It was late in the evening when Javier headed out of his apartment and headed to Gideon's castle where most valkyr's visited often and rested there or even hung out with the other members within the faction. It wsa a colder evening compared to yesterday and the weather was prediciting their first snow fall for this year. He had one of his favourite jackets on as he trudged his way down to the castle, it was about a five minute walk to the castle from his castle. The castle was something he admired in the whole city, it felt like the most ancient building compared to the rest of the town. He loved visiting it whenever he could in his spare time or if he needed some blood supply, but recently, he wanted to be able to make a few friends here and there and he thought the castle might be the best opportunity to do so. 

Within a few minutes, he reached the castle where guards were guarding the place at the front entrance. Of course, they let Javier in and he thanked them both as he walked towards the large wooden mahogany door with golden knobs. Clasping the knob of the door, he turned it and opened the door as he slipped inside the beautifully decorated castle. He honestly thought that the castle reminded him in his past where the interior was very old fashioned and the carpet was nothing like the modern materials in the apartments these days. Javier missed the quality of some things that were made and so that's why he liked the castle so much. 

He never really kept tabs on everyone else in the faction, he was more so a loner himself but he wanted to try and branch out and meet a few of his own kind. Heading towards the small bar area within the castle where blood was on tap and maids were doing their own duties, he sat down on the stool, placing his wallet and his not so loved mobile phone on the bar. Aside from the bar, he loved to visit the huge library Gideon had set up in one of the upstairs rooms. Something he enjoyed thoroughly, the maid walked over to Javier with a smile. ''What can I get you, Javier?'' She asked in a polite voice, his piercing blue eyes looked over to the woman standing beside him. ''Whiskey thanks with blood,'' he muttered gently as gave a small smile in return. ''Coming right up,'' the maid went away to make him just that. There was no one else but himself in the bar area and so he waited silently before he felt another prescence came into the room. 

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Outside of his workplace; the Valkyr castle was one of the places; where people could find Eirik. Yes it had been his home, since living with Evermore and members of the faction. But it was also where he was needed; due to his trainer rank in the faction. It was at times like these; that being a former Viking came in handy. The vast knowledge and amount of skills to pass onto his students. The Valkyr took pride in his work; both when it came to training those that were younger and in need of his help and of his craft of weapons. It was his area of expertise. Something he was familiar from a very young age; and all these centuries; it had stuck with him.

Another training session had finished for him;lately he had been helping a few new found friends outside of the faction; that were in need of his expertise and training sessions. Rik had sent them home; before it got too dark and too cold. After cleaning up the training room; Eirik headed to his quarters; to clean himself up from the sweat and hard work. The shower felt refreshing; relaxing his slightly aching muscles after a long slightly tiring day. Eirik always pushed his students; to help them become the best, they possibly could be with advancing skills. No one was ever easy on him; when it came to training. So it was something that stuck with him, as a trainer. But to achieve the best results, sometimes you had to be tough yet fair.

After he was feeling fresh and dried off; he threw on his usual attire. Jeans and his favorite shirt. Before grabbing his jacket. As he slipped it on. He headed towards the bar; needing a few drinks. To his surprise; he wasn’t alone. But the Valkyr that sat on one of the stools wasn’t someone Eirik didn’t recognise. The maid gave Eirik a soft smile. The flirtatious male, winked in her direction teasingly, as he smirked. “I’ll have the usual.” Which consisted of Rum and Bourbon mixed with Blood. Of course the two drinks in separate glasses. After taking a seat, near the other male. Eirik glanced at him. “I don’t believe, I’ve seen you around here before. New to the faction?” The tall Viking addressed Javier first. At first sight; Eirik could come off as rather intimidating, due to his height and mighty build.

Javier was expecting himself to be alone at this hour at night, it was usually late whenever he came to the castle and most people were in their chambers and Gideon who always appeared to be busy in his office. The maid returned quickly with his whiskey with blood mixed in between, thanking her for her service. The maid quickly placed it on top of the counter, he nodded before he took the glass in between his own hand, observing the area of the bar to see some maids restocking and busying themselves. 

Hearing footsteps enter the small bar area, he turned his head to see a rather tall male and strong physique, he cleared his throat a little as he was addressed to and he sat back against the counter. His eyebrows raised slightly before he shook his head slightly, ‘’Not particularly, I’ve lived within Evermore for around 7 years - I just don’t believe we’ve met.’’ He said as he stood from his stool, leaning over to the other male. ‘’Nice to meet you, I’m Javier.’’ He introduced himself as he extended his hand towards the other, giving him a small friendly smile. 

