The night crept in slowly as always, drawn out in a painfully slow manner every evening of summer and Riley constantly found herself laying beside the fire which she lit within the abandoned cabin which was deep in the belly of The Forest. Her fingers drummed down against her stomach as she contemplated her next move; she had moved to this city as she heard it was welcoming to those of Supernatural heritage yet Riley couldn’t help but feel insecure about her decision to come here - maybe remaining a wolf and a loner would’ve been easier for her. She had no proper clothes, no home and certainly no money; she wasn’t the ideal candidate for an employer to hire her; hell, she was never even taught the mannerisms of civilisation. A frustrated growl rumbled within her stomach as she rolled on her side, her dark gaze watching the enticing, flickering flame which eventually sent her tensed and sore, human body into a deep slumber. Once she succumbed to the darkness, Riley was welcomed by her haunting past; a memory which took great pleasure in taunting her subconscious. The images came to her in flashes, the sound of her snapping her brothers neck repeated on a continuous loop as if it was the soundtrack to her life; her toned body thrashed against the wooden floor for what seemed like a lifetime before she bolted upright, sweat beading and running down her body.

The weak morning sun filtered through the tattered curtains, and despite being traumatised again from her slumber, she decided she needed to get herself together; and the first stop would be to get more clothes. Riley walked and walked, she hadn’t realised how deep within the belly of The Forest the cabin truly was, it was so deep that she began to leave markings on a few trees to help guide back to her temporary home; after what seemed like a good hour of running and the odd walk, she finally came across a very small home. The day had barely broken and the curtains were still drawn which gave her a good indication that she wouldn’t get caught with what she was going to do; and even if she did, she knew her legs could carry her quick enough to get away from the victim. Riley tilted her head upwards to allow her to take a rather deep inhale to get a good sniff on the scents which were lingering in the air; with a quirked brow, it seemed it was only one female, living alone. “Easy pickings” The young wolf grinned and suspiciously walked around the house until she came into view of the fine line which clothes seemed to have hung from. The pads of her fingers ran along the fine cloth and she couldn’t help but quirk a brow; whoever lived here definitely had expensive taste, hell, Riley could even smell that on the fabric. With an innocent whistle, she plucked some items of clothing from the washing line as if they were petals on a flower and tucked them under her arm before attempting her escape.

Riley glanced at the washing line once more, making sure she didn’t need anything else before turning on her heels to dash out of sight; as she was running, she could hear stirring within the walls which made her glance backwards to make sure no one had peeked out the windows. Not seeing anyone, she turned back to face the direction she was going, only for her clumsiness to take over - she had found herself headbutting a series of branches and a bush. “Ow! Ugh! Why?!” Riley grunted as she swatted the branches away to go back into the comfort of the shadows and back to the track where she left the markings to get back to the safety of the cabin.

Hours seemed to have passed, she spent the rest of the day rummaging through the cupboards to see what the old occupier had left; and to her surprise, the individual had left quite a few tinned foods which to Riley, would taste like absolute heaven. The tinned goods would certainly taste better than the scraps that some restaurants left behind. She devoured the food until the sun went down again and darkness engulfed the city; anxiety began to stir within her bones - she had never entered the city before, and because of that, she wasn’t entirely sure what she should be expecting. Riley shrugged on the clothing that she had stolen earlier in the day and was impressed that they hugged her figure well; yet she couldn’t help but huff as she looked down her body, she hated that she wore down her previous pair of trainers. “Lets do this” She attempted to cheer enthusiastically to spur herself on, and push her out of the door and out of her comfort zone. “To the city!”

The city lights continued to illuminate the skyline as her bare feet stepped on the concrete; the strange sensation of a hardened floor caused her to hiss under breath and jump up a little. “I do not like this” She muttered to herself before glancing around to see just how busy the streets were; and much to her delight, they were pretty abandoned. Riley carried her petite figure through the back alleys of the streets to avoid any late night shoppers until she came across a shop with the door clearly opened. “Ir was like someone wants me to take some shoes!” She grinned and snuck through the door, with of course, bumping her elbow on the door frame which caused her to cuss under her breath. Now, Riley had no idea when it came to fashion or anything alike, so when she saw the rows of shoes, her chocolate hues widened with confusion.

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Strange things were happening all around her, most that she couldn't explain. Just the constant feeling that something is not right, she couldn’t put her finger on it. All the questions she had stored up wanting to ask her ‘cousin’  when first coming to Evermore was back on her mind. Coming to a dead end for her search of her cousin, not wanting to be one to go out and search for him. He can be the one to go and find her again this time she’d be more willing. It was just all the little things she noticed happening all around,  questioning her sanity. Kaelyn just need to figure it all out on her own, however long it would take. Gathering information came easy to her, it came with her occupation and lifestyle. One of the strange things that happened today was when she went to take in her washing that she hung earlier in the morning on the line. Some of the things were missing, parts of her clothing weren’t there. Kaelyn could have swore she put more things out on the line to what she brought it. Shaking off it as just a weird thing, her mind playing tricks on her. Unknowing that her missing clothes could bring her to something, more importantly someone more…

The redhead had some plans for the night, making up of her hard work over the past few days. Always finding new and different ways with her cons. Especially as how things have all changed differently to how it used to be with all the extra security and technology. Not making her job any easier. Kaelyn just have to work around it, be more sneakily. Kaelyn was dressed in one of her usual outfits which consisted of red dress with short sleeves which laced up on the sides, paired with a black belt, tights, heels and then a red choker. Along with her signature red lip to match with her red hair. It was now later in the night, the time when not too many people are about on the streets. Better for her, for what she was going to do tonight. Kaelyn had been through her plan many times to ensure that nothing would go wrong. This was something she normally did before up to her tricks.  

