After last night, Seraphina felt so happy to have a reunion with one of her first friends in Evermore. Elle has been with her ever since what happened. Now, Elle is back she couldn't say no to hanging out. Walking up as she stretched her arms along with opening her eyes and sighed. Sera knew to stay in the comfort of her warm blankets would be missing the day is about to come. The kitsune got out to take a shower and get dressed. Getting into her long sleeve shirt and her jacket along with her blue jeans and boots.   

Looking at the time which read 9:59, she knew in an hour she will be picked up. It made her feel bad she can't practice this morning or nothing for the whole day knowing she does not like the night due to someone has been watching her and somewhat following her. 

Sera didn't know how to be a normal girl in the morning so she thought to go into her room and listen to music. She has been making a playlist for Sariah since the last time she got to see the blonde when they went on their shopping day. The kitsune wanted to get to know her father's girlfriend and try to be open to more people who found Seraphina to enjoy herself around the other. Learning about herself and what new things she never knew she would like.  

When 11 slowly approached, the kitsune got herself ready as for the first time she put on a necklace. Sera smiled to herself in the mirror really want to show herself in a different way. Hearing her notification tone telling her a text message come in, her brown eyes read it's from Elle outside her house.   Walking down to see her father on the phone waving at him to tell him she will be heading out he smiled and nodded as he kept talking to, however. Getting her keys in her bag she closed the door and waved at Elle walking to her car and get in. "How you been having a good morning." She didn't know what they are planning to do today so this will be an adventure for Seraphina. 

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The next morning; didn’t go according to plan like Elle-Mae would have hoped. There seemed to be bit of a weather change and traffic congestion, that would make her late. So they changed the meeting time to 11am instead. Of course, leave it to bad weather to always slow things down. But that was part of the charms of living in Evermore. Sometimes, the weather could get in the way. Granted, it didn’t stop her looking forward to catching up with Seraphina some more. Elle-Mae, never had a sister. Just two brothers. So in a way, Elle was like a younger sister to her. As the elder Therian, had a tendency to look out for her.

After getting herself ready that morning; Elle had made sure to confirm the late night booking she placed after the party, for the spa; in the afternoon. She figured, it’d be a nice surprise for Seraphina. For them to get some pampering time.

As she headed out of her apartment; she had grabbed her coat and purse. Before getting into her car and heading over to Seraphina’s home. With the traffic, it had taken a little longer than it usually would. On the way there. She had made sure to stop by the bakery. Just in case Sera would be feeling a bit peckish. Elle-Mae had brought a few baked goodies including Pain-Au-Chocolat. Aswell as some coffee. By the time she came back with everything. The traffic seemed to have eased away in that particular part of town and she carried on with her journey. Getting to Sera’s place, just before 11. She texted her. ‘Hey, I am outside waiting for you. E :)’

It didn’t take long for Seraphina, to head out of the house and join Elle-Mae in her car. She smiled softly. “Hey, sorry about getting here bit later than originally planned. Traffic wasn’t so friendly this morning.” Giving her an apologetic smile. Elle couldn’t help but notice the necklace she had around her neck. She didn’t recall ever seeing it on her. “That’s a pretty Necklace, is it new?” she asked. “If you’re feeling a bit hungry. I brought some things from the bakery and a coffee.” Elle gestured to the bag and two cups of coffee in the holder. Starting the car again. Elle-Mae pulled away from the house and onto the road; heading towards the city center.

Taking her own cup from the holder; she took a sip of her coffee. “Did you have a good night sleep?”

"Oh, it's no problem just doing things for my father's girlfriend. Well, she likes some songs I been playing and I thought to make her a playlist. Well, I am making two might be three who know how many would come out." Seraphia said putting the seat belt on. The kitsune looked at another female when she brought up her necklace. Her hand brought up on lay on her necklace and smile. "Thank you, I bought it a long time ago. I really wanted to wear something a normal girl would wear," she said with a light laugh. 

Sera smiled as she put her phone on silent does not want to be rude to hear anything now she is with someone. "Yeah, the night was peaceful and easy to sleep. How was yours?" Seraphina asked. it was the first night after a long time since she had no had any Night terrors which would make her and another blonde male happy. Having a stranger see what happened to her dead mother did no make her uncomfortable at all. 

