The young Initia, had a few hobbies close to heart as she was growing up. Reading, was one of them. Books; new or old were somewhat of a fascination to Jessalyn. The storylines, and being able to fall into the depths of a gripping story. From a young age, her imagination run wild with different stories, and adventurous. Jesalyn was a bit of an escapist in that respect. Enjoying a different world, that was outside of her own; where books were concerned. It was also where, she had gained more information, knowledge. Making her an intelligent young lady. Those that knew her well, always said that her imagination could run wild; with some of the ideas that cropped up into her head. Especially, when it came to doing something fun and getting others out of their shells, once she warmed up to people.

It was early in the afternoon, when Jessalyn was making her way to the Library. The Initia wanted to check out some new books, a friend of hers had recommended. She always enjoyed discovering new books, and pieces of information that came along with it.

It didn’t take her long, to get where her heart desired. Entering a large and old looking building. The Initia could smell the books and old paper, from the first moment she walked into the beautiful library of Evermore. Jessalyn couldn’t help, but love the feel of the paper, and the scent of books. It was much preferred over reading anything over a laptop, or on her phone. The enjoyment, of feeling papers beneath her fingertips; made a book more enjoyable to her.

Jessalyn wandered around the library. Her light blue hues, taking everything in. Making her way through the different isle sections, Jessa began her search. Until she spotted a young woman, looking seemingly lost. Approaching her, with a kind smile. Jessalyn spoke softly, not wanting to startle her. “Excuse me, are you lost?” Jess looked a bit concerned. Maybe, she could help her somehow. “If you’re looking for something, in particular. I can help.” Jessalyn offered. A warm friendly smile on her face.

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Before Miyaza was captured, she loved reading anything that had to do with Culture. From country histories due to mystery of her own home countries history.  It was her way into her knowledge department, in school she was more reading and getting the grades more than talking but she did meet some at a school reading club. Now she is alone to read with no one to share. Sad how something she went through changed her whole life around. Miyaza knew she has to make friends one way or another.

One day when she is walking around the star found a library among her adventures that she really wants to check out. Maybe the young star can meet someone who would like to be friends with her. Walking into the silent halls she felt her eyes go wise as there were so many books then she thought. Where can  Miyaza begin? 

The Young Star hopped there be some English book for her to go back to learn. Her brown eyes looked at every book that all the titles were English as she sighed. "{1} 누군가 나를 도울 수 있기를 바랍니다." She said with a little pout. Just at the right time, she heard another female. At least she knows what Excuse Me is in English or she will make the other feel like the star is deaf. "Hi. Um Me English is bad. Can you be slow?' she asked nicely hoping the other won't be offended. "English book. Is one here?" Miyaza hoped the other can understand her. One day she knows English this moment would be her pet peeve she would not like to look back on. 

1. I wish someone can help me.

For a few moments, Jessalyn thought she heard the young woman muttering to herself in Korean? Okay, the young woman before her clearly was foreign. It seemed like she startled her slightly, giving her an apologetic warm smile. Jessalyn nodded. “Of course, sorry.” she said softly. Internally, the young Initia tried to remember some of her Korean, when she and her siblings traveled. Jessalyn had always liked to immerse herself in different cultures and learn new languages; all those years ago when she and her siblings were travelling. Glancing down towards the book she was holding. Jessalyn saw it was a dictionary she was holding; but for a wrong language.

Lightly shaking her head, she gave her a gentle smile. As a bit of Korean came back to her. Jess spoke softly, not sure if she was saying it right. “아니요, 죄송합니다. 이탈리아어 사전입니다.” ( No, Sorry. That’s an Italian Dictionary).  It’s been a long time, since Jessalyn spoke Korean. Or met anyone from there; luckily she still remembered sentences, that came handy in a moment like this. “정확하지 않으면 죄송합니다. 나는 여행에서 한국인을 조금만 알고 있습니다. ... 어떤 책을 찾고 있습니까?” (I am sorry, if it's not correct. I only know a little bit Korean, from my travels....what sort of book are you looking for?) Hopefully, attempting to speak in her mother tongue, would help the young woman understand her better. And together, they could find a way to find, whatever she was looking for.

Jessalyn didn’t sound as fluent in the language; her accent was a bit off. Mainly, because she was born and bred British gal. Hopefully, it was clear enough for the other female to understand, what she was saying in Korean. After so long, it felt like a bit of a tongue-twister.

The star didn't think the other can understand her but the surprise is on her. Looking down at the book, Miyaza blushed in embarrassment. "정말? 영어 사전을 찾고 있습니다."(Really? I am looking for an English Dictionary.) Miyaza said looking at the female happy to find get to talk with someone who would understand. When she heard the other knows a little the star smiled and nodded. "You ok. English I don't know." Miyaza said knowing she knew a little but it didn't come out the right way. 

