Rashesh had been through a lot since him and his sister stars fell from the sky in India all these years ago. Evermore had become haven to him when he meet Emily the woman he loved more than anything in his life, but one day she was just gone leaving all of her things behind, no matter how many times he held her items trying to use his foresight to if her nothing. He was convinced she had been kidnapped and murdered, that her body would show up in the morgue any day now. He tried to keep his mind focused as he worked for the city, he had just finished examining a body of a murder victim found on the edges of town making two reports, one for the city, and the real one for the Privy Council stating in fact that the victim was murder by a supernatural.

He was done for the day after sending off the reports to the correct departments, packing up his bag with files he would finish once he got home since it was empty the only thing around was memories of Emily, in her clothing and stuff that was left behind. He sighed heavily as he made his way from his office after getting cleaned up into the city. He looked around for a brief moment before turning to make his way home. The one bad thing about being a celestial is you glowed attracting supernatural beings to you, in the end it was best to stay in the shadows. He turned down the alley way reaching in his pocket to pull out his phone to read the text that he was sure was from one of his sisters.

The feeling in his back that someone was following caused him to look up form the text from his sister and he paused as he looked around the alleyway. He slid the phone inside of his pocket and tighten his hands into fist. The feeling he was getting was that of overwhelming darkness and he hadn’t felt it so strong since being held captive by the Ailwards. The last few days he had felt more and more someone was following him, could it be one of the aspects? He questioned in his head as his dark eyes looked behind him “Hello?” he called out and then turned around.

There seem to be an unnatural darkness where he had turned down the alley. He took a step backwards before turning quickly on his heel and continue to make his way towards the Celestial territory. If he could just make it home maybe the feeling would pass, it just had to be the alley that was giving him the dark feeling. Yet the dark feeling didn’t stop so he was quick to turn on his heels again letting his glowing hands lash out in the darkness and push the figure into the wall off the alley. At that point his body hummed and casted a glow upon the woman who had followed him.

His heart sank as he looked upon the aspects face. Had the aspects decided to do their own dirty work now? “Why in the hell are you following me?” he questioned the blonde as he held her to the wall of the alley with his arm over her pressing his full weight into her though he knew if she wished she could have killed him easily, he was no match for an aspect. “Why can you not just leave us to live our lives? I have never done anything to your family and yet I was kidnapped by you for simply being who I am. What now? Here to finish the job?” he hissed out to her was he looked into her blue eyes with his dark ones.

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Regret. Regret was one of the things you felt quite own after all the years of living. For both the past and present. What you should or could of done instead. Then later on you’ll be paying for your or other peoples mistakes. There was many things she regretted from her past life before she joined and became an Aliward Aspect, as well as what came along with her duties. Cora regretted being part of her siblings plan, their ploy to capture and lock up all the celestials they could find. Nearly all were innocent in all of this, being kidnapped and imprisoned for nothing at all. Whilst the Aspects couldn’t just forget the deaths of thousands of Phoenix’s and Initia’s, choosing to take matter into own hands. Seeing the Celestials as a threat. A threat to the realms, to them and to humanity. Their power could almost match theirs, under the wrong hands some worse could happen.

Cora could remember spending years hunting down any celestials that they could find and imprisoning them on the Isle of Skye. Her power was unique yet an asset in helping to capturing. She was the Aspect of darkness, able to take away someone's sight for enough time to capture them. Sometimes Cora felt like darkness followed her wherever she went, it’s aura. The darkness. Cora watched for all those years the celestials being locked up and did nothing. There were some she pitied more than others. Feeling sorry for them. Rashesh Patel was one of them. Part of her job was to keep tabs on some of the celestials in their section, to monitor and feed anything back. Cora felt intrigued by him, something she could explain but just did. He was different to the rest of them, he was always trying to help. Staying strong and not giving up. Remembering to how she’d listen to him telling stories to the other celestrails.

A few years after they all escaped Cora decided to try to track down Rashesh. To be honest she didn’t really know why she wanted to but did. Finding out that he was living here in Evermore with the other celestials. Learning that he became a Medical examiner, working in the hospital within the city. After a few months she went to see if she could spot him going to or from work. Watching as he left the building after a long shift. It had come to a point when she figured out what shifts he worked. Stalking him almost although prefer calling it information gathering. So it weren’t all creepy. The blonde Aspect was wearing aRia Sweater by All Saints, black skinny jeans along with a pair of black Jimmy Choo high heeled stilettos. Maybe not the most practical shoes. Cora nearly always wore high heels, wearing flats felt too weird for her.

Cora had left the Aliward Manor where she lived around an hour ago, walking into the city. Grabbing a cup of coffee before choosing to wait outside of the hospital. To see if she could spot the mysterious celestial, waiting for him to come out. And that he did. This time differently to the other times Cora decided to go and follow him. Not knowing whether she would end up regretting it but she still followed him. Following him down to a dark alley which was probably a shortcut for him to take. Soon she started noticing he might be onto her, knowing someone must be following him. Moments later Cora watched as he caught her behind him, his hands were glowing as his powers were coming out. Feeling as she was pushed up against the wall with great force, knowing it was going to leave a bruise on her back later on.

