Focus. She thought to herself as her hand gripped tightly along the rocks on her wall, balancing herself properly as her mind continued to focus on the obstacle course in front of her. She has been rock climbing since she came to America and it was one of her new found hobbies that kept her mind occupied on this than other things that had happened in her past life. Her fingers continued to grip as she began to move along the rocks on the oddly shaped wall, her harness tightly wrapped around her so she wouldn't fall too far, this was one of the difficult courses there was compared to the others she had done previously. 

The 'Rockz' was based in the human territory and she has often visited the rock climbing because she came here to challenge herself and to occupy herself so she wouldn't be bored of doing other things. Rock Climbing also keeps herself in shape and makes her stronger as well. After a couple of more rocks, she eventually climbed to the top to touch the bell. She let out a yelp of joy to the top of her lungs as she then began to hoist herself back down to the ground, jumping off slightly from the wall as she made her way down, one of the staff members came along to unhook her and making sure that the harness was released from her. ''Thanks,'' she smiled once before she went over to her things she left at the table and chairs, rummaging through her bag as she found the towel she was looking for, she began to wipe the chalk off her hands. Her eyes flickered around the small excercising facility, there were a few groups here and there mixed of ages, but particuarly an elderly woman was walking towards the counter of the small canteen that was held at the Rockz. 

She always looked out for eldery inidividuals because some others can be so rude to them and they do't always appreciate them. But for her, she did it for a living and it was sad that some couldn't always do what they could have done when they were younger or less fragile as they were now, the elderly lady looked like she needed to get some water, she must have been watching one of her grandsons or grandaughters rockclimbing because of the couple of kids who were in the easier rock climbing part of the Rockz. Her eyes caught a younger adult that was sitting near the counter and she watched as the younger adult spoke to the elderly person who couldn't reach for a cup. Anger filled within her as she approached the pair, her eyebrow raising at the younger adult. ''That's really not nice of you,'' she murmured before she reached over to grab a plastic cup over the glass counter to the elderly inidividual, who smiled at her and thanked her. ''You could have just handed the plastic cup for her? She couldn't reach that far.'' 

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Shortage of breath is the first sign. Trying to breathe in the air, but it just wont happen...Like metal bands around the lungs. Then, comes the panic, the dizzy feeling and the need to get back to lower ground. Sweat, pooling upon the palms making each hand-hold slick. She needed to chalk back up...

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Fallon had been climbing all her life, whether that was tree's or a rock climbing wall...She liked to keep fit, keep slender and lean and at the top of her game. So there she was, once again at the Rockz, music blaring into her ears through her air pods, 10ft in the air on one of the highest climbing walls. She steadied herself against the handholds and released one, quickly dipping her hand intoher chalk bag and then swapping to cover her next palm in chalk. Fallons crystal blue optics glanced up to the last, spaced out holds. She took hold and, after a moment, launched herself up, taking hold of the top handhold, dragging her frame up and ringing the bell before releasing the wall, absailing back down.

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Upon reaching the bottom, she unhooked and reached up to untie her hair, running her fingers through it before retying it tightly. She then made her way towards the middle, circular counter that had water fountains and coffee machines. Now, Fallon wasn't an ignorant woman, however she held herself in regalness...
So oblivious of the world around her when her music was blaring, she didn't realise that the old woman, whom had no business in a rock climbing facility, had asked for a cup that was a touch out of her reach. Fallon also almost didnt notice the dark haired girl that came up to defend the woman.

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Taking an ear bud out, she cocked a brow and tilted her head a little. "And whom do you think you are?" Fallon clapped back, narrowing her eyes slightly. "Because you certainly shouldn't be calling ME rude..."

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