Halestorm’s music was blasting through the small shop while the dark-haired woman worked away singing along to the music which was suddenly interrupted by the ringtone of her phone. Hitting the Bluetooth button on her earpiece she answered the call “Night Repairs shop, you break it I fix it, Castor here.” She answered with her usual spiel. After hearing the person on the other end was broken down on the edge of town, she nodded. “Yeah, I can give you a Tow, where to? my shop? Or back to your place?” She asked.

After getting her answers she hung up giving him an estimate of when she would be there, moving to the sink she rinsed off her hands before grabbing her keys and hoping into the tow truck with the Repair shops logo on the side. Blasting her music as she drove towards the location once out of town, she hooked his car up onto the flatbed to take back to the shop.

“Nice Expensive car.” She commented when she hopped into the driver's seat of the truck to drive them back to her shop to figure out why his car just gave out on him. When they arrived at the shop, she unloaded the car. “Do you need the car back tonight?” She asked walking around the car, “Firstly your right Taillight is out I can guarantee that before I even turn the car on.” She said.

Castor had a sort of sixth sense when it came to repairing things she always did even when she was a little kid it was just something she had been drawn to; taking things apart and putting them back together. Opening the driver's side door, she put a clean blanket on the seat before sitting down and turning the key to listen to it. Closing her eyes, she listened to the car, “Sounds like a fuel pump issue. I think I have your model in stock I can have it repaired in no time at all.”

She climbed out of the car after shutting it off she pulled the blanket out and shut the car, “I can also give her a once over just to be sure nothing else is wrong if you like. Your choice.” She said and looked to the man as she went into the backroom to get the part she needed.

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