Such a beautiful view could be had from the sky, the vast expanse stretching out as far as the eyes could see. Baldemar soared through the clear skies expertly, pure white wings spanned out from his shoulders whilst he glided along without a worry in the world. There were a couple of things that completely soothed him, Forging, Sparring and Flying; each one making every fibre of his being content and at peace. Not a single cloud marred the sky, rays of sunlight shined down upon the woodlands in all of it's infinite beauty which was sight to behold for anyone that could fly. It had been so long since he had ventured through the skies, making friends and changing his life seemed to keep him quite busy. Those ice blue hues observed every little detail with awe, taking in everything that the scenery had to offer. Life wasn't so bad from a birds eye view, every problem seeming so small.  

Wearing his black leather jacket, jogging bottoms, boots and a long sleeved, black v-neck shirt; He was made for easy flying without restricted movement. Evermore had so many little nooks and crannies, little corners of the city that were so awe striking that was hard to comprehend. Baldemar swooped down like a bullet towards the trees, hoping to go for a long walk through the woods when something caught his eye. No, Someone. A female walking through the trees caught his attention, making him fly down towards a clearing that was fast approaching. Landing gently with finesse, those ocean orbs glistened with intrigue and a mixture of concern about why someone would be walking along in such a vast woodlands. Walking carefully, every part of him made sure to keep his guard up in case it wasn't friendly territory, not wanting to cause any trouble. 

"Hey, Are you alright?" Baldemar asked the woman whilst approaching with care, a tone of genuine worry slipping out from his lips. Standing at around 6'2. The Nephilim was ready for anything in case things turned ugly, yet his instincts told him that no danger was present. Evermore was full of mystery, magic and everything in between, one could not be too sure what they would stumble across one day. Despite feeling slightly tense, those ice blue hues trained on her confidently, observing every little move with careful precision. "I know it's probably none of my business, but what brings you out here on your own?" 

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Today was a day off for her. Hence why she spent almost her entire day, cooped up in her room as the time passes by, not even bothering the brunette Ailward who's keeping her eyes focused on the mixture of liquid she's been mixing for the past hour. Malva has been working on introducing a new substance that might help them sleep better without the side effects being quite the trouble for them to correlate with their daily lives. But usually, works such as these takes time. She knew she wasn't going to get it right under 24 hours, hell, it's surprising if she could even correct it or perfect it even more under 24 months, much less 24 weeks or days. The Aspect of Magic has been a practitioner of alchemy magic since the late 12th century, where she found pouring every knowledge on creating such things to be fascinating. 

She understood how her siblings have been struggling with proper sleep for a while now. She wasn't excluded from the lot, and thought she should work on something that wasn't as health and energy consuming like her sleeping draught. For a while, she's been giving them herbs, but it doesn't give instant effect, only a few hours give or take. They'll need to reapply frequently to get the proper results and she knew they couldn't be bothered to always remember to do it, which was why she always made sure to reapply it for them in their rooms as she burned the herbs. Malva eventually grew frustrated at the mixture not working the way she thought it would and almost pushed the entire thing off due to her temper and frustration but decided against it, as god knows what'll happen if she did something so reckless without fully understanding the elements it held inside. Sighing to herself, she wondered what else hasn't she tried. She's been exhausting herself with the works for a while now, with her shifts as a doctor at Evermore General too. Why did she think taking up her youngest sister's advice to get back to the land of living was a wise one?

As the Aspect of Magic struggled to get herself up and clean everything before storing them carefully in the storage room that was her twin room attached to her chambers, she pulled her drawers open and took out her spell journal alongside the dangerously looking Burmese ruby pendant that stored dark energy. Even by glancing at it, anyone would sense the malevolent energy it exudes, much less stare into it. Forcing herself to turn away, she tossed both things in her bag and wrapped herself in a leather jacket as she climbed down from her balcony using the hidden stairs. Why did she went against coming from the entrance door of the manor? Because some guards might trail her and if she didn't want them, she made sure she doesn't. The last thing she needed was any guard witnessing her practicing her magic that also has a high potential of going berserk. Magic is a volatile and dangerous element, after all. Expecting it to play nice is not in the book. 

As soon as she landed gracefully on the pile of snow sticking on the ground, she inhaled the cold fresh air of the morning and stretched her limbs a few moments before her right hand finding its way up to her amethyst pendant that she never takes off, before closing her eyes. Internally willing herself to transform into her dragon form, the next thing she knew was the purple scales marring her form and took a leap, as she flew in the sky. There was one thing she favored particularly, and that was being able to fly without anyone noticing because of their invisibility. It also helps that they could fly at the speed of light. Soon enough, she saw the woods coming into her sight and landed somewhere secluded and reverted back into her human form, where she then hiked herself deeper into the woods. Usually, the paranoia would overpower her considering she's in a rather unpredictable territory, but the woods became her place-to-go since a while ago when she needed to practice. And since she was confident that the peace treaty keeping them on their toes, especially with her faction breathing down their necks to monitor. Surely, they would not chase her away.