"So, what are we doing today? I am guessing we will be doing girl stuff. If so then good thing since being overdue for many years. Something has to change." She said smiling knowing she can't be a full-time hunter anymore it's time for her to find her place and live. The kitsune had her shopping trip with Sariah as it went well finding new things about herself even he didn't know about which is a good thing. 

Here's so a new journey of self-discoveries knowing soon she will be visiting The Evermore College to get a tour along with to see what she is looking at. Ever since talking with Sariah about Science and how much the kitsune loves the subject she has been thinking about trying out a science course. Who knows it might be her calling more than singing or being a hunter who has no intention in killing or hurting everyone. 

“Oh?” Elle smiled softly, looking pleasantly surprised. It was sweet of Seraphina, to pull together a playlist for her father’s girlfriend “What kind of music, are you putting together for her?” she asked, feeling curious. Elle laughed lightly, as Elle debated about how many playlists it would turn into. “I am sure, you’ll find out once you finish.” Elle gave her a soft smile, as she spoke about the necklace. “Well, it certainly suits you well.” It was a good match with her complexion.

As Elle began to drive, she nodded. “I had a pretty calm night too.” She spent a bit of time, texting her elder brother; as he was checking up on her. But otherwise; she spent the rest of the night asleep; to be ready for today.

Her question was to be expected. As Elle took another sip of her coffee; she eventually set it back into the cup holder, that was between their seats. “Well, I thought we could head for a little shopping trip. There’s a new boutique open in town, along with getting our nails done. Or hair, if you’re feeling up for it.” Elle could use a new hairstyle. She’s had hers for a long while. It was getting old.“Then I booked us a spa session in the afternoon.” Hopefully, it would be something that Sera would enjoy, and find it relaxing. But it was also a good thing, to see Seraphina so up for having a girly day out. It’d do them both some good; as it’s been a while, since she had enjoyed herself with a friend.

“I hope your dad, doesn’t mind me stealing you away for the day.” she joked.

Seraphina didn't really like to talk about her family's business unless it's come up in a conversation. "Well going by what she said, am putting a song that fits around her job, home and relaxing with a little upbeat tone. Like I said it might be more than one playlist so right now am looking for the right songs" it made things easier to the kitsune knowing Sariah said she liked what Sera played. "I never wore it before so am happy it suits me well. 

As the car moved, Seraphina relaxed herself listening to the other that planned the whole day. It looks like she got her to wish for doing what girls do every day. "I think a change in my hair might make me more confident," Seraphina said looking at her hair wondering if blonde would look good in her hair.  Like not, all blonde but have some. "Should I go for blonde or cut it short?" she asked about her hair.   'Am up for anything, I never had my nails done ever along with the spa do take this as a success." Sera said with a smile knowing that is probably what the other wanted today to be. Who knows she might scare Marco in a good way for her to look different then what he is used to. 

"I think my dad would love to thank you for taking me on a girl day out," Sarpahina said with a laugh. Only Sariah had gotten her out of the house to hangout. Now due to reasons for someone to be following her, it might be safer to be with someone else just walking around if she does feel it Serphina won't hide it from Elle knowing them together would be a bad idea to mess with. "So what is new with you? Anything worth sharing?" she asked. 

Elle-Mae nodded slightly, as she explained what sort of music she was trying to compile for Sariah. “Well, I know you have good taste in music; so I am sure you’ll figure something out.” she assured her with a smile.It half surprised her, that Seraphina hadn’t worn that necklace before. “Really? That’s a should wear it more often.” She thought it really suited her. After all, what good would it do for it to be sitting in Sera’ jewellery box untouched?

Hearing her question. Elle glanced over her hair for a few moments. Trying to envision Sera with a different style that might suit her. “Mhh, I quite think that blonde highlights in your hair would look nice. Although,I am sure you’d also look good with shorter hair, if you wanted to go that way.” But it was up to Sera of course. Elle was considering going blonde. She had been blonde a few times before; and it always suited her. Having had red hair for ages; she felt like she needed a bit of a change.