‘’I hope you don’t mind some company,’’ he commented softly as he shook the others hand. Once they do so, Javier sat back down on the stool he was sitting at, before he crossed one of his legs over and leaned against the counter with his elbow. ‘’How about you? Are you new? I don’t believe I’ve seen you either.’’ He asked as he took a sip of his drink, savouring the taste of his favourite liquor.  

It was a surprise to see someone that Eirik didn’t particularly recognise. Appearance wise, Javier looked like he could be a few years older than Eirik. Making note to pay more attention, if his faction had more members coming in. Last he heard, Gideon found the new fledgling by the name of Jason and brought him home to safety, after the poor boy had been kidnapped. Or so the rumors that circled around the castle, claimed. “Yes, I suppose we must have missed paths.” Which was rare. Eirik knew plenty of people in the city. So it wasn’t often, that he crossed paths with a Valkyr, that he didn’t know...especially one within his own community. Unless they were Nomads; and weren’t part of his faction.

As he introduced himself. Eirik extended out his own hand. Giving his a firm shake. “Pleasure to meet you Javier. Most here know me as everyone outside...I am Oliver.” Knowing, enough Valkyrs here knew his true names; even the maids. They probably would have corrected him; if he introduced himself to a fellow Valkyr as his alias name Oliver.

Once the barmaid got his order. Eirik flashed her a grin; taking one of the glasses as he took a big sip. Shaking his head slightly. “No, not at all.” Some company would be nice actually. His question made him chuckle. “No, I’ve been around a long while. Most of the time, I am usually in my weaponry store. I am only here, when training others is on my schedule. And today has been one of those days….busy training day.” Sometimes training a group compared to one student; was more trying. Eirik had more people to watch over them/observe and correct technique and skills. Sometimes, it could get hectic, that was for sure. As he lifted up his glass once more; he downed the drink with ease. Needing it more than he thought; after the long day.

It wasn’t everyday that Javier visited the castle very often, normally it was, running errands for Gideon or other reasons to come to the castle, but since he lived out of the castle and remained in the territory, he had no particular reason to come by unless he was in desperate need for advice or company. And today, he was just spending the time to hangout here, passing some time and hopefully to meet other valkyr’s aside from Yeon whom he was close too. There had been rumours about one new fledgeling, Jason, who was kidnapped - someone who he thought might have been a trouble maker or simple got themselves into trouble. That didn’t settle well with him thinking that Gideon should keep track of Jason, which he was sure that he was doing so. 

He gave a slight nod in agreement as the other commented about missing each other, ‘’I suppose we did. I don’t live in the castle, you see. I live in an apartment, about 10 minutes away.’’ He informed him after he had introduced himself to the man, giving him a small smile as the two shook hands. ‘’Likewise. Eirik? Huh,’’ he murmured the name to himself as he found it to be quite an interesting name. ‘’Quite an interesting name you have there, sounds Scottish.’’ He plopped himself back down on the stool, placing his feet onto the metal bars beneath the seat, making himself comfortable. He listened to Eirik, his eyebrows raised slightly as he heard he owned a business, nodding his head. ‘’At least it keeps you busy and out of trouble,’’ he smirked slightly with a small chuckle leaving his lips. ‘’There aren’t as many weapon stores now, there used to be quite a long time ago. Nearly every town had them.’’ 

He curled his hand around the crystal glass, slowly raising it to his lips as he took another large sip of his favourite drink. After taking a sip, he set it back down on the bar countertop gently. ‘’I’ve been here for a few years now, just doing odd jobs here and there and volunteering at an animal shelter twice a week.’’ Specifically he worked with horses and he quite liked it out there more so than the city, he was never a city man. He nodded nonchalantly, thinking about how he used to be back in the day where he had to practice on how to hunt, shoot and everything else in between, particularly he loved using the shotgun and his hunting knife. ‘’And what is the most common weapon people intend to buy these days? I hardly set foot into them anymore.’’ He questioned as he eyed the others appearance, making sure to take note of what Eirik looked like for in future. 

