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Samira looked at the time on her phone, it read 8:03 PM. She was standing in the middle of nowhere basically, waiting for her boss to arrive with the party supplies. The path had been lit up with glow in the dark rocks, and she had hoped that they’d last the entire night but she couldn’t say for sure. Ever since she had attended the Black Widow Gala event, Samira had been wanting to host a party of her own, and tonight was that night. Where she didn’t have many contacts in her phone yet, she decided to make some flyers and post around the city in various shops, and then sent out text invites to those she did have. Finally her boss arrived with the party supplies. There were beer kegs, wine bottles, other various alcoholic beverages, water, and various sodas to choose from. For food, there were various flavors of chips, with various flavors of dip, everything needed for s'mores, with extra marshmallows for those who just wanted to roast marshmallows.

Her boss told her that he was unable to stay for the party, he had some things to take care of at home. Instead of leaving everything in the dump of his truck, her boss had brought some folding tables with him to put everything on. Once all of the food and beverages were unloaded, her boss then unloaded the bundles of firewood. Surely there would be leftovers by the end of the night, but Samira wanted to make sure that she was well prepared. After everything was offloaded from the truck, Samira began setting up the firepit. Placing rocks around in a circle to mark the fireplace, she placed the firewood in the area in the shape of a teepee to give the fire breathing room. Once the firewood was in place, she began striking matches to try and light the fire. “Come On. Light Already” she said aloud, her tone filled with frustration. Finally the match lit, and she got the fire going. Now all that was left was to wait for the party people to show up.

While she waited, Samira picked up her guitar and looked up and the starry sky which now held an orange ambience from the fire. “Well I might as well keep myself entertained while I wait” she said with a smile as she began strumming her guitar. As the tune echoed through the night sky, the young brunette began to sing aloud. Her song of choice was one of her original songs from back in her days of performing, ‘Say You Love Me’. Even though it was a love song, Samira didn’t mind, and she just began to sing as if she was back on the big stage with a crowd of fans around her.

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"Bonfire Party, 8:30pm, the woods" the text had been opened and closed several times throughout the week he had recieved it. Bash was generally quite a sociable person and enjoyed spending time around people but he was sure if going to a party with people he didn't know would be fun or a disaster. He tended to keep those he liked close and those he didn't at arm's length, going to a party, potentially full of the supernatural, where he didn't know anyone felt a little daunting. Regardless, he found himself dressed in jeans and a plain black T-Shirt, dressed a little too formal for a night around the bonfire but he realized that most of the clothes he owned were generally on that side of the scale. Pairing the outfit with a black leather jacket he grabbed his guitar, remembering that was the sort of thing you did at evening campfires, at least it was when he was a younger teen and headed out the door.

Once he was out onto the streets of Evermore he hailed a cab and made his way across the city the therianthrope territory, otherwise known as the woods surrounding the city. It didn't take long for him to spot a sign which led him to a lit up path for him to follow. Bash couldn't help but be relieved for the guideway, as he remembered the last trek he had taken through the woods had gotten him rather lost. He walked slowly as he followed the path enjoying the sights around him. Since the tragedy, Bash had started to take his time to enjoy the world around him rather than always rushing. Reaching the end of the path he saw the warm glow of the fire light and smiled gently enjoying the sound of a acoustic guitar playing.

As Bash walked in, he spotted Samira almost instantly from across the clearing, he did however note that her attention was very much elsewhere. Realizing she was locked in the music and enjoying it, Bash walked in quietly guitar in hand and sat down on one of the seats surrounding the campfire just listening to the music. He had to admit that she was pretty good, he imagined from her understanding of the press and papparazzi that she was probably in the music business at one point or another. Sitting his guitar on his lap he started to strumming a little in harmony with her playing attempting to match the music she was playing. 

The struggle and stress of actively balancing three jobs was beginning to get to Carter, Holland had often teased him about all work and no fun making for a dull life. To the contrary it was a very active life which was go, go, go running at full steam all day everyday. It was a thing he enjoyed and it left his social calendar lonely but it seemed to be for the best, the less time he had to think on his lonely life the better.