Okay, maybe she was right. Her dad would probably be thankful, that Elle had taken Sera out on a girly day out. “Maybe you’re right there.” She just knew, her dad was protective. But Sera was safe with her. Besides Elle could handle her own; if someone was threatening her.

For a few moments, she couldn’t help but think about her question. Anything worth sharing? Her life, hadn’t been that exciting really, the last few months. “I finally met the Lycan Alpha Harper. Since I am staying in Evermore on a permanent basis. I finally joined a pack.” Elle said smiling. Before she slightly pulled at her clothes; revealing her right shoulder. There was a beautiful pack tattoo, etched into her skin. But something else did pop into mind. “You know that old mansion, we would always look at and admire?” Hopefully Sera would know what house she was talking about. It was just on the outskirts of the Therian Territory. “Someone actually brought it finally.” Elle still had yet to get to know the new owner of the mansion. But looks like, they had a new neighbour. 

Sera smiled as she unlocked her phone to her music. 'Do you mind if I put something on?" she asked knowing no one likes a quiet car ride. the kitsune really wanted to get into her girl side more than her tomboy but balancing that will be a new adjustment to get used to. Seraphina looked at the redhead as she smiled and nodded. "Thank you. I am trying to be normal." maybe she should wear things like her necklace more often. 

Looking at her hair and then to Elle. "I am not sure what I should go with." The kitsune knew she had to sit there to think about it.  Thinking about if she went short her neck will love her along with it will be refreshing to see something new, if she went with blonde it would be adding to her long hair as much as it will be a little change it might not be what she is looking for. "I might go with the short hair and let it grow out again. It might need a trim due to split ends." Sera has not cut it since High School which was a trying time for her. it was time for a chance. Something big. 

She could not help but laugh knowing her dad would be looking around to see the note she is out with a friend who is not a boy. Sera does not want to know what he will do if she never brought a boy home. Time will tell until then she is not going to think about that.

Hearing Elle joined the pack made her smile, "Welcome officially." she said. When the mansion was brought up Sera nodded, how could she forget what about. It so huge, beautiful and a lot of history. "Oh really?" she asked never knowing anything about it. " I wonder who had that kind of money to buy something like that," Seraphina said looking down at her phone for a moment.  "So many new faces have been moving in, I can't keep up half that time." She said with a sigh closing her phone laying it on her lep. 

As Sera questioned if she could put something on, she nodded. “Of course go ahead. Or feel free to look through my cd selection, in the glove compartment.” she gestured over to the glove compartment, which was on Seraphina’s side of the car. Music would make the trip a little bit more fun. That was for sure. “Aww, you are normal. I mean, aside from the whole supernatural thing...but we’re in the same boat. Just because you like certain things...doesn’t make you abnormal.” she assured her. That was like her love for Karate. It didn’t mean her abnormal. Elle was probably a bit more in touch with her feminine side and less tom-boyish than Seraphina. But that didn’t mean being a tom-boy was bad.

Focusing on the road. They soon hit some more traffic at the red lights. Stopping; Elle’s car was in one of the lanes; waiting for the traffic to disperse. It seemed like Evermore was indeed busy during these hours. It could be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. “If you’re not sure. The hairdresser can always help you decide.” she assured her. They usually had variety magazines to see what hairstyle would inspire their costumers.  But Sera didn’t need to decide right now. As Sera mentioned going short. She nodded smiling. “I think it’d look cute on you.” And it’d probably do her hair some good, getting a good trim. If she didn’t like it...her hair would grow back. So it wasn’t the end of the world.

When she welcomed her officially. It made the elder female smile. “Well, thank you. It feels quite good actually. I admit I was a nervous wreck, when I found my Pack’s Alpha.” she rambled a lot, when she first met Harper. Maybe cause she wasn’t used to being in a pack before. But all that changed. She then nodded her head. “I’ve always wondered the same thing. The new owner must be really rich though, if he could afford it.” She had briefly met Jay. But she didn’t know just how entitled he was, to have brought the mansion. “Yeah. I suppose Evermore, has a way of calling out to new-comers and what not.”  Since they were still stuck in traffic. Elle carried on sipping on her coffee.