Miyaza smiled learning about the other traveled to Korea but always is honored the other toke the time to learn the language. "Thank you for learning," she asked hoping she said it right with a bright smile.  "Book hope can find," Miyaza said talking about the book with her broken English. She does not want to come off as demanding but she is trying everything she can to be alright with what she is saying. 

The star got happy to know someone is willing to help as it looks like it's a repeating circle with her as someone named Hana helped her the other day learning and taking around the city for her to know where everything was. She didn't get out of the castle much since her trust issues were bothersome for two years but now she is out and around she wish to come out sooner.

Thank god, that the young Initia knew a little bit of the young woman’s language; or she would have been more stuck. It was just a matter of remembering more phrases; and getting them right. But Jessalyn had always thought that learning another language; made someone wiser for it. She had found foreign languages intriguing. She gave her a soft smile. “오, 나는 그것이 어디에 있는지 알고 있다고 생각합니다. 따라와.” (Oh, I think, I know where that is. Follow me.) The young Initia began to lead her towards the dictionary section. The Library had various dictionaries for various languages. It could sometimes be a bit of a maze.

“You’re doing good.” Jessalyn assured; as the young woman mentioned she didn’t know much English. Yes, it was a bit broken. But Miyaza was doing well. “I am Jessalyn.” The Initia gestured to herself, as she introduced herself to the other girl, a warm smile on her face. It was sweet of Miyaza to thank her, for learning her native language. “나는 유창하지 않다. 오랜만이야. 그러나 나는 다른 관심 언어를 찾았습니다.” (I am not that fluent. It's been awhile. But I....found other languages of interest.) It took her a few moments, to get the next few words out; as for a few brief seconds; she tried to remember the correct way to say it. So it sounded a bit patchy in places.

Scanning the shelves of various dictionaries. Jessalyn run her fingertips along the spines; scanning each of the titles on the spine. “Ah, got it.”Smiling, the young Initia pulled out the English Dictionary. Of course, one half was also Korean in there; that helped translate it into English. “There you go.” The young Initia handed Miyaza the dictionary she had been looking for. Some people in the city could have easily overlooked the young woman; and not have offered help. But Jessalyn wasn’t like that. She tried to help, when possible.

As the older female said she might know what she is looking for, the young star smiled waiting for the other to lead the way. Miyaza didn't think the library would have anything about the English Language since she has seen a lot of people who speak it than herself.  The star opened her bag to make sure she had her journal and pen so she can write notes for things she thinks will be useful later. As they begin to walk to the section, Miyaza took note where the books were in a case of future reference. You never know when you will need more information later on in life. "긴 걸음입니다. 그들은 정말로 하나 있습니까?" (It's a long walk. Do they really have one?) the star said thinking out loud. 

As the young star learned the other's name, she wrote it down on a small paper. "Jess? Nickname?' she asked in English wondering if she can use that to learn her name later. Nicknames were a favorite to Miyaza as they always have meaning and sometimes unique if you can think of something that is new and original. "조금 아는 것조차 큰 차이를 만듭니다." (Even knowing a bit makes a big difference.) Miyaza said with a smile. She has met some people who think all Koreans know English, those times are so awkward all she can do is stand there and smile hoping not to be rude. Miyaza could tell the other is trying to remember as she understood what she was trying to say. 

Her brown eyes looked at the books and aisles as both of them walked, she thought it would last forever as they came to a stop and looked towards the other female. Watching the other pull out the book a bright smile came upon her lips as she bows saying thank you. The young star was really relieved for the big step forward in her adventure to learn English.  Miyaza took the book gently away from the female as she flipped through the pages to see the Korean to English. If it was not fro Jessalyn the star would be so lost and still stick. She was very grateful knowing she wanted to thank Jess for being so kind as to help her. "
너무 행복합니다. 당신의 친절에 대해 어떻게 상환 할 수 있습니까?" (Am so happy. How can I repay you for your kindness?) 

Jessalyn heard Miyaza mumbling something. Although she wasn’t sure, if it was aimed at her. Or if Miya was talking to herself. It could have been either one really. But the young Initia opted to answer anyways. “예, 확실합니다.” (Yes, I am sure, they have it.) Jessalyn turned to the young Celestial briefly, giving her a reassuring smile. The young Initia knew the Library quite well; and she had seen various dictionaries for languages; so she knew for sure. That there was a Korean one somewhere. 

When Miyaza asked, if she could just call her Jess. The young Initia smiled warmly, nodding. “Yes, of course.” The young Initia more often than not, went by her nicknames. She was used to people calling her by her nicknames. It was nothing new really.And sometimes saved people a twisted tongue; if they didn’t know how to pronounce her full name. As she assured her, a little made a difference. It was a bit of relief. “얼마나 오래 ............ 더 오래 살았습니까?” (How long, have you lived in Evermore?) The young Initia asked curious. Speaking a little Korean with the younger female. It felt like a bit of a refresher. Which was quite nice. It was also a relief, that she could remember more than she first initially thought. One perk: Jessa was always a quick learner.

