“You are failing the family!” Adolf screamed at him in the crowded bar as he sat there tossing back the beer that Cedric was hoping would cause the visions of his dead brother to leave him alone. When the visions of his brother flickered away he let out a soft breath of relief as he ordered another drink taking the pint in his hand and slowly downed it, enjoying every drop of flavor that hit his tongue.

Hours past and Cedric found himself a few drinks in dancing with a random people, who ever he could in that moment, he was planning on taking someone home, anyone at all to get his mind off the past that seems to be haunting him more then ever. Cedric was unlike his sisters he wasn’t sure if he would ever be tied down he always seem to be doing one thing or another lately not wanting to commit to anyone but there was deeper issues with that as well. His mouth moved along the neck of who ever was grinding against him, when his brother appear before him again.

Cedric hissed out and then sighed pulling back from the person who he quickly lost sight of anyways do to the crowd of the bar, walking out of the bar the anger swirling in him, he could feel the rumble in his chest as he knew he need to calm down, before he brought the bar down. He choice to leave, his drunken mind was too consumed to focus on not using his initia gifts, he ducked into the alley way of the bar and he lowered his hands to the ground as he got on his knees trying to feel the earth in the patchy ground that covered the alley, trying to ground himself literally .

As Adolf stood in front of him once again clear as day “Always the weak one huh?” He spat at him “you will never live up to Sierra.” He leaned closer to Cedric “You won’t be able to protect them just like how you couldn’t protect me.”

“Stop!” Cedric voice boomed out as the ground under his hand began to shake and his eyes flashed from green to yellow as vortexes of air began to swirl around him and he groaned out as he stood up clenching his fist as he began to call his other element as well as the vortexes grew stronger sucking the air out of the alley. He was lost in his rage as he swung at the image of his brother his long locks flowing as it seemed to be untouchable.

He had lost himself in his rage as he swung fist after fist at the air the vortex sucking the air around him away along with anyone near him as he shouted out in a gasping breath “Fuck off brother!”

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Arthur knew what it felt like to be the failure of the family; many years ago he had came out to his father when he was still alive and told him how disappointed he was, from then, it didn't stop until his father had passed away and his brother had taken the throne. He trudged down the endless streets of the city as he decided to walk to the university this morning and now he was totally regretting he didn't take his car, the workload from becoming a doctor was taking its toll on him and on top of that, he recently broke up with his boyfriend. A tired look was over his expression as he continued to walk through the crisp night air as fall was upon them; he was glad for it as he didn't like summer. He did miss the cold weather that was over in Neath, Wales where he used to live. 

Half an hour went by him as he took the longer route home and stopped at the bar, he grabbed one drink before stepping out of the bar before he saw someone that looked like he was having some sort of fight but there was no one else fighting the guy who also appeared to be drunk. Great, he thought, just what he needed to pass by. He was trying to mind his own business before he saw the man coming at him; he was sure he had only just seen him in the bar where he was before he walked out. He dodged the oncoming punch he was receiving and he had no idea what he should do. ''Whoa - dude, what the hell?'' He asked the man and clearly the man was mumbling non sense. He felt the air around beginning to swirl and he was being pushed back as the wind was pushing him away. What the hell... What was he? 

He heard him yell ''fuck off brother'' and it appeared this guy was rather drunk as he was seeing things - Arthur knew what that was like after so many years but he managed to get through it and eventually moved on. He looked around and saw that no one was even paying attention what was happening outside of this bar and it meant that Arthur had to save this guy before he regretted anything whatever his powers were, they were strong. A growl left his throat as he hurried through the mass of wind that was circling around them, the air was going crazy as well as the ground beneath them. He grabbed the nearest thing he could have to knock this guy out - it wasn't easy as most things were flying around but without a second thought, he tackled the man down from many years of training as a knight, he was skilled at this. He pinned the man's hands above his head and slapped him as hard as he could. 