The kitsune smiled as she looked thought everything along with pulling her phone. Sera put on this song as she laid back in the seat. Seraphina sighed knowing the other is right but something inside her is missing and she does not know how to tell someone. "I guess. I never giving that part of me to come out and be a girl you know. it's not attractive to walk around with a bow and arrow or a crossbow and call that lady like." Seraphina said with a sigh. She did miss the ladylike days where she can relax and do what girls do these days. 

"How do you even be feminine?" Seraphina asked knowing she does not know the answer herself. Being yourself is what everyone tells each other but what if you want to change things about yourself and you don't know how to explain why. Hearing the redhead say about her getting short hair Seraphina did some thinking about it, it will go nicely with a new look on her as it will give her hair time to be healthy. "Maybe I will cut it. It will get time to adjust it so why not?" 

The kitsune smiled, it must be for the first time something like that is a big decision. "A he?" she repeated. Seraphina could care less about someone being rich but someone to but mansion that's a lot of moment to prepare everything back how it used to be. "Well good luck to him. He has a long way to go." Seraphina said looking at her nails wondering what she can do to them. "What color should I request?" Sera asked knowing there were stuck in traffic. Her brown eyes looked around with a sigh. "This must be what Sariah told me. The day she came over she didn't want to fight the traffic." 

As Seraphina picked out a song;it wasn’t one that she heard before. Or, at least she didn’t think it sounded familiar to her. Sipping on her coffee. “Well, I wouldn’t recommend going out like that on a date, or when going shopping.” she joked. But gave Seraphina a soft smile. “But it’s suitable, if you’re out in the woods or training, I suppose.”

Hearing her question, about being feminine. “Well, it’s to do with personality traits. Which I say, you have a lot of them; like compassion, loving, sensitive, ect. But also the clothes you wear, help make you feel more feminine; like dresses, or skirts...or wearing something nice like the necklace you are.” She gestured to the pretty trinket around her neck. But also today, might help her tap into her feminine side, with the activities they would be doing on their girls day out. It would be good for Sera and her hair, to have a bit of a change.The elder female,didn’t recall ever seeing Seraphina with a different hair style before. So it’d be a new thing for her too, since everyone was used to Sera’s current hair style.

Elle nodded. “Yeah, his name is Jay. He seems pretty nice. I haven’t really spoken that much to him yet.”But that was their new neighbor so to speak. “I agree, if he wants to fix up the mansion, then he’s got his work cut out for him.” As she was sure, it needed some maintenance and fixing. But if he could afford it...good on him. As it’d probably be too expensive for any of them. Sipping on her coffee. Elle thought about her question. “Mhh, maybe Teal or Magenta?” she suggested, knowing those were nice colors. “Or, you could add in some sparkle and little design onto a nail or two, just to make it stand out.” She suggested. “Depends how bold you are feeling, I suppose.” As she commented on the traffic, she nodded. “Yeah,it can be a nightmare sometimes.” She agreed with a slight laugh. Slowly the traffic eased off after a few moments and the car began to move once more, as Elle found a way out of the traffic through some lanes, coming out in front of the traffic line; from the left side. Which cut them a lot of time, than carrying on being stuck in traffic.

When the other talked about dating, Seraphina sighed to herself. She should not be shocked for her to hear that it’s common for girls to talk about those types of things. “I don’t think am a good person to going on a date with really. I mean what could you even do or say on one?” she asked wondering. Nothing in her life was something the other wouldn’t want to hear it’s all said and nothing that will brighten up the mood. “I mean you’re not wrong,” she said with a smile. Maybe Seraphina didn’t know herself enough for her to love herself and hold a conversation or she has not made a lot of new memories.

When Elle talked and answered her question, Sera sighed with a nodded. Could the kitsune even show that side of herself as confident as other girls can? Sera does not want to compare herself to others due to there is no point in doing so. Maybe today like it saw when she and Sariah went out to have girl time she can change into someone new. Sariah helped her get into new styles and a lot where fashion she never thought she would get into. At least Seraphina this time around would not be that hopeless and can say she likes that or she didn’t like that thanks to Sariah. Seraphina will never forget that day and hopes someday they can do it again. She might scare the blonde in seeing a new Seraphinaknowing that will happen when her father and brother see her when she gets back to the house after today.  