However, while she was walking while grumbling to herself in her mother tongue, Russian, her train of thoughts was interrupted by someone. Malva turned around and found her eyes set on a tall male who exuded the aura of Nephilim. Angel child. Great. She doesn't meet a lot of them. Since she oversees the supernaturals who was affiliated with magic, and that included immortality, she could easily pinpoint who is who, especially those who falls under her category where she serves as the protector. Her 5'6" frame looked smaller compared to his 6'2".  Stopping momentarily on her Russian utterances, the Aspect of Magic tilted her head slightly to the side as her own bright blue hues clashed with his. "Yes, uh, I'm alright." She was a bit surprised that someone was considerate enough to check. Now that was a short supply these days. Even before, honestly. "I always come here to practice my mag-" She clamped her mouth shut before she could proceed with telling him that. First time encounters and you are revealing yourself to be a shady witch who practiced her magic in the woods? If she wasn't her, even she would find that occurrence to be weird and creepy. "Uh- I often venture here to practice, sir." There goes the little slip of how old she was. Bear in mind, Malva was quite the old-fashioned person who still has yet to get a grip of how modernized days people talked like.


So many situations had occurred recently where people came into his path, everywhere he turned there was a friend to be had. Baldemar was thankful that there had been no confrontations yet, every person he met had been kind or held similarities that formed a kinship of sorts. Evermore was always full of surprise, throwing a curveball every now and then that ended in a happy surprise or a bloody nose. After losing Daisy, every single emotion had consumed him until he was simply a shell of a man that had once been great. Life had been stripped away from his soul, no light even existed for the longest time. Thankfully, times were changing with each passing day, turning brighter and more hopeful with every step forward.

There was only one person in the family that was untainted, Elysium. His sister had been spared the horrors he had experienced, never seeing someone die right before her eyes. Life taught him some valuable lessons, never get too close to anyone, always keep on guard and always be ready for any kind of danger ahead. Baldemar had his own demons to fight off daily, but they wouldn’t hold him in darkness any longer. What would life bring him next? He didn’t know yet every fibre of his being was ready for anything that could come his way.  Those ocean orbs studied every detail about the stranger, knowing that she was supernatural from his purple tinted eyes; Nephilim’s had that particular gift of perception but only to a certain degree.  Running a hand through his raven locks, lately it was getting hard to relax with any situation especially with the nightmares that creeped up on him. They didn’t happen as often, which was blessing since they really shook him every damn time and he hated it.

Hearing her words, Baldemar smiled knowingly. “You mean magic, right? Don’t worry, I already know your different. My eyes can see that you are supernatural, I just don’t know the specifics.” Speaking in a sincere tone, his ice blue hues studying the smaller woman with care. Looks could be deceiving, one of the lessons he had learnt from his father was to never underestimate someone. Anyone could be capable of anything, no matter the size, look or appearance; it was simply a fact of life. Taking in the breath-taking scenery of the forest, no wonder people chose to dwell in such a place; all that could be heard were steady streams, animals and winds blowing through trees. A light smile played upon his features whilst basking in all kinds of elements that nature brought, it was refreshing to have a change of pace.

Did she really call him sir? Baldemar rose a brow in intrigue. “Call me Baldemar, you don’t have to call me sir.” Chuckling softly, He held out a hand in offering which was customary for himself. “If it makes you feel any better, I was flying by myself over the trees. It’s a nice hobby to relax when the week seems to stressful. It’s either that or making things, either one helps.” Smiling warmly, his ocean orbs shimmered with warmth, understanding but still held some reserve to them. It wasn’t in his nature to trust but recently he had been trying hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. He liked people but the fear that death would rip someone away again…crippled him like nothing else in the world. Coming into another species territory always made him weary, as some didn’t take kindly to people treading on their lands but he wasn’t doing any harm where he was. “Not that it is any of my business, but what kind of magic were you trying to do?” Asking in a genuinely curious manner, something about her did make him curious. Leaning back onto a nearby tree, it was the illusion of relaxation because in reality he was ready if anyone decided to cause any trouble, his reflexes that of a warrior.

Honestly, she was a bit torn between wanting to take the situation as it was or treat it weirdly. Considering the both of them were in the woods; possibly the most unpredictable place in the eternal city, there wasn't much of a choice to go around. But then again, she was Malva Ailward, she wasn't exactly afraid of any occurrences to befell her in Evermore, not really. Was she freaked out? Yes. Afraid? Not a chance. So when she heard him clarify his aura detecting abilities, she quirked her eyebrow up in a questioning manner. She couldn't possibly be that easy to read through, but she wasn't exactly surprised seeing as she does look like an average witch who's off to do god knows what in the middle of the woods. There was no point in evading his question anyways, so why not take the chance to appease his curiosity? 

Malva loosened the grip on the string of her bag before brushing her hands against her jacket and nodded. "Yes, I mean magic. Sorry, it's not everyday you meet someone who's okay with all the details. I try not to show myself to them, for some might find it a bit baffling." It wasn't the first time she's encountered people who found her to be quite perplexing in nature. It wasn't as if she could change that about it, that's just the way she is. "The way you said different, sounds like it's supposed to mean something special or particular. Hardly doubted that's the case. Sometimes, most of us don't wish to be the species we are now." While that might be true on most parts, the Aspect of Magic wasn't excluded from the bunch who thought that way. In fact, she was one of the most prominent members on it. After a while, you tend to grow tired as the years passed by; especially her current responsibilities and duties. 

