"Did you see my bag, did you see my bag?" Echoed out of a building in the City Centre. A place where a bunch of humans went to dance and drink. There were strobe lights and people constantly streaming in and out of the place. Inside, the club is louder than outside. Lights flicker on and off and confetti rains down on several of the dancing bodies on the dance floor. The dance floor is a mix of different supernatural creatures and humans clad in leather or hardly anything at all. 

One person was leaning against the wall in the Men's restroom. It was quieter there than in the club. This person had messy pink hair that had pink glitter strewn in it. Their eyes were a deep golden color and they were wearing leather pants, a loose fitting v necked pink shirt and black and white vans. A closer look proved this person to be male. Of course. 

He held an I-Phone in his hand and was furiously texting. A lollipop hung from his lip gloss coated lips. A closer look at his phone proves that he is indeed texting a girl. "Mia! Come to the club! It's awesome and kinda loud but who cares. There's also alcohol! I know you like alcohol. So come on girl." This girl was apparently his close friend. 

The male separated from the wall and went back into the club to his favorite song. After dancing for a bit, he went outside to see if the girl named Mia would show up.

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Stepping back inside the house from out on her own personal balcony she heard an all too familiar ding of her cellphone, flopping down onto her bed landing on her belly. Rolling to her back she opened the text shaking her head at the message. Her relationship with this particular individual was odd to say the least she hit reply ‘Sure I guess I can join for booze, though I need a bite to eat first.’ She hit send. After she had treated him at the hospital he had asked her to be friends, the only reason she had agreed was with the hopes she could acquire someone to feed on when needed. Sti had become exactly that friend, though the first time it had happened they had both been rather drunk and Morri almost forgot to compel him. He had promised not to tell anyone what she was and that he would help her out when hungry. From that day on they had been odd friends, he was more upbeat that Morri cared for but who was she to complain when free food was always involved. He also didn’t try to pry too much into her personal life.


After hitting send she pushed herself up off the bed moving into her walk in closet to look for something to wear. She decided on a simple black and red dress that stopped mid-thigh, completing the look with a pair of sandal heels. Walking into her room she picked up the phone and headed out to her car driving to the bar parking her car and slipping out heading towards the entrance spotting the male heading out. She waved and moved through the crowd who were lined up, the bouncer pulled the rope back letting her in. She embraced the male with a smile “Hello Sti.” She cleared her throat and stepped back trying to keep her hunger under wraps while around the crowd of people. “Booze?” She said heading into the bar and bee lining it for the bar. 


The one thing that help quench her bloodlust so speak was alcohol she ordered herself a beverage and one for Sti. When she drinks arrived she brought the glass to her lips taking a nice long swig from the cool liquid, letting out a slow breath she grinned “I needed this.” She offered up a smile. Looking around she took her friend’s hand and lead him down the hall towards the bathrooms once down the hall she glanced around once more to make sure no one was paying attention. Waiting for approval from her friend she closed her eyes her canines elongated and quickly punctured his skin after about a minute she pulled back and wiped her lip. Grinning she licked the blood off her finger “Yummy as always” She smirked and kissed his cheek. “shall we go dance?”

The male smiled to himself and swirled his tongue around the lollipop. His gold eyes taking in some shirtless males, he winked with approval at one of them and then looked down as his phone dinged. He bit his lip and texted back an "Okay, girl I'll be outside." His relationship with this girl was cool to say at least. He had met her in the hospital when he was too injured to heal himself. He had thought she was sweet so he asked her to be his friend. Surprisingly she had agreed. The first time she had fed on him, he was drunk and she was drunk so he had found out that she was a vampire. It didn't surprise him. He didn't mind. But he had promised to keep her secret. 

He lounged against the wall again. Dropping subtle winks at the boys again he almost didn't notice Mia coming toward him until he heard a feminine voice say "Hello Sti!" He smiled and nodded with approval at her outfit. He nodded again as she said "Booze?" and motioned for her to follow him. He laughed as she ran toward the bar. 

Hardly out of breath, Sti stopped next to her and then laughed as she took a long drink from her drink. He took a sip of his frozen strawberry margarita and then smiled happily. Sti felt her tug on his hand so he followed her to the hallway and whispered: "Go ahead." in her ear. He sighed with pleasure as her fangs sunk into his neck. For some reason, he got more out of it than she did. He was kind of sad when she let go, but shivered a little when she licked her finger. He laughed and then said "I just had strawberries. I taste super sweet." He grinned as she kissed his cheek and then nodded yes at her invitation to go dance.

As she headed towards the dance floor she couldn't help but laugh "You always taste sweet Sti my darling, you are always eating sweet food, and well we both know I prefer the taste of sweet, and when drinking that is my favourite most of all." She smirked and gave him a playful friendly wink. Once in the centre of the dance floor, she began to sway her hips to the music letting herself get lost in the tune. She reached out and took Sti's hands into her own dancing with him, from the time they started going out to random bars she loved his company. Christian was almost always happy when she met up with him a smile on his face and in good spirits, maybe that was why his blood always appealed to her most of all. She let out a long laugh of joy as they danced "You are likely one of my favourite people I have met here so far. You are always in such good spirits and just genuinely a happy dude. It is a rare thing these days my glittery sparkly Sti." She giggled again. She spun around singing out loud to the music playing.

"Tell me something about you Sti anything at all." So far they knew very little about each other and really that was the way she liked. She was genuinely growing more and more curious about this friend of hers, he didn't pry into her life. He never questioned her vampireism he didn't shy away when he found out, maybe he was a trustworthy person after all. She was still planning to keep him at arm's length but asking a few questions wouldn't hurt. Papa had told her she needed to learn to let people in sometimes, though she found it odd since he himself didn't really let anyone in. Letting herself refocus on Christian for the time she danced her way towards the bar ordered herself 3 more drinks. It took her far to many drinks to actually get drunk enough to stay drunk and tonight she wanted to be drunk.

Mia hadn't told anyone but today was the anniversary of the day she was turned, a day that was both a good day and a bad. Good because she met Gideon her now Papa and bad because well it was the day she died, the day she no longer truly existed. The day she would forever remember as long as she lived, the day that she was cursed into her immortality her memories of everything she ever did from that day onwards engraved in her brain. She could recall everything at a moments notice, closing her eyes to try and shake away the bad feelings before Sti caught on and started the 20 questions game. Forcing a smile upon her lips she jumped up and down a few times to keep herself going, down two of her three drinks rather quickly. "Come on slow poke! don't make me drink alone!"

"You're going to get a lot more of that. Cause I always eat sweets! Most of my diet consists of it." Sti said and giggled, the lollipop in his mouth disintegrating. He smirked back at her and giggled again. Sti let himself be dragged onto the dance floor and smiled as Mia got herself lost in the music. He loved music, so he was happy to see her get lost in it.  He laughed when she took his hands and made him dance with her. He was actually very good at dancing, so he loved showing off his skills. Sti loved hanging around Mia, she was like a sister he never had. He was really happy when he met up with Mia in bars or clubs, because he had just been to a concert or somewhere beautiful. He had always felt like his blood called out to her, because of it's sweet tang. "I am just genuinely happy!" He says and smiles.

"Well, I have a concert coming up if you want to come," Sti says and twirls Mia around. He was really excited about this concert  His bandmates had scheduled the concert so St could invite Mia. He hoped that she would like it, because of his constant stripping of his shirt, and he thought she liked that. He was quite impressed with his abs, really.

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