"I never loved you and you knew it. But why did you have to stay with me? Are you really that stupid?" A high pitched female voice said accusingly, the female in question poking her finger into the blonde male's chest. The blonde male only sadly shook his head and moved her hand away, his bright blue eyes slated downward a bit. "No, I'm not stupid. I still love you. But I can't deal with it right now" He said and began to walk to the door, but the female let out a yell. "Mark! Come back! Let me explain myself!" She said and tried to grab at Mark's arm. But Mark brushed her off gently and walked out the door. 

"CUT!" The voice of the director yelped from behind the blonde male, causing him to nearly jump a foot in the air. He turned around to look at the director, waiting for him to say something. "Seokmin! Son, you did great! I wasn't expecting you to be this good at playing an American character, but you did it!" The director yelped again and clapped Seokmin on the back. Seokmin jolted forward a bit but steadied himself. "Thank you very much, Director." He replied and went to walk away from the director, but something caught his foot, sending him tumbling down the stage, and right off the stage. He landed with a thump on the floor, staring at the stage four feet above him. 

"Seokmin!" The voice of his best friend Luhan and the voice of his brother Sehun mixed together in his head and turned in a cacophony of noise. A hand was suddenly on his shoulder, and when he turned to look he found his uncle Chanyeol staring at him with a mixture of concern and worry. His leg suddenly was on fire, not literally, but it felt like it. When he looked, he saw it was twisted at a weird angle up behind him. He screeched in pain when Sehun tried to move him. 

Twenty minutes and a whole lot of screeching later, Seokmin was in the hospital waiting for the ER doctor to come to see him. Luhan, Sehun, and Chanyeol were sat on the right side of him, mumbling in a weird mix of  Korean and Chinese. The nurse had told him that he had broken his leg and that his left leg had been fractured. All because he hadn't been smart enough to look down and see the cords on the stage. A sudden streak of pain shot through his leg and he screeched loudly, eyes scrunching into crescents.

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The night shift had been far more busy than she had ever expected it to be, between random car accidents on the freeway. To drunken idiots getting into bar brawls, or having fought at home, the Er doctor sighed taking a deep breath she gathered her hair into her two small hands and wrapped it in the purple thick hair elastic she kept around her wrist for just such occasions. Looking down at her silver and gold watch the woman took a deep slow steady breath, her stomach growled she hadn’t realized just how hungry she truly was. Once more pushing through the all to familiar hunger the bright hazel-eyed woman made her way into the next room. Picking up the chart on her way into the room her eyes read over the barely legible handwriting of the nurse who had been in the room before she was.

‘I swear these nurses need to take a course on how to write a bit more clearly’ she thought to herself. Turning to the patient “How do I pronounce your name? I really don’t want to butcher it, I would like to attempt it nonetheless.” She walked further into the room to wash her hands and dry them before putting on a pair of gloves. “So I see the nurse believes your one leg to be broken and the other has a fracture is that correct.” She asked sitting on the stool next to the bed to examine his legs for herself. She suspected the same thing but wanted to be sure just exactly what damage was done, she stood up and removed the gloves tossing them into the garbage.

“Are you allergic to anything? Medicine, latex anything at all.” she pulled the purple pen out of her white lab coat, jotting down in blue ink the patient's name on her clipboard and waiting for him to answer her questions. Jotting down his answers along the way “alright so I would like to send you for an X-Ray so I can access any and all damage done before I can proceed if that is alright.” She offered up a bright smile. “Once the X-ray is done you will be brought right back to this room for us to talk next steps.” She turned and squirt some hand sanitizer on her hand before leaving the room, dropping the chart into the bin telling the head nurse what she wanted to be done. Moving onto the next patient continuing down the line waiting for other patients to return from Ultrasounds, bloodwork X-rays etc.

Her shift was nearing its end and she couldn’t believe just how tired she actually felt, she was nearing the end of a double shift. Seeing the nurse wheel Seokmin away she waved and continued on with her job, after a while he was brought back just in time for her be opening the computer program looking over the images nodding her head. She moved into the room where he was “Alright Mr. S.seokmin?” She said in a slow steady voice trying to get it right but her accent causing her to fumble it up a bit, making a weird face that said she knew she messed up his name. “I am so terribly sorry.” She said and sat down on the stool, clasping her hands together. “Alright so, the nurse and I were correct. Broken and a fracture. So the plan is to cast the leg with the break, try and stay off it as much as possible. The fracture I suggest keeping as much pressure off it as you can. Resting up frequently and it should heal rather quickly. The brake will take more time to heal, you will need to come back for a few follow-ups. When I or one of my colleges think it is on the mend we shall remove the cast. And you will be as good as new and back on your feet for your job. How does that sound?”