Then he heard the whispers and saw the flyers. The summer bonfire party had been advertised for the better part of a week. It was like a subliminal message which planted the seed and every comment he heard and flyer he saw just reinforced it breaking down his negative feelings about it. Social occasions weren’t his scene but he did need a night to be away from home and all of his jobs.

So getting out of his car he followed the glowing path of stones which seemed to lead the way. The gentle sound of the strumming of a guitar could be heard along with the sound of a voice he couldn’t make out. It was rare for him to ever be caught in shorts but for tonight it made sense the weather perfect for such an event. A cool breeze blowing and the humidity was nearly nonexistent. A short sleeve old and worn grey Air Force shirt stretched across his chest and a pair of black tennis shoes were on his feet as he followed the path another guitar seeming to join the first.

Reaching the clearing he spotted a few tables set up with snacks and drink coolers, a bonfire lighting the night, and two people playing guitar. One he recognized from the halls of the organisation but he didn’t know the man very well, the woman he had never seen. Leaning against one of the trees on the outskirts of the clearing he listened to the melody and soft words the woman sang not wanting to interrupt.


Sariah wasn't really the kind to crash parties, nor did she tend to attend them unless she was specifically requested to. This however had been a different situation for the blonde. After completing her weekly reviews with each of the team leaders that week she was interested to find that Bash had amassed a whole 3 potential new recruits for the organization. Of course that simply meant making the offer for them to come in and show their potential. Bash however had been talking up the potential of one of the candidates in particular. A week after the initial contact Sariah had expected good news however it seemed that radio silence had fallen. 

When she had heard that the very same person was hosting a party it was an opportunity that the ambassador couldn't ignore. The organization were in a serious need of new recruits, especially on the development and science side and that kind of potential was exactly what she needed if project X was ever going to be more than idea. Sariah found herself dressed far more casually that she usually chose to wear. Wearing her hair down was a rare occurance and using contacts instead of her glasses was ever rarer. She however had decided it would help her to fit in with the casual gathering better. By the time she was changed into casual clothes and curled her hair she looked like almost a completely different person. 

Heading out of her apartment she had decided to take a walk to the where the city melded into the woods to become to Therian territory, she hadn't really had much of a reason to come to this part of the city before but she had a generally good sense of direction and had quickly checked the location before she had left. As she walked she hummed gently, watching how the streets slowly become more and more filled with trees, almost fading into a different place entirely. When she first spotted the signs to the entrance she followed them without much second thought her mind full of other things. Sariah's mind had been filled with a lot of questions with no answers since she had last seen Orion, it was both frustrating and curious all at once, 

As she reached the location she had been set she walked slowly up the path before she finally reached the clearing. She stood for a moment taking in the peaceful scene she saw, the sound of two acoustic guitars echoing through the air and the warm embers of the fire lighting up the whole clearing. As she walked in she spotted Carter and nodded gently to him with a slight questioning expression before she headed over to one of the drinks coolers and fished out a cider. Opening it she took a swig and then grimaced a little at the bitter taste before taking a seat in one of the chairs and listening to music around them. 

The bonfire event in the woods had been planned for almost a month Orion having some say in the day it might take place. That would seem insane in any other city besides Evermore but on the night of the full moon the woods were not a safe place to venture for anyone other than a Therian. No Therian would just attack but their animal side and urges did take the forefront their human mind taking a backseat for the most part. It was like a weight off a Therian’s shoulders but that was not the time you wanted to be outside roasting marshmallows and drinking in the woods.

After lining up two more bids for the security at high scale and well known events in Evermore he had returned home and stripped before allowing the uncomfortable and still somewhat painful transformation to overtake him. Over time the transformation got easier to handle but there was always an element of pain as your body seemed to rip apart and be remade. It was one of the hardest things for a half-blooded Therian to get use to since it was far harder on their body which until that point had been nothing short of human.