When she had finally found the right dictionary for Miya. She could tell how relieved, the other female was. As the other female, expressed her gratitude. Jessalyn tried to think of the correct phrase. This time, it wasn’t coming to her so quickly. “걱정하지 마십시오. 필요가 없습니다 ... 기꺼이 도와 드리겠습니다.” (Don't worry, there's no need...I am just glad to help.) This time, it came out a bit jumbled, as Jessalyn wasn’t too sure of the phrasing. Realising her error. Her cheeks flared up with a pink blush of embarrassment. “Well, that didn’t make much sense.” she giggled, giving her an apologetic smile.

The star smiled with a nodded, Miyaza is lucky to have someone who is nice. They always say finding someone who is nice and caring is like finding a needle in a haystack. There will always be a small change to meet them but it's always rare for someone to be really genuine. Jessalyn is one of them. 

Miyaza felt happy she can say someone's name in English other than hearing it multiple times just for her to say it right. hearing Jessalyn's question Miyaza didn't know how to answer it without given her species off. "삼 년. 나는 신뢰 문제와 다른 이유로 간신히 걸었다." (Three years. I barely walked around due to trust issues and other reasons.) Miyaza knew the reason was because of her only known Korean along with hunters and guards, nothing to her back then didn't make her feel safe. 

Opening the book up she can see the Korean to English made her smile wider. Miyaza kept her smile knowing the other was trying as much as her with English. "Your help is what I needed." She said in her broken English hoping she can make the other feel better. "English is hard. I can understand." Miyaza wanted to try hard to speak English knowing what she is saying is wrong and incorrect. It made her feel embarrassed but in a way it didn't know if anyone is listening or seeing someone from another part of the world is trying to communicate is better then most who expect you to know everything. 

"당신이 추천하는 것이 있습니까?" (Is there anything you recommend?) Miyaza wanted to make sure she learns the language right and not the stereotypes. It does annoy her when people want to learn Korean they go by drama. Sure they are fun to watch but it's not a good idea to learn everything.  She is sure it's the same way with English, she didn't want to cross anything to offend someone that is not in her intention. 

Listening to Miyaza explain, how she had lived in Evermore. Jessalyn nodded her head, in understanding.  It seemed like they lived in the city, near enough near the same amount of time. Jessalyn’s time here would be coming up for almost 4 years. “아 ... 미안하다 ... 너무 .. 숨겨졌다.” (Ah...I am sorry to hiding.) She said softly. It was sad, that she felt the need to hide for whatever reason. But young Jessalyn wouldn’t pressure her, into getting the information as to why. It wasn’t her place to ask, since they didn’t know each other well.

Jessalyn was glad, that she could help the young woman. “You’re welcome. I am glad, I could be off help.” she said softly. Nodding her head softly, to let Miyaza know, she said it right. “It’s okay. It’ll get easier.” she assured her. Once Miyaza would feel more comfortable and confident with the English Language; it’d flow better. That was always the case. Jessalyn knew how tricky and complicated languages could get. So koodos to young Miyaza knowing a little bit of the English that she did.

Thinking about what Miyaza asked her. Jessalyn had to pull out her phone; pulling up google translate. Trying to see if she could find the right translation for what she wanted to say. Saying it a few times in her head; it sounded right. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be another blooper. “아 .. 많은 추천이 있습니다. 난 그냥 모르겠어 .... 제목 ... 귀하의 언어로.” (Oh...I have a lot of recommendations. I just don't know....the your language.) Jessalyn spoke softly, giving her a gentle smile. “I’ll show you the books.” It’d be easier that way. Maybe Miyaza would know the titles in Korean, if she ever seen any of the books back in her home country in her mother tongue. “조금은 조금 어려울 수도 있습니다. 그러나 대부분은 고전이며 모두 잘 읽습니다.”  (Some might be bit... a harder. But most are classics and all make goodreads.) Jessalyn added after a few moments. Not really sure, what sort of difficulty she was looking for when it came to the books. But at least with Jessalyn’s selection, she’d have a bit of a range.

Walking through the aisles. Jessalyn kept her eyes peeled out for what she was looking for. Knowing the Library quite well. She knew where to look. As she found herself in the fantasy/romance area. The Young Initia than picked out a few books; Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer of Stone.  Leaning a bit further down. She also picked out a large book which held lots of mini stories Hans Christian Andersen. Jessalyn also found her favorite book on Greek Mythology stories.