''Dude, what the hell are you doing? You're --'' He noticed his eyes were green and yellow that were glowing brightly, he seemed to have some sort of powers but he wasn't sure what specie he was. He didn't have time for this so, with that, he grabbed a metal sign and smashed it against his head, hoping it was successful that he was knocked him unconscious. He sighed and ran a hand down his face, placing the sign back where it was and noticed how much of a mess he saw in the alley way. He was glad no one was around as he didn't want anyone to see what destruction he had caused. He looked down at the troubled man and frowned, he looked like he needed help and getting to his feet, he grabbed his stuff and was about to walk away but stopped. I should help him ... He thought to himself and bit his lower lip and he sighed, heading over to pick the man up, grunting as he did and swung him over his shoulder, being a lycanthrope he was about to do so. 

They finally managed to reach home and he was rather glad he had the supernatural strength as it was easy for him to carry the man, he pushed the door opened to his home and threw his things onto the counter before proceeding to walk upstairs with him over his shoulder, he entered inside the guest room and flicked the lights on. He placed the man on his bed and sighed as he laid his legs out and grabbed his shoes, pulling them off before making him comfortable. He sat on the edge of the bed and he let his eyes wander over the young man's face, he looked peaceful now but he didn't before. 


The next morning had arrived and that night, Arthur didn't sleep much as he was more worried about the stranger sleeping in his guest room. He stood near the window of the bedroom and stared out into space, he wondered if he was going to wake up anytime soon as he was beginning to get worried but he wasn't going to let it show yet, running a hand through his hair and he walked over to him, shaking the man awake. ''Dude, wake up.'' He whispered yelled as he didn't want to startled the man, his eyes flickered over the man's lips an he shook his head, getting rid of the thoughts he was having. He shook the man again and made sure he was stood back as he didn't want to get hit by him. He had a glass of water on the bedside table as well as aspirin as he knew that the stranger would most definitely have a hang over. 

Cedric took swing as he drew closer the face of his brothers morphed into someone Else's face, though it was going back and forth nothing was making sense to him at that point, there was just anger and fear. So he tried to grab at the blonde male, but no prevail as his drunken state was causing him to be slower then he normally would. He wasn’t sure why he just didn’t stop even if it was Adolf he would have been a ghost, unable to be stopped. The air around them suffocating into a vortex. Even in the lack of air there was taking over the male manage to tackle him to the ground and pin his hands to the ground below. The ground was rumbling underneath them as his hands came to the man that was pinning him down,

As he was about to turn the ground under him into quicksand sucking them both in but there was a scraping sound before something heavy strike across his head splitting open the thin flesh of his scalp. He let out a faint grunt but the air around them died down, the ground under them stopped rumbling. In his unconscious he was lost among the nightmare of his brother screaming hateful things towards him, asking him why he didn’t save him, Why he didn’t give up his personal life to serve his agenda to erratic the phoenix from the world.

He had no idea how long he had been out, the mattress underneath him felt as if it was holding him on a cloud. He shifted every now and then as the night terrors got worst. It wasn’t until he was shaken he started to wake up, the pounding in his head was overbearing. He let out a loud ground and he swung his legs over the bed resting them on the floor there as his hand came to his head feeling the stickiness of the blood that clung to his head where the wound was. He fully opened his blue eyes and looked around, his eyes landing on Arthur and Cedric stood up his fist cocked confusion on why a man was standing over him waved through his head, but he stood up too quickly as him getting up quickly caused a rush to his head making  the pounding returned. The groan escaped him again as he feel back on the bed realizing in that moment this wasn’t his room.

“Where am I?” he asked as he reached for the water and aspirin, “From the looks of it, I would say your place.” he said as he popped a few of the aspirin and took a long gulp of the water which tasted relativity normal. He focused on the events from the night before and swallowed hard, He raised the glass from his lips pressing it to his head where the wound was and looked to the man for a long moment before he spoke “I’m sorry I attacked you, I didn’t mean to… I am just having trouble lately.” he looked down to his shaky hand “Alcohol tends to help sooth the issue, seem to have the opposite effect last night.”