Waiting for him to see that it was her, and that he did. He recognised her straight away. Hearing as he was throwing different comments to her almost intergaiting her to find out why she was following him. Cora wondered in that moment to why she was here. What she was doing. Taken aback in a way. Not knowing what to say. No cocky remarks like usual. “I….” She began to say, lost for words feeling him putting more pressure to his grip he had on her. Her blues eyes were turning black sensing she was in danger. Cora instinctively relatiated her past flooding back to her not liking being trapped by another man. Quickly changing the tables around full circle, able to escape his grasp enough to twist around. Changing positions so she was now holding him instead. Her grip too was tight, letting him know what it was like. Cora didn’t know what came over her feeling the urge to fight to lash out as her fist connected to his face, to his eye matter of fact. With enough force to give him a black eye, unknowingly starting a fight with her enemy. 

Rashesh felt fear flood his system as he pinned the person who was following him, the moment their eyes connected the fear was much more knowing this was one of the Ailward aspect themselves following him. Why was she there following him was the real question, Maybe they were going to be held captive again, he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to make it through it this time. He tried to keep the upper hand but knew his effort to do so was useless as he was flipped against the wall in a matter of seconds he looked into the dark eyes of Cora as she  lashed out hitting his eye with a punch hard enough to see stars, which is saying a lot since he is a star himself.

He groaned out in pain as his head felt like it was spinning and he took a deep breath to refocus himself on her as she whined up to hit again. He shoved her back slightly and then used his Celestial powers as she went to use her powers against him to push her own power back on her. Leaving the aspect to be hit with the full strength of her own power and watched as she stumbled back and fell to the ground. He reached up touching the shiner she graced him with as he fell to the ground himself still dizzy, he reached down to pick up his back to make his escape.

He looked back to the aspect seeing she had landed cutting her arm up and though he was sure that she would heal he felt inclined to doctor her, the healer in him. He let out an annoying sigh and then moved back to her and reached down picking her up off the ground and moving back to the hospital to where his office was and sat her on the table and moved to collect the items he would need along with an ice pack for his eye as it was throbbing now.

As he walked back in he saw that Cora had sit up and he raised his hands to her “I just want to patch you up and go our separate ways. I am not trying to start world war three, it was already bad enough being held captive by you lot.” he said as he pulled his stool over and set the supplies down next to her, he began to clean up her arm. He was quiet for a long moment before in a clam manner staying focused on her arm “Why are you following me Cora.” her name came back to him in that moment. She had been somewhat kind in giving him food from his home when no one was looking. “Please tell me you are not here to take me hostage again.” he said pulling a piece of gravel from her arm tossing it into the tray with a ding.

Cora hadn’t thought it all through. Stalking and following the celestial till now when it’s too late. She’d been spotted, the act was up. Everything in the next few moments happened so fast. Neither of them were expecting. Cora hadn’t expected for him to hold her up against a wall, trying to his his power against her. Thinking that he was more the type of choose brains rather than combat, from what she’d seen of him over the years. There was one thing that the aspect didn’t like was to be held up against her own will, feeling like she was being trapped. Memories and fears of her past flooded back to her. Quickly defending herself against him. Turning his moves against him, pushing an forcing him to wall. Maybe Cora went a bit too far. Maybe just maybe. Seeing as fist connected with Rasesh’s eye. In act of self defense. Acting on instinct, her aspect ones. Cora knew the punch she threw was nearly hard enough to knock him out.

Watching as Rashesh went flying from the force but he was soon back on his feet. Cora felt herself being shoved away with more force, as Rashesh had used his powers against her. To be down so her own power was being used against her, something she hadn’t seen done before. The aspect stumbled back feeling herself being hit against the wall, making her fall to the ground. Being overpowered by her own power. Karma. That was it. Rashesh was able to keep her down long enough for him to make his escape. She knew it’ll take her a few moments to get back on her feet, it’s been a long time till she was nearly knocked out.The raven haired beauty groaned out in pain, opening her arms trying pull herself up. Feeling something dripping down her face. As she put her hand on her head she saw a crimson red colour already knowing that she must of cut her head open somehow along with a gush on her arm.

Expecting that Rashesh would be long gone by now taking his escape but it was the opposite. Feeling herself being picked up, she looked up seeing that it was him. Rashesh picked her up, carrying her bridal style back to the hospital. ‘Why is he helping me?’ she thought to herself, wondering why after she stalked and punched him. She was taken back to his office and was sat on the table. Not able to think of a snappy comeback so soon, she just nodded her head as she listened to him. Watching as he was starting to clean up her wound. “I don’t know” She admitted trutfully, she had no idea why she was following him but here was. Feeling the need to keep a watch on him. Cora knew he wouldn’t believe her but she was speaking the truth. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to take you hostage again. That's in the past” she reassured, she wasn’t here to start a Fight well maybe a little.  Cora looked up at Rashesh as he was attending to her wound seeing his eye was starting to form a blackish red colour already. Without thinking her good hand reached up, as Cora touched his black eye with her fingertips ever so softly. Knowing that it must be throbbing. “I’ve been told that i’ve always had a good aim” She shot him a teasing smirk, almost not wanting him to live it down being given a black eye by a girl. Able to know it was going to leave a mark as she punched him quite hard.

