Rashesh had been through a lot since him and his sister stars fell from the sky in India all these years ago. Evermore had become haven to him when he meet Emily the woman he loved more than anything in his life, but one day she was just gone leaving all of her things behind, no matter how many times he held her items trying to use his foresight to if her nothing. He was convinced she had been kidnapped and murdered, that her body would show up in the morgue any day now. He tried to keep his mind focused as he worked for the city, he had just finished examining a body of a murder victim found on the edges of town making two reports, one for the city, and the real one for the Privy Council stating in fact that the victim was murder by a supernatural.

He was done for the day after sending off the reports to the correct departments, packing up his bag with files he would finish once he got home since it was empty the only thing around was memories of Emily, in her clothing and stuff that was left behind. He sighed heavily as he made his way from his office after getting cleaned up into the city. He looked around for a brief moment before turning to make his way home. The one bad thing about being a celestial is you glowed attracting supernatural beings to you, in the end it was best to stay in the shadows. He turned down the alley way reaching in his pocket to pull out his phone to read the text that he was sure was from one of his sisters.

The feeling in his back that someone was following caused him to look up form the text from his sister and he paused as he looked around the alleyway. He slid the phone inside of his pocket and tighten his hands into fist. The feeling he was getting was that of overwhelming darkness and he hadn’t felt it so strong since being held captive by the Ailwards. The last few days he had felt more and more someone was following him, could it be one of the aspects? He questioned in his head as his dark eyes looked behind him “Hello?” he called out and then turned around.

There seem to be an unnatural darkness where he had turned down the alley. He took a step backwards before turning quickly on his heel and continue to make his way towards the Celestial territory. If he could just make it home maybe the feeling would pass, it just had to be the alley that was giving him the dark feeling. Yet the dark feeling didn’t stop so he was quick to turn on his heels again letting his glowing hands lash out in the darkness and push the figure into the wall off the alley. At that point his body hummed and casted a glow upon the woman who had followed him.

His heart sank as he looked upon the aspects face. Had the aspects decided to do their own dirty work now? “Why in the hell are you following me?” he questioned the blonde as he held her to the wall of the alley with his arm over her pressing his full weight into her though he knew if she wished she could have killed him easily, he was no match for an aspect. “Why can you not just leave us to live our lives? I have never done anything to your family and yet I was kidnapped by you for simply being who I am. What now? Here to finish the job?” he hissed out to her was he looked into her blue eyes with his dark ones.

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Cora felt herself getting lost. Lost in his eyes. Now able to notice all of the things that she’d never seen before, never having the chance or reason to before. Only now Cora was paying attention to all the details. A reason to. It didn’t feel like their first proper meeting. The first chance that they got to be able to talk. Face to face. Back to the time when all of the Celestial’s were locked up Cora watched him for afar. There was always something different about Rashesh. How his skin always shown brighter than the rest, a different type of glow. It what was one of things that drew the Aspect in to wanting to find out more. Why Cora chose to seek him out after everything that had went down. Wanting to know more about him, if he was okay. Mostly it was to find out his name. That was the start of it all, so she could form some sort of connection to him. In a non stalker ish way. Both now less them a feet apart. Cora felt a blush arising on her cheeks as Rashesh trailed his fingers along her cheek. Hoping that he wouldn’t notice her cheeks changing Color, not wanting him to notice one of her weakened. There’s only been a few times when Cora found herself getting her feelings mixed up,  tampered with. Rarely finding herself opening up to anyone other than her siblings.

Both caught up in the moment, she was the first to break each others gazes. “Your staring” She mused, grinning as Cora was looking back at Rashesh. Yet she wasn’t admitting at the same time that she was too, or was she. It didn’t feel that they were strangers anymore. “I try to stay out of everything going on” Always preferring to be kept afar from everything going on, rather than right on in the middle. Most people said she was one who enjoyed her own company, it was true. Way she knew to keep safe and others safe. Sometimes she feared that her darkness would be too much for people. That's why they stay away, why she stays away from people. Destined to live a lonely life, knowing that learning to love wouldn’t be something she’d ever experienced. Or so she thought. Cora looked over to him, hearing as Rashesh was telling her the reason reason why he choose to work in the morgue. Able to see and sense from his reaction that it was someone who he cared deeply for. Waiting for them to come back, he wasn’t losing hope. “Staying in the same job you begin to forget the real reason why you started in the first place” Stuck in the same routine and constant cycle, one most forget to get out of. One that she’d seen happen a lot on first time, able to see it was one he was stuck in.

