In the Leight family Christmas wasn’t very different from any other day. The house was always extravagantly decorated, someone was always hosting a party and presents could be delivered at your slightest allusion of a wish. The only thing that differed from a normal day at the Leight residence was that his older brother was allowed home for a few days. As years went by the brothers grew appart, not that they had been close to begin with considering they only got time together during the holidays but as every young kid Nathaniel saw his older brother as a hero. Now days they didn’t even bother to send each other a postcard. the only thing they had in common was not talking to their parents. Still Nathaniel was overly excited every year around the Christmas holidays and forced his assistant to drape all his properties with lights and other Christmasy ornaments.

Gifts weren’t the reason behind the dhampirs over joyfullness, all his wishes was fulfilled and he knew that nothing he desired was ever out of reach. Even tho his parents were furious with him for choosing another path than the one they had given him they hadn’t cut him of yet, a mystery. Had the vain male been smarter he’d refuse to take any money from them knowing that it was just a way for them to still control him. However he enjoyed the rich lifestyle far too much to give it up, the forensic salary wouldn’t even cover one percent of the wasteful males expenses.

In Evermore it was almost a trend to be an alcoholic or at least consume a large amount weekly. Being known as womanising party hard guy it would fit Nates image to do so as well. Due to his strict diet, which the ostentatious male didn’t have to be on, he was a perfect portrait of the fit models the boutiques loved to have as their maskot, good genes made sure that his appearance didn’t change even if he decided to only eat garbage food and never work out. Also the dhampirs personality made him live everyday like he was drunk. He was confident enough to have no limits in his everyday life.

For the first time in a long time he had consumed booze when visiting the bar after his shift. Somewhere around personality drained female number four head started drinking beverages with a high halt of alcohol. A few hours had passed and the normally sober male was several drinks in and so was his partner in crime for the night, a fierce brunett who shared many traits with him. Both were emotionally unavailable for anything more than one night stands and having their own motives. From the short period they had known each other, less than 1 hour, she was the most intriguing person he’d met in a while and he appreciated her company as well as her sharp tongue and refreshing honesty a female version of himself basically but with a crueler undertone.

”Coooome ooon” Nate chuckled drowning the last of his cocktail as he tried to convince Taylor to go Christmas carolling with him. She didn’t seem to keen on that impulsive idea and of course that only made it funnier. ”I dare youuuu” He followed up knowing what pushed most persons buttons into agreeing to all his stupid plans.

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You'd never see Taylor with a glass of alcohol in her grasp until she had a reason to drink. Tonights reason? Christmas was right around the corner and since she was a little girl, Christmas was never a holiday celebrated in the Birsch household. Her grandpa loved the holiday; her father, however, hated it and because her mother was madly in love with the man, she followed in his footsteps and didn't allow Taylor to indulge in the excitement that is Christmas. She was always grateful for her grandfather, though because he always found a way to sneak in a present here and there but she hadn't seen them in a little over a year now. The female had learned to despise the holidays like her father and now that she had no one, she didn't even want to think of it. She was a true Grinch when it came to Christmas and seeing people out decorating their homes or hearing Christmas carolers outside annoyed her. Couldn't they respect the fact that some people hated this holiday?

A week in to hearing those Christmas carolers outside the apartment building, day by day and night by night, Taylor with a pillow over her ears to sound out the singing, she decided to get up when sleep didn't come. Getting dressed and slipping on a pair of boots, the Diviner left her apartment building, literally pushing past the carolers whose smiles quickly turned into frowns in response to her harsh behavior with them but what did they expect? She was trying to get a bit of sleep and their annoying singing was keeping her up.

If she couldn't sleep, might as well drink so the brunette headed towards the closest bar she could find where she found herself now, very drunk with a drinking companion who, annoyingly enough, couldn't keep his mouth shut. In response to his remarks that continued to come and go, Tay responded with her own and that's how Nate and she became drinking buddies.. For the night, at least.

Taylor ordered yet another glass of whisky, the only alcoholic beverage that was her guilty pleasure, and as she downed the dark liquor in one single go, Nate's voice spoke up and his suggestion to go Christmas caroling with him made her give him a blank look that was enough to tell him that there was no way she was doing that, not after having dealt with the carolers outside of her apartment. However, when he said he dared her to do it, Taylor's drunken mind told her she couldn't just turn down such a challenge. So, sending a glare his way, that she hoped looked angry enough, she stood up from her stool. "Finnnneee. Les goo." 