Leaving her apartment and heading towards one of the shops in the city center. One of the shoe shops which she’d been scanning, gathering all she could. This con should be an easier one. Having spent the past few days flirting with one of the security guards, almost having him wrapped around her things. One thing she was good at was manipulating people into doing whatever she wanted, making her one of the best at what she does. Having the key and security code to the shop somehow, he was a fool t

o give it to her. Easy targets were the better. Arriving at the shop she used the key to unlock the door putting in the security code so that the alarm wouldn’t go off as well as disabling the CTV cameras. Covering her tracks. Choosing to keep the light turned off, not wanting to attract any attention. Kaelyn had her eyes on the shoes more specifically the designer Jimmy Choo high heels. Loving the more designer brands for shoes but of course the only way she could have them was to steal them. Kaelyn was picking up a pair of shoes as she heard the door opening, her heart stopping almost in her tracks. Unsure of who it was. Was she about to be busted?

Her expression turned into confusion watching as the person who walked in had accident bumped their arm on the door frame, clumsy. Kaelyn then knew that this person wasn’t an employee but someone like her almost. “You know you would make the worst robber” Kaelyn called out with a remark but in a jokingly manner. shining the torch onto the person seeing it was a female, short girl around her age with pink highlights in her hair. Her eyes widened seeing the stranger wearing her clothes, she knew it was as she had a stain in the lower corner of her tops. “Hey, are they my clothes?!” She accused choosing to step forwards towards her. Quite ironic though someone was stealing from one who steals.

The expression which filtered across Riley’s features could only be described as bewilderment; there were shoes of all different shapes, sizes and heights and she hadn’t the foggiest of where she should start. For the majority of her life, she lived barefoot, it was all she had known yet now, now she was being introduced to a whole new kind of life; her fingers dragged across some of the shoes before she would pick one up and investigate it. In fact, the first thing she did was bring the shoe up to her nose to give it a sniff before allowing her eyes to eat up the different styles. “What the…” Riley trailed off as she came across one particular shoe which had a height longer than some of the branches she had seen; she flicked the very slim heel with her forefinger before scrunching her features up as she tried to imagine someone wearing them for more than a second. “You could quite easily stab someone with this” And with that, the young wolf pretended that she was in some form of duel and began to prod the air with the heel in a stabbing like motion. She quirked a brow in thought before waving her free hand in a dismissive manner to wave off the idea of keeping this particular shoe as a weapon before placing it back down upon the shelf where she couldn’t harm herself.

Riley then proceeded to look at more flat shoes, ones which could make it easy for her to run in and live in within the forest without breaking in a matter of seconds and ones that can withstand the elements. She rolled her lips in thought as she stood there with her arms crossed whilst attempting to make a decision on a particular pair of trainers; after a few moments, her arm stretched outwards to grab a pair vans - of course, she didn’t know the branding or if they were any good but in her eyes they looked pretty and durable. Before placing the shoe on her foot, she laid it beside her feet to see if they would fit and when she was satisfied, she plopped herself down on the floor and began to wriggle her feet into them; when it came to the laces, she looked at them, unsure of what they were and why they were there, therefore, she left them untied. With a low hum, her legs straightened out so she could get a good look at the shoes before standing and having a little jig on the spot to see how they felt. Her expression only matched how it looked when she touched concrete for the first time; she was confused and unsure but she knew that she wanted to try and attempt a life out here in Evermore, she would need to try and fit in with their customs. “I guess you will do” She commented before falling on the floor again to take them off; she would wear them in back in the cabin; she desired to get back there as soon as she could and she imagined wearing them on the journey back would only slow her down.

A low hum vibrated from her lips as she grabbed hold of the shoe to yank it off her foot before her ears perked up at the sound of someone else in the shop; but before she knew it, her eyes ended up squinting as a bright light beamed into them, a low growl rumbled within the depth of her belly. In an attempt to protect her sight, she brought her forearm up to cover them but still gave her enough room to be able to see a silhouette of female. “My eyes, my beautiful eyes” Riley exclaimed before attempting to stand up as gracefully as she could as she had one shoe on and the other off. As the woman continued to flash the light her way, Riley cleared her throat. “Do you mind? Please and thank you” She commented before exhaling in relief as the bright light was removed from her eyes, and it was then that she had a better look at the other woman that stood before her. In fact, this redhead’s scent smelt extremely familiar, but she couldn’t quite place from where until the woman accused her of stealing the clothes that she was wearing. Riley glanced down at her clothes once more before returning her attention to the woman once more. “Oh these? Ahaha nooo” She laughed nervously with a shake of her head. “I have had these for years, I.. I really have no idea what you are talking about” Riley knew she didn’t sound convincing as one would certainly know if something belonged to them; she internally groaned, what were the chances that she would bump into the one she stole from earlier in the day. Riley leaned down to remove the other shoe and hugged it under her arm once again as she slowly edged towards the door, now that she got what she wanted. 