"Well, now you know enough specifics. I'm your local town witch trying to practice some of her magic in the woods, where people aren't supposed to go wandering about." The snark element accentuating her tone made it believable how she was literally the apprehension she had on herself was that of the rebellious teenager she was, over 1200 years ago. It was a wonder how she did not mature more than the age she died in. Malva was wise and mature, but most of the time, she tends to forget it and resume her life like how she would a time ago. It also helps that she doesn't look a day older than 23 years old, for someone who supposedly was executed when she was only 18-19 years of age. "Maybe not local, considering I'm not from here originally. But you get what I mean."

Of course, the purple dragon almost hit herself right there on the spot when she heard him tell her it wasn't necessary to address him as sir, a habit that she couldn't find a way to shrug off. Biting her lip briefly, she closed her eyes and cursed in her native tongue, as she fluttered them open again and gave him a sheepish smile. "Right, old habits die hard. Where I'm from, we used to address people like that." Where I'm from? Really, Mal? If her siblings were here, they would've reprimanded how funny she sounded. Who uses such formal terms in America? Better yet, in the year of 2019? No idea. When he extended his hand out for the greeting, she did the same, out of respect. At least his mannerisms reflected him. If there was anything the brunette Ailward Aspect hated the most, it was people who didn't have a decent set of manners. It was a stench to everything because Malva grew up in a rather customary and conservative coven. One that relied mostly on mannerisms.

However, she found herself flustered and a bit taken aback at the sudden question given out by the male Nephilim. "Uh, I practice a few forms of magic, up from my former coven to my own teachings- from the books." Of course she had to indicate she did not study by herself without any proper resources, no one was able to do that but well- her; the Aspect of Magic, who's been creating and documenting spells from centuries long, dated around the year of 747 AD. "But today, since I specifically opted for a much more nature-loving venue, maybe connective and blood magic." Truthfully, she did came out to get a few solace surrounding herself with nature as she went deeper in the dark arts, while still being able to stay tethered to the nature to pull herself in case the temptation got to her. "It's harmless when not inflicted on anyone though, I swear." She reassured lightly, but for anyone who's lived long enough in Evermore would know that the local dark diviners does not have access to practicing such forms of ancient magic, that requires a lot of concentration and risks. Especially when they didn't study them properly since it dated back so long ago. 

It wasn’t often that he ventured through the woodlands, often finding himself busy with weapon orders of some kind or training the younger Nephilims. Baldemar was very reserved by nature, considering where they were in the middle of the forest; people didn’t really go there for a meet and greet. Noticing her eyebrow lift inquisitively, apparently his mention of perception must have surprised her which was odd considering that most super natural’s knew the capabilities of nephilims. To be honest, his eyes only saw that she was different but not exactly what the woman was. Every fibre of his being wanted to get to know her better, he had always been curious when it came to people. Apart from recent event’s, the Nephilim had been living like a hermit for years until going back into big, wide world for more social activities.

Smiling in understanding, Baldermar chuckled lightly. “I know what you mean, some humans wouldn’t be able to comprehend the abilities of people like us. Luckily, I’m not human and I am open minded.” The tone of his voice was genuine, knowing there was many mysterious things to this land; species that he had not met yet but had heard of through peoples stories. Frowning softly, those ocean orbs glistened with evident concern to her comment. He knew what that felt like, to not want to be what he was especially after everything that had happened to him. “It can be hard, being different. Times can be trying for us, I’ve been through my fair share of things that broke me for some time. I’m still not over it but I never give up because people need me.” For the first time in forever, he was candid towards a person which was quite a big deal. However, no more details would be shared since no-one knew the particulars of his past and no-one would. Not until he was ready. “That’s probably why you carry on, right?”

“Do you fall into that category as well? Since your wandering about the woods yourself, doesn’t make you innocent from the rule.” Baldemar shot back with a playful smirk, not being deterred by the snarky comment but found it more appealing; since everyone he had met hadn’t been that way. It made things more interesting, a spice of life so to speak. The female seemed talkative, nice enough and the snark only made things more exciting.  There hadn’t much time to live his childhood, most of the time it was training in weapons, forging, books and how to survive; nothing else seemed important at the time. He had looked up to his father, until the day he left him and his sister with their disturbed mother. After all the cheating, Beatrice had turned into a bitter, dark shell of a woman that had become dangerous to them all. Daisy’s unfortunate end was evidence of that. “Where are you originally from? I’m from here, I’ve never left to be honest. One day I do want to see more places in the world.”

He couldn’t help the amused looks on his face, noting that she clearly seemed like the old fashioned type. Baldemar was quite the silent observer, taking in what he could about a person. “How old are you exactly? Sorry If I’m being nosey but you seem quite old fashioned. It isn’t a bad thing, it’s refreshing to see.” Those ocean orbs shimmered with sincerity, always being completely honest with people if he could help it. As their hands connected, he gave hers a little squeeze in a warm gesture before pulling back gently in a polite manner; being raised to address people as such in the right circumstances. A lot of people these days didn’t have manners, choosing to be rude by cursing people or thinking themselves above others. If humans only knew what lived right next to them, they would certainly change their tune in a matter of moments.

