He should have stuck with making a sandwich.

Cedric didn't know what propelled him to get out of the bed and attempt to make a meal that involved fire but here he was in the midst of smoke rising, charred smell and the possibility of the alarm going off in any minute. Wishing he'd have gotten the fire manipulation power instead, Ced tried to make things okay before it all blew up quite literally on his face.

The instructions had been pretty simple, or so he thought but when it came to execution, it was like entering a whole alien territory. He wasn't a bad cook per say, or even a traditional cook for that matter but he had never really gotten along with fire all that well. Though things in the past always seemed under control. 

Since Adolf's death, he had put more effort into bonding with his sisters rather than jetting off to a new party or a new adventure and had woken up attempting to surprise them with good food. Only it hadn't gone as planned evident from the rising smoke. Just as he was about to approach the stove, the alarm set out, making him curse out loud. Grabbing a vessel and filling it with water, he shoved the whole thing at the smoke filled dish attempting to douse the fire. He had almost succeeded in getting things under control when the sound of footsteps echoed across the room. 

Face guilty and a tiny bit frustrated he turned around, vessel still in hand "This is not what it looks like. I was just eh..experimenting"

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Uncertainty and pressure was something that Sierra knew a lot about.  Always trying so hard to be the person who everybody wants and expects her to be. Even if it is someone who she is not. There’s only pressure one person to take. With the weight of a whole group of people on ones shoulders. One is only able to take so much before it will break them. Sierra knew well of it. Thinking about so many things all the time. The same thing was always on back of her mind all of the time. Not able to shake it off with how much she tries to hide it. Distraction was something most people noticed. Sierra always looking like she’s half here half somewhere was. Lost in her thoughts, worries and troubles. The mantle of being ambassador was a heard and stressful job. Watching in the past few years many ambassadors fall. Not able to cope with the pressure and anxiety of it all. Whether or not if she would follow. Yet knowing it wouldn’t so simple for her. It was a common fact that for a new Magister is chosen by spirit is the the current one to do. Finding a loophole around it was proving not to be so easy.

All Sierra wanted was to go back to her home, run a bath and curl up on the sofa in front of fire and watch something on tv. An cosy night in, one that many people wish for. Yet all unaware that her plans would be cut short. The blonde was walking back to her apartment after spending part of the morning over at the initia territory. The past few days she had spent more time over there rather than at her home with her family. Few years back they had chosen to move to a fancy apartment on the upper part of the city. The nicer part rather than back where she spends most part of her day. Always able to escape to somewhere different.  Arriving back to her apartment she was greeted by the doorman, exchanging friendly gestures like any normal person. Before making her way upstairs to the lift that led onto the main apartment completely. Choosing her one. The lift went all the way up to their floor. As Sierra was approaching the door getting closer she could almost instinctively smell smoke followed by the loud buzzing of the fire alarm. Flooding her ears with it’s deafening noise.

The blonde cursed under her breathe running to her apartment, unlocking the door. Following through into the kitchen where it was coming from. Seeing as a fire had broken out in her own home. Instinctively using her water element to flood out the fire taking out the flames before it could spread. Yet the alarm was still going. “Shut up, you stupid thing” She muttered taking off one of her high heels wacking the fire alarm straight off from the ceiling. Solving their problem. “I’ll call a guy later” Almost self reminded herself. Distracted from her main problem or should she say orchestrater. Sierra turned full circle seeing her eldest brother standing there trying to be oblivious to it all. “Seriously Cedric, not again” She marveled sarcastically pissed of that he had set another fire trying to cook. “Experimenting? What were you trying to make?” Cedric was a hopeless cook. He could burn water if he had the chance. Never been destined or gifted to cook. Sierra and Jessalyn always been the ones to cook meals for them all but it seems that he couldn’t wait.

Most people decide to move out a few years after finishing school. Depending upon the situation. Relationships coming or going. Or just wanting their own space. With them all it was quite a different story. With everything that have happened. All sudden. Their parents death, murder changed it all for them. Jessalyn was only a young child. Someone had to look after her. All of them pitching together to keep them all together. Staying together. Now living in their thirties they were still living together, jessalyn was a few years younger. “You would be hopeless without us 2 looking after you” She mused pointing out the truth. Sierra walked over to the now put out fire, the counters and stove was all soaked. So much mess “Seriously this is all I need” She stressed, cursing herself running her fingers through her hair trying to make a list of her problems. Increasing her anxiety.

