Mess it was simply everywhere on the floor in the center of the scatters of paper and candles, crystals, and an athame was the one and only Ridley Sommers. The youngest Sommers sibling had thrown herself so far into her new job that it was hard to tell where she began and where the work ended. Ridley loved her new job with Wyatt Brookes, the man had become a very dear friend and mentor to Ridley. Wyatt and Ridley not only took photos but they also explored the world for ancient magic.

Ridley was so fascinated by all she was learning that she had taken up actively practicing magic again, learning new spells getting stronger and better at old ones. The light Diviner was tapping into who she really was getting in touch with her natural roots again. Her eyes scanned over the page in her hand and the amount of excitement was written all over her features as she squealed throwing the page in her hand over her shoulder. Crawling over the scattered pages to look for the one she needed, the Diviner let out an excited squeal.

Gathering up the items she needed into her bag she hurried to her feet almost tripping over herself as she swung open her apartment door. Twirling around she locked the door to her apartment hurrying down the flights of stairs taking them a few at a time. Entering the Cafe where she was to meet her bestfriend Artemitra, Ridley’s hair was tousled and a mess but she had tugged it up into a loose messy bun.

“I figured it out!” She squealed happily and hugged her friend. Ridley didn’t even bother to let Mitra answer her. “The Charm.” She whispered. “How to infuse it with jewelry and become basically unbreakable, I’ve been struggling for weeks!” She shook her head. “Anyways it’s actually beyond simple! I just was overthinking.” She rolled her eyes at herself. “Anyways tea!” Ridley dropped her bag next to her friend and moved over to the line almost bumping into a man who was already standing in the lineup. 

“Oh goodness, I am so terribly sorry… I have not been watching where I am going at all these last few days. So stuck in my own head. I am sorry again please let me pay for your things.” She gave him an apologetic face. The one thing about Ridley was she rarely even knew what it meant to slow down that was how she often earned the nickname of the bubbly one. “I won’t take no for an answer, really so you may as well just accept.” She grinned and held out her hand “I am Ridley, Ridley Sommers”

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Today was his day off, surprisingly he does have that. It’s almost been a month since he actually got a break from his work, the newest branch opened in Denver was basically requesting him to work back and forth. There were times when Hanseol had to go there thrice a month, which was definitely last month. Every time he went there, he always had to spend at least 3 nights minimum due to the workload. He finally came home to Evermore last night and he knew he had so many things to do but priorities first. Number one on his priority list was obviously none other than his own boyfriend, Jae. The dhampir made good on his promise to stay over at least 5 times out of the week and he felt bad that he had to leave every so often due to his work commitment. It wasn’t like this before the launch of the branch in Denver. 

Before, he only worked in the clinic here in Evermore and despite going back home a bit late sometimes, it was near. And he actually gets to go back to his arms before the day ends. But now, he could only settle for a few hours of FaceTime. Thankfully, Jae was still so understanding per usual. Even then, Han didn’t like to think he had neglected his own partner due to work. It is why he’s out here in a jewelry store, just a few blocks from his pet clinic, searching for a gift for the dhampir. Jae wasn’t a jewelry guy, obviously, but it was supposed to be a charm for him. Rumors and news were spread around and he didn’t need to be a genius to find out that the darkness probably had descended in Evermore in search for more victims. 

Whoever they were, he wanted to be sure the victims would not be anyone he cares about. He heard about protection charms from Artemis, a good friend of his. Artemis offered her advice and counsel regarding it and said perhaps, her friend could do the spell for him. It didn’t take him long to select a silver Cartier bracelet for Jae, he already gave Jae something similar some time ago but a man can spoil his lover. Now he was waiting in line to get himself some coffee so he could go and surprise Jae on his lunch break, until someone else bumped into him and he saw Artemis to which he waved, and that girl. 