He rose to his feet slowly holding his hands up as a sign of surrender, “I never meant to harm you.” He said as he drew closer to the therian. “Though I have to ask, I am assuming you are not human.” his eyes moved along his body slowly before returning his  gaze to his “How much did you see?” He asked as he tried to recall out out of control his powers were, to be frank he felt like he was barely holding anything together lately. “Did I hurt you?” He asked the concern clear in his voice at that moment as he closed much of the space between them. “I’m Cedric, by the way.” He said feeling weird talking to someone not knowing their name.

Arthur had been fairly lucky he had dodged the first punch by the stranger, even though it was hardly nothing compared to what he was doing back in Neath, he knew a broken bone would be fixed in a matter of days due to his therian genes. The air around them was going crazy and he wasn't sure how this guy was doing it with his powers - he must have been an initia. He could feel the ground rumbling beneath them and Arthur was quick to react to slam a sign he had picked up and slammed it across the top of the man's head. Once he had done so, he panted slightly and kept the man pinned beneath him when he went under unconsciousness.

As the night dragged on once Arthur had reached his own home, he placed the stranger in the guest bedroom; waiting for him to wake up. He was concerned for the stranger as he looked like he could use the help and he was a good listener, well he thought he was because he had helped a few people in his life recover from traumatizing events. As the morning neared and the sun was slowly coming up over the foresty hills at the back of his home then went over to wake the man up by shaking him slightly, he stood back to let the man have some space as he watched him carefully with his weary blue orbs. He watched as the man got up from the bed before he had fallen back as he obviously knew the man was severely hung over. No doubt about that.

His brow raised when he heard the man's question, clearing his throat. ''My house. I had to carry you all the way here from the bar last night.'' He paused his words as his eyes flickered to the wound on his head that he had caused from the sign that was smashed agaisnt with. His brow raised at him and a small chuckle left his lips before he crossed his arms over his chest. ''You didn't hurt me at all. As you can see, no blood or anything on me.'' He gestured to himself and flashed him a wink. He listened to him and saw how distraught he looked as he saw the way his hands were shaking, nodding slightly. ''Most definately the opposite effect.'' He added and watched as he got to his feet slowly and asked if he was a human or not. ''A human wouldn't have the capabaility of carrying you all the way home in the state like that. So no, I am not human. I'm a therian. Lycanthrope.'' He stated and he ran a hand through his blonde locks as he looked the man over, he couldn't help but to stare at the man whom was attractive.

He cleared his throat once again as he heard the question, a soft blush covered his cheeks. ''Pretty much all of it, the moment you stepped out of the bar and did weird crazy things with the air and the ground.'' He shrugged his shoulders and kept his arms folded across his chest as he kept his eyes on the man in front of him, he bit down onto his lip as he heard his name. ''I'm Arthur, pleasure to meet you, Ced.'' He spoke gently this time and extended his hand towards the man, smiling at him. ''Let me patch you up. You have a thin gash across your head. That was by me since I couldn't manage to control your powers, I had to do something right?'' A soft chuckle left him as he continued to look at him, he could feel something was there; slowly he extended his hand and laced their hands together before guiding them to the bathroom. ''Sit.'' He pointed to the chair and let go of his hand before he went off to find the first aid kit he had lying around the house.

He pulled it out of the cupboard across the hallway then returned to the bathroom not long after; he grabbed some antiseptic cream and a patch for his head. He took them out of the packets and he wandered back over to Cedric and inspected the wound. ''It's a little deep but nothing to worry.'' He went over to the sink and grabbed a face wash, rinsing it under the water as he turned it on. ''So, Cedric, tell me about yourself?'' He cleared his throat for a moment and he walked back over to Cedric, placing the face wash gently onto the wound. ''I'm guessing last night was something to do about your brother?'' He asked again, in a gentle tone as he didn't want to distraught him. ''Stay still,'' he murmured as he gentle squeezed some antiseptic cream onto his fingers and gently rubbed it into the wound.

''You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but I am here if you ever need to talk to someone about your troubled thoughts. I have had some traumatizing experiences too.'' He murmured as he began to patch up the wound up and smiled gently as he crouched down a bit and he looked up at him, his brow raising slightly. ''I know we just met but I would have left you just in the alley way but something told me I shouldn't have left you behind so I took you to my place.'' He said in a soft tone and smiled, he let his blue orbs flicker over the man's face, seeing a few cuts on his cheek. ''Want me to patch up those?''  