It felt like ages sometimes, the memory hazy of them having a relaxed day at home, without past shadows haunting them. Ced tried hard not to recall times with Adolf, of them just goofing around, having a drink or two, talking about everything and nothing. He could vaguely recall sundays where their mother would make something special and the Reign children would surround the kitchen excited and happy and here they were now- trying to catch happiness like catching snowflakes.

He almost wished it was Jessalyn coming home to the mess, rather than Sierra but luck wasn't on his side today. A sigh escaped his lips on noticing his sister's heels knocking the alarm off the floor- their third in three months. Ced knew she'd be mad- hell he'd probably be pretty pissed off too if he had to come home exhausted just to hear the blaring of the alarm, but something definitely seemed off about her today. Opening the one of the cupboard, he took out two glasses "Want a drink? I think you could use one" Without pausing for her reply, he took out a bottle of wine and brought it to the table in their living room "I was trying to make noodles. The recipe seemed easy enough but as you see, the procedure wasn't. I'll stick with sandwiches next time" Pouring a generous amount for himself he took a long sip before putting the glass down and studying her intently "What's on your mind? You seemed stressed. I don't know what it is with you and Jessa trying to keep things from me, but let me tell you I can deal with it. I am not going to fly off a rail or something. So, what's up? Do I need to punch anyone? Maybe that boyfriend of yours"

When they had been younger, they had all had dated on and off, often telling each other about their disastrous dates and encounters and laughing about it together. But everything had changed with first their parent's death and then with Adolf's. It had been difficult to come to terms with the emotions swirling around and each of them had coped with their grief in different ways. For Cedric, it had been a struggle between reigning in his grief and his guilt. Though he knew there was nothing he could have done to save him, it didn't help him feeling powerless. And he had often translated that emotion into being over-protective about the people who were now interacting with his family. He couldn't prevent his sisters from dating; he didn't want to prevent them from dating, but he didn't want to trust anyone easily. All he wanted at the end of the day was his sisters safe and happy.

"I don't think I'd want to know what I'll do without both of you. But Jessie better come home soon or I'd be forced to send out a search party. I know she's grown-up and all, but we can't really trust this city" With a long-drawn sigh, he finished his drink and set it on the table "I'm going to order coming for us to eat. What are you in a mood for? And after that, we are going to have a talk." Though his tone was light, it was evident from his voice that he meant business and he wasn't going to allow either of his sisters to keep him in the dark any longer. 

For months she’d been struggling more than she has. All of her worries and thoughts were clear and there all the time. However hard she tried to push them away it was still clear on her mind. Sierra didn’t want to let anyone done. Not her own clan and especially not her family. Yet she couldn’t help to feel that she was always letting them down. Since first becoming their Magister nearly 4 years ago now. Back then she had no choice on the matter. Spirit element had chosen her as the next Magister. Having no say in it, Sierra had to take on all the leadership role. Along with all the responsibilities that comes with it. New the city with so many changes happening at once. More than she could keep up with. Watching her family be torn apart losing another member of her family. Due to their families foolish, selfish ways. Always knowing since then her blood was bad. That she was all not that good. Whilst a Magister should be made up of light but all her light was being clouded by darkness. A darkness that have never gone away. Sierra was feeling that she was failing everybody. Not being able to be the person who everybody wanted to be. It wasn’t her. Something Sierra knew and now accepted. Just now she didn’t know what people would think. If they look at her any differently if she’d open up.

Sierra was always a person who was like an open book. Whenever something was troubling her, it was easy for people to see. Knowing she wouldn’t be able to hide it from her siblings for much longer. Till it all comes bubbling up. It’s a reason why she’d not spent much time with her siblings in the last few weeks. As they’ll know that something was up and only ask questions she didn’t know if she’ll have the answers to. The last thing Sierra had expected after coming back from a long day was to come home to a fire. One broken out in her own kitchen, her own home. Yet it didn’t take her any seconds to figure out who was the one to blame. When taking care of the fire, she saw her brother standing there. Looking like he had no clue what he did. Sierra was easily able to count on more than one hand how many fires or near ones he had started over the years. Forever having to invest in new fire alarms and clean ups because Cedric decided he wanted to cook. “You read my mind” The blonde shook her head, feeling exhausted from the day. In the need of a few drinks. “Hope you got a few bottles at the read” She joked yet was serious at the same time.