“Well, it was lovely meeting you, Red. But I must go” Riley gave the woman a salute, before turning on her heels to face the door. “I hope you find something nice to replace these clothes!” The young wolf laughed as she glanced over her shoulder; she stumbled somewhat as she regained her balance and touched her hair awkwardly knowing the other woman would have clearly seen her struggle; yet as she reached the door, she felt something from stopping her from continuing her escape route. Instead of stopping and questioning what it was, she tried to barge through and clearly failing, therefore she looked over her shoulder once again and pleaded for help. “Any help here, Red?”

Stealing clothes were much easier in the olden days. Where there was no security, no full locks or cameras. Now it’s all changed making it harder to her hands on anything but she still managed. Learning the ways how everything works so she still can go on with her line of work. Stealing money was one of the easier things. It was easy to snatch a wallet or phone out of someone's back pocket without them even noticing. Or for women who left their bag wide open when walking about, it like they wanted it to be stolen. It all adds up but not enough to help pay all her bills so that's where Kaelyn has to get creative, smart. Where the full cons come out. Having expensive taste so to say, she couldn’t just steal her clothes from anywhere could she? This was how she ended up at a designer shoe shop. Seeing all that she could take well fit into her bag. Since she couldn’t steal the whole store. That would be impossible for just her and be too public. People like her were all careful not to take too much, as it’ll be gossip of the city. More people aware making it difficult for her. Hearing someone walk well tumble into the shop Kaelyn decided to stay in the shadows to see what she was doing. Whether she was a threat.

It seemed to be opposite to be honest. The girl was more dorky and uptight. Watching as the girl seemed to never seen a shoe shop or shoes to be honest. She was trying to be in a pretend duel with herself using the shoe as a weapon. Kaelyn did her best to hold in her laughter since she was not wanting to show herself. Then she tried on a pair of vans but left the laces untied so they were trailing on the floor confusing her a little before taking it all off. Kaelyn decided now it was time to let herself be known turning on the torch on her phone. Shining it onto the girl to see how more clearly and to let her know she’s not the only one in the shop. It seemed she more frightened of the torch than her, more light a deer stuck in the headlights. “You know your not alone fright?” She commented motioning that she’d seen and watched all the things the girl had done since coming into the shop. Kaelyn decided to direct the torch to the floor instead into her eyes. When it came to Kaelyn integrating to do with her clothes, able to tell when anyone is lying. “My top had the same stain in the bottom corner as the one you got on now” She added knowing it was no coincidence that the same stain was on hers.

Seeing as she was going to do a runner the redhead let out a sigh before putting a boundary spell onto the door to keep her in. “Not so quick Pinkie” She chimed in smirking a little seeing how she was confused how she couldn’t get out. Kaelyn could already guess that the girl wasn’t any normal human since how she acting so strange to say the least. Choosing to walk over to her with her arms crossed. Kaelyn towered her a little with the height differences. “You smell like swamp” She commently bluntly but was speaking the truth. All she could smell was wiffs of swamps like she lived in the woods. Looking more closely she could see that she was covered in dirt not getting started on her bare feet. Who and what was she? Confusing the redhead more

“You know you're not alone right?” The question that was flung her way made Riley snort somewhat, however, she was more concerned about why she could not get out of the shop when the door was quite clearly open. A growl of frustration rumbled within the depths of her belly as her fingers curled inwards towards the palms of hands as she attempted to punch whatever was caging her; once she realised that she was not going anywhere and there was no way that brute strength was going to release her, Riley exhaled and turned on her heels to face the redhead once more. “Obviously I know I'm not alone, you're standing right there" Riley laughed before glancing down and where the girl motioned; and she was correct - there was indeed a stain which tainted the fine fabric. Once again, Riley cleared her throat and pulled her jacket over in an attempt to cover the stain. “Well, snooze and you lose Red!” She chimed softly, her head tilted to the side like a curious puppy. “You shouldn't just leave things lying about, should ya?” Petite shoulders gave off a shrug; Riley didn't necessarily feel bad about stealing and wearing this woman's clothing and in all fairness, she didn't seem that bothered either.