With one strong jump his fox body covered in red, black and white fur rose over his fence and he landed on padded paws in the woods which lay beyond. Shaking himself he felt his tails following the movement of his body, tails which could easily end the life of most species and cut through most objects. Orion however had always wanted peace, it was something he had fought so hard for and yet had never achieved until recently in Evermore. Breaking into a run his padded paws beat against the ground and he ran quickly around the area the humans were setting up sniffing at the air and making sure nothing seemed to be running afoul. After all if anything went wrong tonight since it was in his territory it fell on his head and that was not something he wanted.

After running the perimeter a few times, he noticed a few beginning to arrive and quickly ran back to his own home leaping over the fence once more and padding into his house. Once in the bathroom he changed back to man hissing slightly in pain before showing as fast as possible. Though he knew it would be a younger crowd in attendance he would also be attending in order to show his support and unity in other species using the territory. And of course to make sure nothing went wrong. Cleaning the dirt and swear from his body took little time and he soon clean and dressed in a pair of slightly faded jeans and a white v-neck shirt.

The evening air was brisk and nipped at his flesh as he decided to walk since he knew the terrain well and the bonfire wasn’t too far from where he stayed since long walks didn’t bother him. The harmonious cords of two guitars drifted on the wind as he approached before stepping into the clearing from the opposite way as the entrance path. Sniffing the air he could tell that so far all those in attendance were human which meant they were either truly brave or had no idea of the territory line they had crossed. They was no reason to fear the woods peace treaty or not but it seemed in most stories and fairytales the woods were not the place to venture. Orion’s thoughts came to a screeching halt as an all too familiar scent tickled his nose. “Sariah…” He muttered under his breath his mind putting the pieces together before he even laid eyes on her.

Avery’s last few articles had been lacking bite since her mind was elsewhere as she tried to type up the articles or dig up dirt. It made no sense given this was what she was so good at, what she had always been good at and yet something, or more specifically someone was messing with her train of thought. That meant she was bound and determined to do better and what better place to dig up some juicy gossip than a party? And there just happened to be one happening in the woods, she had seen the flyers and it could easily be the sort of situation she needed.

After getting home from the office she took a shower and changed into a pair of cut off blue jean shorts, black and white plaid light weight, long sleeve shirt and scuffed up black Converse shoes. Taking an Uber to the edge of the woods she easily found the entrance, the glowing path  intriguing even though if anyone asked she would say it was corny, that was just her personality.

Hearing music she knew she was headed in the right direction and followed. The path ended at a pretty nice setup a bonfire already blazing, tables of snack food, including the makings of s’mores and a cooler of beverages. Eyes scanning over those gathered she realized she had no idea who any of them were. So she did the first thing that came to mind, she moved over to one of the kegs which was in an ice bath and easily tapped it. Grabbing a red solo cup she filled it with the carbonated amber liquid before really giving everyone a good look. The blonde seemed a bit familiar and Avery wondered if she ever had any meetings with Lena but she didn’t feel like asking, she just observed.

The brunette male in the Air Force shirt she knew had met with Lena recently which made her curious. The two playing guitar were a mystery to her and then there was older male who seemed to hold an aura of authority and intensity. Interesting.

The steady tap of keys barely registered above the smooth jazz that drifted from the speakers, the muted light from the kitchen the only illumination within the apartment save for the LED display on the laptop sitting on the desk. Perched in front of the computer her fingers flew across the keyboard, eyes processing the information at a glance. Reaching forward to grab her glass with an absent hand she brought the glass to her lips paying no attention to its depths until she had the thing tipped completely over. Grimacing she glared at the empty depths huffing out a sigh, glancing at the empty bottle on the counter just inside her kitchen.