She called the nurse into the room “Wheel him over to the casting room and get started I’ll be right there.” She said with a smile and jotted some more notes into his file before joining them in the casting room. Getting right to work she casted up his leg her hands were steady and her work nearly flawless, being as old as she was she had perfected her job rather well. When she finished her hazel eyes met his “Alright do you have any questions for me before I send you on your way with your friends here?”

Seokmin wasn't expecting for someone to get back to him that quickly. Seriously, though. Hospital service for actors was not good, because everyone thought they were just acting. If you had asked him twenty-four hours ago what he was going to do that day, he wouldn't have said fall off a stage. He would probably say that he planned to finish his shoot for the day and go out to dinner with his best friend and his uncle. 

Early that day, he had been expecting himself to trip over cords and wires, but he hadn't. Like, it normally happened, because he was so fucking clumsy. He really needed to chill, because if he remembered any more of this, his leg would flare up in pain. Damn his hyperactive brain.

"My name is pronounced Seok with a Min tacked on the end" He replied trying to be funny. Maybe being funny would take his mind off the pain in his leg. But fuck that, because it didn't. It only made it hurt worse. He jerked when she touched his leg, gasping for breath as pain shot up and down his leg. "I'm allergic to Ibuprofen and asprin. That's about it." He said and watched with wide eyes as she jotted down his information. 

He didn't like the x-ray room at all. It was dark and smelled like rubbing alcohol and he hated the smell of rubbing alcohol. That smell brought him back to his time at the hospital when he was fifteen and he had fallen and broken two of his ribs. It made him feel positively icky. He was grateful when he was wheeled out of the damn room. His sensitive nose got a sniff of fresh air, and he almost died in relief.

As he heard the doctor babble on about what had happened to his leg, his leg jolted in pain. He swore he wasn't making it do it, but apparently his leg just wanted to jolt. He nodded at her words and then looked over to the nurse who was going to wheel him into the casting room, he yelped, cause when she took him to the casting room, she touched his leg and that hurt like hell. After it was over, he groaned in relief. It didn't hurt anymore. He looked over to Luhan and Chanyeol, and they looked back at him with worried faces. He shook his head and weakly grinned at the other men.

Euphemia looked at her watch her shift was over after this patient was done, and she was so unbelievably ready to get home. Little did she know that life had other plans for the doctor in place. Tapping her watch she turned to the young patient “Sorry did you have any questions? Or are you all set?” She asked with a gentle smile.

“You seem as though you know your way around a hospital, and I do apologize if any of the nurses may have made you feel unwelcome or anything. They have this unnatural fear of celebrities or something.” She chuckled. “If you need anything at all please do not hesitate to come back, I will do what I can alright. “ She scribbled down on her pad and ripped the paper off and handed it to him.

“Please don’t lose it, that is for the pain killers, and I will see you back here for a check up and removal of that cast. Got it.” She chuckled trying to keep the experience as light as she possibly could. She knew that some of the more frequent flyers often dread the hospital because it reminded them of more serious times they had been there. Resting her hand on his shoulder she did her best to try and ease the young man.

Seokmin moved around a bit, trying to get comfortable in the hospital bed. It wasn't like the bed wasn't comfortable, but when you have a cast made of plaster on your leg it was hard to move around. "Oh no, I don't. Luhan might, cause he's curious." He pointed towards his friend who was babbling away in Chinese to his uncle.

. "Got it! I more than likely will be back." He joked and then settled in a comfortable position before taking the little slip and handing it to Chanyeol.

“Oh, I won't. My uncle usually helps me with things like this. ” He smiled at the doctor and noted that she might be trying to help him get through his time here. That was sweet. Normally doctors would keep their distance from him, because of their fear that a celebrity might just sue them if they did something wrong. He relaxed as she put her hand on his shoulder. Maybe he would forget about the whole ordeal tomorrow.

Euphemia smiled and went to leave the room to allow the patient and guests to gather their things to leave. As Euphemia stepped out into the hallway she could hear yelling down the hall, before she really had time to react she heard a gunshot. Turning on her heels she went back into the room “Get down” she whispered and tried to usher the injured patient and his family off to the side where they wouldn’t be seen or injured more.

Her mind was racing where was Otto, where were her other friends she didn’t want to stay cowered in a corner while others could be in danger. “Stay here, please.” She instructed the male and his companions. She gulped and shifted into the hallway, her eyes scanning the halls watching as people scrambled into various rooms to hide.

Seokmin was not expecting to hear something that frightening in his entire life. The pinging sound of the gunshot hitting the metal walls was like death to Seokmin's sensitive ears. His bright blue eyes were wide and scared as he looked at his uncle who in turn looked at him with a worried frown. Luhan was still babbling away in Chinese before Chanyeol forced his head down.

As he heard the sweet doctor say "Get down!" He immediately ducked his head down and turned to look at her. What were they going to do? He was supposed to be at home resting and his agent was not going to be happy that he was stuck here.  "Hey! Don't go out there. You'll get hurt!" He said, but the doctor didn't listen to him and stuck her head out the door. 

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