Eirik couldn’t recall every seeing the other male at the castle before; not if he would have tried to pick up from the group that lived here. As Javier confirmed that he didn’t live at the castle; that explained why they haven’t crossed paths here before. “Ah, well that might explain why.” If was always nice to meet some new faction members. Reminding himself to keep an eye out for Javier more often; if he would visit the castle for whatever reasons.

As Javier commented on his name, The Valkyr slightly chuckled. Javier was a bit far off, with that guess.But hey, other people made far worse guesses, where his name had actually came from. “Norse actually. I was born in Kattegat….but have some British and French background, from my mother’s side.” Sometimes his very prominent Scanadvian accent was lost and more toned down; other times it more noticable. Guess it just depends on the situation. The former Viking rose a slight eyebrow, at the comment he made about his job keeping him out of trouble. But wondered if it was partially relating to the fledgling situation. “It certainly keeps me busy. But I can’t complain.” Eirik worked with weapons, hand crafted most of what was in his own store. So it was something he was truly passionate about. Which helped, in running his store more smoothly. “I think Evermore only has 2.” To his knowledge. His friend Joaquin owned another armory; but that was in the Nephilim quarters of the city.

Leaning one elbow against the table; the Valkyr listened to Javier explain more about his activities around the cities. “An animal person huh?” Growing up. Eirik had been surrounded by animals on the land in Kattegat. Most where kept for food purposes; when they would done serving; like chickens would stop laying eggs; they were used for meat. So he knew plenty about animals and farm life. He often saw a few stray cats lurking near his shop. Being kind enough to leave out bowls of water for them. But Eirik had been pretty busy with his duties, to consider getting a pet. It was one more responsibility in his life; that he didn’t exactly time for his busy schedule. When Javier questioned him about what weapons were most popular. “I think a lot depends on people’s taste. But dual daggers and bows and arrows seem most common; at least in my shop. Some customers come to me, asking for special customized weapons if they don’t see anything to their liking.” So there was definitely plenty on offer.

As Javier remained seated, his hand relaxed around the crystal glass. He explained that he didn’t live in the castle, he much preferred his own space. ‘’Indeed, I suppose you live here?’’ He asked, his eyebrows raise slightly as he kept his hand around the glass, not that there was anything wrong with living in the castle. He particularly liked the castle, it’s just that he preferred his own space and his own bubble. As Eirik explained where he was from, he noted that in his mind. ‘’That’s pretty cool, never been there before. I was raised in Yellowstone, the forest in Wyoming.’’ He commented, as he raised the glass to his lips once again, taking a sip. ‘’So pure American here,’’ he chuckled as he added that part. 

Hearing that Evermore only has 2 weaponry stores, he wasn’t surprised at the low number. These days, there weren’t many and most had stricter laws about them due to terror attacks or illegal use of weapons. ‘’I assure it does, at least it keeps you interested in something you enjoy.’’ He shrugged his shoulders slightly as he leaned back, resting his elbow along the counter. ‘’I used to own many back in the days where I was a cowboy,’’ he murmured the last part as he wasn’t particularly proud of being one. ‘’Let’s say I had, bow and arrow, daggers, fire bottles, fire arrows, grenades… Shotguns, rifles,’’ The list would eventually keep going on if he didn’t stop himself. ‘’But I won’t name them all, but used to be quite talented with all of them.’’ He added in as he let his finger, go around the rim of the glass. 

He nodded his head as Eirik questioned about animals, growing up, he was always around horses, so naturally, it became a hobby for him in the long run. ‘’Yes. Animals, animals are interesting creatures.’’ He said as he reached up to run his fingers through his hair, before placing his hand back down. ‘’How about yourself? Any animals that you own?’’ He asked, interested to see if he does. One of his eyebrows raised slightly as he heard about the most common weapon that users buy these days and how customers can ask to get them personalized. ‘’Oh, I see. Customizing weapons was fun, especially being able to engrave into material of the weapon. You become attached to them too.’’ He said, remembering his well kept, knife he used to use when he was hunting. ‘’I guess it’s your day off today, then?’’ He asked, smiling towards him slightly as he took another sip of his drink. 