Leaving to clean up the mess later, she was ready to face it all. They went to the living room, moving their conversation with them. “Why did you want to make noodles? You know we have the ready made ones where you just put boiling water from the kettle in it” She remarked, rolling her eyes as she reminded him of how stupid he was at times or more like most of the time. “You don’t want to know what's going on in my mind” Sierra sighed truthfully, not surprised Cedric’s noticed and clicked that something was on her mind. Her mind to her relationship or should she say past relationship something she'd not yet tell her brother. "We broke up, guess we weren't compatible as we first thought" She revealed shrugging her shoulders letting her brother know that she wasn't too phased of her relationship going south almost used to it by now. It was a common thing. "My problems got nothing to do with it"  Reassuring him and letting him know she didn't want him to press on, on something that was already dead. Wanting to go into details on what had happened and why it did. “It’s this city, I swear” Ever since moving hear everything has turned into darkness for them. Nothing good coming from it. It seems many people here thought the same yet still decided to stay not moving away.

“She’s with Kyle like always” Nowadays all of them spent more time out of the house rather than all togeher with their own lives. Take outs was a usual for their household. Mostly depends when they all get home, if her and Jessalyn felt like cooking or ordering takeaways. Not trusting or letting Cedric cook seeing how well it turns out. Thinking back to her now soaked kitchen that was spotless when she left this morning. “You already know when somethings up don’t you?” Yet it didn’t take too much for anyone to notice she had a lot on her mind. The blonde took one of the glasses of wine from Cedric “Come to mamma” she grinned almost speaking to the glass of red wine. Taking large sips of it, instead of savouring the tastes. Corner of her eye Sierra had noticed something, turning her head she saw it clearly. It stood out like a sore thumb “Oh god please don’t tell me you bought a massive tower block castle for that cat of yours” She complained sarcastically glaring at her brother seeing how he always treated his cat like it was royalty. Worse than her for spoiling his cat with things it didn’t need to be extra. Now it all shows.

It seemed, with each passing word that he had been kept in the dark about certain things. Ced didn't know just what had started it- perhaps his own behaviour, perhaps the tragedy their family had experienced over the past years, perhaps them just growing up in their own ways- whatever it was, it had led them to not really being the siblings they had once been. Granted everyone had the right to their own secrets but Cedric couldn't help but long for their relationship as it had once been. But as he had read in a self-help book- a thing both his sisters did not know of, dwelling in the past did nothing to him and he had to move on and focus on the present and the future. 

Opening an entire bottle of alcohol, he placed it in front of his sister before settling down "I have just more than a few bottles for us to go by, but we all know of your limit when it comes to booze of any sort. So till we have had our conversation, it is simply this one bottle. And that is me being generous" He grinned lightly as her before affectionately putting his arms around her shoulder and squeezing lightly. He could remember once when Sierra had roped him into stealing their dad's stock of beer and then had gotten completely drunk and Adolf had found them in that state, admonishing them for not telling him about the plan and almost threatening to go to their father about it. They had been so young and so carefree before the world, it seemed, crashed on their shoulders and they were left to bear the weight of it. 

"I was in the inspired mood okay. And I blame Jessa and her passion for watching all those cooking shows. They make everything seem easy. Next time, I'll stick to the ready-made stuff" he huffed out his reply, rolling his eyes for a good measure at her next comment. "Why wouldn't I not want to know? Are you thinking of naked guys and the likes? If so, please keep them away from me. I don't want to know what you both do in your spare time. But if it is anything else, you better start talking. You wouldn't want me to start threatening you with Persephone"

It had come as a news to him that Sierra had broken up with her boyfriend and while a major part of him was relieved since he had never really liked the guy, another part was also glad to see that she didn't seem too broken up about the fact. "You owe me now Sie. You just deprived me of punching that jerk. I knew I didn't like him for a reason. Plus, his manners were appalling!" He had been about to tease her further, when her words about the city shut him up and Ced nodded solemnly. Since coming to Evermore, it seemed like their problems had simply piled up along with their responsibility, especially with Sierra being chosen as the Magister "I know what you mean" he began running his fingers through his hair "And it had gotten me thinking too. I wonder if there was a way that you could step down from the role being thrust at you. It is too much Sie and I really believe that you need time for yourself, to focus on what is best for you- and it simply isn't happening what with you looking after everyone else and putting yourself last" Honestly confessing his thoughts, it wasn't the first time that Cedric wondered just why they stayed in the city instead of moving away and having a fresh start. 