It was not like the young star didn't want to hide, there were many reasons. The world didn't want to see her yet until Miyaza took her steps outside and feel free ones more. Miyaza smiled to the other happy they understand, it's not like telling the female her whole story it's an unbelievable story if she would say herself. "It's ok," she said in English.

Miyaza looked at the pages of the book that is in her hands and smiled. "Does it?" she asked knowing she might not get it now but there is still a chance for her to get caught up. She wants to get ahead in life and not in the past or behind. One thing to go right in her life at least. Looking at the books she did wonder if the female knew a place she can buy a book to write in. 

Asking her question the young star watched the other bring out her phone. Watching her type in what she wants to know Myiaza smiled knowing they were trying to communicate with each other. Miyaza nodded in understanding, it's tricky but maybe when she knows more English she can read the books. 

When the other walked off to get the books, Miyaza stood there looking at the different books to see which one would be more. A few people looked at her but the young star pretended not to know they were there unsure if they wanted to say something or would laugh at her face since she didn't know English. She found a table to sit down at as she brought out her note pad on her one to type out words she might need to know if everyday conversations or to get around.

The young Initia knew that everyone had their own story. Not everyone had a good past, some had a sad, complicated...or heart-breaking one. But that’s what everyone different. She was sure, in time that Miyaza would get over it, and feel more in tune with the world at present. If she could help her adjust, and help her learn more things. Jessalyn wouldn’t mind.

She knew, the star was a little unsure about English at the moment. So she took a few moments to reassure her. “Yes, really.” Jessalyn gave her a warm smile. “It’ll just take time.” she said softly. But she had a feeling that Miyaza was smart. And with the right help and guidance; she’d learn more with time.

It had taken her a few moments, to gather the books that she wanted to. The pile in her arms was heavy. But she held them all securely against her chest. Slowly making her way back to Miyaza. The young Initia saw her sitting at one of the tables. Heading over in her direction. Jessalyn set the pile of books on the table near Miyaza. “여기 있습니다.” (Here they are). Jessalyn smiled softly. Wondering what Miyaza would think of them, or if she’d recognise any of them. Most were classics...and a lot of popular ones too. So she didn’t think the covers would vary that much in another country, expect the tiles being in said languages of course.

Miyaza has been grateful to everyone who has been helped her to the long goal to speak English. Hearing the other’s word but so much motivation back into her hope. The star couldn’t help but smile more than she was reading and looking at the texts of the books. 

After a few moments, Miyaza looked up as she hurried to help the other with the big pile of books. She didn’t expect so many to come to her at once. Miyaza looked at the titles as three stood out to her. “이 제목들을 기억합니다. 나는 학교에서 그것들을 읽었다. (I remember these titles. I read them in school.) Miyaza said as she opened them up to English text. Memories of the books brought her homesick to Busan. The crystal blue beaches to fish markets along with the cherry blossoms in her school courtyard where most go for lunch other then leaving the campus to get Tteokbokki or anything that is not in the cafeteria. A sad smile slowly came to her face, Miyaza didn’t really think about how homesick she is for home. 

“나는 그들 대부분을 읽지 않았습니다. 나는 그것들을 읽는 것에 대해 보려고 노력할 것입니다. (I have not read most of them. I will try to see about reading them.) Miyaza wanted to change and she does not care how long it will take for her to get where she wanted to be. The young star had not picked up a book in so long so it felt good and home for her once again. “I remember always reading. Books are my favorite but it’s been too long,” she said in her broken English.

Luckily Miyaza came to her, to help her with the pile of books. Or she would have ended up on the ground, with a pile of books in a big mess. She smiled softly, letting Miyaza take a few books from her pile, in her grip. Setting the rest of her pile, onto the table that Miyaza had picked out.

When the young star recognised a few books. It made Jessalyn smile. At least, Miyaza knew something. After all, the three were classics and well known all over the world. Once again, she had to refer to her phone, to what she wanted to say. Trying to repeat the phrase a few times to herself, before attempting it out loud. “좋습니다, 당신은 무언가를 인식합니다. 어쩌면 이미 이야기를 알고 있기 때문에 영어로 읽는 것이 좋을 것입니다.”(That's good, you recognize something. Maybe they'll be a good start to reading in English, since you already know the stories.) The young Initia suggested. Finding that reading something you knew, was always helpful. Especially for foreigners like Miyaza.

Jessalyn nodded her head softly, smiling softly. “They’re good books. Interesting storylines.” she assured her. It seemed like the girls had that in common. Both liked to read.”I am like that too, I always liked reading.” With being an escapist; she loved getting lost in different stories and other worlds, that came in books. “Do you have a favorite book?” Jessalyn asked curious, hoping the star understood the phrase in English. Curious to learn about Miyaza’s favorites, since the star now knew all of Jessalyn’s favorites; which was in the big pile.


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