The older Valkyr nodded at his question. “Yeah, I do.” he confirmed. It’s not that he didn’t like his own space; he did. But he was always needed close for one reason or another; so hence why he resided at the Castle, like a few of the other faction members. Sometimes, it felt like a family. One big, crazy family. But being as rowdy as he sometimes got, he enjoyed the company of others; in big groups. He was used to it.“I guess, I am so used to it by now. That it doesn’t really bother me, living with so many people at once.” he said honestly. The company was good, he enjoyed it. Eirik had gathered, that Javier was pure american. The other male, didn’t seem like he was foreign. Nodding. “Yeah, I haven’t met many people that come from least, not in this day and age.” Chuckling lightly, when Javier referred to himself as pure american. “Been a while, since I’ve been to Yellowstone.” Having traveled, around. The Valkyr had been in Javier’s hometown.

“Yeah, I figured...why not make a job out of it, you know?” Since it was what he knew how to do his entire life; making a living out of making and selling weapons didn’t seem like a bad idea. Listening to the other go on about being a former cowboy. Now that caused the Viking to look more intrigued. A former Viking and Cowboy, sitting at the same table. Mhh interesting. It seemed like he knew quite a bit about weapons himself, from the way he spoke about them.

Thinking back on what everyone always said about him being busy; it got him wondering, maybe he should hire someone to help him run the store? “Say, what do you know about selling?” he asked with a slight raised eyebrow.

Eirik sipped on his other glass, whilst he listened to Javier speak. “No, I don’t have any pets. I am busy, so wouldn’t really have time for any.” he said honestly. “But, when I was little. I grew up on a farm. Viking way of life you know? So Animals been a big part of my life back then.” As he swallowed another big gulp of his drink, he nodded. “I always found it more creative. I like to keep things looking unique.” he admitted, when it came to customize weapons. Nothing ever looked the same; unless he made dual sets. When Javier asked about it being his day off, he shook his head. “I wish.” It had been a while, since he had a full day off. “I mean, I have a day off from the shop. But today, was training day with younger no, I can’t really call that a day off.” Not when he was holding classes and his students tiring him out.

Javier was never the one to be in a house that was full of people, although he didn’t mind going out to pubs and some other occasions, he just preferred to be alone more than usual. He was much more of an introvert than an extrovert. He always felt more at home when he was by himself, it didn’t mean that he didn’t like people, it was how he was raised and how his trust issues for people were quite complicated. His eyes flickered over to Eirik and a small smile lifted on his lips, shrugging his shoulders. ‘’I guess each to their own. I’m not quite used to living with people. Sure, that many years ago, I was in a gang who shared beds from time to time, if it was needed, but I just preferred my own space and my own space to do my own thing. I guess it's different for everyone.’’ He paused slightly before he added on. ‘’I’m very introverted ever since what had happened to me, even if it was years ago.’’ He explained as he took another sip of his drink. 

His eyebrows raised at the name of where the other was from, he had never been there, heck, he’s never travelled to be quite honest. ‘’That’s true.’’ A small chuckle left him as he knew that the other must have been older than he was. Since, most of the people he has met aside from Joshua and Bexley would be the only ones he knew that were older than some. A small sigh left him once he heard Yellowstone, it was a great place to live before it was turned into a National Park. ‘’Been quite sometime for me too.’’ He commented as his eyes looked over to the other, shrugging his shoulders. ‘’I guess, Evermore is growing on me.’’ He said with a light chuckle as he leaned against the bartop. ‘’Always good to keep yourself busy and always interested in something.’’ 

As the two fell silent for a moment, he looked around for another maid, another maid who was cleaning a window nearby, keeping themselves busy. He spoke up to the maid, the maid turned around and came over to him, a small smile plastered on her face. ‘’Another round, Javier?’’ The young maid asked and he nodded, giving her the glass before she turned to Eirik, ‘’and what about you, sir?’’ She asked in almost a shy way. The valkyr gave a sly smirk at the other as the maid was shy, suddenly. Eirik gave a small order to the maid before he heard the question being asked. His eyebrow propped up slightly and a small hum left his lips, thinking back to his earlier days. ‘’Well, I know a bit about selling.’’ He used to have a small market place to make some money for the gang. ‘’Not a lot but I know a little bit,’’ he said with a small chuckle, although, technology was a downfall on his part. 

