It has been so many years since her toxic behavior happened Ahri regretted so much since she had some life-changing acceptance with herself from her job to college. Daddy's little girl who would no wrong. One of the many regrets was her first and last night with a girl. She can remember the night that it happened. Her friends were talking about how many boyfriends they have as it leads up to one of her friends told the group she spent the night with a girl. Ahri is not against same-sex love since love is love but when the group was throw shade and saying nasty stuff to her Ahri sighed. "You know what, I might try it. I am curious, everyone can be at one point so why not since my grade is going down and before I get cut off from life. Live life to the fullest." that is what she did. 

Ever since that night, however, Ahri knew she liked boys so knowing she is straight as an arrow made sense to her. At least Ahri can say she tried it but it didn't feel right to her. She avoided the girl she slept with and enjoy her days going to school when she meets her ex-boyfriend who she always got married to.  She will always be thankful to Ji-Hwan for loving her for many years and had the best relationship she ever had. First, real love was from him. What is for Ahri right now? Well she is not looking for anyone yet her love right now is her job and what she wanted her goal to happen without it being in her inner world. Her own clinic.  

Though the years, however, Ahri forgot about the girl who she never got her name. The Dhampir does not know if she was drunk of Sojo or she just didn't ask the girl for her name.  Ahri has been in a relationship with herself and vows to never be as toxic she uses to be. No messing around, no sleeping around or play with hearts just herself and her alone. When Ahri said she grew she meant it. 

When the Dhampir went shopping for new clothes she didn't think the girl who is now a woman would run into her. The past is now catching up to her with Ahri being blind about it. Wearing a black shirt, blue demain jackets blue jeans and black boots with her hair down, Ahri was not allowed to bring all her clothes since her father expects her to come back home, it's so bothersome since this money can go to different things. Only bring her favorites but in a way, it has given Ahri an excuse to get into new trends. Guess she can say thank you for the new gateway without you here to tell her what to do. Ahri will never forget being the only child in the house with her father coming down her throat no matter what it was, there was no room to breathe but it opened her eyes to see what her brothers were talking about and got away as fast as they did. 

The Dhampir promised herself never to be rebellious towards her family but with her father tell her to come back with Sungeun it drew the line. She does not want to be that Yes Girl or Daddy's girl anymore. Her life, her rules and she will break barriers down no matter how much it hurts her. Thinking about her home brings her good and bad memories but Seoul will always be her heart, she is a Seoul girl, a city girl. Ahri can feel Seoul missing her but she needed to move on without forgetting about South Korea.

When Ahri comes to a dress, she didn't know if it will work for her. Walking to the mirrors she helps the dress up to her chest wondering. She moves her black hair as she put the dress back on the rack as her brown eyes looked around with a sigh. "What to do? There's so many to choose from."

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