Jett lay down on the grass of the local park as he looked up at the cloudy but blue sky as he pointed to individual clouds that were shaped as everyday items. as he sat up, he watched as people walk back and forth on there own or a couple of groups as he lifted the Pepsi bottle he removed the lid taking large gulps as he smiled watching as he began to reach into his bag of Doritos as he slides his hand inside the packet feeling no chips inside as he sighed looking around to see if there were any vendors around the park as his stomach growled to life " time for more food I think " he chuckled as his stomach always rumbled louder at an actual mealtime

Jett got off the ground as. the breeze wrapped around his body as he smiled Jett had always loved the heat but liked a cool breeze also as he began to make his way towards the woody path making his way to the gate of the park nodding to a few people that acknowledged him within minutes he had reached the gates to the park as he stepped out onto the busy street. the street was busier than normal due to the weather as he arched his back and stretched his arms before making his way into the crowds heading east as he recalled several coffee shops on his way in as he looked at the shops taking in what the shops sold.

Jett passed costs and a Starbucks as he looked n through the windows revealing they were packed with no seats available as he carried on he came across a Tim Hortons Jett stopped a minute as he looked inside he had never been in before so decided to step in.  Jett opened the doo as calm pleasant music hit his ears as he smiled making his way towards the counter as he looked up at the prices and what drinks were made as he stepped up to the counter " Hi could I have one cappuccino  2 paninis and a muffin  " Jett pulled out the money handing it to the cashier told him the price and he would bring his drink and food over  " thanks " Jett nodded as he turned to find a table noticing. a 2 seater  right in front of the  counter  as he made his way over   quickly claiming the table as his own

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Ommins friends had been encouraging her to try seeing more of evermore city and not staying locked in the Aurazin territory being anti-social. She was recommended to go to 'Tim's' to get a hot chocolate and maybe try reading the menu a bit. She grudgingly walked into the area. Her mind flooded with noise from other people. Her shoulders tense as she stood in line. Holding the silver coins and paper her friends gave her to pay with. 

She noticed a young man sitting by a close table with the only space open to sit down at. She made note of that for later. She glanced down at the paper money in her hand and fiddled with it. She did not understand how paper could be of worth. Coins held metal value and she understood that but paper. come on. that was the craziest thing she has learned since coming to the new human aged earth. 

Coming to the front of the counter she smiled at the young man behind serving her "Hello umm...I'd like a ...." She looked up at the menu and frustration immediately flooded over her. Her senses started to gain as the emotions of those around her started to seep into her. Her hands started fidget even more in a nervous manor. Her eyes scanning looking for something familiar, Her vision blurred as she placed a hand on her cheek. "Ummmm" She stuttered as a larger man pushed her slightly to the side "Move along if you're not getting anything bitch". Her eyes narrowed but she said nothing as he pushed her around.  

Jett got up as saw the girl at the counter in a little distress " excuse me are you after a hot chocolate " he smiled as he ordered himself another coffee and a large Hot chocolate for her as he took the cash out paying the cashier " if you wait here the order will be ready soon but if you would like you can join me at the table as there not many other spaces. and I'm happy to share: he smiled gently as he walked back to his seat as he looked out the window into the street

Jett watched people live there lives unaware of what happens around them as he heard a cup clunk on his table as he saw the barista: cheers " he took a sip of his drink before placing it back on the table as he made his. cell phone from his pocket and began to check his emails and any texts he may have replied as he began to casually humm

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