The fight if one could call the little spat in the alleyway between the hospital and the bar next to it, was in fact not how he had expected to spend his night. Even less so that fight be with an aspect that he was choosing to patch up instead of leaving her in the Alleyway to think over her actions of stalking him. The lights in his office could be over welling as they were meant to be overly bright so while he worked he could see clearly, and so his glowing wasn’t the center of attention also. He flicked off half the lights in the office making sure there was enough for him to clean her up.

After he had asked her quite a few questions she finally seem to be able to speak once his brown eyes moved to the wound on her arm. When he began a task he tried not to deter from it till it was done.  “You don’t know why you are following me?” He let out a soft chuckle and then sighed “I would think that maybe you liked me if it wasn’t for the fact that the past events involving our kind I know different.” He said honestly as he nodded slightly towards her, “Well forgive me if I don’t give you a medal for not kidnapping me again.” He said sarcastically.

As quick as the fight between them came, it had left them both. He winced slightly as she reached out and touched his eye that was going to bruise he could already feel it forming. He grunted out softly as her cold fingertips traced her handy work, he opened his good eye to look at her giving her an eye roll with it. “Oh yes please take your time admiring the black eye you have given me.” He huffed out as he stood up taking her raven locks in his hands and wrapped it up in a loose bun twisting it so it would stay in one place.

He picked up the wet rag to begin to clean up the dry blood from the side of her face, when his eyes flicked to hers with the strange expression on her face. “What I have sisters, I learned how to do hair a long time ago.” he said as he cleared his throat cleaning up the blood before he tossed the rag on the table and moved to see if he need to give her stitches. “You are not the first woman to hit me, seeing as I have two sisters. I am sure you will not be the last person to hit me.” He said honestly as he wore a stoic expression.

“Especially if I keep going down the road I am going.” He said honestly. Since Emily had not come back, and the justice system of Evermore didn’t seem like it was able to find her either. He was going out of his mind, he just need to know she was okay. “Have you ever lost someone you love?” He asked her as he began to give her stitches. “Has that person you loved just up and disappears from your life? No reason left behind, no goodbye?” he asked towards the most unlikely person in front of him.

Cora was surprised when Rashesh choose to carry and her back into the hospital to his hospital to patch her up. Rather than leaving her in the alley to find her way back to the manor and avoid everyone until she could patch herself up. Not wanting to be catch up in her siblings or guards questions for what happend. Already able to know what Aureus would say. That it’s too dangerous for her to go out without being guarded, that he she needs a bodyguard. Having not had one since losing her own personal bodyguard when the Isle of Skye was destroyed. Not finding the right replacement, as well as not wanting one just yet.

Adjusting her eyes to the light in the office as he first flicked on all the switches but soon turning many off. Just having the ones he needed. “Yes” She nodded in answer, not knowing why she was here. Why she’d chosen to follow him. It sounds like she was making it up, a lame excuse but she weren’t. When people do something without knowing why they’re doing it.  “You wish” She laughed rolling her eyes to him. Quickly dismissing and shooting him down dismissing him but in truth not giving him an answer to it. “If I really wanted to kidnap you, would have done it a lot sooner. Undetected too” She mused being sarcastic almost. Cora was one of the Aspects who was mainly responsible, in charge of kidnapping the celestials. Mostly for her powers. Able to place a cursed object on a person to strip away their powers for some time, or to take away their sight. Giving them enough time to capture them. Looking back on it now, she wasn’t proud for it. Seeing on first hand how it’s affected people like Rashesh.  

Cora brushed her fingertips on his now forming black eye, admiring her handy work. Hearing a grunt coming from him, seeing an eye roll coming from his good eye. “That you got to tell someone you got beat up by a woman” She teased not going to let him live it down. Both of them will be milking it for a while. Cora was surprised as Rashesh started to move her hair wrapping it into a loose bun since her hair was long. Able to see he’d had practise. Soon she watched as Rashesh started to clean her wound. First cleaning up all the dried blood, wincing a little able to feel the wound still open. “Thats cute” She grinned a little, not typical man thing to do. Or brother thing. Normally she’d be one to plait her brothers Erytherus’s hair when it was long enough to so do. More so when she was bored. “When me and my siblings get in a fight it’s not pretty. Especially if we go all dragon form, I am a good flyer if I must say so” Adding that they too were like any typical family but ones able to turn into dragons but was proud in herself saying so.

The conversation was going down a much darker path, sensing that he was going through a tough times. Well she kind of already knew since she’d been keeping tabs on him since all Celestials went free. “When I became an Ailward Aspect, I gave up my old life. My family, what friends I had left. But I don’t regret it” She started to say, going off subject a little. “For my love life I’ve never really had anymore I’ve loved. I blame the darkness whilst my siblings say I’m a ‘handful’ and to be honest no one wants to go out with someone who can turn into a dragon” She admitted shrugging almost, too quoting what Malva always say but it’s what they say about her too. “I’ve never really experienced that, someone who I loved disappearing from my life with no word or anything”

Rashesh rolled his eyes at her you wish comment and looked back to her with a raised eyebrow “Well you sure know how to cut a guy down like a tree huh?” he chuckled slightly and then he looked to her nodding slightly as he remember the first time he was taken, he had no idea what was happening until it was too late. “I guess you are right there, though it still begs the question why were you following me then?” He said softly as he fingers moved and worked swiftly. He had always been a good doctor, many wondered why he chose to work in the morgue with the dead and not help the living. He had his reasons, Emily being one of them as he wanted to be the one to identify her if she showed up on his table. The fact he was extremely awkward around most people was another good reason he chose to work in the hole of the hospital. Then there was his glowing that would just attract more people then it should.