Javier was always surrounded by animals and of course, he often hunted, so it was naturally his skill in life, till this day, he still knows how to skin an animal. He nodded slightly as he understood what he met. ‘’We were the same way back in those days. Animals were a way of surviving and we had to eat.’’ Even if he loved animals, killing them was another thing, however, he would never turn vegan to vegetarian. He loved his medium rare steaks and chicken. The two have at least, a couple of things in common. The maid returned with his whiskey and of course, a little bit of blood stirred in between. He thanked her before flashing a small wink as he took a grateful sip. He listened as Eirik explained what he had been up to for today, nodding in advanced. ‘’You’re quite a hard worker and dedicated for the most part,’’ he said as he thought back to where he had asked about selling. ‘’What if I helped you a couple of days a week? You seem like you have a handful to complete all tasks.’’ He said as he may have hinted about a job, because, let’s face it, he’d rather not work in a bar or pub. 

Not everyone was always sociable or liked living with a group of people. Eirik always thought, it mostly depended on how people were brought up/what they were used to. So he didn’t really blame Javier, for liking his own space. “Each to their own indeed.” he nodded in agreement. As the other Valkyr admitted to being in a gang; a slight smirked crossed his lips. “Mhh, I think we’ll get on just great.” Eirik always liked someone whom was bit more daring/dangerous like him. As a Viking; he was tough in nature, so naturally he liked someone whom was similar to him. Taking another sip of his drink. Before he set the empty glass on the table. “You mean being turned into a Valkyr?” he questioned, wondering if that was what Javier was hinting at, with the last few words as to what made him introverted. “I guess, it affects everyone differently. I was in denial, when I first I get it, in a way.”

The Viking, had sometimes surprised a few people; with his real age. Most had assumed he was younger. Maybe it was due to his rebellious/bad-boy ways. But like Gideon and Cecelia, he was one of the oldest Valkyrs in the faction. It was one of the reasons why he had seen many places/experienced a lot of things. His experiences, adding more to his wisdom. Eirik nodded with a slight chuckle. “Evermore has a habit of doing that.” he spoke, as he mentioned it grew on him. A lot of people, that had moved here; had said the same thing. Heck, He experienced the same thing himself. “I think, I’d be bored..if I didn’t keep myself busy, with what I do.” There weren’t many jobs that would appeal to the Valkyr; if he had to pick something else.

Seeing how shy the barmaid was;caused Eirik to smirk. Most women were either flustered or shy around him. “Same as before.” he slid his empty glasses over to her, for a refill. As they got their refills. Eirik picked up one of the freshly made drinks; taking a sip as he listened to Javier claim, he knew a little bit about selling. Even if a bit, it was something.

Javier indeed knew where he was coming from; having went through the same thing, when it came to animals. Eirik tried not to get too attached to the animals back then, knowing they would eventually be food. But sometimes it was hard. As he called him dedicated, he smiled with a nod. “Yeah, that I am.” He agreed. Eirik was always a hard worker. Before he could ask him, if he wanted a job at his weaponry store; Javier offered himself. Almost like he sensed where the conversation would be heading next. “That would actually be great. I could use an assistant. I usually, was too stubborn to admit it. But work keeps piling up.” he admitted, with a chuckle. “How about you come by tomorrow and I’ll show you around?” Grabbing one of the napkins and asking for a pen. Eirik wrote down the address of his weaponry store for Javier.

When he first arrived to Evermore city which was a few years ago now, he originally stayed here for a couple of weeks before he decided that he didn’t particularly like it that much, even if he loved the castle, it was something that his introverted ways, told him to do was to be independent on his own. It was rather nice of Gideon for him to allow him to stay here for at least a couple of weeks, of course, the majority of the time, he was reading what was allowed and not allowed within Evermore and the different factions and gaining knowledge from Gideon. He wouldn’t say he was the most dangerous now, but when he was younger, he was sure dangerous, with the amount of weapons he held on himself. When the other elder Valkyr mentioned he was in denial when he was turned, he agreed that he was a bit the same way. ‘’I guess, I can agree with you there. I was in denial myself but I also was in pure hatred mode where I hated everyone.’’ He shrugged his shoulders, remembering Khan’s last words before he was shot at again. 

He knew a few others were much older than himself but he didn’t mind one bit, that everyone had different opinions and knowledge after all. At least he was able to share his own story with the others. All the Valkyr’s mostly got along after all, there hadn’t been any dramas as of late. With a small nod, the maid returned with two refreshments and placed them on the countertops as he listened to the other valkyr that he would very much be bored if he didn’t have the shop. ‘’I’m the same way,’’ he chuckled as he admitted he’d be rather bored if he didn’t have the volunteer job he had. Taking a sip from the new refreshment that was made, a small noise left him as he placed it back down. ‘’It’s good to know that people are quite dedicated to their jobs. Some people these days, don’t really care.’’ He said, not really mentioning any names of course. He mentioned that he did a bit of selling back in the day, but really, he robbed most stores, gained cash from train robberies and so forth. 