Harper blew out a breath setting the crystal glass back down on her desk as she glanced at the time. As if summoned her phone buzzed a little way across the wood, the screen flashing with the name of her Beta. “Damn.” She murmured rising fluidly from her seat astutely ignoring the call as she padded back to her bedroom. Slipping on a pair of jeans, a loose red blouse, and a pair of matching red flats she barely wore for fear of getting them dirty. Next she slipped into the bathroom, pulling her hair out of the high ponytail she’d had it up in and teasing out the fluffy waves. Adding a bit of mascara on her eyes, lip gloss on her lips, and some blush to give her some color the blonde walked out to the living room and scooped up her phone, texting her pain in the ass second that she was out the door.

As much as the Alpha Lycan hated these little gatherings it was important for her to at least make an appearance. Try as she might the politics of her new position was still something she was forced to deal with which was why she was headed back out into the woods. Picking up a smooth lope the blonde followed the sound of singing and soon came upon the little gathering. Hanging out in the shadows her keen eyes looked over the small gathering, only recognizing one person thus far and smelling several different species in attendance. Wrinkling her nose the wolf stepped onto the stone lit path, careful to avoid any wet spots in an effort to keep her favorite shoes from getting muddy.

Leaning against a nearby tree Harper made eye contact with the Fox Alpha, giving him a nod of respect before her gaze left him to scan over the others. This is why she hated coming to things like this, she didn’t know anybody and felt out of place. Blowing out yet another breath she wondered why the hell she didn’t buy more wine before she came home from work, this night would be much more interesting with copious amounts of alcohol.

It was a well-known fact that the Therianthrope Ambassador was far from a friend of vampires. Even with a peace treaty there was still tension between certain species or at least certain people within species. Barrett however wasn’t a vampire to worry about, sure he fed, all vampires had to feed in order to survive but he had never killed an innocent though in the past he had killed a few the world was better without but not on purpose.

So when Barrett had gotten word of a bonfire in the woods he was thrown through a loop to find out that humans were the ones hosting it. Though he was interested in a night under the stars with others and feeling normal, forgetting about the danger on the horizon and the confusion he felt over Ember and the situation they both found themselves in.

Barrett didn’t think that going into the Therian territory without having fed was a good idea. That was not a risk he wanted to take since it would cause unneeded issues between the vampires and therians. Within the city, Barrett needed any connections he could make no matter the species which had him walking the dirt path lined with glowing stones which made him think of moon stones. After all the biggest risks had the greatest pay offs.

The dark wash jeans fit him well and the grey three quarter sleeve Henley hugged his chest, both far different from the usual professional attire he wore. As soon as he reached the clearing he questioned the choice he had made as his eyes focused on Orion Valkyrie. Most were human, he could tell that much from smell and heightened senses which meant, this was going to be an interesting evening to say the least. The snacks did nothing to entice him but the bottles of alcohol called to him, grabbed a plastic cup he poured a good amount of whiskey before closing the bottle and raising the plastic cup to his lips he took a few deep gulps to steel his nerves and curb the bit of hunger that surfaced from so many new aromas. 

The slight chill of the night air was dulled by the roaring fire that filled the night sky with an orange ambiance. The silence in the open area now filled with the sounds of her acoustic guitar as she strummed each cord with accurate precision. Her mind at ease, and she felt a genuine happiness she hadn’t felt since her days on stage. As she continued to sing, Samira didn’t even notice that some of the people were beginning to arrive. The first of which was none other than Sebastian, the male who had helped her out more than he knew in the woods during their first encounter. As he began strumming his guitar, joining in to create a more melodic sound, her fingers slipped up, and a gasp of fear escaped her lips as she looked over at him. Recoiling from the brief moment of fear, she returned to her singing, flashing the brunette a small smile as her cheeks flushed red from embarrassment.

The next to arrive was another male. Someone that she had not met before, nor seen around anywhere. Of course that didn’t bother Samira very much, after all she expected some unknown people to show up considering she barely knew anyone in the city. The only ones she did know were customers of the Unnatural Taste restaurant, and Sebastian who she had only met once prior to tonight. After the unknown male appeared, a blonde female came into the area. Yet another person that she didn’t know, nor had ever met. The blonde seemed to have some sort of professionalism around her, despite her casual attire. For some unexplained reason, Samira found herself curious about the blonde, especially about who she was.