Cedric was very much hungover, but being hungover has nothing compared to being bashed in the head, that was the main source of his pain. The thudding around the split that Arthur placed in his head. His greenish blue hues flicked around the room that was clearly not his. “Carried me all the way mate?” his eyes landed back on the man for a moment and then grunted as he reached up touching the head wound. “Well thank you for not leaving me to bleed out in that alley way no matter how much I probably deserved too.” he sighed as he leaned his elbows to his knees and nodded softly “Well at least I didn’t hurt you over my foolish actions.” He said softly as he nodded rubbing the back of his neck softly. He had found drinking helped most night, and it was unfortunate that someone got caught in the cross hairs of a mental breakdown, they seemed to be happening more often than not lately. His eyes flicked back up to Arthur then he let his eyes linger over the man for a long moment before he spoke again “Lycanthrope would not have been my first guess.” he said honestly.

Cedric nodded as he frowned to himself hating that someone, especially an attractive someone, had manage to see him at the worst moment in his life so easily. “I’m sorry…” was all he could say as he sighed before reaching out to take his hand and shake it. “Pleasure is all mine Arthur.” he said letting his hand linger there in his until he spoke about patching him up. He nodded even though as an initia he could heal himself it would be draining over something like a small cut on his head. “Yeah I kinda figured you left me with the head wound. Not the first I have received won’t be the last I am sure.” he chuckled slightly to him and stood up moving to the bathroom his eyes scanning as he moved through the room and then sat down on the chair as the male instructed and he rested back letting his head fall to the wall behind him, his eyes watching the Therian till he exited the room to get the  supplies.

Cedric was quiet for a long moment “I am sure it is nothing worse than then scars a phoenix left on me years ago.” he said as he closed his eyes while Arthur began to clean his face and he hummed softly, he was always bad at telling people about himself, mainly because most people found him boring. “Well there isn’t a whole lot to tell. I am an initia hence the whole ground and air control. My sister is the gifted one.” he chuckled and clears his throat and then peaked at him with his eye and continued on “Well you see I run a newly opened coffee shop in town called the Reigns coffee house. I have two sisters, use to have a brother.” he grimaced slightly. “I grow my own coffee beans?” he chuckled as he sighed softly “I am really bad when it comes to talking about myself, what about you? Why not talk about yourself Arthur.” he said before frowning slightly.

He spoke again letting his british accent thicken as he swallowed the lump in his throat. “My brother died when he attacked a group of phoenix that he chose to attack by himself. Leaving me to become the big brother to our two younger sister scared out of their mind, we had lost so much by that point.” he sighed softly and kept his eyes closed more so to keep from crying on a stranger “the last year or so, I have been seeing Adolf telling me how I am failing our family and how I will never live up to the Reigns legacy. That I would get our sisters killed.” he huffed out slightly and flinched as he rubbed the cream into the wound. “Just my broken brain.” he stated as if the man in front of him had known him more then twenty minutes.

He rolled his head forward to look at the man who had lowered himself between his legs. He leaned forward slightly, “I have pretty much laid out all of my family drama on you, so please feel free to patch up the smaller cuts if you wish then let me take you to go get the best cup of coffee in your life. The flavors will explode in your mouth and make your forgiving me go slightly smoother.” he chuckled light heartedly letting his greenish blue orbs hold his.

Arthur was hoping that he didn’t cause too much pain for Cedric as he had bashed him with a sign that was left in the alley way, his brow raised as he heard the man then nodded at his question. ‘’I did, I didn’t want to leave you bleeding in the alleyway,’’ he chuckled softly and rubbed the back of his neck as he watched the young man, smiling gently at him. ‘’You almost did punch me but lucky I have the ability to dodge certain attacks,’’ he winked at him as he felt his own eyes linger on the man in front of him much longer than he had expected too; he pushed away some thoughts that were disturbing his mind, he was glad that the man awoke anyway, thankful that he wasn’t in a coma. Hearing that he didn’t think he was a lyncanthrope, he nodded at his words before shrugging his shoulders lightly, ‘’well, what would have been your guess?’’ His brows raised as he asked the question.