The one who bumped into him had apologized and he waved his hands, trying to dismiss it gently, “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.” When she introduced herself to him, he gave a smile in return, “I’m Hanseol. Hanseol Park.” He tried to tell her it wasn’t necessary to pay for his things. “No, no, it’s okay.”

When his total was called out Ridley waved at the cashier “don’t be silly my treat.” She stepped around the male quickly and paid for his order as well as her own. She turned back around to face him “You are Hanseol! Oh my goodness.” She clapped her hands together. “Artie has told me so much about you!” She beamed at the man. Ridley couldn’t help but be slightly ‘hyper’ it was just how she naturally was daily. “And oh so Adorable!” Ridley could picture in her head the different types of photos she could take.

Ridley picked up her order “Would you like to join us?” She asked pointing to the table where Artemitra sat, though the celestial was looking down at her phone texting away with someone. Ridley made her way over to the table placing down the teas for them both. “You look a bit sad,” Ridley observed, Mitra explained that she had to leave due to something going on with Phoenix. “Oh okay not a problem stay safe, call me later.” She grinned happily.

Ridley sipped at her tea reaching into her bag and pulled out her book she began to write notes about the new spells she had learned, as well as steps she needed to do in order to make it successful. Ridley had taken her old family grimoires and began to make her own grimoire. To anyone else, it looked as though she was writing in a journal and not writing spells, and different potions.

Biting her lip Ridley stood up to go talk to him about being a model for her, just as he sat down but she had been so out of it that she had not even noticed him come over to her. “Sorry did you say something?” she asked feeling very aware that she seemed very spacey at the moment.

He really didn't expect for her to pay for his drinks, but before he could even say another word to protest and decline politely, the seemingly exuberant girl was already two steps ahead and before Han knows it, she had already settled it by paying for his drink, leaving the Celestial to blink a few times awkwardly and raised his drink slightly in their eye level, "Thank you?" He had to admit that he was visibly taken aback by the sudden cheeriness in her voice that he swore bounced around when she pointed out his name, oh? Someone knew him? But he doesn't know her and if he had met her, Hanseol was pretty sure he'd recall that since he doesn't have a short term memory to begin with. "Uh, yes, I'm Hanseol." Artie- the name didn't ring a bell in his head for a few seconds but then he saw the familiar silhouette from the counter and recognized it to be Artemis. Oh, so that's who she was said Artie was. 

The one she was implying on. He was originally going to decline because he should probably be on his way but wouldn't it be rude to do so? And so, the doe-eyed Celestial nodded shyly before trailing behind her with his beverage, noting the slightly off behavior from Artemis. When the other Celestial had to leave, he waved slightly and took a seat across the girl who still hasn't introduced much of herself other than a name to him. He had asked in a timid voice but she probably didn't catch it because she was too engrossed with her things, his eyes took in the journal, she was writing something on it and he could see whatever she was doing, she was being very diligent at it. It must've been incredibly important if she blocked out the outside world for a brief while. When she asked if he had said anything, the Celestial pressed his lips into a smile, "I was just asking you what you were doing. You look quite focused."

Looking from her journal up to the man “Oh umm, just jotting down notes for a uh... “ Ridley tried to think of what she could call the spell without giving away to any humans in the area to what she was really talking about “Recipe” she nodded her head. “Yes, a recipe.” Ridley wasn’t sure if he had caught the tattoo on her wrist or not of her Coven symbol, Some Factions in Evermore knew of each other. The Instar Diviner was very careful about not spilling the secrets because there was a growing number of Humans in Evermore and not everyone knew of the Supernatural.

“Oh my goodness, I am so rude!” She held out her hand to him “I am Ridley, Ridley Sommers” She gave a slight giggle at her own flightiness. “Sorry I am not usually this scatterbrained, it is just one of those days.” Closing her journal the Diviner tilted her head off to the side. “Has anyone ever told you that you could be a model?” She asked. Pointing to her Camera that sat on the table.

“I take photos, sorry I don’t mean to freak you out with my comment.” Ridley apologized when she realized how forward her original question may have sounded.

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