He simply sighed on hearing about Jessa, glad to know she was happy with Kyle but also feeling protective over her. She was the baby of the family afterall. "I always know what is up with you, not that you are very difficult to read" he smiled at her taking a sip of his drink not reacting over her comment about his treatment of Persephone. He had found it at a yard sale the other day and thought it would be a good joke to have it for his cat, who roamed around their house like royalty anyways "Why? Don't tell me you are jealous of Percy's pretty house. And she is royalty- don't deny that. She can even terrify grown men to submission. Remember what happened to my friend who had once come over to stay?" Getting up, he walked over to his Maine C*** and picked her up, chuckling at her protest before bringing her to where he had been sitting with Sierra and placing her between them. "You do know I wasn't responsible for all the mess right. This cat had a huge part in it too. So.. are you done staling now?"

Sierra has not always been a secretive person. Growing up she used to tell her brothers everything, more so than telling her parents. Whether it’ll be about her school work and life, friends, boys any troubles that she was facing. Telling them all going on yet now it was the total opposite. Closing herself off almost. Keeping all her problems and worries from everyone. To keep them to herself instead. Until it comes bubbling all up. More than she could handle. All of the stress, anxiety and pressure she’d been feeling for so long waiting to come out. Only one person could take so much before they could break. It was unhealthy. Sierra knew it. That she had to do something about it but unsure of how to do it. To talk to someone properly, starting with Cedric. Seeing as he was here, sensing that she was in need of a talk. Always knowing something was off with her.

They always made sure to keep their alcohol cupboard all stocked up, more so for both Sierra and Cedric. Being more of drinker than Jessalyn was. “I’ve got better actually. Building my tolerance up” She smirked over, correcting him. Yet she was quite known to be a lightweight when it came to drinking. A cheap date as she’s been called before. “If I recall you’re just as bad as me so don’t go pointing fingers” Sierra shot back continuing to tease him, it was how their sibling relationship worked. Constanting bickering and teasing each other, it was just how they showed they cared without actually saying it. Like most other siblings. Sometimes she wishes that Jessalyn had another brother closer to her age. Always were more protective over Jessalyn than anything. Maybe a bit too overprotective.

The blonde rolled her eyes hearing as Cedric was trying to defend his failed cooking attempts trying to bin the blame on Jessalyn. “I’m very sure the kids on chopped junior can do a lot better than you and they’re all under 10 mostly” She too was a fan of cooking shows but was more of the one to do all of the watching rather than cooking inspiration. “Or naked women” She added making a weird face just to annoy her brother. To have an open mind for what may come her way. Fed up of men how many have let her down of all sorts. Finding that she was better of by herself or try something different. At the mention of Cedric’s beloved cat she couldn’t help to roll her eyes, glaring at him almost. “You and that cat I swear. You’re worse than me” Seeing as he treated his cat like it came from royalty, that's why he named after the queen of the underworld. Whilst Sierra choose normal names for her pets.

Sierra thought that Cedric would be more surprised in her telling her of her failed relationship. By the looks of it he’d been waiting for her to the deed of dumping for a long time. Now it was almost like a ‘I told you so’ rather than shock. “You could of told me that a long time ago” She marvelled laughing at her brother seeing how they could easily joke over her failed relationships now. “I think Jessalyn and Kyle may be on the way out but don’t say anything” She admitted almost forgetting that it was actually meant to be secret but ended up coming out. “Don’t say anything” Almost swearing her to secrecy. Blurting out secrets before she’s had any wine. Yet if tonight they were telling all she couldn’t really not tell him. So she couldn’t really be blamed. It seems that she wasn’t the only one who was thinking this whole ambassador job was becoming too much for her. To have it all given to her at once not ready for all the responsibilities it comes with. “I’m still looking into it. There’s not really much with stepping down as for another Magister to be picked the other needs to die. Like what happened when Spirit element choose me after Aurora died” Sierra sighed before taking a large sip of her wine. Leaning back in the sofa as the two were telling all their troubles to one another.