Carollers had never appealed to Nate, they annoyed him. They were always a little to jolly and persistent. Singing in one pitch to high and always the same songs that repeated themselves at least 100 times. The thought of doing it himself had never occurred to the dhampir. He never sang karaoke although he was a huge fan of singing in the shower and made quite the performance.  Suddenly carolling sounded very tempting, he didn’t know why maybe it was the stream of alcohol in him, but most likely it was due to the females contempt. Sober Nate was not very unlikely to come up with this kind of activity. the bachelor was easily bored and saw the rest of the world as entertainment.

A chuckle passed his lips as she angrily agreed, as expected most people couldn’t stand being dared, people were far to easily convinced. Nathaniel was a master manipulator, knowing exactly how to push different personalities into his crazy ideas even when himself seemed to think that it was the opposite of what he wanted. He had developed that talent already as a young boy and refined his skills a little each day. Mostly it wasn’t used for the greater good, but when holding interrogations it came in handy. The dhampir was disappointed with the little resistance the diviner put up, he had hoped that the sassy female would’ve at least made a scene.

”Okey then” He confirmed taking her hand and stating to drag her out of the bar and into the night to give evermore a show they would never forget. ”We need outfits TayTay” he suggested drunkly as they walked hunting for the right neighbourhood to start carolling”Oh and a dance”.

A sober Taylor was usually angered easily, a drunk Taylor moved past being angered and stuck to being infuriated instead. People just seemed to piss her off even more than they did when she wasn't drunk and she tolerated no one. She'd never started or been involved in a fight but then again, she never drank in public either. As sad as it sounded, she preferred drinking on her own so the fact that she was getting drunk with Nathaniel, a complete stranger to her, was truly astonishing and when she remembered this night in the morning, she was bound to regret it. The morning, however, was hours away so might as well enjoy this night as much as her drunken self could until her sober self returned.

A glare settled on Taylor's features now and whether or not she actually looked angry was beyond her; what she did know was that her drunk mind didn't take well to him daring her to do something, even if it sounded like something a teenager would do. It still irked her for some reason and she was tempted to do the usual and slap that grin right off of his features. She refrained, however, and though a part of her really wanted to make a scene, like it looked like he hoped she did, she was too drunk to so. If only a few drinks were in her system, the brunette would've gladly put the dhampir in his place.

She let his pull her along until they were outside, the moon illuminating the darkness they now stood in. Taylor made a sour face when he mentioned outfits because she already wasn't fond of the idea of drunk caroling, dressing up was just too much. "Fu-ck no. Don't make me smack you into the next city, Le-ight." Her words were followed by a hiccup which she shook off, trying not to stumble as they walked around in search of a neighborhood to sing in. Instead of responding to his idea of dancing, Taylor simply sent him a nasty glare.

Drunk Nate didn’t differ from the sober version. Both versions were careless and provocative without the normal limit that prevented people from saying things that would surely offend someone. It wasn’t lack of judgment or consequence thinking that caused his provocative ways and super honest replies, he could predict that his stupid comments and challenging ways would lead to trouble he just didn’t mind. Whatever trouble he got into he knew that either his overpaid lawyers or his charisma would get him out of it. He hadn’t been in a fist fight yet, and it didn’t tempt him breaking a perfectly manicured nail was nothing he lounged for. It had been close a few times but his muscular frame was usually enough to scare them off, also the rumours of him being an officer and caught them.

The dhampir could see that the fresh air was starting to do its magic and making the drunk bond they had formed lose it’s grip on her. As she opposed to his dressing suggestion he just laughed. ”You can barley walk straight Love, I doubt you’ll kick my ass” his drunken voice sang softly and he danced a few steps. Dressing up would be the perfect addition tho and his mind started exploring ways to get the grumpy diviner to agree. It would drag viewers to his youtube channel.

Becoming an influencer had come quite natural, he was both vain and good looking which attracted a whole bunch of followers his carelessness and charm adding to that. At first he’d just posted cliché pictures of his very instagram friendly vegan food and shirtless pictures sometimes he had done a funny video where he ranted about life. It was unexpected that that was liked so he continued whenever he had time and now his youtube channel was flying.

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