He shouted, waking up in a cold sweat as he sat up on his bed. Roman rested his head back onto the headboard “Damn it” he muttered, running his fingers through his hair as he looked over to the lock to see it wasn’t even 4am yet. He growled under his breath. “You’ve got to be kidding me?” he asked himself, kicking his blanket covers off him. “You really know how to bring back a bad memory for nothing don’t you” he said in anger as if he was telling himself off for dreaming.

It was normal for people to dream he knew that but for him to dream of something that happened many moons ago. He found it strange but soon laughing when he realised his dream was properly because of the movie he’d watched the last night before going to bed. He shook his head laughing. “I really must have been into that movie to dream about it and end up changing the characters” he said, getting up and walking over to his window.

Roman couldn’t understand it. Why now? It wasn’t like Luke was going to show up in a quest to destroy him for something that happened ages ago, so why all of a sudden would he think about the one heartbreak that left him hungry for revenge? Shrugging he guessed it was only the movie playing games with his imagination. He walked back over to his bed, sitting down on the edge and letting out a groan as he flopped back down and tried to go to sleep. He sighed as the sound of the clock ticking didn’t help.

“Okay, no point going to sleep with this ticking annoying me” he said sitting up again, but instead of going back his window and looking out. He went into the bathroom, flicking on the light and rubbing his eyes to help himself wake up after tossing his clock at the wall. He looked in the mirror trying to get his eyes to adjust to the light. “It’s time to wake up and get ready for another day, Roman” he told himself, giving himself a slight smack on the cheek to help with his sleepiness.

He walked over to the shower, turning it on then removing his shirt and pants and stepping inside. He stood still as he possibly could enjoying the warmth of the water rushing over his body before washing his hair and body. Roman felt like he could stay in this warmth all day, but knowing it would be stupid since he’d likely turn into a prawn or some other seafood that looks horrible.

He turned the water off once he was clean, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist, stepping out of the shower. A slight shiver rushed over him and he smirked at himself in the mirror. “For a Nivies you sure are getting on like a human kido” he told himself, shaking his head and walking into his bedroom again. He flicked on the light and went to his closet rummaging through for something to wear “This will do” he said nodding and closing the doors and walked over to his bed, sitting for a minute as he finished drying himself off. Roman pulled on his boxers this clothes, pulling his socks and shoes on last so that none of it got in the way.

“Right, now you look good for another day of goodness knows what time to get some breakfast” he told himself, grabbing his jacket of the end of his bed and walking downstairs to the front door. He looked around the hall for a brief moment before walking outside with his house keys and wallet in his hand, putting them in his pocket and pulling on his jacket. He began to walk into down, glancing at his car on the way past as he walked. Roman felt like he should properly walk knowing the fresh air would help him forget his strange dream, but feeling a little bad since he adored his car and treated it more like it was his child than just a bunch of metal put together into the shape of a car.

He did find it funny how he seemed to get protective off the thing. “It’s okay, it’ll be alright in its parking space for a few hours not like anyone is going to come alone and sit on it” he told himself. Shaking his head, realising he properly sounded like a complete loopy for anyone that properly heard him. He shrugged once more not bothering to waste his time caring. So, continuing on walking until he reached his usual breakfast stop he’d take when he wanted to be out most of the day.

He pulled the door open and walked inside, glancing around only to see one or two other people in the place.He shrugged a bit, walking to a table, sitting down and flicking through the menu. Roman knew this was properly a stupid idea since he never did change his order but, still there was no harm in looking in case he did decide to change one morning and when the waitress came over and asked him was he having his usual.

Roman chuckled “Actually...I think I’ll have some pancakes for a change” he replied, closing the menu once more. “I feel like it’s time to try something new pancakes and coffee for a nice change” he repeated, looking down toward the closed menu he began to wonder if changing his order was a good idea, however, guessing it properly was since his new short of friend Anastasia was going to meet him in a few hours. He properly should try something different rather than the same old thing every day but, when he heard the door open not long after he’d placed his order. He looked stunned to see Anastasia. “Did someone throw you out of bed?” he asked, chuckling and getting up off his seat, walking over and giving her a gentle hug he smiled. “Nice to see you even if it is very early” he said with a slight grin.

“Come join me...what would you like to eat?” he asked walking over to his table, sitting down once more he pushed the menu over to her with a grin. “Anything you want it’s on me” he said “And I don’t mean literally throw it onto me I mean I’m buying” he teased.

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