As the two conversed over the store, Javier became rather interested about it, as he is running low on money and he needed something to do other than his part time volunteer job. A small smile lifted upon his lips as he heard Eirik, he nodded as he heard that his work was piling up. ‘’That’s alright, we can share between ourselves the workload, from there, we’ll figure out the schedule.’’ He suggested before he mentioned the tour of the shop, a small hum left his lips before he nodded. ‘’Yes, tomorrow is fine. We can definitely do that.’’ He watched as the other grabbed the napkin from the napkin pile, then wrote down the address. ‘’Great. What time would the tour be?’’ He asked, thinking of a better time. Morning perhaps. ‘’How about in the morning?’’ He mentioned, thinking that the shop might be busier in the afternoons or if Eirik needed a hand, he could easily show him around how the shop works, his eyes flickered over to the napkin once Eirik was finished writing the address down, grabbing his mobile phone from his pocket, he quickly went to the contacts on the screen before handing it over to him. ‘’Pop your number in, so I have a way to contact you.’’ He mentioned with a soft smile. 

Despite his centuries of travelling; Evermore was one of the places, he could truly consider a home. Living here for a long time; he had almost forgotten how long he had been in the city. When he needed time for himself; he had left for a while. Seen a bit more of the world. But all in all, remained loyal to Gideon and the faction. As Javier mentioned he had been in hatred mode. It seemed like the younger Valkyr also had some struggles; when he was first changed. It brought back memories, of his blood addiction in his young/starting days as a Valkyr. “Guess, we both overcame some struggles during our early stages.”

The former Viking, hated boredom. Having been used to a busy/full life. It wasn’t something, that he was particularly used to. He’d probably go out of his mind; if he didn’t have the store to take care off. He nodded. “Yeah, I suppose not everyone has the drive and passion, to be dedicated to their jobs.” He wasn’t sure, if the younger generation, just couldn’t find the drive and passion. Not all of them of course; but quite a lot of people. 

With a nod. Eirik looked towards his fellow Valkyr and new found friend. “Yeah, I suppose it might take a while, to suss out the schedule.” But they’d work around their schedules/things that needed to be done eventually. As he asked what time. Eirik tried to think of his schedule for that day. “I actually have a few costumers, I am supposed to meet in the morning.Picking up an order and such. But how about 11am? I am free then.” Until 11, Eirik had some work he needed to attend to. As he had appointments with costumers.  When he handed his phone over to him. Taking the piece of technology in his hand. Eirik typed in his phone number; before saving it under the nickname Rik. “There you go.” he returned his phone, with a smile. Before taking a few swings of his drink.

Evermore was starting to feel like home even if he was still adjusting to a few things in the city. Normally, he would travel more and go to different places, but instead, he stayed in this city and was going to live here as long as possible. Most Valkyries definitely struggled when they first got turned due to their bloodlust and hunting ways where they are unable to control until it becomes easier over time and practice. ‘’Yeah, I suppose we did.’’ He commented softly as he sipped his drink once more as he rested his back against the chair. Javier always liked to keep busy himself, he didn’t like boredom and hopefully if he takes on this job, he’d become more useful and able to use his skills that he hasn’t done for many years. 

He nodded slightly as he heard the other regarding about his passion towards the store. It was nice to see. ‘’I guess, some people have to take the job if there are no other opportunities and that passion slowly goes off.’’ He understood that some people felt like that because it has taken himself a few years to find something he puts his passion into. Quite a lot of people just didn’t have that same passion people once had centuries ago. He shrugged his shoulders slightly before he looked over to the other Valkyr, a small smile grazing on his lips. ‘’We’ll work out it for sure.’’ He reassured the other, knowing he didn’t mind at all when the two worked out a schedule, at least, he was able to work somewhere. 

His hand reached up to reach the back of his head to scratch it slightly as he heard the other say regarding about the time and how he had a couple of customers before hand. He nodded slightly as he made a mental note, ‘’of course, no worries. I’ll be there around 11. Do I need to bring anything?’’ He asked, regarding if he needs a CV, cover letters, anything else that people need for a job these days. ‘’Or just bring my good looks?’’ He joked, a smirk lifting on his lips slightly. 


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