Baldemar rose his brows in intrigue, keeping his eyes on the female for a long moment. “So what are these few forms of magic? I simply want to know because I don’t know much about it. I’m a Master Weapon’s maker and Weapons Master, I train younger people of my race to prepare them for the future. I am genuine interested in what you do.” Smiling broadly, that toned form sat down upon a tree stump whilst observing the rich scenery around them; finding it quite entrancing despite being unfamiliar with the lay of the land. “So what does blood magic entail? I don’t see any around here to harm, I’m not a close minded person. Just because you’re a witch, I don’t think your tying anyone up or using them as magic pincushions.” The last part was spoken in a more playful tone, but his question was sincere curiosity. He did want to know what it entailed, or specifically why she was choosing to do it at that given moment in time. “I believe you, I’m just curious as to what goes into that kind of magic. Is there a particular reason why your doing it or is it simply to practice?” Asking without trying to seem to nosey, those ice blue hues shimmered with interest, intrigue and a mind that was open to new things.

Malva would lie if she said she wasn't even the slightest inquisitive about the Nephilim before her. He was an ambiguous person. It's rare for her to find someone who's open to everything, and that wasn't even due to her not venturing out so often. However, she knew that he too wasn't able to pinpoint who and what she was. Not exactly, at least. That was her advantage to use; her identity. The identity that leaves everyone who never knew there was such an organization in the world controlling everything. The name Ailward was something she was proud of, despite the burden it entailed. Because she, alongside her 7 more siblings were a proof that anything was possible.

They did went from a group of people preaching about justice and fairness to the people they are now. Powerful enough to demolish an entire setting to mold it into something new for the sake of a better world. Of course, that didn't come without a price. But it was a price the Aspect of Magic would gladly give over and over time again. "You don't really get out much, do you?" she asked, as she finally placed a hand over her bag's string. It was a rather sudden question and could come off as a rude interference but Malva was also so abrasive and pessimistic. It was her nature. "I mean, no offense, but you don't look like someone who's been out and about the world. The way you ask your questions said a lot." He's been asking questions and she answered, now it's her turn to ask some of hers. It's only fair that way. At least her questions were not as specifically entailed like his.

"It's very rare to find people who are open-minded these days. What's more rare is chivalry. That's in a short supply too. I'm glad they don't know what's coexisting in the same world as theirs. As I recall, there have been way too many wars caused upon the discovery of our identities over the past centuries. Some would accept, some might not. I would rather not place my bets nor hope on either one. Not if I can't risk it." She smiled, her blue optics scanning the male skeptically. It's only fair that she was a bit hesitant to talk to a stranger in the woods. He could kill her so easily and dump her body in the woods. Maybe not so easily because she's not that easy to die. But the point still stands. "Sorry, I just need to be sure you're not a psychotic serial killer on spree. The woods are quite the venue to be dumping bodies around and about. Would you blame me? The only people I've met here are therianthropes and I doubt you're one of them. You're an angel child, after all. It just radiates off you, so much I can see from a mile away." As soon as their greetings were exchanged, she retracted her hand back to its respective place while still placing a scrutinizing gaze on him.

He was curious. Too curious. "You know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. How are you sure I'm not the kind of witch who strings people up like voodoo and use them as my pincushion? Not that I am, but that does sound tempting. Especially on someone immortal. Well, you guys are not expendable but definitely better than humans, no?" Quirking her eyebrows up in a questioning manner, she was pushing him to answer her questions. Of course she's not a threat he should even keep an eye out for, but sometimes it's fun to test the residents of Evermore. So she could know what they're made out of and how good are their survival skills. She's one of the Aspects, evidently of course she was going to test people there. It's all part of her experiment.

She would say though, he was giving the same amount of snark back to her which caused the female to ponder in her own bemusement. "You don't simply ask a woman her age, it's rude." She quipped, a small smile playing itself on her lips before continuing her words. "But if you must know, I'm technically only 19, considering I died at that age. Literally. That was in the year of 728 AD. You have your hint, now it's time to do your math." The twinkle in her bright hues was filled with mischief as she continued to poke him through. At this point, she felt like playing a small game of trivia was going to suffice her day. "I'm from Moscow, Russia. Or what I think is Russia today." Shrugging casually at the thought of it, she didn't pay much attention to it. "But I did move to what's known today as Atlanta, after my mother's coven ousted us."

What the Aspect of Magic found interesting was that he trained Nephilims and forged weapons. "That's an interesting occupation. It's not everyday you see people willing to help another out without some sort of price." It was the thing that never changed even back in time. It was depressing how it gradually became worse instead. "There are many forms of magic. Each depends on what your coven actually uses. I don't have one. Not anymore, so I practice whichever I feel best." Until he figured what she was, only then would she reveal herself. Testing their knowledge was something she take great pleasure in, especially if he hasn't come out in a while. "But I specialize mine in alchemy, ancestral and traditional magic. Blood magic is just one of the other sides I like to look at, because the power it brings, quite the feat."

"Of course I came here to practice. I'm not jobless enough to do my voodoo skills on other people. Too much work."

Baldemar was growing increasingly curious about the female, noting that she seemed different compared to other people he had met. Being incredibly observant, there was an element of danger that seemed to come from her, yet a part of him knew danger was not in sight. Supernatural’s didn’t really pull their punches if they wanted to hurt someone, plus, in the woods an attack could be easily sprung through the cover of trees. Pushing away such paranoid thoughts, if she wanted to attack him, it would have happened already without a moment’s thought. They were both wandering through a forest which was something normal people didn’t do, he didn’t mind though since that ship had sailed a long time ago.

