Such a beautiful view could be had from the sky, the vast expanse stretching out as far as the eyes could see. Baldemar soared through the clear skies expertly, pure white wings spanned out from his shoulders whilst he glided along without a worry in the world. There were a couple of things that completely soothed him, Forging, Sparring and Flying; each one making every fibre of his being content and at peace. Not a single cloud marred the sky, rays of sunlight shined down upon the woodlands in all of it's infinite beauty which was sight to behold for anyone that could fly. It had been so long since he had ventured through the skies, making friends and changing his life seemed to keep him quite busy. Those ice blue hues observed every little detail with awe, taking in everything that the scenery had to offer. Life wasn't so bad from a birds eye view, every problem seeming so small.  

Wearing his black leather jacket, jogging bottoms, boots and a long sleeved, black v-neck shirt; He was made for easy flying without restricted movement. Evermore had so many little nooks and crannies, little corners of the city that were so awe striking that was hard to comprehend. Baldemar swooped down like a bullet towards the trees, hoping to go for a long walk through the woods when something caught his eye. No, Someone. A female walking through the trees caught his attention, making him fly down towards a clearing that was fast approaching. Landing gently with finesse, those ocean orbs glistened with intrigue and a mixture of concern about why someone would be walking along in such a vast woodlands. Walking carefully, every part of him made sure to keep his guard up in case it wasn't friendly territory, not wanting to cause any trouble. 

"Hey, Are you alright?" Baldemar asked the woman whilst approaching with care, a tone of genuine worry slipping out from his lips. Standing at around 6'2. The Nephilim was ready for anything in case things turned ugly, yet his instincts told him that no danger was present. Evermore was full of mystery, magic and everything in between, one could not be too sure what they would stumble across one day. Despite feeling slightly tense, those ice blue hues trained on her confidently, observing every little move with careful precision. "I know it's probably none of my business, but what brings you out here on your own?" 

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Malva rarely does divulge any sort of information to anyone in general, much less someone who she's just met a few minutes ago. Admittedly, she needed to let it all out, the pent up frustration that was slowly eating her up like a devour predator who wished nothing more but to eat her up whole. Now, if it was offering to eat her problems and worries away as it put it to rest, she wouldn't have been so adamant in pushing that prospect away. But the Aspect of Magic has been distant to people since a few months ago, only sharing her company with people she doesn't really consider close. Given how the pessimist Ailward was usually only surrounding herself with the likes of her siblings and guards, it was becoming a rarity to see her meeting old faces or new ones just as equal.

With Baldemar, maybe it was the unpredictableness lacing their conversation at the moment. She didn't have anything to be afraid of, like Tatiana had reminded her every time, and how she went against her brother's ‘strict orders', Malva was very much capable on handling herself. It was the sole reason why she could get her personal missions done whenever she decided to go on them individually. You know what they say, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. And she wasn't afraid in getting her hands dirty just to achieve that; she's a peacekeeper, a sentry, not a hero. She knew the lengths she was supposed to take. Unfortunately, things were not as easy as it appeared to be. “Supernaturals already knew of us in this city, and yet I see so many still against us. Despite finding out what we've been preaching all these centuries. It makes you wonder, just what in the world did you do that was so wrong that you would receive such a treatment.” Letting out a heaved sigh, she knew she shouldn't find it surprising, but she'll never truly get used to it. So much that it's starting to become a foreign entity inside their lives.


Following his inquiry regarding the mental and physical state of them, she rolled her shoulders and clicked her tongue a few times in response. “Perhaps. We're immortals, Baldemar. We're not invincible nor are we expendable. Just the same that applies with other immortals gracing their presences in this earth. We can still get sick, and while we recover just as twice as quick, the effect from using our powers too much really exhausted us out.” Frowning softly, she really did feel that if she was given the chance to retire so early in her fight regardless of her service for 1200 years, she would've taken it. But the thought of leaving her siblings alone with god knows whoever that replaced her might have the same experience needed to tackle the current issue on hand, she couldn't be selfish enough to try it. “Not that it's a choice. Nothing escapes our eyes daily. If we're lucky, the only imbalances we have to fix was twice a day. That doesn't even include the length where our guards are needed to be dispatched out for other missions.”

Recovering magical antiquities, fixing the problem first hand by making sure the authority still stayed true to their root, it was quite honestly a tiring occupation for the guards. Which is why they are regarded highly by the Aspects, themselves. “Joining the guard.. No matter how honorable your life will play out, if you still have so much to achieve, I would advise you from doing so. We lost a lot of good souls every year. And recollecting it back, I don't think we even have enough numbers, today.” Every tribute sent out for fallen guards dated back since late 9th to 10th century. “I wish people would give us a break. Sacrifices are made so others would not have to pay them, but they couldn't get out and see that for sure.” The ignorance befalling them was annoying the living lights off Malva, who's not exactly a people person.

Glancing back at Baldemar, she raised her eyebrows in a questioning manner before stopping her hand movements at her page. “I mean experiment on them. Transfigure if I'm bored. Make them try different kinds of liquid and potions, or even used charms on them just to see if it works out. Rare cases are for those who doesn't get hexed by me. But I don't hex people on first time, so there's that. But unless they don't piss me off, they're mostly good since I still believe in consenting terms.” If she could hex her own guards at times, there was really no length she wouldn't do if her temper was tampered with. “It's not like we had a choice in the matter. We couldn't go back for vengeance after we were given a second chance at life to make it better. So, knowing he was dead made everything better.”

“Hearing that there are still people who would fight for others.. It's refreshing. Like I said, just as chivalry and humility was in a short supply now.” A small doubt crossed her mind but the Aspect of Magic shook her head, trying her best to keep such negative thoughts from derailing her head. She didn't need toxicity following her into 2019. That's just a no no. Scrunching her nose up in a clueless manner, she had to sought heavily before pursing her lips and beckoning for the nephilim to take another look at the ruby pendant that laid harmlessly on the snow. The glare from the blood-red stone made anyone feel a crawling sensation in the pit of their stomach.

“That thing is over 400 years old, Baldemar. Gemstones are known to be strong variables for conduits in the witching community, since the dawn of time. But nothing is perfect, I mean to say, a time will come when the energy will slowly start to seep out, trickling bit by bit without you noticing. Something very bad happened four centuries ago, an event that traumatized me till this day. It is for that reason that I never bothered to transfer it anywhere else. I need to put it in somewhere people never would have thought I might. Sometimes, the best hiding places are those in plain sights. I will never be completely in control of my magic unless I can sort my emotions. It's not the physical that would matter most, but the head.” she pointed towards cortex, while letting her icy blue hues on the pendant. Temptation is such a dangerous thing. “Unless you could fix my head, I'm afraid nothing can be done much. That, or a psychological practice that found its way in setting up my head.” Malva was a disturbed soul, plagued too much with the darkness, so much she would choose to fight it instead of molding herself to be one with it as she did with light. Malva Ailward is stubborn. Period.

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