Her unkempt brows pushed upwards as the woman advanced on her; closing the space between them with every click her heel made when it hit the ground. Riley glanced downward at the sound to notice the girl was wearing similar shoes to the ones in which she used as a weapon; and it was safe to say, they looked just as painful and as uncomfortable on as they did simply just standing on the shelf. Eventually she removed her gaze to find it looking upward to notice that she was considerably shorter than the female and due to this, she couldn't help but try and make herself look bigger. Riley was used to being the shortest and smallest one considering she had three older brothers so really, the height difference between the two right now was not much of a concern. Upon hearing the snarky comment of how she smelt like swamp and before Riley even chose to comment back or defend herself; she instinctively lowered her head to near her armpit to try and get a sniff. “Hm" Riley commented to herself, she didn't think she smelt that bad considering her lifestyle; she had definitely smelt a lot worse out there in the wilderness. 

Eventually she lifted her head and shrugged her shoulders; living in a household of three brothers had prepared her for comments such a these and therefore, it unfazed her. All Riley could do was offer her a sickly sweet smile. “Yeah, the swamp showers aren't what they used to be" She shook her head and allowed a slight tssk to leave her tongue. “Do apologise to your nostrils for me, I am ever so sorry” Despite the sarcasm which laced her words, Riley couldn't help but chuckle somewhat before indicating to the door with her head; towards the invisible barrier which prevented her from leaving. “Now onto more pressing matters, I would like to escape before the sirens arrive”

Kaelyn waited to see what her reaction was to realising that she weren’t alone here in the shop and then to how she’d used her magic to block the exit. So that she couldn’t make a quick escape. Having her caught red handed almost. “Not just yet” She warned pointing out the obvious that it useless of her trying, she could break down the boundary spell only herself could do it. Seeing that she soon gave up which Kaelyn knew that she would. “That I am” She laughed half grinning before becoming serious. Trying to pretend to have all that interaction thing going on. To be honest Kaelyn weren’t too bothered about the clothes. They weren’t her favourite pieces, more so now since they were stained. Obviously she wasn’t going to ask for them back. The redhead laughed to herself hearing the excuse that the girl had made to why she had stolen her clothes. “There is a thing called hanging clothes out to dry. Not a free for all for anyone to go trailing through other people's gardens for it” She shot back not sounding blunt but more humorous.

Choosing to take a few steps closer, to get a better look of her. Well more so better smell, since all she could smell was the woods, swamp. Towering the pinkhead, seeing how she tried to make herself taller to match her but failed. Commenting straight away on how all she could smell was swap coming from her, not caring if it sounded blunt but was stating the truth. It seemed like she didn’t care but instead embraced it. Kaelyn was thinking of another comment to make but the girl had other ideas that took her off track. “Right” She spoke looking around for a moment being distracted from the reason why she was even here in the first place. The shoes to steal. “Umm grab those vans your holding, cause i think your in need of them” She mused to her, grabbing the pair of high heels she was looking at into her own bags. “I’m going to disable the security camera, alarm then put down the boundary spell I placed on here to keep you from doing a runner” Telling her the plan of action hoping that she knew and understood enough to get out of the place in time for everything to reset. So they aren’t caught red handed.

Hurrying over the the security box having into the computer and hard drive to reset it all. Putting down the boundary spell. “Lets go” She ushered to the girl who she yet to know the name of. The two of them hurried out of the store, Kaelyn remembered to lock it behind her. So it would seem that they were never there. They choose to go down another street so they could remain unspotted. Seeing that the girl was about to go Kaelyn choose to stop her. “Wait don’t go” She called, hoping that she wouldn’t go. Feeling that she didn’t want her to go, she couldn't explain it but just knew she wanted to help her. “Look I know we just met and all, under weird circumstances” Kaelyn started to say referring to all that happened before continuing. “How about I try to help you out, you can come back to my place and take a hot shower. Get some clean clothes” She offered wanting to help her even though she stole from her. Kaelyn could see it must be a long time since she’d had a proper shower by the looks of it she’d been living in the ‘wild’ so to say but seemed semi almost normal part from some weird traits.

It was in that moment, in the moment of waiting for freedom that it finally dawned on Riley that she was having her first human to human contact in almost a decade; and what surprised her the most was how she could easily speak without forgetting words and that she wasn't acting completely feral and wild as one would assume she would. The situation she was in both excited her and frightened her; she decided to continue her life away from civilisation as that was all she knew, but the moment she was shunned from her family and pack, she swore she would never speak to another being ever again. Not necessarily out of choice, that is, but because the banishment from her family who were supposed to love her and support her turned their back the moment she made the biggest mistake of her life. This banishment triggered an underlying feeling of being wary of others; she knew she would never truly trust another again besides herself, thus, the decision to remain a recluse in the wilderness was made. Yet, despite the nerves that rumbled within her, she was curious about the girl before her and how other individuals lived their lives after being brought up in society; and knowing that she wanted to try and make a life for herself, maybe running from this woman wasn’t necessarily the correct thing to do - she needed a teacher, a mentor per say to help her transition into this life.