“You are not the first woman who has beaten me up don’t flatter yourself.” he said back to her, “Unlike human males who hold on to the illusion they are some how superior to their female counterparts I know there are plenty of woman can hand my arse to me in a blink of an eye. You being one of them easily.” He said as he cleaned the wound clearing his throat thankful his skin was a mocha color hiding the blush that happened. “They both had lots of hair, when festival were happening they would enlist my help. I picked up a lot of things.” he shrugged softly towards her. He began to stitch up the wound on her forehead feeling slightly bad he caused the cut even though it was her own power thrown back to her. He couldn’t help the laugh that left his lips “Good lord imaging you all in dragon form is just scary especially if you all are fighting each other.” he shook his head slightly “oh yeah think you can out fly the rest?” he raised a brow to the woman in front of him.

Rashesh finished the stitches on her head looking to her as she spoke and cleaned up the wound one last time before beginning to clean up the mess that was made and removed the gloves letting out a heavy sigh as he moved sitting next to her on the metal table and hung his head slightly “I am sorry that you feel that way, but I am sure one day when that person comes along taking your breath away, someone you can’t get off your mind, the person that accepts you not because of your darkness but sees the light there even on the days you can’t see it yourself, your answer will change.” He gave her hand a soft squeeze, sitting there in the quiet for a moment longer. “And I would rather go out with a dragon then a wolf.” He teased her bumping his arm to hers as he stood back up. “Then I could ride you in armor and pretend to be a dragon rider.” he chuckled softly to her.

He looked to the time and then took hold of her waist helping her petite frame off the table and picked up his bag again “How about we get a drink and then we can part ways for the evening?” He asked as he throw the bag over his shoulders and placed his hand on her back softly and moved her out the door. “You can tell all the people in the bar how you gave me a black eye and watch me die in embarrassment.” he chuckled softly locking the door behind him and move with her to the pub that was across the street from the hospital. “Though maybe not as they may think we got into a lover's quarrel and not serve us.” he chuckled toward the dark haired woman “Though lord knows I am not your type from your words earlier.” he teased as he pulled open the door to the bar being greeted with a ‘Hey Ra’ from most of the people. He gave a wave and moved over to the bar settling down and order a beer for himself and waited for her to order and then settled his arms to the bar.

Many people always commented on how cold she was even when she wasn’t trying to be. Blaming more so the darkness for it but it was how it was. Speaking her mind without thinking anything of it. “Always got to show them who's boss, don’t I?” She teased winking to him. Always loving to toy around. Easily able to have men fall to her feet because of her beauty, but sometimes hated it too. “Call it a weird instinct or something but I just found myself following you” She admitted sighing a little, part of her wanted to keep a check on him. After the fall of Isle of Skye her mind often drifted to how the celestials lives where now, Rashesh’s. To see if there’s any lasting effects of the imprisonment, of course there would. “So a doctor?” Cora mused almost wondering, wanting to know why he went down that career choice. Maybe he was aspiring to be a doctor before it all happened or after. Too for what type of doctor he was but she’ll soon find out.

She weren’t surprised when he said she wasn’t the first woman to beat him up, but was probably the first to leave a big enough mark. “Here in the city nobody is the big bad wolf, everyone has a supernatural advantage. Some stronger than ever. With age it comes more easily” She commented in response shrugging her shoulders to him. “I could always give you another black eye to match so it won’t look too bad?” She teased offering him with what she’s said before. “So they always dragged you along into things” Taking the role of older sister as well as the older brother role. “Maybe you can braid my hair then I can see if you can do it better than me” Her hair was so long it takes a long while for her to braids especially dutch ones, to keep it neat. It was always easier to do it on someone else instead. “It’s more like play fighting mostly although in dragon form” She laughed seeing as he was trying to picture it in his head. “Someone's got to so, so why not me” She shrugged, many of the aspects were competitive. Wanting to win in everything.

Cora had been waiting patiently whilst Rashesh was stitching her forehead, letting him do his work. It did hurt a bit and feel funny, feeling the metal stitching entwining in her forehead. Not used to modern medicine and its ways. Out of curiosity the raven haired aspect put her fingers to her forehead almost as a way to examine the stiching. “It tickled more than hurting” Cora told him as she was admiring the stiching work, then to watching him starting to clean up. “Do you want an ice pack or something for your black eye?” She offered wondering if he was trying to seem more hard than he was, to ignore the throbbing pain he must be feeling. Knowing that she did through a hard punch back then. The conversation soon changed in more of a heart to heart. “I hope so, I gave up on looking for love a long time ago” A sad truth but still was true, living for so many years has its downfalls. Always looking and waiting for the right person to come around. Not many of aspects has found someone. Now it was coming that she was losing hope. Cora smiled up at Rashesh softly feeling as he was squeezing her hand trying to reassure her not to give up on love.

