Working in the coffee shop had been going well for the young Celestial. Antonia worked hard and learnt quickly all she had needed to know, picking up on the trait quite easily once she was shown. The coffee shop was where Antonia ended up spending most of her time, finding it the best option to keep busy and when she wasn't working, she was back on the Celestials territory in the home they all shared. The shop had quickly become one of Antonia's favourite places to be, the aromas that lingered in the air, the visitors they had on a daily basis, always having someone new to talk and interact with. Having worked in the shop for a while, Antonia had worked her way up after proving herself worthy and introducing new ideas. One being providing coffee machines for smaller businesses. Which is what Antonia was looking into that day. 

One of her fellow Celestials, Willow, ran a book store and was looking into providing a cafe experience so Antonia stepped in and said she could offer some help. So with that plan in mind, Antonia set off from the coffee shop after finishing a morning shift and headed out onto the streets of Evermore in the direction of the book store. It wasn't a long walk and in the warm sun, it was a pleasant journey. Having reached the little store, Antonia pushed the door open and stepped inside, looking around briefly before walking further in and letting the door come to a close behind her. The distinct smell of old books hit her senses and she smiled slightly, the smell reminding her of the old days when she first came to Earth. 

"Hello?" The brunette called out softly, glancing around before walking further in. "Willow? It's Antonia." She spoke again, picking a book off the shelf and looking over the cover. 'The Hunger Games' was written on the cover in white lettering with a golden mockingjay below it, the main symbol of the book. It was a book Antonia had tried to read before, after they were first freed from captivity but her mind at the time was a mess and she couldn't concentrate on the dystopian type novel. Turning it over to the back where the blurb was, Antonia kept hold of the book, thinking maybe she could try again to read the popular book. Something else to keep her occupied between working and sleeping. 

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