The day Alva left to be with her people to help rebuild their community after everything that had come to happen. Thad felt an emptiness inside of his chest. At the time he didn’t understand the bond they had. It was an emptiness he couldn’t quite explain to anyone. He found himself throwing himself into his own work. Over the last few years Crowthorn had become a highly visited inn. Thanks to his Valkyr shadow abilities he was able to provide spooks that no other haunted place could.

Though this meant many long nights for the Valkyr who tried to sneak in naps every so often but found that he was going to have to hire a few more Valkyr to keep the spooks going. He had a booked Inn every night for the next few weeks so he was making enough to take on some more staff. He yawned as he walked out of his room that was in the inn and moved over to turn on the coffee pots that where there for the free breakfast the inn offered. He could hear the chef already getting to work.

After the pot had enough in it, he poured himself a mug and then moved back to his room to put blood in it. He really needed to stop denying himself blood it was making the cravings for it go through the roof. He knew Gideon would give him an earful about ignoring his feeding cycle. Since he was an addicted when it comes to blood. He sighed heavily as he took the blood bag and started to drink from it deeply wanting to go through his whole supply, when he heard a ding from the bell at the front desk. 

He pulled it from his lips and placed it back into the fridge before walking out of his room towards the front desk where he paused seeing the sandy blonde hair. A smile came to his face, and he moved closer to her. He could feel the pull the closer he got to her and without saying a word, his arms wrapped around her and picked her up off the floor twirling her around. “Alva!” he said finally before putting her back on her feet and turning her around to face him. 

“You are a face I have thought about often lately.” He smiled as he touched her nose with his finger softly. “How have you been? It's been a while.” He said as he took a step back and then looked around. “Come on.” He said as he lead her to his room where the pair could talk openly without fear of outing what they are.

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