From the opposite side of the entrance that was set up, Samira noticed another male arriving, this one was one of the rare few that she had met. Prior to the night’s events, Samira had traveled into the Therianthrope Territory to meet with the ambassador of the Therianthropes, in hopes of gaining permission to hold the bonfire party in the woods. That was how she met Orion, and she was grateful to him for permitting her to have her party. All she had to do, was make sure the fire didn’t cause a forest fire, and clean up any mess that would follow the event; which she agreed to do. As if to even the ratio of males to females, Samira noticed another female entering the bonfire area. The female did seem somewhat familiar, but she couldn’t pinpoint a place or time where she had seen her. Maybe it was at the cafe, maybe it was while out at a bar, or maybe she was just thinking of someone else. Whatever it was, she was just glad that more people were showing up to her bonfire party. The young brunette was only hoping that the night would be satisfying for everyone and not be a total buzzkill.

The next person to join was an all too familiar face. Samira had met the new female at a cafe located in the Therian’s territory. Her name was none other than Dominique. Although they do a lot of bickering from time to time, Samira and Dom had become close fairly quickly. Happy to see her friend had joined the party, the song had finally been nearing it’s end. After Dom, came another unknown female. The number of unknown people seemed to be increasing rapidly, and Samira began to feel a little nervous. Despite the nervousness though, she didn’t let it show in her playing, or singing. She just continued singing her song with a smile on her face as she assessed the situation. The new female seemed to have a sense of authority around her. Maybe she was a cop or something, or perhaps she was someone of importance to whichever species she belonged to. Then again, maybe Samira was way off the mark and the female was just a regular person in the community like she was.

The last person to arrive before the song had ended was another unknown dark-haired male. The seemed well built, and definitely had the aura of someone you didn’t want to meet in a dark alley, but that didn’t really bother her. After all, to her, the scariest being in the world was the man that she was running from. Nobody came close to scaring her like he had, and that fear helped her stay alive most times, other times that fear was just a pain in the butt. With the song nearing it’s end, Samira decided to think of some sort of thank you speech for everyone coming out tonight. Not necessary for sure, but that wasn’t going to stop her from doing it anyways.

When the song finally reached the end, Samira placed her guitar on the ground, leaning it against the log she had been sitting on. Taking a slight bow after her performance, she began to address the small crowd that had formed. “Hello everyone and thank you for coming tonight. Some of you I have seen before, and others I haven’t, so let me start by introducing myself. My name is Samira, there’s plenty of alcohol and food for everyone, I’ll set up the music very shortly, and if there’s any requests for live music, I’ll try my best to complete the request” she stated with a smile. After that she let out a laugh. “I just basically substitute teachered this. Please have fun, mingle, and let me know if there is anything I can do to make tonight more fun or exciting” she continued taking another slight bow, her face flustered a beet red with embarrassment.

Bash couldn't help the chuckle that escaped his lips as he noticed Samira's reaction to him joining the song, he could almost swear she expected to spend the entire party alone. For that reason he was glad he had decided to show up, he couldn't imagine how much it would suck to put so much evident effort into a party and then a handful of people arrive. The music she was playing was easy to pick up and after following a few bars he had the melody down, matching it to her playing. Music had always been his solace, after his sister had died it had been the only thing that still made sense to him and he had spooled out stacks and stacks of half written songs in the process of trying to move past everything that happened.

As others started to arrive he continued playing while he watched all of them enter, first a man whom he was sure he had spotted in the halls of the organization once or twice. Followed by Sariah, he had been expecting her to make an appearance after he had told her about the party, mostly because he knew how much she wanted new talent on the team and he may have bigged up the potential in Samira just a little. After that, the people he recognized started to fade out until it was mostly people he had never seen before. A couple of faces he remembered seeing on the computers in the organization, probably high profile members of the faction system no doubts.