Hearing the male’s name Seraphina nodded knowing if he had the money he can fix it with no problem. Looking at her nails Seraphina wanted to see what she can see on her since it will be a forever thing for a while. “I do like teal,” Seraphina said nodded. “It reminded me of water since am a water sign so it will make sense. I might have found my favorite color,” she said with a little giggle. “I guess I have to see what they can offer,” she said as she looked at the traffic. “I know when I and my father’s girlfriend left my house a few seconds after she got there. I don’t remember the rime but she hit great timing before it started to get packed. Knowing the ends and out might be good for planning?” she asked wondering if he made sense.

“You can’t be that bad.” Elle said softly, hearing what Seraphina said about dating. Just because she lacked experience, didn’t mean she’d be bad at it. “Well the purpose of a date, is to get to know someone else, have a bit of fun if you do something like bowling, or enjoy a movie.” Making new memories really. It seemed like Sera needed that. Just like she needed this girly day out. “If the date doesn’t work out, at least you always made a new friend.” Not everyone was compatible on a romantic level, but sometimes they enjoyed the company enough, to be friends after a date.

Elle could tell that Sera was judging herself. It probably wasn’t a good thing. But a lot of females did that, for one reason or another. “Just believe in yourself Sera. You shouldn’t keep bringing yourself’s alright to be different.” Elle told her. She shouldn’t let that stop her, just because she wasn’t like the typical female. There was no right or wrong way, to be. Just be yourself, was the advice she had always gotten. And, it was true. What use was there, in trying to be someone else? None. If Elle could find ways to help Sera’s self esteem. She would try. But really it was up to the young Kitsune to do the rest.

It seemed like Sera found a color she had a liking for. “I think, Teal would suit you.” Elle smiled. It was a pretty good thing to be reminded off. Fitting. As Elle made her way through the different streets in the centre, dogging the traffic. Elle nodded at what Sera said about knowing the in’s and outs. “That’s why, I went through the allyways, to avoid the traffic and get ahead.” Otherwise, they’d be stuck in traffic.

With them ahead of the traffic now, the way in front seemed to be less hectic. Driving back onto the main road; Elle headed towards their destination. After a while, they came close to the head-dressers/nail salon. Parking the car, in one of the small car park outside of the beauty facility.

The kitsune looked at the other like you really want to say that. She was too socially awkward, I guess she needed someone who is extroverted someone who will make her get out of her comfortable bubble. I guess that’s why he and Sariah clicked when they both finally talked to each other. “I had a date, he was really nice and sweet. Any girl’s dream guy but he felt like a mirror to myself which is great I mean someone can understand me but I guess he was not the fit for myself.” Seraphina said in truth looking down at her phone. She loved her first date she would never want anyone else but Marco’s to show her what a date really looks like and how everything worked. She will always be grateful to him. “I can see where you’re coming from. I guess I am just out of practice with me talking. I made the mistake to talk about my dead mother. It was so bad I cringe now thinking about it.”

Seraphina could only guess she other is right, it does not help her judge that is not loving yourself. ‘Your right am sorry. I just don’t know how to work with the world anymore. I need to work on myself and get better before going on another date. It will be forever before the right one will come. Maybe she is getting scared over nothing or there was no connection for her to feel the emotion. “That is very smart. Sariah told me the center is hard to get around. It reminds me of California, in Los Angles, I hear it hard to move around during some times of the day and it’s like every day. “ 

As they got to where they plan to go, Sera looked out the window feeling different about things.”Oh yeah, Yeap this is so new to me.” she said out loud not meaning to. She has to make the first steps to a new change like Sariah once told her to start small and work your way up to the change. I mean sure she will hate the nails after since she does a lot of stuff with her hands and it would limit her but that will be her problem later. ‘What are you going to get?” she asked wondering if the other choice will calm her down.

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