Sixteen years away from the world, being captured is no fun experience for anyone to go through. For a young 18-year-old girl like her, it was very traumatizing part of the life she thinks she knows about.  Everything, before she was locked up, was all a blur but her name, Mizaya. The star is grateful for everything and everyone in her life, her adoptive parents who gave her a home and a chance for a family, Ophelia gave her time to learn how to fight that made her feel safe. Miyaza has so much to be thankful for she does not know where to even begin. 

The travel to Evermore is not an ideal thing for her or anyone since it's living torment to those who locked them up. Facing them and living a life being free is not easy for someone who is scared almost all the time. Miyaza knew Opehila wants everyone to live their life their own way which is something the young star respected but it was easier said than done.

Miyaza took a whole hour in a half to finally step out of her room knowing she needs to learn the world again. Questions came up as she was trying to find peace of mind as she walked. What has changed? Would she fit in? Will they be watching her? Could she meet new people and be safe with them around? Was she stable to be around someone knew? Miyaza's anxiety kicked into her subconscious mind. 'Please don't have an anxiety attack. Not now.' she said in her mind as her brown hues laid on children playing. Their laughs and smiles helped her calm down. Miyaza forgot what laughter and smiling looked like. 

When the star feels herself relaxing she looked around seeing people are in stores, cafe's and doing shopping. It brought her back to her adoptive hometown in Korea. her friends, she once knew walking into makeup and skincare shops. talked about boys, celebrities, everything that you would hear teenagers talk about at their age. Now she is 18, she does not know how to talk to people like she used too and it's hard for her to look upon the bright side.  They say if you stay true to yourself others will see how much of a person you are but really how can you still be like that after everything you have seen and heard and the worst part remembering it all. 

With her knowingly knows Korean she didn't know what things mean or what others are saying. Looking up at a sign, she tried everything she could to read the sign but nothing came out good at the end. Miyaza felt defected as she brought out a notebook and a pen and wrote what she saw. Maybe if she could get someone who knew Korean and can translate and teach her how to speck in the same language she could get better. She remembered another celestial who spoke another language which was french, they managed to talk with one another through the barrier between. That thought brought the young star to smile if she could do that again with someone. That was her key. But Who would help her out?

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Hana shuffled around the house, tidying up her and Ha-joon's late night movie marathon as Ha-joon was out and about doing his own thing, likely working. She hadn't listened to him very well when he'd told her to slack off the cleaning, especially when it tampered with her illness. Hana thought the least she could do though, was keep their house clean. They'd ended up renting a summer vacation spot, and were now in the process of fixing it up. But, Hana still made daily trips to their actual house, to make sure no one had broken in, and to make sure it was kept clean while they were gone. After she finished, Hana made her way to the bathroom showering away the sweat of all the house work she had just finished, before hopping out, and quickly dressing into a fresh change of clothes. 

After the attack, Hana hadn't been one for going out much.. unless she was shopping, out eating with her brother, or away for college, the human simply didn't do nothing but stay home. The only exception to that lately, had been Yeon inviting her to the showcase, basically an event for all the dancers to get together and show off their skills. Today, like every other day; Hana left her house, and stopped by the library to get a few hours of studying in. Even if it was her vacation, she would never allow herself to slack on school work. She knew it would all pay off when she finally got her fashion line to sail. The time she spent in the library had flew, leaving her to wonder exactly where the time had gone, as she realized it was now time to go get something for dinner for the day. 

Typically her and Ha-joon ate seperately because he always came home much later than Hana. With that, the human checked out a few books based on the supernaturals., and departed the library. With her head in the clouds, Hana barely noticed the female standing outside the cafe, nearly colliding with her as she walked forward, trying to make her way inside of the cafe to order something to eat. A small frown adorned Hana's features though, as she realized the girl was simply struggling to read everything around them. Approaching her, Hana gave a faint smile "Seems like you're in need of some help" she spoke softly, before looking up to the sign as well. "Dixons Cafe - Lattes, Coffee, Breakfast - Lunch & Dinner" she read out loud. She wondered if the female understood any English at all.

Not wanting to overwhelm her, Hana waited tosee if she did understand what she was saying before she went on with speaking English to her. Somehow though, she couldn't shake the feeling that the other female was scared to death, perhaps shy. She certainly wasn't short of beauty either; Hana's eyes roamed every inch of the other, in hopes of not making her feel even more shy, but, Hana usually didn't miss it when someone was attractive. So far she'd only laid eyes on a handfull of people that she considered gorgeous, and this girl was no exception. "I'm Hana" she then stated, peeling her gaze away from the others curves and features, making eye contact as she offered a warm smile. 

Hana's curiosity began to nag at her though, wondering if this female was supernatural or not. Hana's parents had taught her everything she would ever need to know, in order to protect herself and her brother, but there were times, when even the supernatural came off as human as Hana herself. 

The young star kept trying to read the sign as she felt many people looking at her like they never have seen someone trying to read in their life. It is the most embarrassing thing in the world to just stand there trying to make sense of it all. She never really noticed someone coming up to her. When she heard the other speaking up, she turned to the side where the voice came from as Miyaza felt time stood still. Someone was talking to but the female had looks she could not even explain. Thin lips, very clear skin, hair to dark and healthy, small face and most of all her eyes were kind. She never once thought to be attached to anyone but the female knows how to turn that thought in her mind. Miyaza tried to follow her words but heard one word that she knew help. Miyaza smiled and nodded. “Help… yes,” she said blushing. As the other read that name of the building out loud. “I…..” Miyaza said looking at the other feeling under sure how to reply to the other. Miyaza thought of one thing, her hands. She moved them to tell the other she can’t understand what she said. “Very hard,” she said trying to make words. The star hated this so much.

