After the plane landed in New York, they made their way to the college campus and set up in a room for the night. Deus enjoyed being around the college campus, everyone felt more alive in places like this to him. As they were not in fear all the time, looking over their shoulder, trying to figure out the wrongs of the world. Something about being on the campus seemed to add an extra spring into the life aspect step. So when the morning came around and the pair was ready. He found himself stepping out of the guest quarters and  took a deep sniff of the air.

“Ah can you smell the knowledge?” he turned his head to Iris and smiled at her as they moved about the campus to the biotech labs. Really Deus wanted to get his hand on the plants they were trying to work with. He knew the many advances could come for using plant life that could better many lives. As they came to the hall there was a petite man waiting outside looking back and forth and when his eyes landed on Virindeus he smiled wide and wave “Jett!” he called out as he moved over.

“Samson.” Virindeus held his hand out to the male and they shook hands. “This is my assistant who can’t wait to get her hands on your tech, Iris.” He said introducing her.

“Pleasure to meet you Iris.” He reached over to shake her hand also “You don’t look like you have aged at all. Must be all those plants you rub on your face.” The man teased Virindeus as he moved the pair through the door giving them guest badges and walked down the hall. “Well we have plenty of toys for you both to play with. Though the thing I need you to look at Jett is the plants. They seem to not be growing anymore.” He led them to an indoor greenhouse.

Virindeus raised a brow towards him. “They are not growing?” he asked as he then moved the man into green house and his brows knit together before he looked to Iris and back to Samson. “Can you get us some coffee.” he smiled to the man who nodded and shuffle off before Deus looked back to the plants and mutter. “I can’t hear them.” He muttered and touched one of their leaves.

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It had been a few years since Iris had stepped foot in New York, the last time being some 60 years before when an airplane had crashed prompted the Guard into investigating. Given her technical skills and attention to detail Iris had been on that mission, helping to solve the mystery and put to bed the speculation that the supernatural had been involved. The entire ride from the airport her hickory hues took in all the sights and changes that had taken place, appreciating how timeless the city that never sleeps seemed to be. The brunette had visited the place many times over her extraordinarily long life and watched the growth and expansion was always a treat. No matter what disaster befell the city it’s denizens never ceased to rebound back, better and stronger each time.

Since their flight had been later in the evening the first thing the pair did was secure lodgings, something the Guard has taken care of well in advance. The brunette got up early the next morning, sliding out of the room just as the Aspect was rousing to grab them both a coffee and breakfast. Loaded up on donut sugary goodness and caffeine they headed to the University in order to meet up with Viri’s contact. Once on campus Iris couldn’t stop smiling, rolling her eyes at Viri’s comment, but feeling the buzz of energy that permeated the campus. There was something about collegiate grounds that got into the bloodstream, transporting everyone to a higher existence of intellect, experience, and ultimately life. It didn’t matter the day or the age, college campuses were a different world.

Once inside a man immediately recognized Viri calling him by his alias name and descending upon them at all speed. Smiling Iris reached out and shook the short man’s hand when introduced, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Professor.” Pinning the badge given to her on her jacket zipper at her waist the brunette followed behind the two men, seemingly interested in everything going on around them with roving sharp eyes. They moved from an indoor office to a covered greenhouse, the atmosphere shifting from cool air conditioning to a humid, warm climate.

The Guard kept to the fringes though she was casual about it until Professor Samson went to get them some coffee at the Aspects request. Once they were alone Viri looked right at her and delivered a strange statement of fact that had her brows knitting. “How is that possible? If the plants are alive you should be able to hear them and they don’t exactly look dead.” Everywhere she looked the vibrant colors of nature splashed across the canvas of the boxes they were contained in, not a single hint of death or decay was in evidence.

Closing her eyes the Diviner sought out any possible traces of magic, humming quietly to herself to focus her mind. “I don’t detect any magic but that doesn’t mean a spell isn’t here. Do you want me to probe deeper? It would take some time and I’d need to ground myself here.” It wasn’t her usual brand of magic or preferred either but Iris was schooled in all sorts of forms in order to be more effective at her job.

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