Letting out a light laugh, Baldemar was endeared by her direct nature. People tended to dance around subjects with him due to the past, it was a good change of pace. “Honestly? No, I have only recently begun to venture out to places. Going through a bit of a dark patch turned me into a hermit but times have changed.” Those ocean orbs got a distant look in them for a moment, before locking eyes with hers steadily. “I could say the same to you, you are probably the most direct person I’ve met so far. I can tell you might value solitude over the chaos of people.” Smiling gently, He hoped that his intuition hadn’t sent him down a wrong course. So much time had gone by in Solitude that it was actually nice to be free, actually living life instead of being an empty shell. Sighing softly, sometimes looking back at the past became difficult, given how dark some of it was.

Listening to her words contently, Baldemar’s eyes glistened with care for a brief moment. Clearly, the female seemed to have a first hand experience with humans at their worse. He kept his thoughts to himself though, some things are not meant to be poked at no matter how curious one could be. “I do have to agree, examples of humans at their worst has certainly been recorded. A lot of them wouldn’t understand that we all live normal lives, not harming anyone. They fear what they don’t understand which always leads to resentment, jealousy and conflict.” He spoke with intelligence, plus being a supernatural himself helped a little. “But, they aren’t all bad. Some do good in this world.” Adding that last little bit with a sincere, kind tone; His eyes didn’t miss the sceptic look she gave him. They were both hesitant of each other, which was smart because one couldn’t be too careful in the supernatural world. A part of him hoped for friendship but it was best not make presumptions, his experiences had taught him much. Smirking in amusement, his eyes glistened with playfulness. “You are the one talking about dumping bodies, how the woods would be convenient for such a thing. I get what you are saying, one can never be too careful. However, if my intent was to kill you then why would I make myself known first?” He asked in a teasing tone, grinning since the situation had gone into the serial killers which was ridiculous. Baldemar was far from a serial killer, defending and protecting the innocent with every fibre of his being. “Honestly, I’ve spent a lot of my life training and building things so people can protect themselves. Since you know what I am, care to share your own species?” Those ice blue hues didn’t waver from her scrutinizing gaze, remaining confident, honest and direct with the female without hesitation.

Baldemar rose his brow slightly, not feeling afraid of that threat. “What are you trying to do? Scare me? You’ll have to do better than that. You aren’t the type because if you were, I wouldn’t be still talking to you, I’d be incapacitated. Since my species is already known, magic is a weakness that we can’t defend from. So no, I don’t think you’d string me up. To be honest, I get the notion that you wouldn’t hesitate if you REALLY wanted to hurt someone.” That tone of his voice remained strong, sincere whilst keeping his eyes on her carefully, despite being reserved a part of him respected how she questioned him. Their meeting had to be one of the more interesting ones, he certainly couldn’t deny that.

Shaking his head gently, Baldemar smirked broadly. “Oh please, you don’t look a day over twenty.” Shooting back at her in bemusement, those ocean orbs glistened with intelligence. “You’re 1290 years old, which is pretty impressive. I wish I would have been around during those times, what was it like back then? Was it better than now?” He asked with a genuine interest, noting that mischievous look which was evident upon her features; clearly they both trying to play the trivia game. Moscow? That was pretty exciting, considering he hadn’t been out of Evermore all his life; yet had always wanted to venture out to all kinds of places. “Russia, must be nice. Do you ever visit there? I’ve been here all my life, so I don’t know anything else.” Thinking for a brief moment, his mind pictured what it would be like to see more beautiful view; maybe even see the great wall of China.

“I’ve been training and making weapons most of my life, I love helping people protect themselves. It’s a legacy I’m happy to pass on. Training younger nephilim’s helps them prepare for their future, so if they are ever in trouble..they can rely on their skills.” Baldemar smiled proudly, feeling a sense of happiness and achievement that filled every fibre of his being with light. A lot of his was dark but that particular part brought him peace when nothing else could, grounding him when he felt lost at sea. Focusing on the conversation at hand, his pure blues settled on her sharply. “It seems like there is a lot of types. A rather complicated system and I can tell your not a diviner because they aren’t immortal. I have a feeling I know what you may be, but that’s only from rumours.” His tone was full of smart speculation, that toned form of his getting a bit closer to her. Could it possibly be? She wasn’t a diviner, definitely not anything else due to the magic casting. The only thing left was an Ailward Aspect, but he had only heard stories but never had come close to one.

Raising her eyebrow in a questioning manner, a smirk made its way up to her lips as she lets out a small chuckle. "So you do admit you're a hermit. Not that it's something to be frowning over. I don't go out much either. It sucks whenever you need to go out, you can't seem to be alone, lest you actually take the time to sneak out instead. Then maybe that'll be something." It wasn't the first time Malva's been sneaking out; it was one habit that she has developed since centuries long ago, even back in the Isle of Skye. She also wasn't someone who would like to play around the bushes unless she knew it was for her own benefits to be doing so. Most of the time, she's a rather direct person who would like to get everything down so it's good to go, afterwards. The perfect rendition of a perfectionist who is also a minor in being a workaholic. “Yes, I prefer solitary over everything else. The times I've went out is countable. It grew to be a habit since my brothers would not allow me to go out without company. So, guess I'll have to opt my situation about that.”