He was mildly surprised that he was apologizing for his actions and he shook his head, ‘’no need to apologize, we all have those moments.’’ He told him softly with a gentle smile lifting upon his lips. As the two introduced each other and they both shook hands; their hands both lingering for a moment as his blue orbs kept on the male in front of him. Clearing his throat as he slowly let go of his hand, mentioning that he would need to patch him up. As he had led Cedric to the bathroom and had went to get the supplies he had needed, ‘’well, I had to do something to knock you out otherwise who knows what other damages you may have caused back in that alleyway,’’ he explained as he had opened up the patch for the man’s head wound and began to get to work, he was sure that all supernatural creatures had healing powers but he thought to prevent infection, he may as well patch it up. His brow raised once as he had gently placed the face wash while he listened to Cedric’s story.

He hadn’t heard of a phoenix before and that was certainly interesting, nodding his head once. ‘’That must have been rough,’’ he commented softly as he worked his way to another cut on the side of Cedric’s cheek, a faint smile lifted upon his lips before he heard the passing away of his brother, biting the inside of his cheek. ‘’Sorry for your loss as well, I know how that feels like.’’ He mentioned as he had crouched by now as he attended to the lip wound, gently dabbing the wound with the wet face wash, his eyes lingering on the man. ‘’Well, at least you have some hobbies that you could take your mind off your troubles, it always help.’’ He smiled at him as he reached over to grab the cream and squeezed some onto his fingers, nodding at his head as he let out a sigh as Cedric wanted to get to know him now. ‘’I was once a Prince back in Wales; I detached myself from my family when I was turned although still do some Princely duties for my brother over here. My brother knows now and swore to me not tell anyone,’’ he paused his words for a moment as he rubbed the cream on the man’s lip. ‘’My father had done some terrible things once he found out that I was gay,’’ he grimaced at the thought as he collected himself, he let his eyes linger on the man. ‘’It’s a touchy subject,’’ he muttered before he straightened himself up, running a hand through his hair. ‘’Nothing much more to tell, aside from the fact I’m an ugly beast now so.’’

As Cedric once again started to speak, he was intrigued by the man’s story and instinctively wanted to get to know him more. He noticed that Cedric’s must have been from Britain, easily could tell by the accent. He frowned once he heard about his brother had been attacked by the phoenix’s, feeling sorry for the man. He could tell that Cedric was trying not to cry in front of him and his hand reached out to cup his cheek softly, letting his hand linger for a moment. ‘’No need to hold it in, it’s fine to cry,’’ he said once again as he crouched down in front of the man, a soft sigh left him as he heard the man. ‘’Coming from a stranger, you’re probably going to think this is weird for me to say,’’ he paused for a moment as he let his blue orbs hold his, smiling gently.

‘’You aren’t a failure, never will be. I’ve been through terrible things just like you have; Your sister’s have a protective brother and I can feel it even if you don’t believe it,’’ his thick welsh accent coming through as he spoke his words. ‘’Everyone in the world has troubles, you will heal in time from all of this,’’ he bit in the side of his own cheek as he paused his words then continued, ‘’I can help you cope with this if you let me,’’ his eyes averted from his gaze as a soft pale pink covered his cheeks. Ashe heard the mention of coffee and his eyes lingered back onto the man’s face, a small smile lifted upon his face. ‘’Again, you don’t need to apologize for your actions.’’ He said as he slowly stood back up and stroked his cheek for a moment then let go, he checked the other wounds and they seemed to be fine. ‘’All good to go now,’’ he cleared his throat as he began to clear up his work stations. ‘’Where is your coffee shop?’’ He asked, even if he had recently broken up with Merlin, he wanted to forget about him and move on from it; he needed a distraction from the break up as he didn’t want to hurt from it all again so maybe Cedric might help him too.