“Dragon all the way” She grinned as he agreed with her. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer one day but I doubt that you’ll be able to stay on” Able to imagine Rashesh trying to look like one of those people on video games but soon fails finding it to be much different in real life. Soon she felt herself being lifted from the table being placed on the floor, looking to see that it was him. “Sure I think both of us are need of a drink, sove both of our wounds” Cora agreed nodding her head to his idea, soon being guided out of office. “That sounds fun, very amusing to see” To see all the people laugh at him, how she beat him up. The two started to walk down the streets leaving the hospital, more friendly than they were before. After their little spat in the alleyway.

“Let them think what they want to but will probably know we’re not together” She pointed out before continuing. “Just admit that I’m way out of your league” She teased smirking to him. Yet in her head she was thinking that maybe opposites do attract but choose to keep it to herself, knowing he wouldn’t be interested in her. As the two walked into the bar Cora heard many people greeting Rashesh as they arrived. Seeing that he must be popular and regular here. The Aspect started to feel little bit awkward, putting her hand on her arm looking around at all the strangers who was starting to gather around. The two of them found a few empty seats at the bar, sitting down at the empty bar stools. Rashesh ordered a beer whereas she ordered a bourbon for herself. A more old fashioned drink. Moments later their drinks arrived, Cora soon took a sip of her drink. “So it seems that a dragon and star can get along after all” She pointed out winking to him, choosing to word it differently knowing there could be prying eyes not wanting to discuss the world of the supernatural in public.

Rashesh let out a soft chuckle as he smirked to her “So a black eye is showing someone you are the boss and here I thought most wars have come to a close after a treaty was signed.” He tried to think over the times “I guess being boss comes with a lot more than strength. Strength you have but do you have diplomacy?” he asked as he raised a brow to her as she stated she just found herself following him, which caused a cheeky grin on his face “So you are drawn to me hum?” he winked to her as he nodded slight “Yes a doctor, it was what I have always wanted to do.” He said as he pulled back from her looking at his handy work “I have always wanted to help people.” He said to her softly. “Though I found myself helping those who couldn’t voice what happened to them, in the morgue.”

“So you are saying that your power comes from age? Pretty sure you just called yourself an old lady.” He smirked to her as he watched her with his on the verge of being black eyes for a long moment before clearing his throat “I am sure I can do a wicked bride in your hair. Your hair isn’t that much different than that of my sisters.” He mused softly his eyes glanced to his bag making note that he should probably call them sometime soon. Maybe one of them would pick up. Making his gaze focus back on Cora once more. “I would rather no one give me a hard time but I have a feeling that is too much to ask for huh sunshine.” He teased her back smirking, out of all the aspects Cora was always such a mystery as she was to be the aspect of darkness and Ra could see light there under it.

Now that Ra had finished he watched the raven haired woman in front of him touch her head making sure his handy work was up to her standards, causing a soft chuckle to leave his lips “up to your standards?” he asked as he cleaned up and then shook his head slightly “Nah I will be fine. It doesn’t hurt overly.” He tried to sooth her fears as best as he could as they made their way out of the office to the bar across the street “you must have been holding back.” he chuckled softly “and no I do not wish to have a matching one. We shall save that for another time that will never come I hope.”  Love was a touchy subject for the fallen star lately. It was something he didn’t wish to talk about with anyone so he nodded to her about giving up on it. As he himself had given up on it, but he also know that if there wasn’t hope there was no point in life.

“I mean I am all about a challenge if you are willing to let me really ride the dragon you are.” he chuckled at the thought trying to imagine it was just as much fun as it happening. “Maybe one day I can live my life as a dragon rider.” smirks slightly “So getting you a staddle for Christmas.” he joked as they made it to the bar. Which was like a third home to him after work. He settled in and as they had ordered and their drinks came he took a long sip from his beer. The tension between them was far different then it had been in the alley. “You are way out of my league sunshine, trust me I know.” he chuckled softly to her and then looked to the bartender for a moment as he eyed them together. “Guess they can get along after all.” He smiled softly as he tapped his place to hers for a moment.

“Now Doc, what the hell happen to you?” The bartender finally crossed back to them as he rested a heavy hand on the bar “body punch back finally?” he teased him.

Rashesh let out a slight laugh and looked to Cora. “Nah I got jumped in the alley way walking home, This lovely lady stepped in. Though I fear she got the worst of it.” He gave a slight frown looking to her stitched up head and then looked back to the bartender “I won’t be taking that alleyway anymore needless to say.” he said as he then downed his beer. “Another please it has been a long night.”

“You got it doc.” he said as he walked off to get another round of drinks for them.