Bash wasn't phased by the fact there were people he didn't know around, Sariah seemed perfectly content to be here and therefore he also felt fine. Trusting that he was safe to let go and enjoy the evening, as the song came to an end he set down his guitar beside him before he smiled gently at Samira and raised his hand in a wave before he crossed the clearing to where all the drinks were piled up. Grabbing a can without much thought as to what it was he opened it and took a large swig before nodding to both Sariah and Carter. He then made his way around the campfire not far from Samira, picking up his guitar on the way around and setting it down in front of him. 

He took a seat in a nearby camping chair and turned his eyes on the roaring fire for a moment, he was sure it must have taken a long time to put together. "Well I don't know about anyone else but I intend on getting drunk as hell" he spoke pretty loudly in response to Samira's speech and turned to give her an encouraging smile, he could tell that she wasn't really confident with what she was doing but he had to admit she was doing pretty well regardless. Taking another swig of what he had now realized was a beer he turned his eyes on the people he didn't know for a moment, wondering if he'd be able to use his supernatural detection device without being too obvious.

An all too familiar blond female made an appearance and Carter couldn’t help but return the Ambassador’s nod a small smile stretching across his lips at knowing someone here. It wouldn't have bothered him much even if he didn't since that was how he spent a majority of his time in the Air Force and at college. In high school people had wanted to know him and be close to him since he was on the football team. The events of his later high school years caused him to pull away from everyone and he still kept a safe distance.

The architect stood listening to the music currently provided and it was good. His gaze moved to those who began to arrive after Sariah, it shouldn't have been a surprise that the Therian Ambassador showed up and yet it caused Carter to stand straighter and actually pay attention. The man was intimidating without trying to be and there was something about him that you couldn’t help but respect. It seemed things were likely to get interesting before the evening was out.

The newest brunette, he had seen on his way to meet Lena in her office though he couldn’t remember her name even though they were introduced. Carter was sure she was human and not an innocent as she looked. Dominique was next and her he remember from the cafe she worked where they had met. “Dominique, good to see you again.” He said moving to grab a bottle of water as two more people appeared his attention was pulled away from the woman before him. One he knew from digging up Intel on the Therians, she seemed to command attention which was as far as he could tell was a part of being an alpha.

The final man who approached he had seen in the courthouse a few times normally dressed professional but Carter didn’t know if he was a lawyer or what. What he did notice was there seemed to be something dark about him, something he hadn’t taken notice of until he moved to Evermore and started working for the Organisation. His musings were interrupted as the young woman who had been singing finished up and introduced herself and kicked off the party explaining where everything was. The red of her cheeks showed her embarrassment so Carter couldn’t help but clap and give a small cheer as things were kicked off give to her a little support.

Mingling however was not something he was very good at. The other man from the Organisation seemed to have a plan and that was to get drunk. Carter would love to be that carefree but since two of his best friends were attacked and killed by a Therian in the middle of the woods he wasn't fully comfortable with drinking and slowing his senses and reaction time. That did bring a new curiosity to him though, if he knew an alpha and expanded his own knowledge maybe he wouldn't be so weary. Orion intimidated the crap out of him and the female Therian alpha was also intimidating but not on the same level as Orion. Take a chance, he mentally told himself. Taking the few steps he gave the woman an easy smile, “I’m Carter,” he said offering her his hand, “Great night for a bonfire.” That was far from smooth but he was not good at this. "You are?" He asked trying to strike up a conversation.

As the previous head of the intell department before her promotion to ambassador, it really was Sariah's job to know who everyone was in Evermore City, especially players of note. Of course there were the members of the organization, she knew each and every one by name, she had taught most of them something or another in their time working there and she respected each of them dearly. Her attention had however been quickly taken the moment that Orion walked into the clearing. Feeling the breath catching in her throat she had turned away quickly, hoping that maybe she could get away before he even noticed her. She really wasn't sure she was ready for the whole I gave you my number but you never called awkwardness.

