Train, train, and train some more. That was Adam’s motto when it came to controlling his earth element. When it came to his water element, he had a teacher to help him learn control, but now he had to do it alone; and he felt confident that he could. Leaving the restaurant in the capable hands of his employees, the young Initia decided to take the day to practice his Earth element a little more. Getting out of bed early in the morning was a routine for him. Wake up early, get something to eat, burn some calories with a run, and then shower before work; however that routine wasn’t going to work for him today. Getting out of bed, he walked over to his closet to decide on an outfit for the day’s activities.

Dressing himself in a pair of black pants, and a white t-shirt; he made his way to the kitchen. Adam was quite the cook, and his kitchen was the pride of his house. He always made sure to have a variety of foods, and cooking supplies in the house, and was always working on new recipes. After cooking himself some bacon and eggs, he cleaned up the kitchen area, and placed the dishes in the dishwasher. Looking at the clock on the kitchen wall, he noticed the time read roughly 8:30 AM. This early in the morning, it should be rather safe to practice his Earth element without disturbing anyone, but he decided against practicing in the Initia community and headed towards the woods in his truck.

Once at the woods, he turned on his 4-wheel drive and went off road through the forested area. He made sure to go slowly so that he wouldn’t damage his truck, and when he found a clearing that was a considerable distance from any houses, he parked his truck and climbed out. Once he stepped out into the clearing, he removed his black and white jacket and put it in the truck along with his belongings, the only things he kept out were the watch on his right wrist, and his cell phone in case of an emergency at work. Taking a deep breath, he accessed his Earth element, his eyes turning a vivid green. With his element tapped, he began by attempting to manipulate the Earth into a stone baseball bat, followed by creating faux baseballs with the ground. He planned to test his control over the element, as well as his increased strength in one shot. The control would be forming the bat and the balls, and his strength test would be seeing how far he could hit the faux baseballs.

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The clock read 5:30 AM when the shocking and loud beeping began on his phone which was resting beneath the pillow which was under his head. Grabbing his phone he slowly opening his eyes in the darkness his phone screen the only source of light. Turning off the alarm he slowly sat up in bed stretching his limbs above his head a small grunt falling from his lips. It was still hours before he really needed to do anything but he liked to wake up early since that was how his body was now conditioned from the Air Force and sticking to that routine. Throwing the sheets off his body he headed towards the kitchen running a hand through his sleep tousled hair, he really needed to get a hair cut.

Reaching the kitchen the coffee pot was already brewing since it was set on a timer. Opening the fridge he grabbed the carton of eggs and heated up the skillet, creaking a few open he put salt and pepper on them before flipping and plating them. Making a fruit parfait with some strawberries, blueberries, granola and Greek yogurt he sat down with a cup of coffee and began to eat. Most wouldn't peg him for the parfait kind of guy but he liked to start his morning right, with protein, caffeine and good sugars. Finishing up he cleaned up the kitchen and made sure everything was put away since he was far more organized at home that he was at any of his jobs but that just seemed to make his life easier and minimize unnecessary stress. 

Once the kitchen was clean to his standards he headed back to his room and changed into a pair of sweat pants, Star Wars shirt and Air Force hooded sweatshirt with once white Adidas on his feet. Grabbing his bluetooth head phones he laid the cord around his neck, grabbed his phone, keys and wallet before heading out to his Subaru. There were bottles of water in a case in the back so he wasn't too worried about that and he worked out in the same area every morning so he didn't need anything else. The woods were normally quiet and empty at this hour since most normal people liked to sleep in, Carter wasn't normal though.

Reaching the normal entrance to the woods that he used almost every morning he got out of the Subaru and dropped the back hatch. Stretching he warmed up his muscles knowing how bad it hurt to pull one from his experience on the high school football team. Once he was sure he was ready he put his headphones into his ears, turned on Pandora to the Placebo station, grabbed a bottle of water, slammed down the hatch and jogged off into the woods. Carter was rocking out to the sounds of Battle for the Sun as he leaped over a fallen tree trunk since he never stuck to the paths and the woods itself made you pay attention so you didn't injury yourself. Slowing there seemed to be a rumbling from the ground as it shock a little. Reaching up he pushed the pause button on his headset listening. Following the vibration he stopped at the edge of a clearing watching an obvious Initia practicing an element, he tried to stay as silent as possible but when his foot shifted a branch snapped beneath his sneaker.

Each time that he created a new faux baseball, the ground shook beneath his feet, and every time that he swung the bat, a loud crack echoed through the woods as he connected with the faux baseballs. His control seemed to be improving the more he used his element, though he was sure there were some hidden secrets that he didn’t know about his second elemental gift. His primary element of water held much more variety in ways that it could be used, but he also had a teacher when he got that element. If he could find a teacher in the Initia territory, then perhaps he would be able to learn more about the variety of ways he could use the element.