Cora has always been the more temperamental out of all of her siblings. When her emotions run high if something was said  or happened that she didn’t like all hell broke loose. One of the few Ailwards that still were fragile from their old lives that always tried to come back haunt them. A constant reminder. Cora was always the one to hide her emotions, putting up a cold front so she wouldn’t seem weak in front of others. Only a few have seen her with walls down but only a few and it weren’t often. “I’m not one of the main speakers, my older brothers are the leaders whilst I’m just there for the majority vote” Never was she the one to make the decisions but was the one to have her say when there were matters she didn’t agree on, like the others. “I didn’t say that” She hushed him quickly hearing as he was teasing her. Making her blush a little, a rare sight but one she tried to quickly hide. Knowing if he saw he’d never let her live it down. “So you say you look on dead bodies now that came from unfortunate ends” Already able to imagine him standing over a dead body and examining it. “Years ago I used to work in a morges of such, giving my aid to to the wounded in the past world wars. Malva is still into working in medicine now whilst for me it’s been a long time” She confessed, telling some things of her past. Some that she had forgetten all about. Studying old time medicine but all the new medicine was something she was not so good at. Giving it all up years ago.

She was sure morges was all less gruesome nowadays, more cleanly compared to the days when she was forever avoiding catching diseases. As they were still part human who can still die. “Shut up” She bickered rolling her eyes at him before hitting his arm rather than his eye. “You should never ask a woman’s age” She teased back to him, especially when it came to her siblings ages. Losing count many years ago. “Its it’s always easier doing someone else's hair rather than you own” She pointed out then realized it kind of didn’t matter to him as it was not like Rashesh could plait his own hair. “You could try plating your hair if you really wanted to but don’t think you’ll get there” She laughed grinning a little trying to picture it. “But where’s the fun in that” She spoke softly noticing how he was staring at her in a different way before. Like he couldn’t get his eyes off her. The Aspect faked coughed and turned her head to avert her eyes away for a moment. Not wanting for him to see her emotions that she keeps well hidden.

As he was putting the stitching in she felt a stinging feeling but knew it was from where he was doing it but wasn’t that painful. She’d had worse injuries in her time. After he was done she insticnly went to inspect it used to other people using their healing powers and not medicine. “Not too bad, Mr Morge” She chuckled joking to him as she was looking at the stiches. Soon agreeing to out for a few drinks after, as he offered. Cora easily could of left, slipped back home unseen but wanted to spend more time with him. She couldn’t explain it. Instead of miles she wanted to keep close. “I might take you up on that other one day” She answered adding onto his. Easily able to give him another shinner, not using full force this time.

“You wish” The Raven haired rolled her eyes seeing the excitement coming from him as he was trying to picture him riding her like a gladiator riding a dragon. “Oh honey you don’t need a saddle, just hold on” She teased winking to him, with his life in her hands if he was to go flying. No saddles would be big enough or to withstand it all. Cora let Rashesh take the lead, following behind as they walked to the bar. Able to sense or guess that he was regular here because as soon as they walked in he was greeted by many strangers. “You just want to show me off and pretend you were able to pull someone like me” She added teasing the star with a wink. Many eyes were landing on the two of them hearing some whispers too but she choose to ignore it.

Hearing as he was telling a fake story to people in the pub, not wanting to tell them that he got beat up by a women. Knowing if he did he wouldn’t be able to live it down here. “I was his knight in shining armour, there at his aid” She laughing grinning a little telling the others. “They did give him quite a hit, just look at the bruise” She added making them look closer to the black eye, she choose to touch it again. Almost admiring her own night. “So you come here often then?” She wondered raising a brow seeing as all those calling him doc and all. This bar wasn’t really her theme preferring much grander cocktail bars that her siblings goes to time to time. Reminding herself not touch the sticky bar top here.

Rashesh looked down to the aspect of darkness, “You have a voice, never forget that Cora.” He moved one of her lose hairs behind her earn, his thumb slightly brushing along the faint blush that graced her cheek for a moment before pulling his hand back. He didn’t want to point out the blush because they he would have to admit the feeling that it caused to stir in him, feelings he couldn’t be having. Clearing his throat and gave a short nod “I am to look over the bodies to come in get a real report if something supernatural was the cause of death I make a fake report and send the real one to the correct officials so they can investigate quietly in town.” he said probably being to honest but in those moment his brain felt fogged and he wasn’t sure if  it was due to the black eye or just her. “You did?” he asked as he raised a brow to her “Interesting.” he muttered with a slight smirk. “Yeah I have heard the name around its not common around here.” He gave a shrug “but then again Rashesh is not a common name around here either.” he let out a week chuckle.

As she whacked his arm he winced slightly mainly because he still remembered how she did pack a punch when it came to his face. “Heeeey.” he said rubbing the spot she whacked and narrowed her gaze towards her “you are the one who said power comes from age geez.” he said with a roll of his eyes and chuckles. “I mean I can do my hair very well thank you very much.” he said back to her and smirked at her. “But then again you are right I don’t have to plait my own hair. He had clearly been caught staring at her as she coughed to break their gazes. Which had him step back from her making sure he had his things. It helped keep his thoughts off the aspect he should hate yet that seem to be fading. Why was his guard falling so quickly? “Thank you for admiring my work, I am rather proud of my sewing skills.” he chuckled to her as he gave her a slight shrug.