That was why the moment she heard him talk about his own opinion on the humans evolution throughout the years, she couldn't help but to scoff at the slight differing stances they both held. It was a mild difference, but it was still there, nonetheless. For an attentive person like her, she could easily pinpoint which became the content and structured words in ones' sentences. It was one of the reasons why she could usually know if one was lying; unless they were masters at deception. That would be another case entirely. "Their evolution hasn't changed a bit. A slight advice from someone who's experienced all of that tragic and not so pretty backlash, it's all words. Actions are supposed to speak louder than words, and I have seen too little succumbing to such method. At least the humans in Evermore evolved, maybe due to the fact that they too, were in the knowledge of coexisting with other supernatural creatures in one city. A literal madhouse." The pessimistic nature of Malva Ailward surfaced for a brief moment when she had to sum up the words she thought about the eternal city that they were currently residing in.

For someone who seemed to have a foot into the arts of wisdom itself, the Aspect of Magic could sense that the Nephilim was wiser than most of the young people she's actually met. Countering that with the human she had recently grew fond of; Evermore's current defense general, Benjamin Vaughn. The two of them were in their thirties and yet they seemed a lot more wiser than most of the people she's had the chance to meet, which was actually quite the number, surprisingly so. When he brought up the topic of serial killers carrying out their work, she chuckled softly and shrugged casually. “You never know, right? That's what you said. A psychopathic serial killer usually loves stringing up their victims daily. They like to play with them, a small interaction and excitement to fuel their fires and give into their desire to enact their killing.” It was slightly morbid, who was she kidding, it was totally morbid. But for Malva, it was the usual scenes. She met people like that, and had enough fair share of the world's people to understand and analyze them. “There's sociopathic killers but they're dull so we're not gonna talk about them.”

The moment Baldemar talked about revealing her species, she had to restrain herself from laughing right on the spot. There was actually a way for her to actually just straight on reveal herself so easily? Not just yet. It was way too fun for her to reveal it when he hasn't even come up with a guess or hint. “But that's not nearly as fun as things should be. Once I'm confident that you are following up to what I am, only then will I reveal my species. We'll come back to that afterwards.” It was clear that the Ailward Aspect was dilly dallying everything just for the sake of fun in her terms. Give the Aspect of Magic a break, she doesn't get to witness as much excitement as she could. “What I'm trying to get at, is to see what you're made of, mister. Like we both know, we're strangers, are we not? Something tells you I'm not the kind of person to cross, no? If it tells you that, at least I know you're good at self-preservation.” The smile that aligned with her rather sharp features made it very enlightening.

“Just because I am not using you as a pincushion now, don't presume I would deter from using that.” She chuckled and climbed up a step, landing gracefully on the pile of snow, before she took a seat on the snow. “You're right, I wouldn't hesitate to hex anyone if I want to.” She sheepishly grin and took her bag off that was initially slung over her shoulders earlier. Malva got out her spell book who looked so ordinary yet vintage enough. The purple colour that coloured itself on the medium sized book had a dragon symbol embedding itself on the middle and the name Malva Ailward etched itself cursively. She also got out the Burmese ruby pendant that glowed malevolently. “Like I said, I died at 19. Probably why I look so young.” She shrugged absentmindedly and made herself comfortable on the ground. “I don't really travel the world much. My brothers won't let me go far alone. But I mostly go around Europe. Sneaking out to Iceland or Norway a few times. The times back then was before civilization even existed. It was horrible. Humans or no humans. Same thing happened with all the supernatural creatures. I'm guessing it's because we were the minority once upon a time.”

That was possible one the factors why she resented the idea of humanity that hasn't evolved that much these days, but also got relieved because of the promising humans in the eternal city. “I go back to Russia a few times. I like the covens there. They're not so shady. My lineage still continues until today, so there is a few of my cousins God knows how many times removed, still existing.” To say Malva was proud of her family becoming promising witches would be an understatement. Since she was the only child, much like her entire siblings, they had no descendants whatsoever. “Eh, you can be immortal with an immortal ring. Of course the immortality spell is hidden by the higher ups. Can't be having everyone wanting to be immortals for no reason. It would be an imbalance.” She retorted and opened her spell journal who ended up becoming endless pages, just as it was enchanted before. The medium sized book was comprised of thousands of pages of her work since 1200 years ago. “If you get guessing of what I am, maybe you'll get a bingo soon.”

Shrugging casually, everyone in his faction knew about him being a hermit. It was old news. “I’ve nothing to hide, being a hermit has it’s good and bad qualities.” Baldemar sat down upon a snowy stump, his ocean hues scoping out the environment before flicking to her once again. “I don’t have to sneak out though, why do you?” Asking in an inquisitive tone, he felt very at peace with their surrounding since everything was so beautiful; snow had a way of brightening ones perception. For once, a meeting was keeping him on his toes whilst in constant speculation about the female before him. Intuition had always been a gift of his, observing people quietly gave him time to read people carefully and patiently. “Solitary is good when you need a moment to breathe or focus, sometimes it can be a gift and a curse. Despite liking my own company, I came to find that loneliness started to haunt me.” Letting out a heavy sigh, it was a heavy reminder that he had no friends in his life due to the shut down days of his past.