Keeping her eyes averted, Sariah did her best to compose herself, downing another swig of her drink as if it might give the confidence that had just disappeared the moment she had seen him, she did consider leaving but she was pretty sure that would just make the situation worse. Sighing gently she spoke gently to herself "Just pretend it's not a big deal and it'll be fine" she told herself in her head before she turned back again, hoping that her flustered expression wasn't too obvious to those around. Just as she did so another woman entered whom she recognized as one of Lena's staff, Sariah had made it her business to know about every company that the organization worked closely with and all the staff within them. She had however agreed not to try and recruit any of Lena's staff without their her say so.

Following them up was a dark haired girl whom she hadn't met before. She didn't recognize her face so she wasn't sure if she was a human or otherwise, Sariah generally tried not to look too much into the standard population of Evermore, they all had their own lives for the most part only a few were a concern or danger to the organization. She did however recognize the other woman who entered, one of the alphas whom were part of Orion's council. Of course she should have expected to see the leaders of the therians show up to a party in their own territory but somehow she had blocked out the idea of it all in her mind until they had all started arriving. 

Getting distracted by Samira's speech she turned away from the entrance to the clearing and over to the young woman, whom she had to admit was a pretty amazing singer. She respected the kind of confidence it took to perform in front of people, especially strangers, it was a great quality. In response to Bash's comment about getting drunk, Sariah raised her drink and laughed gently "Hear hear" she answered and smirked. She rarely to never let herself get out of control and it was probably a mistake to do so around certain people that had arrived, but she didn't know if she would make it through the whole evening sober.

After everyone seemed to split off into their own little groups of discussion. Sariah got straight down to her reason for choosing to come to this party. Crossing the clearing around the bonfire she reached Samira and smiled gently at her. "It seems people are making a habit of not calling me back" she spoke it loud enough that if Orion was listening he would hear it before she reached her hand out towards the young human. "My name's Sariah Holloway, I believe that Sebastian gave you my number" she met the other woman's eyes for a moment to see if she could catch any recognition in them.

So many thoughts filled his mind his eyes locked on Sariah noticing how she seemed to turn away to avoid his gaze. That single action felt like a blade across his skin causing a shallow but evident cut. He should have called, there was no way around that simple truth and yet he hadn't. Panicked and out of practice, dating logic made him question if she had truly wanted him to call. He had wanted to call but behind the confident and intimidating exterior he was far from confident in the land of dating.

Orion had actually asked his own daughter how long he should wait to call. Of course he'd forgotten the answer she had given but she was surprised by the question. To most the idea of Orion attempting the dating pool again was a huge step and he could tell Sera wasn't exactly thrilled over it but they both knew there would never be another woman who could replace Destiny. There would be a part of his heart and soul she would always posses but there was an equal amount of space seeking someone else as well the idea of no longer being alone.

Sensing another of his kind, Harper to be more exact he gave her a smile and nod glad that she  decided to attend. It was after all something he asked of the alpha council and the species as well, it was mainly a suggestion but they all needed to get used to the idea of working together and being comfortable. He was sure some in attendance were part of the human organization that Sariah worked for and helped to lead but he didn't feel threatened by that knowledge.

Everything within Orion stiffened at the appearance of a new male, the feeling flowing through him alerting him to the presence of a vampire. His nature was to watch and observe though in Evermore it wasn't necessary anymore. Moving closer to Sariah he watched as she moved towards the young woman putting on the event so he changed his course towards the cooler and table of drinks. At first he was just looking it over until his sensitive hearing caught onto Sariah's words. Ouch, that stung. Grabbing a cup he poured a hardy amount of bourbon into the cup and brought it up to his lips taking three large gulps before pouring more into the cup.

There was a wounded look in his eyes as he brought the cup back up to his lips watching Sariah and Samira intently. He made no moves to even hide the fact he was watching or listening. Stealing her away from her current conversation played across his mind but that was far from the mature path to take.


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5) Please respect --, (c) and >> as signs of continued posts and wait for the post to finish before speaking
6) Please refrain from talking OOC whilst there is a RP going on 


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