As she agreed to go for a drink, they made their way to the bar and were sitting among the roar of the crowd of the people who had just gotten off their long shifts. He gave her a big old eye roll as she claimed that she might or might not give him another shinner. “Right must avoid getting on your bad side.” he gave a chuckled and then ran his hand along his beard softly. “I am lucky to have my eye still you know that? Hit it right there can be swelling that will cause future damage.” he pointed out to her as he pressed the cold glass to his face for a long moment.

“Oh I don’t need a saddle? What would I hang on to?” her was trying to picture it “One day I may have to see you in your dragon form letting me get ideas. I need to plan my knightley outfit accordingly so we don’t clash.” it was probably one of the most nerdy things to leave his mouth and he was actually intrigued by the idea of riding a dragon knowing it was a fantasy that can happen was rather interesting.  He looked over to the other hospital worker as they looked to her and shrugged “Closest place for a beer though I am sure you will get hit on by a few of them prepare. Try not to punch them in the eye.” he smirked back to her and moved slightly closer “I could try and make it seem like we are on a date so they will leave you alone. You would have to let me get close though, and I really would rather not receive another shiner if I do so.”

He looked to the people that had wonder about his black eye, keeping himself slightly close to him. “I will tell you she seem to have a rather good right hook,” wincing as she touched it causing him to glare at her “Woman that hurts.” he said as the people had returned to their drinks and game as he took another beer and picked it up taking a sip from it choosing to drink this one slower than the other one he had already chugged down. “Well being across the hospital, we all come here often. Doc is just what the bartenders call us all because its easier for them then remembering our names.” he said and shrugged. “Why don’t like it?” he smirked to her.

Sometimes she forgets to hide her thoughts. Ones that people think of but keeps to themselves. Her thoughts dark as her personality ones that always tend to be on the surface yet has to hide them away. “You think?” She wondered showing sign of insecurity. A feeling she always tried to hide hidden. The Aspect who always seem confident, one to put on a brave front. Cora was caught in the moment. Catching each others gazes, never noticing before how dark Rashesh’s eyes were. A different tone of black, almost matching her brown ones. Moments later they were both advertising their gazes. Not knowing what they other is thinking but that nothing couldn’t happen. Destined to be enemies or could they? Something she didn’t know whether they’d find out. But one that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to shake. “I remember my brother saying something similar. Things going on behind closed doors to keep the unknown from finding out” Yet she couldn’t help knowing there might be more to it. Maybe more of a reason why he was working here knowing it wasn’t the best of jobs, being around dead bodies all the the times. “Did you ever want to do something else rather than examining dead bodies” So many other jobs lining up but he wasn’t taking any. Living so many years you get habit of taking up a job in something other than the guard. More so her and Malva. Keeping them from insanity or stopping it from taking ahold. “I’ve been here and there, kept myself busy” Till the Isle of Skye came down and everything around her changed. “If you were in India then you wouldn’t fall short of it” She joked grinning a little.

Many of the Aspects including her like to humor their age yet want to kill whoever questioned it back. “You know what I mean” She rolled her eyes at him almost sarcastically but was one her more common looks. “I’ll say pig tails all you can do with your hair when it comes for plaiting” She grinned laughing at him almost trying to picture it. Almost forgetting for one moment that they were enemies. More like friends with how the conversation had turned to. Letting her guard down almost, not seeming like the cold hearted Aspect of darkness. “I’ll get one of the medic guards or initia patch me up later. Unless you want me to come back so can take away the stitches” She offered yet knowing if it came to it she could take the stitches out herself. Patching herself up but it’s a lot harder to do it on yourself rather than on someone else. Cora hoped that one of her siblings wouldn’t catch her trying to hide her new injury knowing it’ll open up questions she’d be trying to avoid. It was more than likely they wouldn’t notice, she spent most time unnoticed. That's how it’s been. Hiding in the shadows or darkness.

“I see now why my siblings keep telling me I need a bodyguard” She mused, yet knew it was both that she didn’t want one or that nobody was willing enough to volunteer for the job. Having a reputation to scare most of the guards away. The two of them left the hospital making their way to the bar that he spoke so highly of but she knew it wouldn’t be anything like her usual. “If your on my good side then you’ll be all set. You’ve just seen a punch I have a few more tricks up my sleeve” Years back she taught herself combat and weaponry so she could protect herself and train others. Losing her old powers before she was reborn as an Aspect, she had to find a way to do something else. “You and that eye. I swear you're being dramatic, it’s not that bad. The swellings gone down” She marvelled scarstially rolling her eyes seeing as Rashesh was holding his beer glass to his face. Trying to solve the bruise that was starting to come down compared to how it was.

Cora kinda wished she never continued their conversation of dragon riding. “You just hang on tight on me” It’ll make more sense when her dragon form is shown. Sometimes when some of the Aspects are bored they take turns in flying. “Oh god” She burst out laughing trying to picture it along with seeing and hearing Rashesh nerd out. “You are such a nerd at times well nearly all the time” Cora laughed pointing out shaking her head yet she wasn’t complaining completely. Her nose scrunched up a little at thought of all men in the bar hitting on her. Its for a reason why she chose to avoid places like here. Just full of desperate men trying to hit on woman. “Don’t worry I won’t hit you again” She promises as she moves closer to Rashesh. Away from the prying eyes of everyone around them,  waiting for him to put his arm around her.