“I like to travel much as I can before the feeling of the feeling of separation from my siblings is too much to bare. As a whole Aspects cannot be away from one another for long” It was bit of a downsides but protectors of the realms are meant together. “I’ve been to India a few times, it’s a magical place” She revealed, grinning back at him again. It was a placed that she missed wanting to go back again there one day. “At least you don’t have to worry about getting mixed up over here” She joked laughing, shaking her head. Too there weren’t many Cora’s around since it was an old fashioned name, not used much anymore. “Next time I need my hair braiding I’ll leave it for you” She reminded him, offering him the chance. Wherever she tried to braid her own hair it took her up to over an hour at times since her hair was so long and thick. Cora was surprised hearing that he wanted her to come back to him. “I thought maybe you wanted to see the back of me since you found me ‘stalking you’” Reminding him almost to how the pair of them were now mortal enemies who avoided one another. Plus she had given him a black eye too. “To my defense I wasn’t stalking you, just wanted to keep tabs”.

The Aspect of Darkness shook her head to his question giving him a half saddened look. “There’s not many guards left to what we had, we lost the majority of our people back there. We’re not really looking back to rebuilding it” She admitted, truthfully they weren’t look to rebuilding the whole fraction again to how it was. Things weren’t the same as before. “Your right, we’ve both been through our own types of loss, some in different ways” Not able to forget the broken look on his face, along with many other Celestials. It was when Cora was starting to think of all they were doing to them were wrong. “Oh I do have my own personal guard, he’s name is Crane” Forgetting about him for a moment. “He’s always telling me off for sneaking out, complaining how I’m a handful. Yet I could say the same about him. It’s a miracle that we haven’t killed each other yet” The dark haired mused too remembering that Crane would soon be realizing that she was gone the moment.  

“I could always help train you, if you wanted. So you can always can be able to defend yourself, not just relying on your powers being there to back you up. At times I train some of the guards” She quickly offered not thinking it through but it was something Cora wanted. Maybe it was way of her able to spend some more time with each other outside of these walls. “You’ll be milking it forever” Cora rolled her eyes to him shaking her head knowing what he was like. In the last few hours spend in each others company it weren’t like they were mortal enemies. One who practically had a first fight to friends. That they’ve known and been around each other for a long time.

Cora rolled her eyes at him again as he was starting to rambel with things that sounded like nonsense to him but knew it was not to him. “No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend” She joked laughing at him a little hearing how he spent most of his free time gaming or watching tv or films. “I don’t stalk Celestials” She wacked him on the arm playfully which probably hurt a little. “I read a lot of books, always finding new objects to curse. Anything old and rare I can get my hands on” Like Malva Cora spent a lot of her free time alone, to deep into their own worse. There were days that Cora forgot to eat, sleep or drink. Losing track of time and all happening around her.

She would never admit this out loud but Cora was enjoying Rashesh company. It was refreshing in a way, forgetting of all her troubled thoughts and worries. Not feeling any form of darkness inside her.  Cora was taken by surprise for what was to happen next, feeling a pair of soft lips onto hers. Opening her eyes, seeing Rashesh’s staring back at hers softly. Without any hesitation, she kissed him back, softly but was turning more passionately. Placing a hand on back of his head as she was imitating the kiss. Feeling a sort of warm buzzy feeling inside of her stomach, something she’d not felt in a long time. Yearning for some sort of intimate connection or relationship. Even if it was someone with she’d least expect.

Rashesh watched her closely most people he was sure couldn’t stare at her because like for him at first there had been an uneasiness looking in her direction. He no longer felt that uneasiness the longer he was around her talking as if they were old friends then old enemies. Everyone looking at her must only see darkness and yet he saw the shades of gray and colors that came off her. She was interesting if you could get past the stubborn wall she put up. He had no clue why she had been following him, yet he didn’t overly care in that moment. The closer they drew to one another the more it felt intoxicating to him. When she called him out for staring he pulled his gaze away and chuckled slightly “So where you.” he commented back to her.”You try to but it seems you don’t manage to stay out of everything you wished huh?” he pointed out. His eyes rested heavy on her as she began to speak of how she was stuck in a rut and he frowned deeply for a moment. His hand came to rest upon hers unknowingly as if he was trying to sooth her hurt feelings.