The woman clearly had no interest in humans, whatever they had done must have really burned her to the core. Baldemar knew what having something ripped away from him was like, to watch his only love murdered was one of the hardest things that had ever happened to him. They both had different stances on evolution and humans, but he wouldn’t judge someone that probably had a good reason for their grievance. “I understand that you must have a good reason for your pessimism, all I can say is I’m sorry for whatever was done to you. I don’t completely disagree, a lot humans haven’t changed and this cities human’s have evolved due to our knowledge. But I still hold the fact that some are good, your opinion is respected though.” Speaking with care, calmness and complete sincerity; a big part of him didn’t want to upset her with an evolutionary debate. She wasn’t likely to change her mind, which was fine. Everyone had their own opinions that needed to be respected, depending on the circumstances.

Having a wise, intelligent conversation enticed him greatly, pulling him away from the usual problems for a change. Baldemar respected her intelligence, sharp mind and the direct nature of how she addressed him despite not being completely used to it. No-one was dancing around egg-shells or simply gossiping about him from a distance, coming up with various stories about the “Ghost Smith” like it was some boogeymen tale to keep people off his path. Smirking softly, those ocean orbs glistened with a humorous light. “Your not really helping your case, it sounds like you’ve used that particular method before. Should I be worried? Is there some rope and duck tape in that bag of yours?” Chuckling softly, it was a morbid discussion but the topic didn’t deter him at all. For any normal person, speaking of serial killers in the woods would probably spook them but for him it was different. They were both supernatural beings, if anyone was stupid enough to attempt such a thing on them…Well it would be their funeral. The contrast of snow and river really made their surroundings shine, revealing a beauty that was rare to find in a place where darkness dwelled.

Baldemar had a feeling his mind was on the right track, since he had been going through what she could possibly be as they spoke. Only spell casters and Magic users were Initia and Diviners, however those possibilities were already ruled out due to being over a thousand years old. “Come on, your not any known species that comes to mind. The fact you cast spells, your immortal and I don’t see any fangs on you. That only leaves one thing.”  As his eyes surveyed her for a long moment, knowing that it wouldn’t be wise to over step a boundary but clearly she seemed to enjoy the guessing game. A part of him wanted to blurt it out, get right to the point with any delay but he needed to be sure. “Well, you are certainly seeing that with every passing minute. I’m a quick study and it doesn’t take me long to catch up. As you will find out, my intuition is almost a gift.” Grinning confidently, there was denying how much he was enjoying their conversation; a playfulness that he hadn’t experienced often in his life.

“It’s not being presumptuous when you haven’t made a move to do so, My reflexes are that of a warrior. I may seem relaxed but I’m always on guard.” Smiling knowingly, Baldemar watched her as she took a seat on a pile of snow. “I knew I was right, I don’t doubt it for a second.” Those ice blue hues narrowed in interest, observing a purple book being pulled out of the mysterious book. A diary or a spell book? He wasn’t sure, so his toned form got a little closer to perhaps see a bit of it. Perhaps there would be a clue of what she was, which would stop the guessing game. His eyes than went to the ruby, every instinct in his body told him to run but he didn’t. An expression of concern was evident on the nephilim’s features, at the mention of her death. So young..What could have caused such a thing? “That’s a young age to die, what happened?” He asked in a soft tone, only pressing gently in case the subject was a touchy one. His past was always something to be avoided, since it brought back too much bad with only a fraction of good. History reflected what was done to anyone different back then, supernatural’s did not have a good life. “I can imagine it must have been difficult, living in a society that didn’t like anything different. At least you have seen places, I am yet to venture out of the city to see sites. Place’s I’ve always wanted to go.” Such longing glistened in his eyes for a brief second, before being masked with a neutral look. He didn’t like people to see any breach in his defences, it usually led to people prying. Running a hand through those dark locks, he stretched his muscles to loosen things up a little.

Baldemar smiled slightly, wondering what it would be like to have a huge family. His father had forsaken him and his sister, The mother murdered his only love and then killed herself…Wasn’t much of a family to be had. “You must be proud to know your lineage carries on, a legacy of sorts. I may not have much of a family but I carry my legacy with pride. Forging of weapons and protecting others is in my blood, I do so with honour.” Locking eyes with her deeply, it was nice to have similarities with someone that enjoyed intellectual conversation, someone that was more direct and spoke their mind no matter what. His eyes flicked over to the ruby again, every instinct he had told him to ger away from it but every muscle in that toned form stood their ground. “What is that thing? I may not be a magic expert but something is wrong with that. My instincts tell me to get away.” Frowning deeply, He was more cautious than afraid since it was clearly a dark energy of some kind. Laughing softly, his head shook playfully. “I’m just going to come out with what I summarised a little while ago. I’ve heard stories of your kind…Aspects. I could be wrong, but even with your ring theory..I don’t believe that. I’ve ran the possibilities in my head, this seems like the most likely conclusion.” Standing up to approach her openly, his ice blue orbs locked on hers intensely. “I don’t mind if you’re an Ailward, every supernatural in their life has heard some kind of story. But I like to judge the person myself.” Smiling warmly, He extended his hand once again. “I’m Baldemar Kenelm, Mostly known as the ghost smith. If I’m right, which Ailward are you?”