Cora trailed her fingers over his black eye, over the swelling and bruising. “I’m barely touching you” That she was if she wanted to cause more pain she could of. Cora soon downed her drink ordering and lining up many other rounds, ready. “It's not a place I would have picked myself, no offense” Yet full knowing she was causing offence but didn’t care. “So what do you do outside of work?” Trying to change conversation around letting it flow different. “Don’t say that I already know I’m not that much of a stalker” It was true, she’d only trailed his work but not his personal life. She wasn’t a total stalker knowing there were far worse ones. It seemed like nowadays all her siblings were spending more time apart than with one another. All too busy with their own secrets. Mostly being secret partners knowing the shame and drama it would cause if one another found out. She wasn’t stupid. Its surprising how much you can see when watching others all around you. Would they go back to ignoring each other after tonight pretending that each other didn’t exist. That would be the easiest outcome or way out but truthfully there was something inside her not wanting to not see each other. The Aspect continued drinking wondering if it would help to shut out her thoughts she try to keep away.

His eyes held on to her offering her a soft gentle smile as he reached letting his fingers brush along her cheek ever so softly watching insecurity cross her expression even though it was brief it caused his heart to ache for her. “I know.” he replied to her question giving a gentle smile. He could tell quickly that she had been good at hiding her emotions, he would have never thought she was insecure at all in the manor she carried herself. His black hues just holding there, he would expect the aspect of darkness to have eyes as dark as night and yet they seemed warmer to him, as if hues of honey played in the light making them sparkle. Pulling his gaze down after he realized he had been spending farm to much time staring into her own, yet she staring back wasn’t she? “Evermore would have to many questions to answer if things were not kept behind closed doors.” he mused softly, his job wasn’t a glamorous one but he knew it was beneficial in it own ways. He thought for a moment musing over her statement before shrugging “The job is beneficial in more than one way to me and those who can’t speak for themselves anymore.”  He looked over to her “Truth is I am looking for someone who has gone missing from my life. I worry she will cross my table one day.” he muttered gently looking to the draws the bodies were held in. “Clearly you keep yourself busy.” He then snorted and smirked “I fell in India, I fit in rather well back then. So many Rashesh running around.” he watched the grin on her face for a long moment.

“They would be the most dashing plaiting pigtails “ he gave her a sarcastic response back to her, watching her as she tossed her head back to laugh at him. Why did he find it so intriguing? He needed to stop staring at her but it was would be awkward if he was just looking around the room. “I would prefer you come back to me” he said without skipping a beat then realized how forward he had to sound “I mean, I just, its best to let the doctor who patched you up remove them.” clearing his throat as he knew he was full of bullshit in that moment. He just wanted a reason for her willing to come see him again. “I am sure you will be healed by the morning anyways.” he said softly.

“Why don’t you have a guard of your own? Don’t you have a mansion full?” he asked then remembered that the fall of Skye may have caused them to lose more than he had thought. “Forgive my statement, it was wrong of me to ask. We both lost much in the past between our factions issues with each other.” he said, then raised a brow the woman clearly knew how to peak the star boy’s interest. “I would enjoy seeing what other tricks you have up your sleeves, on someone else not myself.” with a faint chuckle he thought about he always told himself he should learn to fight. After all you think kidnapping would be enough incentive to do so. He smiled to her as he lowered the beer glass from his face. “If I don’t get to live down the fact I was beat up by you at least I can whine about it.” he liked the idea of it getting under her skin slightly.

He know that she probably regretted offering him a ride but it was too late the celestial wheels were turning. Yet they way she spoke of him just hanging on tight cause him to scoot closer, as she seemed to pull closer to him. Watching the ring of laughter that left her as if she was having a good time with him made him smile even more with a crooked grin. “I am a nerd and proud of it thank you very much Ms. Broody Dragon.” His arm moved around her as she was now so close that it looked like in fact they were on a date. “Then I guess I can keep you from the other annoying bar patrons.” his gaze looked over her head watching others backing down at that point. His hand came and rested on her back as he turned his head to finish the beer and ordering another.

Feeling her gentle touch did cause him to focus back on her face her whispers so faint. Was  that a moment of regret that crossed her face, did she regret hitting him? He had regretted playing any part in harming her. Maybe they weren’t enemies, he didn’t feel that way about her. “No offense is taken, its the closest place to get a buzz before I walk home.” he said as he then made quick work of his next drink. “Ah well guess it depends on if you want a real answer which is extremely nerdy or want me to lie.” he chucked to her for a moment. “I game, write, LARP, Dungeons and Dragons.” he chuckled taking another long dance “I even dance.” he said as he looked to her. “What about you? Have any free time or do you just stalk the celestials.” he teased her at the fact she was trying to defend her stalking. His hand running up and down back slowly as they were rather close to each other still.

He wasn’t sure where his boldest had come from, he wasn’t the type to make moves on someone. Yet he was leaning closer to her the more they talked, his hand moved to the back of her neck, catching her plump lips to his. He pulled back slightly waiting for her to kick his ass for kissing her without asking her, yet he didn’t want to say he was sorry because he wasn’t. He felt a pull towards her he couldn’t explain.

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