“There must be a loop hole somewhere, I just gotta find one” There’s always a loophole for everything. A solution for all their troubles. “I just wish things were like how they all were. Before we came here. We all were happy. A family. Look at us now. All we’ve lost” She admitted with a heavy heart, very sure he was thinking the same thing. “I can’t lose you or Jessalyn, you two are all I have” Her deepest fear was losing those who she loved, already losing their parents and Adolf took it out on them all. Knowing that Cedric felt the same too, why they were all protective over each other. The three of them were all they got. “I just need time to clear my head over it all”

Sierra was an easy book to read especially when it came down to Cedric figuring out when something was troubling her. Like now. Being told her face showed all the expressions she was feeling. All different moods and swings. “You couldn’t get a guard dog but got a guard cat instead” The blonde rolled her eyes at her brother as he kept going on about his beloved cat. Whilst with her own pets they come and go as they please but come when they want something. “I don’t stall.. Okay maybe I do but still” Always good at prolonging problems before they get out of hand. Almost doing it on purpose.

Like every family, though the siblings were close to each other, Ced knew that Jessa had been the closest to their brother and Sierra and himself had gotten into a lot of mischief. He could still remember his baby sister's face the day Adolf had died- shock couldn't even begin to describe it and grief was too paltry a word to use. She had completely shut down and it had been months till she even spoke in her usual vivacious way or smiled. A part of Cedric was afraid that apart from their lives being completely on an uncharted zone, he'd not have the pleasure of his siblings being the way they had always been. Of course after a tragedy like that, things did change and people obviously changed and nothing could put the pieces back together, but his sisters not smiling, the still silence that had descended into the household had been too much to bear. He had wanted to run away and be closer to them all at the same time and it had taken a toll on him- both physically and emotionally.

It was perhaps why he hadn't said much about either of his sisters dating. They were smiling and seemed happy and after everything that had gone wrong in his life, he wanted them all to enjoy things that seemed like they were going right.

If even for a moment.

A pang struck his heart when he remembered laughing with his brother about the intense grilling all his sister's bf would have to go through. It had been such times and often Ced wanted to just go out, be in people's company. But nobody seemed enough, nobody was his brother and he knew he'd have to work to come to terms with that loss. No matter how much things had changed, Cedric still seemed stuck in the past. 

His eyes playfully narrowed at her drinking comment "The only way you can get better is to practice more at this. Do I need to keep a tab on all our drinks? See how soon they disappear? I just hope between the three of us, Jessa is the worst at keeping alcohol. I'd rather deal with Kyle than her bar hopping" Resting his head on the couch, he let out a tired yawn and absentmindedly stroked Persephone's fur.  He had done a lot of thinking that week about his life and where it was currently and where he wanted it to go and some form of work would be much better than sitting there swirling in his own thoughts. 

"That's what you;d like to think" Ced chuckled as his cat gave an unamused stare at Sierra. "I have seen you. You spoil them more than I do to her. plus who can resist the whole- 'I don't give a damn' look she has all the time?" Stretching out, he grabbed a few menus placed on their coffee table and began glancing through them. All the excitement had made him almost forget how hungry he had been. "I do know to cook. You just caught me at a bad time" He replied rolling his eyes at her comment about the kids. 

He smiled at her playful indignant. "I could have said something, but you'd simply tell me off for being over-protective" Nodding at her insistence on keeping secrets, he studied their surroundings for a few moments before turning to her seriously "I am not sure how I'd feel if..when Jessa moves out. I am happy for her- despite all my threats and suspicion at Kyle, I am happy to see her smile and almost be like the girl we all knew back then. But still- her moving out-" He ran his hands through his hair and simply stared up at the ceiling. It seemed everyone around him were moving on with their life and he was the one stuck. Ced had to get on too, or atleast try to. A wayward card about a placed called Poison burnt a hole in his pocket as he contemplated his next move. There was a reason he wanted to check it out- a crazy bucket list he had made with Adolf, but he wondered if atleast getting out would create an impetus for him to start living again.

"I wish that too you know- as much as Evermore has become a home now, there are times when I wish we weren't here in this infernal place or that you didn't have this level of responsibility on your shoulders. I can imagine you wanting to think and process it all, but you still stall. You always stall" His lips twitched "You haven't told me what you want to eat yet and apart from the general thing of the faction, you haven't said much either. We aren't leaving this place until we get to the bottom of this" The Reigns were known for being stubborn and while Cedric respected his sister's need for space and her own life, he couldn't stand doing nothing when she seemed obviously affected by something.