Cedric looked over to the blonde therian for a moment and frowned slightly “Well I guess it's a good thing you are a lycanthrope cause if I would have hit you with my earthen strength you would have gone flying” he cried to sound not overly cocky.  Something that many didn’t know about him, not even his sisters he had been a part of a fight club with Adolf. Adolf had so much anger, and the fight club helped him get the anger out sometimes. Cedric learned to fight rather well, not that he would let anyone know that. It gave him the upper hand in most fights if people looked at him as if he was a weakling. Cedric held a soft smirk on his lip softly “Well,” he let his eyes linger along the man in front of him slowly. “I could see you as a Dhampir they are some skilled training.” He then gave a cheeky grin “Or you know an Angel since you saved me last night.”

She shook his head slightly towards him, “I have to apologize I really could have hurt you if you had not been able to evide my attack.” He sighed heavily and looked from the man “you wouldn’t have been the first man I killed with my powers.” he said somberly as they moved to the bathroom and the man worked on the cuts along her face. “I am thankful you knocked me out, I would rather you keep yourself safe then let me cause damage to you or any other innocent civilian.” he said honest and then watched as the mans face seemed to take in what he was telling him and then nods slightly towards him.

“You think after years I would be over my brothers lost, even my parents but sadly I don’t think I will ever be over it.” He let his gaze hold the floor for a long time as the lingering thoughts of the hate towards the phoenix who had taken his family away weight heavy on him “but my species is not filled with saints as we have waged war on the whole phoenix species and pretty much whipped them out.” he sighed heavily “It isn’t something we are proud of most of the time at least not most of us.” He muttered realizing that he had been talking alot. “Hobbies and a new business that is all that I have been doing lately. Well and drinking but I doubt I will be doing that again anytime soon.” he chuckled softly, closing his eyes slightly as he rubbed the cream into his wounds. “Oh you were a Prince of Wales.” Cedric raised his brow trying to remember the Prince from back when he was around Europe but it wasn’t coming to him. Then he frowned deeply his hand took hold of Arthur’s “I am sorry your father hurt you. You don’t have to go into it but I have two ears for a reason if you ever want to talk about it.” Then his hand moved up to his face trailing his thumb along the males cheek softly “Form everything I see you are not an ugly beast at all Arthur.”

It was an intense moment so after a long moment and cleared his throat and pulled back “Sorry I am not sure how you feel about being touched.” he said and then felt his hand on his cheeks in return and he closed his eyes letting out a soft sigh. “I know, I tend to let myself cry when needed but at this point I am just done crying over the past you know? There is nothing I can change about it at this point. I should accept it and focus on the things I can control.” he said as he crossed his arms and looked to him raising an eyebrow slightly and chewed on his inner cheek he wasn’t use to being told such nice things.

“That is nice of you to say Prince.” He smirked as he knew that he wasn’t going to let that go now. “But you may change your mind if you stick around and get to know me more.” He winked to the welsh man in front of him before standing up. “I hope I get over these troubles with time.” He nodded slightly and then raised a brow to the blushing Therian. “You will have  to explain how you are going to help me cope some time. And again I will until I feel I don’t have to.” he expressed his need to apologize. Cedric moved with Arthur through the house. “Ah I am assuming we are in the Therian woods huh? We will have to head back to the human part of the city. The Reigns Cafe is the name of my coffee shop. I promise you it will be the best coffee to explode in your mouth.” he smirked chuckling as he bumped his arm to his softly.

Arthur let out a small laugh as he heard the small comment of him going flying, shaking his head. ‘’No need to worry about that. I have been training since I was born, I’m pretty sure your powers wouldn’t knock me over.’’ He had been learning how to train since he could walk on his own feet, his father taught him everything he needed to know about a knight in shining armour, knowing that he had to protect the village if anything were to happen. His brow raised as he heard that he could have been a dhampir and a soft pink blush covered over his cheeks when he heard that he saved him last night, another nervous chuckle left him. ‘’Cute,’’ he muttered softly as he winked at him.