She would admit, by the time she heard the inquisitive tone to the male Nephilims standing not far off from where she stood, she was curious. His questions are always so enlightening to her. There was somewhat an eloquent manner to how he tends to bring them up. And for Malva, she was never a chooser, but she does appreciate wise and decent mannerisms. She wasn't kidding when she said she was an old-fashioned person, she actually was. If there was a penny for every time the others would use a modern acronym or phrase towards her ending with not-so-amused reaction, they'd be richer than they original were. Coming from a family that was initially resourceful in every single aspect, it's hard not to get used to such lavish lifestyle.

“My brothers won't let me go anywhere alone. So there's basically no other option but to use my own method, which was sneaking away. Sometimes I get caught, sometimes I don't. It depends on which side of the coin I get.” Shrugging casually, it was one indication that the occurrences had developed her habitual manner. The Aspect of Magic could easily relate to the world of loneliness, as she was a frequent customer to that realm. Even with her siblings present, she tends to keep her own company, mostly because she was a workaholic aka she would spend the entire week or month doing nothing but work and work on her spell documentations. It gets tedious after a while, but when she's too used to it, it conjures up a numbing feeling to it. Besides, she's good at what she does. Analyzing and studying seemed to be the scholarly trait of hers, hence she had sufficient holding over her current occupation in Evermore; a pathologist at Evermore General.

Shrugging absentmindedly, she stayed on her case as she skimmed over the pages. But she did halted for a while, pursing her lips before resuming her action earlier. “I mean, I wouldn't evade that idea. But no, there's nothing creepy like that in my bag. Why would I need a tape and rope.. I'll just tie them using vines. Nature grew them for a reason. But if I want to kill someone, they'll know. I'm generous and considerate enough to let them know.” To others, it could seem quite freaky to see her talking about murder someone casually like she was talking about the weather during tea time. When you've lived long enough, you don't really get faze by a lot of things. Although Malva wasn't sure if that was something good or not. Having too much emotions nor none at all would bring both detrimental effect.

“It's a good thing to have good intuition. They keep you alive. A pointer in self-preservation skills 101 class. But if you don't know how to make use of them, you're gonna end up dead either way. Best make use of it soon, Nephy.” Regardless of her mature and stark contrast to anything childish in her air, she did sometimes possess a slight rebellious streak that brings out the teenager in her. “I am proud that they continued the studies I gave them. Shortly after becoming an Aspect, I made sure to pass down a few works, and they became one of the firsts to receive them. Of course they didn't know it was someone related to them. Might have had a little bit biased opinion there, but everyone does. Right, which Aspect am I? Aspect of Magic, darling. I'm the oldest and mega witch you'll ever come across. Malva Ailward is my name. Pleasure to meet you, Baldemar.” Now that, she was proud of. The title. Nothing proud about the job it entails though.

How she was tempted to laugh out loud at the thought of him thinking she had a profound hatred towards the humans due to her past. Which was mainly part of it, so it was true. The entire family was eradicated by an ignorant foolish and cruel King after all. “Maybe it's my pessimism, but I find it hard to see the good in people. Not just humans generally. But yes, there is a sole reason for my hatred towards them. A past that still haunts me till this day. I told you I died at 19 earlier, right? Which gives the reason for my youthful appearance? Well, newsflash. I died alright.. But I was killed. By a human.” There was a bitter aftertaste in her after muttering the hateful part out. “I remember the day we were executed. My siblings and I. Hanging wasn't an option back then because they thought supernaturals couldn't die so easily. And they weren't wrong. So they delivered us the manner that could possibly put an end to one forever. Decapitation. Then threw our bodies out to the animals without bothering to give us a proper burial. You can see why I held a grudge over their kind. Because the same thing continued gradually to other people.”

Well he did want to see for himself how the Ailward Aspects were like, right? He's getting a glimpse of the resentment radiating off Malva; the middle sibling and eldest sister of the Ailwards. There was no harm in telling him the brief history since he seemed curious enough. Maybe he could judge them from that. She's always said what others see them didn't matter, but she was lying. Her insecurity and paranoia overpowers too much as it fed her anxiety level. “There you go. You heard of the history of the most mysterious supernatural beings to ever exist on this world.” It didn't seem like it bothered her, but anyone near enough could see the emotion that was depicted in her tone earlier. The bitterness in it.

“Don't worry about venturing. I think Evermore's the best place to be right now. A war is coming, Baldemar. It won't be pretty nor pleasant. And I'm not sure if we're anywhere near the word prepared or ready. Because I know I'm not.” She wondered how fast it'll come. Would it be similar to how a meteor would strike? The Ailward Aspect noticed him glancing and few times to the rather dark object that was no further by a few meters from her, and grabbed the chains of it as she dangled it in front of them. “It's a pendant. Before this, it was just a 24 carat Burmese ruby pendant I was gifted around the late 17th century when I ventured to Marseilles. Then, a few years after that, I went through one very dark period of my life that traumatized me until today. It resulted in me not being able to enact any dark magic without directly tapping into it. The temptation would take over me and I'm already powerful in my own rights. I'd rather not burden others with a dark me. So I transferred the dark matter in this gemstone. So I'll only need to channel into this whenever I need to use dark magic.” It was then that she averted it away from his eyes as the voices would get to him. “Witches tend to be very creative in their elements.”

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