Eden had began to slowly slip away from humanity; her own had went out the window the moment she'd consumed just a little too much blood. Ever since she'd been turned into a Valkyr, Eden's life had been in a down hill spiral. Since she hadn't bothered leaving her home town, and leaving her old life behind her, her sanity had also slipped through the cracks. Somehow, she was still able to manage work; even if she did feed on people behind the scenes. Some of those that Eden had been drinking from lately though, were willing. She couldn't help but smirk to think that some of the humans she had encountered, actually liked it. One in particular had begged Eden to feed on them. IT was rather thrilling. But Eden's soul ran a little darker than that, she preferred her snacks to be screaming and terrified. 

Valkyr' were predatory species, and the chase was just as indulging as the feed its self. Her mind always traveled back to a particular red head, that she vowed to never speak of with anyone other than her king. A grin graced Eden's features, as her finger tips trailed across her own lips, lost in thought about the night she'd dreamed about it all. "MISS SHAW.. HELLO, EARTH TO MISS SHAW!" slurred the ratchet voice of her commanding chief. Being pulled out of her day dream, Eden glared daggers at him, jumping a little as he slammed a file onto her desk. "Handle that" he said simply before making his way out, stopping at the door. "Something else?" she asked, still glaring daggers at the douche bag who'd had eyes for her from the moment she was brought into ECPD. 

"Yeah. Try not to get into any trouble with this case. It's a sensitive one. We've been dealing with this girl's losses ever since she moved here, you screw this up, ill remove you from this department Shaw". Connor's voice rung out deadpan, but the wink he flashed her before he finally departed her office, made the Valkyr roll her eyes. Ohhhh what she wouldn't give to sink her fangs into his neck and rip him into shreds. He'd have his day. And, he'd never see it coming. Eden turned back to face the file in front of her, and after opening it, her fascination was heightened. The gory pictures of an Annika McMillan - Fischer; and Dillon caused the Valkyr's eyes to widen. Annika died by suicide; she'd hung herself with a rope in prison and Dillon, what she guessed was this girl Carmens twin brother, died by a supposed overdose. 

Dillon was recently deceased, and Eden was going to make sure she figured out what happened to him, because she didn't believe this was overdose at all. A picture was found on the victims body, with a girl in it, and the name Carmelliana on the back of it. That's where she'd start, with the name. After looking up Carmelliana in the departments data base, Eden gathered her things and headed to where the address said she lived. The drive took about 20 minutes, and as the Valkyr arrived, she gave the door a hefty bang "ECPD; open up" she called out, hoping someone would be there. Eden never approached a situation like this without having her hand on her gun, so with that, the Valkyr stepped back and waited with her hand clutched tightly around her gun still in it's holster, and fingers ready, so she'd be able to pull the trigger if need be. 

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Recently, Carmelliana heard about her mother’s suicide while being imprisoned on charges of  child abuse and drug charges with intent to distribute. Carmen wasn’t at all grief stricken from the sudden passing of her biological mother; she had unopened letters from her mother hidden away in a shoe box that she refused to open. Even with her mother’s passing Carmen didn’t want to read the rubbish about how her mother would have been sorry about abusing her, or making her childhood a living hell for all those years, and even saying how’d she had changed and wanted a second chance to be Carmen’s mother again. She lost that title the day she allowed one of her ex-lovers to sexually abuse Carmen and the day her own mother laid a hand on her.   Even if her biological mother had showed signs of change Carm’ would have never allowed that woman into her life with open arms. 

A blanket draped over her shoulders; cradling a stray kitten in her hands that had been brought into the shelter. Holding a tiny syringe filled with mother’s milk replacement as Carmen attempted to feed the weak little kitten. ‘Mew Mew’ the little kitten was crying and squirming while Carmen injected the milk replacement into the kitten’s mouth. “Come on little guy.” She whispered as she waited for signs that kitten had latched onto the end of the syringe. The kitten she was fostering was barely hanging on anymore, he’d been severely malnourished by the time he’d come to the shelter. His life now hung in the balance of a miracle happening, but Carmen wasn’t about to give up on the little guy. He seemed like a fighter as he continued squirming in her palm as she waited for him to suckle. Heartbreaking as it was watching the kitten struggle, she knew he just needed to learn how to suckle on the plastic end of the syringe. 

His little tongue began lapping at milk that already filled his mouth, his little muzzle latching around end of the syringe. The kitten no longer cried as he happily pushed against Carmen’s arm attempting to force more milk from the syringe. Watching as she slowly pushed the top of the syringe which fed more to the kitten. “Good boy.” She cooed before she began singing to the kitten while cradling him. While singing her adult tom-cat Otis jumped onto the back of couch and pawed at his human. “Merrow” He mewed at Carmen. “Hold on, Otis it’ll be your turn to eat in a moment.” She eased Otis as nuzzled him with her head.  Laying on the back of the couch Otis watched the kitten curiously as the little kitten suckled on the end of the syringe. Beautiful how fostering saved lives of weak and giving hope to those who fought long enough on the streets and deserved to feel loved before crossing the rainbow bridge. 

Kitten finished up his bottle as now Otis was pacing the top of the couch while impatiently waiting for his human to feed him. Carm’ giggled watching at Otis pawed in her direction as she snuggled the kitten into his bed next to a heater. A yawn fell from her lips as the past twenty-four hours were the worst while struggling with the kitten to nurse.. Suddenly a pounding knock came from the front door; causing her heart to jump from her chest and sink to her stomach. Otis running over to the helpless kitten; laying protectively over the kitten. Carmen soon heard a woman’s voice shouting at the door. Cautiously, Carmen approached the door she didn’t understand what the ECPD were doing outside her front door. Doing the officer demanded Carmelliana unlocked the door with a swift little movement; pulling the door open a gun was revealed. Immediately as her hazel optics landed onto the gun being pointed in her direction, her hands flung above her head.  “May I ask what I did wrong Officer?” She asked, nervously glancing towards the gun. 

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