He listened to him for a few minutes, as if he was thinking he should really accept his apology. ‘’Well, you didn’t kill me so you have no need to worry,’’ he added softly as he continued to work on the few more cuts on his face. ‘’I could have done more to you but you know, I prevent myself from doing so. I didn’t want you regret anything you would have done,’’ he said, his tone was still soft as he spoke, concentrating on his work. His blue orbs travelled back up to meet Cedric’s as he continued to listen to him, phoenix’s wasn’t something he had heard before but he knew they were a fictional creature, ‘’I’m sorry about that. I know it’s hard to move on from your loved ones deaths, I’ve been through it.’’ He muttered as he slowly placed the patch on Cedric’s head, he let his fingers gently smooth it out. ‘’I guess we should find some more hobbies for you to do? Let your mind be preoccupied with something else.’’ He said as crouched back down again in front of him and a small smile lifted upon his lips.

He grimaced when he heard the title of his own name, nodding his head and was slightly surprised by Cedric’s actions, his blue orbs fell onto Cedric’s face once more, his eyes lingering on his as he squeezed the others hand and nodded again. ‘’Thanks,’’ he muttered softly as the memories tried to flood back through but he managed to push them back out and focused on Cedric, letting his eyes close as he felt the others thumb trailing against his cheek, tears were threatening to spill from his eyes but he didn’t let them. He swallowed the lump down his throat as he opened his eyes to meet Cedric, silenced filled the space between them for a few minutes. Once Cedric had pulled back, he let his hand linger onto the others cheek for a moment or so before pulling back and moved to clear the station. ‘’I get that way too,’’ he said softly remembering the horrible things that his father had done to him when he had come out to his family.

His eyes narrowed slightly without thinking that Cedric was right beside him, he breathed in and out of his nose as he began to get angry when he thought about it. He was in such thought of it that he was starting to shake slightly, unable to control it. ‘’Shit,’’ he muttered as he ran a hand through his blonde hair, he bit down onto his lip as he looked over at Cedric, his shaking hadn’t stopped. ‘’Sorry… I...I…’’ A soft growl left his lips as he turned away from Cedric, he began to pace back and forth from the bathroom. ‘’I...I get like this sometimes… It happens often.’’ He explained in a rush, fumbling over his words.

He tried to concentrate what Cedric was speaking about however nothing seemed to be working out for him. ‘’I-I’m sorry…’’ He muttered again as he tried to back away from the bathroom, tears were threatening to spill out from him as the memories were clashing against each other, another growl left him as he turned away from Cedric, breathing in and out of his nose as he tried to calm. ‘’It’s just… A horrible memory that I sometimes cannot control when it comes. I was sexually assaulted when I was younger and as punishment my father locked me up in a room for almost a month without food or water but continued to be sexually assaulted.’’ He muttered allowed, his hand went through his hair as a habit, letting his eyes close, doing some breathing techniques. ‘’I-I’m sorry you had to see that.’’ He apologized to Cedric, he was still facing away from him as he was ashamed of himself from getting that weak.

Cedric smirked to Arthur as he showed an air of confidence that Cedric powers wouldn’t knock him back “yeah we may put that to the test one day.” he gave him a wink with a laugh “Not many know but I am rather trained myself, my powers are just an enhancement on what I can do.” He said as he ran his fingers through his hair “Oh just cute? And here I thought I was rather hot.” He said quickly as he winked back to the man that he had just meet but found a comfortable rhythm with for being strangers.

He looked at the Therian for a long moment and whispered softly “I guess we both know we could hurt someone when we don’t want to.” He sighed heavily as he ran his hand along one of his sides slowly and he was in deep thought for a moment “I am glad neither of us did anything we would regret.” he said softly to him and looked him over. Cedric knew a lot about regret in his lifetime. His eyes rested upon Arthur with a heavy gaze and he nodded softly towards him “It is the past now and maybe one day I will be past it. One day at a time is the best way to live for me right now.” he said honestly as he chuckled softly as he looked down to the man smiling up on him “Oh yeah have some hobbies in mind you want to let me in on?”

They both fought back their tears rather well, it impressed Cedric he was able to hold back but it also let him know that they both were holding back for the same reason. They both were scared to open up to someone because of rejection and family that had ruined them in different ways. They lingered together for a moment and he liked it, just being close enough but soon the quiet tension filled moment had passed and he could feel the anger that filled the man it was something he felt within himself. He quickly took a step back as he wasn’t sure how a Therian was when he got angry and then Cedric thought for a moment on how he could help.