Riley stole a quick glance out of the window and pressed her hand against whatever was stopping her from leaving before returning her attention to the redhead before her; a messy, unkempt brow pushed upwards as she heard the simple words ‘barrier spell that I placed’ - she parted her lips as if she were to speak and to question what the woman said but she would save that particular question for later. For now, she wished to escape, it felt unusual to be kept within four walls and it did nerve her; Riley was one for freedom, and air - not a cage. Riley stood there absentmindedly as she waited for the woman to do whatever she needed to do to get them both out without the hassle or fear of someone catching on that they were not supposed to be in there. She bit down upon her lower lip as she waited impatiently, a growl beginning to rumble within the depths of her belly before Red finally appeared and ushered her out of the building; as they ran down the street, Riley couldn’t help but look back at the shop, curious as to how they escaped when moments ago she was trapped, even with the door open. Riley kept her new shoes tight under her arms as she concentrated on not tripping up, nor running into lampposts and corners of shops as they ran down quieter streets; the wolf was so distracted by escaping that she hadn’t noticed the woman had stopped running until she heard her soft voice shouting out to her.

Riley came to a stumbling halt, as if someone had put their foot on the brake for an emergency stop before she turned round to see that Red was about 100 meters behind her. She tilted her head somewhat, as she processed the words that were spoken; the girl wanted to help her? Riley remained still, her chocolate hues looked over the woman she had yet to learn the name of until she decided to be brave once more and closed the space between them so neither of them had to shout at the other. Riley took a small sniff into the air, to try and see if she could get anything from Red, to see if she was lying about wanting to help her but as she didn’t  get anything, thus she simply nodded. “Offering things to me means less chances of myself stealing from you” The wolf gave the girl a cheeky wink, her free arm extending somewhat in a quirky manner, knowing that she better introduce herself if Red was inviting her into her home. “The name is Riley, I’m not sure Swamp Girl would really cut it” She mused, before lacing her fingers through the woman’s hand in a shake; smirking to herself as she remembered some manners that her parents had taught her all those years ago. Riley withdrew her hand after a lingering touch before indicating the direction to where Red left. “Although I know where you live, I think I should be polite and ask you to lead the way”

This little heist was turning to be a lot different to how she thought it would. Not thinking that someone was coming for her steal. Lucky for her the person was inexperienced so to say, meaning Kaelyn wouldn’t have to worry about being caught. But calculating she was caught Red Handed so to say, the irony in it. Her curiosity was getting the better of her, wanting to know why the pink haired girl in front her was acting strange, like she’d been living out of cultivation of a long while. Might explain why she was quite confused of all the things, shoes, fashion and technology. Kaelyn was getting started on the swamp smell she was getting from her. Not to mention how she’d stolen her clothes from out of her own back garden. Wanting to know more and why. There were times when she loved to use well show off her power. Boundary spell was the one she choice to use so she knew the girl wasn’t able to get out. For Kaelyn’s sake to start off with. As she didn’t know if she was a threat or not but it turns out unlikely.

As she was lowering the boundary spell a loud growl filled the room and it wasn’t coming from herself looking in the direction to see that the girl has already made a run for it. “Crap” She muttered deciding to go and follow her. Kaelyn didn’t know why but felt the urge to go after her, to help her. She wasn’t making it easier for her, unlike her she was in heels rather than bare feet. Making it even more difficult to catch up. Luckily for her the pink hair made it easier to pinpoint which way she was going.  “Wait up!” Kaelyn shouted loud enough for the girl to hear, hoping that she will stop. “Don’t go” She begged almost sounding like a plea, not wanting her to go. Feeling relieved when the girl stopped in her tracks hearing her plea. Allowmg Kaelyn to catch up, following on behind. “Let me help you” She offered as she caught up with her, not breaking of sweat. Watching as the girl was scanning her offer, sniffing her almost to see whether or not that Kaelyn was playing a game with her. “Maybe so” She laughed softly winking to her as well. “I know what’s it’s like to come from or have nothing” sharing a little home truth but not saying anything else but she knew the girl would know what she means.

“Swamp girl? Or more like Sherek?”she joked teasing knowing now what her name is making it easier. “I’m Kaelyn” Smiling softly too her, introducing herself as well, shaking Riley’s hand that she extended to her. Feeling a tingle through her fingertips as the two of them were shaking their hands. “Right that may be best, we’ll as you know it’s not too far away. My roommate is away I think she’s gone to stay back at her family's place to help out” Almost reassuring Riley that she don’t need to worry about her apartment being full of people. The two of them were walking down the quiet city streets as it was now getting late meaning not many people were around. Soon they came to where her apartment was. Kaelyn stopped to indicate they were here. “And here we are, you only saw the back way last time” She mused smirking to her as she walked up the steps to her front door opening it. Walking in Kaelyn held the door open for Riley, waiting for her to come in. “Take off your shoes before…” Kaelyn was starting to say cutting herself off looking down to Riley’s feet remembering that the girl was barefooted. “Or not, I’ll take your vans and leave them by the door instead” She offered taking the shoes from her placing them next to her pair of heels that she took off. “It’s not much but it’s home” Her apartment was simple but still looked smart not having everything she stole out on show. “Would you like a shower, bath or food first” She offered looking to her,  shooting her friendly smile.