As he continued to use his element, he started to feel the energy draining from him, a side-effect of using his powers so much he figured. However, that wasn’t going to stop him from training, he’d train until he felt weak enough that he needed to stop. It wasn’t exactly a safe thing to do, but if he pushed himself to his limits multiple times, then maybe he could eventually push past those limits. Just then, the sound of a branch snapping captured his attention and he turned around a bit fast. His eyes turning back to their normal dark brown hue, and the earthen baseball bat, along with the floating baseball, sank back into the earth. He had been caught practicing, and he didn’t know what that would mean. “Umm… I Umm…” he spoke with a stammer. He was speechless, he was supposed to be careful when using his elemental gifts, some people didn’t know of the supernatural and they intended to keep it that way for as long as possible.

“Who are you?” he finally spoke. He kept his distance, just in case the person now in front of him was hostile. Adam knew not to judge a book by its cover in the city of Evermore. While this person looked like a normal human, they could be anything from a vampire to an angel, and contain powers that he wasn’t sure about.

Being so close to the solo baseball game played by crafted earth was like having lightning strike nearby, the rumble of thunder deafening. It wasn’t thunder it was just the sound of earth clashing against earth. The Initia seemed to have impressive control over his element but Carter could see a few little blips of a struggle for control the baseball sized spheres of earth not as tight packed as they should be. This was practice which meant the Initia didn’t have full control of this element so it wasn’t his primary.    

Strange the little bits of information you were able to pick up from working with the Organization. Most of the species were friendly to humans since there was a peace treaty in affect but it hadn’t always been that way. A lot of humans had been caught in the struggle between the Initia and Phoenix but neither side had intentionally hurt them. At the branch snapping under his foot the Initia looked towards him the baseball and bat returning to the earth. The man stuttered and Carter could see that he was trying to come up with some sort of excuse or explanation but he didn’t need one.

“Seems like I should be asking that question since I found you practicing elements in the woods.” Carter was going to have to write up a report about this later so it was best he gain as much information now as he could. “Carter Nichols and lost soul of a Initia, who are you?”

Adam had been caught red handed, and there was no talking his way out of this one. All he could do at this point was tell the truth and hope for the best possible outcome. As he heard the male’s introduction, it was clear that he knew about the supernatural, and he also seemed to hold a sense of authority within his tone. After finding out that he did in fact know about the supernatural, Adam took a deep breath and let himself relax a little more. He had been worried if the male was human with no knowledge of the supernatural, and therefore have to explain much more to them. With them knowing about the supernatural, he wasn’t going to have much explaining to do since it was quite obvious he was there training.

“My name’s Adam Lee” he stated as he walked towards the male. If they were going to have any conversation now, it would require a proper introduction. As he approached the male, he held his hand out in a greeting. “Seems as though you know what I am just from witnessing what I was just doing. So what does that make you? Friend or foe?” he questioned curiously as he awaited the male’s reaction, his hand remaining out as he let a smile adorn his features. As long as they knew about the supernatural, it wasn’t a far jump to know what he was after watching the earth element baseball game, and it was best to ask straight up what the other male was so that he could better understand the situation he had gotten himself into.

It wasn't normal to see an Inita practicing so openly, not that most people we're usually out here at this hour but it was still unusual. Carter's deduction was that he was younger and coming into the element of Earth which was why he was out here. From the moment of learning about the Inita the idea of control over elements had fascinated him. The amount of mental and physical control it must take to be able to bend an element to you will was mind blowing since Earth, fire, water and air were all elements which could cause catastrophic destruction.

"Good to meet you Adam." He spoke while shaking the other man's hand still feeling a little leery. It wasn't anything against Adam it was just one never knew what to expect when meeting a supernatural being. "It makes me curious. You can't be friend or foe without knowing a person. I don't believe so anyway." The question made sense, the Inita had been in a war for centuries and had every reason to question those who knew what they were. "I'm just human and not looking for a fight." His stance was open and friendly to a point.

The male held a valid point to some extent. It was difficult to decide whether one was friend or foe at first glance, it did require getting to know someone a little better at least. However there was also the fact that some species held grudges, despite the peace treaty that was signed to keep Evermore a peaceful city for all species. “Well with that answer, I think it’s safe to say you’re a friend…” he began with a slight pause, “for now” he continued as he looked at the male. Until he was given a reason to consider this male an enemy, he would give him the benefit of the doubt and accept him as a friendly.

“Well I’m glad you aren’t looking for a fight. My energy isn’t at full capacity after my training session just now” he stated with a slight laugh. “You’re human, you know of the supernatural, and yet you don’t seem to be afraid of the powers I wield?” he stated in an almost questionative tone. He done well to hide his powers from humans ever since the two accidents that occurred during the arrival of both of his elements. Two people close to him had perished because of his elements unlocking, and he swore to himself to train until he was sure that it would never happen again.

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