He knew what he was about to do next could be extremely stupid after all he wasn’t even sure he should touch the therian when he was angry but he wanted him to know everything was okay. Cedric closed the space between them and his arms came around the Therian in a tight hug in an effort to calm him “Its okay Arthur you are not there, you are here in Evermore, you are safe. You meet me a crazy ass Initia who loves coffee as if it is breathing.” He chuckled lightly. “You don’t have to be afraid Arthur.” He said holding him close to him.

“What happened to you was awful and your father should rot in a special place in hell for that, you have a right to be angry. You don’t have to be a ashamed or sorry for what happened to you. You know why? Because it happened to you not because of anything you did.” He hoped his words would be enough to soothe the therian. He pulled back slightly holding the Therian by the shoulders “How about you let me get you a coffee and some monkey buns and try and take your mind off of it till you are ready to talk to me about it? Or you don’t have to at all. I know the past can hurt more than most.” He smiled softly as he looked to him “What do you say Arthur? Coffee?”

Arthur’s lips curled into a small smirk when he heard that, he had been through a lot when he was back home and some air really couldn’t knock him back, well he thinks that it won’t be able too. ‘’I see well, I will be glad to see it one day if you will allow me to see your powers aside from last night when you were out of control.’’ He let out a soft chuckle and rolled his eyes softly, he had to admit that Cedric is attractive and apart of him didn’t want to let him go either even if they were just strangers.

He listened to what Cedric was saying and part of that was true because now that he was a turned therian, things could easily get out of control for himself and he also knew that his anger issues sometimes got in the way of that. He softly nodded his head at his words, lost in thought for a moment as they both looked into each other’s eyes, a small smile rested upon his lips as he heard him. He tried not to let the past affect him through his life he was trying to adjust here in Evermore; it had been hard facing it alone.

He wanted to get better from it eventually and it was something that he wanted to improve on although he couldn’t help it as it was traumatizing for himself. Blinking from his thoughts, he looked at Cedric when he asked and chuckled. ‘’I do sports to occupy my mind.’’ He paused for a moment as his eyes looked over Cedric, smirking. ‘’I could train you up for sword fighting? Or Horse riding even, I love doing that too. I plan to get a large property to get a horse.’’ He continued to speak softly, horse riding was one of his favourite things to do in Wales.

As the two were both having a quiet moment before his flashbacks of his past began to invade his mind, his breathing became short and his body began to shake as he stood away from Cedric, ruining their moment they were having together if it was a moment he would have liked they had. He paced back and forth through the bathroom, unable to control his thoughts as the memories consumed his mind and he slammed his eyes shut, as tears began to stroll down his cheeks. His movements stopped as he felt Cedric’s arms around him, gently he wrapped his arms around the Initia, his body turning to hide his face into the crook of his neck. Breathing in deeply taking in Initia’s scent was slowly calming himself down, continuing to listen to Cedric’s voice. It was soothing and for some reason, he found that it was calming him down.

He had gotten so weak in front of Cedric and he felt ashamed of himself, but it was true of what Cedric was saying. His father was going to rot in hell and that everything his father did was his father’s fault. As Cedric pulled back and he let his blue orbs settled onto the Initia’s face, nodding his head as it would be a good way to distract himself. ‘’Yeah, coffee will do’’ He murmured softly as his eyes flickered to the Initia’s lips briefly before he looked into the initia’s eyes, bringing Cedric closer to him, he hugged him tight and sighed gently. ‘’Thank you, if it weren’t for you I would have probably shifted and ran the territory about a billion times or do a stupid thing,’’ he murmured softly as he nuzzled his head softly in Ced’s neck. ‘’You have a really nice scent,’’ he couldn’t help himself but to say that and it led a small smile going onto his lips, his hand gently cupped the Initia’s cheek. ‘’Let’s go to your coffee shop,’’ he brushed his thumb across the initia’s cheekbone gently.

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