Riley couldn't help but be taken back a little as she heard the slight begging undertones as Red shouted at her and asked her to stay; a strange feeling overcame her - it had been a hot second since anyone wanted to spend time with her and because this woman wanted her to stay, Riley couldn't help but allow a small smile to appear on her lips. Despite the smile at the comments, Riley could feel her insecurity bubble within the depths of her stomach; why would a woman like her want to spend time with someone like herself who clearly was nowhere near the redhead’s standards. Just from looks alone, Riley had made the assumption that the woman would have been very picky with who she spent time with and from Riley’s own appearance, even when washed up, probably wouldn't make the cut. The young wolf took a rather deep inhale to simmer down the nerves which rattled in her bones as she simply nodded, accepting her offer to get cleaned up; although, she had no idea what to expect a modern house to be like. She quirked her head to the side as Red began to open up to her, even just a little bit, that she could also relate to Riley about not having much to her name. Upon hearing that, and due to not being able to sniff out any bad vibes, it made her a lot more comfortable accepting the offer.

Upon hearing another name after Swamp Girl, Shrek, Riley allowed a rather confused expression to flood her features as they walked further down the streets of the confusing and rather daunting city. “Shrek?” Riley repeated the word, however, despite the confusion - she couldn’t help but laugh at the odd word. “What is Shrek? Who is Shrek? Because if that is an actual name, then that is terrible” She shook her head and tssk’d under her breath as she looked up at the night sky; noting where the mood sat upon the darkened background before returning her attention back to the redhead woman, who she now knew the name of. “Kaelyn” She repeat much like before and nodded, glad to have learnt her name now although she definitely thought Red suited her more. As they continued to walk towards Kaelyn’s apartment, a low hum vibrated from her tongue as her chocolate hues flickered around their sockets to look at the surrounding areas; there were so many many different, and interesting things in the city compared to the woodland. However, she put that down to the fact that she knew everything in the forest like the back of her hand, yet when they approached the house and upon hearing to take her shoes off, Riley cleared her throat and rose both brows. “My feet are probably just as dirty as your own boots, yeno” She smirked, her delicate yet muscular shoulders gave off a shrug, she doubted that Kaelyn would make her wash her feet here on the doorstep.

Riley handed her shoes over to Kae before cautiously stepping over the threshold of the building; the many female scents teased her nostrils and despite the different perfumes being rather overwhelming - she enjoyed the smell. The pads of her fingers ran across the many surfaces, her eyes focusing upon the photographs which decorated the walls; the other girl in the images must have been the flatmate that Kae had mentioned earlier. Riley picked up random objects - some she had remembered from when she lived with her family, such as pens and other normal day objects such as books but it was the rather big screen which caught the corner of her eye in the other room that confused her. Yet, she shrugged that off for now and listened to the following options of what she should do next; Riley knew her stomach was beginning to eat its own self she was that hungry, but she couldn’t help but feel that she should probably shower to not get any further dirt in this immaculate house. She rolled her lips together in thought before popping them. “I think I should wash first, I think…” Riley pondered her answer for a further few moments before nodding and following Kaelyn to her bathroom.

For the first time, in a long while Riley finally caught her appearance in the mirror which was above the sink and she couldn’t help but grimace; she was never one to truly pay attention to her appearance. Riley was very tomboy like, and loved to get dirty, fighting with her brothers but what she saw back in the mirror truly disturbing - she barely recognised herself. “Holy shit” She gasped as she brought the back of her hand against her forehead in an attempt to remove some dirt residue. “How could you let me leave the shop looking like this?!” Riley teased, catching Kaelyn in the mirror, a playful grin twitching at the very corners of her lips.

Kaelyn was almost relieved when the girl stopped accepting her willingness to help. Maybe a bit I was because she could sense that she too had been lost, without no company. Kaelyn was able to tell that the girl I front of her spent a lot of time alone, most probably away from civilisation. It might explain quite a lot, why she was confused by most things and look like she’d been dragged through a hedge backwards in a way. “Good” Kaelyn grinned along with her, this might be the start of something new. A new friendship or something. It’s always been just herself, having no one else. Mostly cause she’s under trusting, too over aware all the time. Because of her past and what she’s been through like most people in city it may seem. All comes with a lot of baggage and insecurities too.

A giggle escape her lips, followed by a grin seeing and hearing his confused Riley was as she was mentioning that she reminded her of Shrek. “Seriously?” Laughing as she was questioning how she’s never heard of it. “God no, it’s not a real name. Like pity who has it” she started to say before continuing “Shrek is a film and the main character is called Shrek. He’s a big green oaher, who lives in swamps” letting her know about I. “You gotta watch it, it’s a classic” she grinned sounding a bit too over obsessed to say the least but it was one she watched many times. “Not to say that you look or smell like an ogre maybe more swamp” She jokes teasing her a bit more. “It means keeper of keys, pure” She was one to look up to find what names mean finding the unique ones the best. “Righ”she answered to Riley and her bare feet. Kaelyn wasn’t like Sheila in Shameless who would shove a plastic back straight away as someone walks into the house for them to put their shoes in. She weren’t that of a clean freak just mostly good personal hygiene is all she asks.

