Or herself for that matter.

Edward walked back in as he, as he looked at the girl “it’s an unofficial visit as I stated before your Ambassador and my lords, are not aware I am here this is a friendly talk  “ Edward walked back towards the seat he was in “  now how often do you feed and how we do have a minimum a pint a month but if we drink far too much it turns us into vampires of legends and are your donors willing and you take enough but not to harm them but  if we are concerned  we  have we call 911” 

Edward took a seat at the chair he was in “it’s off the record if it wasn’t Gideon would be here “ he watched her mannerisms  “ when did your creator leave or did you  le\ve them mine left me after we had an argument a century after I turned woke up and she was missing” he shrugged a little” that when I started on my little binge but I was saved by a 4 legged friend got me back on track and well I found the guard that brought my purpose back  “ he watched her “ now tell me about you ?.

Her left eyebrow raised as Edward spoke about Gideon. Was she supposed to thank him? “I often leave the city to feed. Recently I’ve not done that. I’ve my reasons of course. I appreciate the hunt rather than conversation and asking permission to feed. I’ve let none in any peril. She left me after a year. All she left behind was a letter. I’ve never seen or heard from her since.” Was it wise to tell this man anything about herself? She didn’t think so but- she sighed and leaned against a wall. “I’m a librarian. I was sick, my mother vanished, I murdered by my care giver, became a Valkyr, watched my family die, moved to my own home in Salem that I miss dearly, and now I’m here.”

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