Rashesh couldn’t help the face he made as she explained how the aspects couldn’t be far from one another for too long. “I couldn’t even picture having to be around a group for that long.” he looked down in his own thoughts, thinking how that would drive him made and who knows what he would have done himself. His head lifted slightly as he looked at her through his brows for a moment and gave a gentle smirk. “Yeah India has its upsides, Its where I studied to be a doctor, before going to london. It will always hold a special place in my heart.” he said as he chuckles “Maybe I can show you around where I fell.” he chuckled at her joke and smiled softly, “Think you would need my number or you know meet me in a dark alley.” he chuckled softly at his own joke. “Whatever lets you sleep at night.” he winks at her.

Rashesh was shocked she so willingly admitted out loud that they were pretty low in numbers honestly the celestial would never know. “I am sorry that you lost so many of your own. I don’t think we as a species ever thought of it when we escaped. I guess every action has a consequences.” His hand still resting on hers as if to sooth the darkness that was invading her thoughts he was sure. “Where is your personal guard tonight then?” he raised a brow to her, chuckling at how she explained Crane. “Well I guess I can see why you would be handful after all sneaking around to keep tabs must have him running all over this city.”

He mulled over the thought of her training him for a moment before giving a soft smirk “That would mean a lot of time of us together hitting on one another. Think you could handle being around me for that long.” he teased her for a moment with a smirk “I have no doubts that you would be a good teacher though. “Well since I doubt you will let me live it down I have to milk it.” he winked at her with his good eye. He hadn’t even bothered to look at the time since he was rather enjoying their time together.

Rashesh winced at the mention of him not having a girlfriend in fact he didn’t wanted to think about Emily that evening. As she whacked his arm he was pulled from his dark thoughts for that moment and chuck;ed “New objects to curse? With what kind of curses? Should I be afraid you are going to curse something of mine?”  He smirked softly “Old and rare you say?” he mumbled lowly.

He was more shocked with himself at how he was acting, her found her pull impossible to resist with each drink the pair got closer and the kiss was warm and almost comforting. He found himself pulling her closer touching her hips gently. It wasn’t long until Rashesh pulled away tossing money on the counter taking her hand in his. He led her from the bar towards the door he figured if she didn’t want to follow him she would have spoke up. His apartment was just a short walk away when he found himself unlocking the door and pulling her in. This wasn’t like the star himself he would never bring home a woman on their first date.

Yet he couldn’t stop his hands from going to her hips once again pulling her in. His lips found her again as he moved with her through the apartment pulling clothes away till they where in the bedroom.

-Fade to black-

Rashesh moaned out as the sun hit his face, he went to lift his arm over his eyes when he realized that it was underneath someone. He looked over to Cora as she laid there and his mind swirled with the night before, he smiled softly before frowning sliding out from under her body gently hoping not to wake her. He sat up on the edge of his bed and looked to the photo of him and Emily for a long moment before he reached over laying it down. He found himself standing up and moving towards the kitchen, he started the coffee and stared at the pot while it filled up.

For the last few weeks spent the last few weeks trying to track down Rashesh. Trying to know and find out where he was now since all that had went down when the Isle of Skye had fallen. She knew that many Celestials chose to flee further. Ones like Rashesh’s sisters who choose to move furthest away from other celestials, from the city and from Rashesh. Cora sound see that Rashesh missed them, the pain of being apart from one's siblings, something that she knew herself. Wondering if they’ll ever come back or be ruined, yet she knew Evermore City was still not a safe place for anyone at the moment. Cora didn’t think her trailing Rashesh would end up with her going out for drinks with him. Here right now they didn’t feel like strangers, enemies yet ones on the same level. Something that could be seen as friends from afar, truthfully Cora was starting to feel another pull towards him. Feeling some sort of attraction to him, never noticing fully how handsome he was. How his hair and beard always was well kept and the ugly sweaters didn’t look so bad but suited him in a way. Things that she’d never admit out loud. No secret that each other were staring at each other, noticing the little things that they didn’t seen or thought about before till now. “So you think you got me all sussed out? That you know who I am?” She mused softly, truthfully she herself didn’t know who she really was. All of her emotions and feelings were all mixed up with the fake front she puts on, healing and protecting her image so she never seem weak in front of anyone. Yet a few people were able to break down the walls. 