She placed Riley’s new shoes that she stole next to her own collection of shoes. Walking through into her home, placing her keys in the dish on the cabinet next to the door. “Make yourself home” She told Riley as she looked back over to her, almost reassuring that she doesn’t need to feel uncomfortable. The Redhead was offering her different things to wash and eat, the necessities. “Alright then, I’ll show you to where the bathroom is” She smiled softly to her, guiding her over letting Riley to go first in. Kaelyn almost jumped a bit as Riley was shocked to see her own reflection in the mirror. Grinning the Redhead leaned on the doorframe with her arms crossed looking over to the pink haired girl. “I think it’s cute… hot. Edgy but in a good way” She mused smirking followed by a teasing wink. Letting Riley know that she didn’t mind that she was covered in dirt, maybe she into it a bit. A bit different from what she’s into, finding all the posh, snobby people too plain, boring. Liking someone more real, adventurous. “Do you want me to run you a bath? I can use bubble bath and oils make it hot and relaxing” She offered hoping she weren’t sounding too overbearing but thought it’ll be nice for Riley to have a hot bath to relax in in. “A lot different to your ‘swamp showers’ than your used to”.

Riley quite literally pressed her nose to the mirror in an attempt to get a better a look at her reflection, she had definitely seen better days; but those better days were well over a decade ago when she was looked after and loved. As a child, she would always hate when her Mother nagged her to try and take pride in her appearance, despite her being like another son - being forced to wear some kind of dress was something Riley never liked, but she did it to please her family. However, saying that, the clothes in which she stole from Kaelyn were fairy girly, and for once it didn’t make her squirm but she believed that was primarily down to the fact that she had to wear some clothes if she were to enter the city; whereas when it was family, it was forced, even though they all knew what she was like - and often than not, her brothers would often tease her for her Mother’s choice of clothing. The wolf shook her head a little, before her fingers pinched at her hair - her dark, pink tinted hair was normally quite wild on the best of days, however, what she saw now was… Unexpected. The way her hair knotted together would make it seem she had just got out of battle with a bear; Riley attempted to run her fingers through a couple of strands before tugging at the knots which resided beneath the mass of human fur. “Do you have any twigs I can use to get these out?”

As Riley asked the question, she glanced back at Kaelyn through the mirror, a smirk toying at the corner of her lips as she saw the expression that came across the redhead’s features at the question; it made her feel proud that she baffled the woman so much. Yet it was not the the expression that caught her eye, it was the other way in which Kaelyn looked at her or shall she say, over her; Riley very rarely saw that look, in fact she only ever saw it with her parent’s and her elder brother and his girlfriend before he was killed - it was a look she didn’t truly understand but she believed it to be a good one. The next few sentences complemented the look and wink also, and Riley couldn’t help but allow her own smirk to grow somewhat. “Maybe I don’t need that bath, this look is clearing working for me” Riley attempted to hair flip, but as she did so, she caught the back of her hand upon the basin of the sink and grunted in pain; her hand hiding between her legs for a moment as she succumbed to the shock of the pain. Riley gritted her teeth together, her growl muffled before the pain eventually died away, where she looked up at Kae once again as if nothing happened.

Riley cleared her throat as Kae walked by her to the bath to grab the multiple of items she mentioned, which clearly went over Riley’s head so she simply nodded that the redheaded woman could add them to the water. “I have no idea what any of those are, but they sound good, and if it makes me smell anything like you, I can’t pass that up.” Riley allowed her shoulders to shrug a little as she tilted  her head, watching Kaelyn begin to start the bath up; this was going to be yet another new experience for her - she often washed in the rivers. “Very different, there won’t be any little fishies in this one” She mused softly, moving over to sit on the very side of the tub, beside Kaelyn; without even thinking, her hand reached upwards to the base of Kae’s neck, where a small pendant resided, her fingers barely brushed across the woman’s flesh. “The necklace is pretty, does it have any meaning?”

She found it quite amusing to be honest watching how Riley was inspecting herself in the mirror. Seeing all the little ins and outs, the cracks and crannies. It must had been a long time since she had a proper shower or bath. As she was covered in dirt and grim not to mention the twigs that was in her hair. “Twigs?!” She coughed laughed seeing if she was being serious or not, not knowing it with her. With all the weird things Riley comes out with. “I could try to get the knots out for you” The redhead offered to attempt to tackle the birds nest, knowing it wouldn’t be easy. “But not with twigs” Kaelyn laughed shaking her head, already able to imagine how weird yet funny it would be to attempt to detangle hair with twigs. She already knew that she had a big task ahead of her to get Riley to look like a semi normal human being. But Kaelyn knew she weren’t going to give her the total makeover like she would do to herself cause that wasn’t who Riley was. Already able to tell that Riley wasn’t a girly girl, more like a tomboy. Preferring casual outfits of ripped jeans, tank tops and to wear either trainers or go barefoot. Whilst for her she normally wore dresses, skirts and always something with a heel. As the saying goes opposite attracts, she’ll just have to see if its true.