Never have they been a typical family. Very far from it. All of them had a different upbringing compared to the other children their age. With different reasons why for so. Yet it wasn’t all the same when it came to Jessalyn who was kept in the dark behind the truths of their family. For what and who they are. Whilst for the 3 of them others they grew up knowing full well of who they are. Learning to use it to their advantage both for the good and the bad reasons. Yet in all they were always a close family. Getting through and surviving through all the loss, grief and heartbreak. Standing together through all of it. Sierra knew without her siblings at her side she wouldn’t have gotten through any of it, knowing it was the same for them as well too. Being all there together through tragedy only know they were putting together the pieces admitting to themselves why and how it happened. Leaving out some whole truths to Jessalyn to why and how their eldest brother had died. Not wanting for it to ruin the picture Jessalyn had painted of him, not to think of him any different from the brother she once knew. That was all both Sierra and Cedric always wanted for her.

One thing that all of them were bad at alike were holding their alcohol. All having a low tolerance to how much they can drink. Jessalyn was the most lightweight of them all but she soon followed. “You want to play a day drinking count?” Rolling her eyes at her brother almost knowing how typical it was of him yet she could see how he’d soon fail at it whilst how he looked to fall asleep at any moment.”Unless you fall asleep then I win for default” She pointed out whilst taking another few sips of her drink. Back in the days they were all able to go for days with very little sleep, going all nighters when out drinking. Now they were all in bed by half 8 and drinking was very rare thing for them. Sometimes she believed Cedric loved his cat more than his sisters with the way he pays it more love and attention. “I’ve seen your cat follow you everywhere around the house, it even follows you to the bathroom” Any sign telling that you spend too much time with your animal yet she was guilty too of it but weren’t going to let him know.

Ordering take outs was the usual in their household as of lately, neither her or Jessalyn found any time anymore to cook dinner. Not letting Cedric have a chance at doing it seeing how his simple before dinner snack crashed and burned literally. “So how about all the other times brother?” She added full of sarcasm as she rolled her eyes back to him in return. “How about you try something that doesn’t involve using a cooker or microwave. Cereal or sandwich would be your safest bet” Adding on how little faith she has with his cooking. “I should bill you for the damages and number of fire alarms we go through” Sierra laughed shaking her head knowing there was no stopping or changing Cedric. With how he’d never be good at cooking like many people, yet he was one of the people who didn’t accept it and continued with their failed attempts. “So what we’re going to have for dinner tonight?” Wondering if he’d already chosen or if he was stuck in between. Between the three of them, they’ve been to nearly every takeaway in the city. If it was an unhealthy, in between or healthy one they’d tried it. Maybe it wasn’t the cheapest way of dinner each night but one  that worked best for them.

It was no secrets that they’ve all been through many relationships over the years. All of them never working out for all reasons for their own. Some of them she thought would be the one for her. One she did get so close to finding happiness, getting engaged and all. Yet that soon all went to hell when her ex lover ended things and left. Leaving Sierra to believe that all her failed relationships and tries for love was failed. Sierra knew why her brothers were always over protective of her when it came to dating, that they were only trying to protect her. Now she was older, more mature and wiser. Able to put her walls up, not letting anyone in. In hopes that she won’t be hurt again, yet part of her wondered if the real reason nothing never worked out was because of herself. That she ruins things. Like usual. “You know we’re adults no longer teengers? We’re now in our thirties luckily we don’t look a day over our early twenties” She reminded him, almost in a way of saying what they both were thinking. To know that they all couldn’t live together forever. That one day one of them may move out, fly the nest a people say.

“Before coming here we were all carefree. Never staying in one place for too long but look at us now” Far different life that they had imagine, she was tied to the city. She wishes that if her siblings wanted out, to leave she’d be okay. For them to leave her, truthfully she didn’t want for them to stay in a place that they weren’t happy at. It wasn't fair for them not wanting them to be stuck here because of herself. Sierra was always so good at keeping all of her problems to herself, leaving them to be bottled up till one day it’s all too much. She knew Cedric was able to sense that she wasn’t all that right, battling with herself. “I’m fine, I’m getting better. Ced you don’t need to worry about me” She reassured him softly giving him a look that she didn’t want to talk about it. Knowing if she did she’ll end up breaking down, she didn’t want for it to happen. For him to see her broken self once again. “Tell me something random that you’ve been up to. I barely know what you do these days apart from obsessing over your cat” Changing the subject around but was something she wanted to know too. If her brother was hiding something from her too.


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