Cora couldn’t help to grin a little seeing Rashesh’s reaction to her talking about not being far from the aspects. “Then you got all the guards too. It’s not all that bad really as I make it out. Just always a lot of crazy, mainly Malva trying to hex people and turn then into rats. The usual” Very different from the normal family but it’s something to come with having one made of different supernaturals ones with big egos too. Yet Cora always found herself distancing herself from everyone, preferring to stay in the darkness. Everyone's light and happiness was sometimes too much for her. “So India have the best medical care compared to london?” She wondered a little yet knew maybe now it’ll be all different. “Maybe where you fell would be all changed now then we get there any you’ll be confused where we are, going round in circles?” She teased matching back his smirk able to see something like that happening. Cora rolled her eyes to his comment knowing he wouldn’t let it go of how they had met earlier on. “Shhhh” She wacked his hand again trying to get him not to bring it up again.

Something nobody thought about was that it wasn't just the Celestials who get night terrors about that night. They weren’t the only ones affected, many Aspects and guards found trouble sleeping. Still the unknown threat looming over them never letting them rest. “I was away travelling at that time by time I managed to get back to my siblings, it was too late” It still pained her knowing that she wasn't there to protect her people, part of her knew she was failing in her duties. Cora could feel some sort of warmth as Rashesh comforted her looking down seeing his hand was still resting on her then back up to his face. “He’s back in the manor, I think he either let me go off or I managed to escape from him. I forget which one” She admitted laughing softly forgetting about escaping from her personal guard. “He’s always complaining how difficult I am, yet it’s the same for me” Scrunching up her nose a little showing how irritating it was having someone following you around all the time. Spending more time bickering than being on the same level. Missing the freedom. 

Cora grinned a little at his teasing to her offering to train with him. “I could put up with it” Winking back teasing him again something she’d been doing quite often tonight, Rashesh was the same. “Guess we’ll be both milking it for a while” Not helping to laugh seeing him winking with his good eye. “The black eye is not that bad anymore, the swelling has gone down quite a bit” Able to see he was a bit of a drama queen over the whole her giving him a black eye and all whilst she weren’t going on about the stitches in her head or the grazes on her arm from their encounter. They were quite a pair for anyone to look at nobody else would know they’d given each other these injuries yet now were just joking to each other about it, like it was nothing. Yet Rashesh was the more dramatic one of the two of them. 

Her skill set was a different one to her siblings all having a different type of element or thing to look after. Hers was darkness, suited her role in a way. “Who says I haven’t cursed anything of yours already? Maybe I’ll be waiting for the right time to use it?” She provoked, raising a brow, smirking to him. Pretending that she may be not letting on fully before shaking her head laughing a little. “Don’t worry your all curse free, I don’t really use my powers on anyone these days” More of the person who is just needed when someone needs her power unlike her other siblings who uses there's often. Cora was starting to find her getting lost. Lost in the moment. Lost in his eyes as both of them were moving in closer to each other. Feeling as her eyes were looking to his lips, able to react to what was to happen next. Intimating the kiss, feeling as Rashesh’s lips were on hers. She weren’t pulling away but deepening into the kiss, putting on hand on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck. Almost so he couldn’t move away, able to feel that Rashesh had done the same. Feeling a pair of hands on the sides of her hips as she was being pulled closer. 

Finding herself leaving the bar with Rashesh, following his lead back to his apartment. Kissing each other along the way, not escaping each other grasp. When they arrived at his apartment soon as Rashesh unlocked the door, Cora felt herself being pulled in. Still continuing to kiss each other, barely letting him shut the door. Too caught up in it all. Soon finding herself being led to his bedroom where they found each other more intimate…

  • Fade to black - 

Cora found herself waiting up in a room that wasn’t hers, the sun coming through the curtains woke her up a little. The room was the opposite to hers, full of light instead of all dark. Looking around she was little bit confused to where she was then remembering all of last night clearly. She was with Rashesh, the kiss and then when they found more about each other. Looking to her side she saw beside her on the bed was empty. ‘Had he already left?’ Wondering if he ducked out on her, leaving to make her way out of the apartment like how things are with one night stands. Moving to the side of the bed, Cora picked up her underwear that was on the bedroom floor, putting them back on.  But not finding any of her other clothes around. Getting off the bed she went to find something else she could wear. Finding a jumper that was lying about putting it on, which ended up being more like a dress than a jumper. Cora found herself walking through the apartment, trying to find her way to the kitchen. Seeing Rashesh standing there at the coffee pot. Cora choose to stand at the doorway, her arms wrapped around herself not knowing what way to approach him. If things would be like last night or if he’ll dismiss it to a drunken mistake yet both of them knew they weren’t that drunk. “I’ll take one of them when it’s ready” She prompted gently, letting him know and see that she was there with a small smile on her face.  

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