Kaelyn caught herself looking or more so checking Riley out, it seems that she caught her but she didn't mind. In fact she was playing along with her, toying her as well. “It might be for me but maybe not for others, you don’t want to attract too much attention. Might be hard to keep you for myself” She joked winking back to the brunette, adding to how people might take more notice to someone walking around the streets like they’d been living in the wild for years. Low key might be a more better idea to start off with. Kaelyn caught how somehow Riley managed to hurt herself by watching her hand on the skin basin but try to hide it. Playing it cool whilst she saw what happened. “Accident prone much?” She mused with a teasing smirk, letting her knew that she didn’t hide it too well. Sometimes she was quite accident prone, finding bruises appear out of nowhere. Not knowing how or when she managed to bump into something. Whilst she must of somehow.   

Walking past Riley, she went to start to run the bath. Grabbing some things out of the bathroom cabinet that she may need. Maybe more than she would if it was just her. Knowing that Riley may need more bubbles, oils. Putting the plug into the bath first, turning on on the tap on next. Making sure it was at the right temperature so the water could start running as it takes a while to fill up. “Their just essentials to put in the bath, maybe bit more than I might put in but essential if you want a pamper session” She explained smiling over to her softly as she added in first the bubble bath to make some bubbles followed by some oils. “There’s no fishes in here, I can guarantee you that” If not she’d be quite worried and confused too. Sitting on the side of the bath whilst waiting for the bath to fill up, she looked to see Riley came and sat down next to her. Kaelyn looked down seeing Riley picking up the pendent necklace that always rested at the base of her neck. For most part she’s forgotten that it’s even there, she’s worn it for that long. “It’s a family heirloom, from my father's side I think. I’ve had it since I was a babe” She told her softly, looking down at the pendent. Seeing how the vintage pendant still looked knew. Kaelyn wanted to say that it’s the only thing that she's ever had from her family or that she got off them. Not wanting to tell her of her dark and depressing life, nor want her to pity her almost.

From the look that appeared on Kaelyn’s features, Riley could tell she was completely and utterly baffled by some of the things she came out with and how she chose to live her life. A reassuring expression found her own countenance to portray that she was indeed telling the truth; she had lost all objects of a somewhat human life she had, thus, she had to make do with the more natural things to help her by. And unsurprisingly, twigs really did the job when it came to brushing hair, however, she did find that, due to her wild locks, some twigs did decide to get caught up within the strands; and boy did they hurt when they did. A laugh vibrated from her vocal cords as the girl before her agreed to brush out the knots which would soon turn into dreadlocks if she was not careful; she didn't need to look more like her Brothers. “I think the key word there is try, my hair has a personality of its own and can be a true handful. I imagine this is what it feels like to look after a child” The young wolf mused with a shake of her head; she hoped the cringe that she felt at the idea of small humans was internal and not noticeable. Saying that, however, Riley was never one to truly care what she looked like; she always believed her Mother was meant to have had another boy - despite her failed efforts to teach Riley how to be feminine for her future relationships with male pack leaders. Ha. Little did she know.

A low hum of a laugh bypassed the barrier of her lips as Kaelyn teased that others would be interested in her if she kept this look; and she didn't truly know how to react. Riley had heard the stories of boy meets girl, and in other instances girl meets girl, boy meets boy; but her parents hardly taught her those lessons. In fact, she knew nothing about attraction besides catching her brothers on numerous occasions attempting to pick a woman from another pack. It all looked extremely confusing to Riley and now, having what she assumed Kaelyn flirting with her - she was slightly bamboozled. “I heard some competition is a good thing, is it not?” She tilted her head as she examined the redheaded female; it had been a long time since Riley had seen another person up close but she truly thought Kaelyn was a beautiful creature. “Very” She laughed, of course the girl caught her catching the back of her hand on the basin of the sink and a few other accidents earlier this evening. “My pa-family” She corrected herself, not wanting to give away what she was. “They used to call me Moon Moon as I would always walk into things, trip over nothing” A proud grin found her lips as her delicate shoulders shrugged nonchalantly.

Messy brows pushed upward as her chocolate optics watched the multiple of different liquids enter the water and with that, she leaned over the bath and inhaled deeply; she sniffed at the different, and potent fragrances which consequently lead her to have a tiny sneezing fit. Despite the sneezing fit, she enjoyed the mixture of scents - you certainly don't get these sort of smells in the river. Riley's lips curled upwards as Kae confirmed there would be no fishes in the bath with her. “They make bath time more fun, I'll give them that” She responded before she fell silent as she heard the very brief description of the pendant that decorated her neck. “Its very pretty, and it matches the colour scheme you've got going on” She complimented with a slight nod before releasing the jewel from her grasp so that Kae could continue running the bath. Riley stood once again, and investigated the bathroom until she got the go ahead to jump in; in was in that silence between the two that she realised just how wild this was - a stranger allowing another stranger into their home so that said stranger can have a bath. Maybe this world wasn’t as bad nor as dangerous as what her parents always made it out to be.


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