After 16 years, she forgot what it was like to talk to people other than who was captured but then again the language barrier was in the way. She held both of her hands together hoping something does not happen or someone from the Guards watching her. Eyes on her didn’t make anything better. When she heard the other’s name Miyaza looked at the female as her eyes brighten up. “하나? 한국어를 할 수 있나요?” Miyaza gives the other a good glance but she felt the other looking at her too. Did the others find her attractive? Her brown hues saw the warm smile which made him feel a bit calm. She didn’t look like she could hurt anyone but Miyaza knew not to have her guard down. Hana could be a Guard without her knowing so she had to play it safe and not do anything wrong.

" Miyaza?" she was nervose to speak to the other but she knew how to say her name in English which made her feel a little better but not all the comfort she wanted to feel. Everything she wished to do is right in front of her, meeting new people and not feel scared about anything in between. If the other is from Korean when way didn't she see the other around. It's possible since their country is very small but it was also possible Hana is around when be got captured as well. Miyaza knew she didn't know the world she lived in today but all she has to do is accept the unknown and learn. She is 18 after all, an adult, very youthful she needs to learn to how not rely on others and be her own person in life.  "English... I can't speak... I don't understand?" she spoke up wondering if the other will understand her.
1- Hana? Do you speak Korean?

Hana could sense that the female was checking her out. After finding herself blushing, and feeling slightly awkward, Hana gazed back to the sign, giving the female a side glance from time to time, smirking. She could see how uncomfortable the girl looked. It truly was an embarrassing thing to be seen in public trying to read something with everyone staring at you. It saddened Hana that no one had come fourth to help her, except for Hana herself. 

Hana realized though, that she wasn't being of any help to the female by speaking english. It'd been such a long time since she used her own language, but it wasn't anything challenging to the human. "점심과 저녁" (lunch and dinner) Hana spoke, hoping she spoke clearly enough, as she told the girl that this building was for lunch and dinner. "카페" (Cafe) she then added with a faint smile. She couldn't imagine being new to a city, where everyone spoke English, when it was a language you can't understand yourself. She knew a few simple words, but Hana had the feeling that this girl was going to need a little help getting by day to day. 

Hana watched as the female placed her hands together. She seemd both shy, and afraid. "나는 당신을 다치게하지 않습니다" (I won't hurt you), Hana spoke softly, and placed a hand on the girls hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze "도와 줄게" (I'll help), she added with a genuine smile before letting her hand fall back to her side. Hana had taken severl different language classes in college, so different languages were a breeze for her, but especially her own language. For the first time in several years, Hana felt like herself again. She spoke English mostly now, and most of the people  she had met so far were pretty fluent in English, so she didn't have to speak in her own langauge, but she didn't mind doing so if it meant that she was helping someone in a situation like this. 

Hana looked to the cafe, and then back to the girl who introduced herself as Miyaza "만나서 반갑습니다" (nice to meet you Miyaza) she stated genuinely, and wondered what the female needed help with exactly, besides translation of course. "어디 가려고?" (where are you trying to go?) Hana then asked, figuring this would be a lot easier, if she knew what the female needed. "우리는 함께 갈 수있다" (we can go together) Hana finished off. She knew Miyaza would need Hana's help, and Hana had nothing better going on, so she didn't mind following her at all. Hana sighed softly though, wondering if Miyaza had any family in the city with her or anything "여기 혼자 사십니까?" (do you live here alone) she then asked curiously, and waited before speaking again, to let Miyaza catch up. 

The star looks at the other, she can admit the other looks really pretty but with no knowledge about the other, she wants to stay back. Miyaza knew to be wary knowing she does not want to be captured once again. The young star didn't mind people looking at her due it was not her fault she does not know their language.  It was not no one else's business but her own. 

When the female read out what it says in Korean Miyaza nodded understand what it means. "Thank you," she said in English knowing some basic English but it was better than nothing. Miyaza did wonder why the other is helping her other then she translating to her. All the star did was to keep quiet and look around noting were things are at and what is in the area she is in. The city is bigger then what it looks like where the castle is. The illusion things are smaller then bigger is something she will never understand. 

The young star didn't watch the other movements when she felt the other touching her hand. Listing to the other made Miyaza feel unsure if she trusts the other but she does need the help to live under the city. When the other introduced her self as Hana it was a name she can remember. "Hana. Cute name." Miyaza said with a smile. "그냥 둘러보고 있어요 단어를 배우는 것은 매우 어렵다. 다른 언어를 배우려고합니다. 이 지역에 무엇이 있는지 아십니까?" Miyaza spoke in her native tongue as she shook her head on the question with her living alone.  "나는 내 사람들과 함께 산다. 나는 내 자신을 살만큼 사람들을 믿지 않습니다. 다시 그를 만나면 기회가 생길지 모르지만 배울 점이 많으므로 지금하는 방법에 따라 생활해야합니다." Miyaza grew a little sad thinking about the male she felt behind back in Korea. This is the first time out of a long time she spoke about Taehyun. Knowing life is never fun with two supernatural's but with who they are is more dangerous. A star who is learning about her powers terrifies her knowing it's unknown and what she can do with it.

~ Translation ~

1. Am just looking around. Learning words it's very hard. Trying to learn another language. Do you know what's in the area?

2. I live with my people. I don't trust people enough for myself to live on my own. I mean if I ever see him again there might be a chance but there is much for me to learn so I have to live with how I do right now.

Hana grimaced, and offered a wry smile. People passing them by seemed to stare a little to hard for Hana's liking. Girls like her and Miyaza got way to much attention from men in this city, and Hana was a loose cannon to that type of stuff. She hated to feel disrespected by men, and when they crossed her the wrong way, she didn't mind putting them in their place. But since she was being followed, it was a risky thing to do, to approach anyone whatsoever that she didn't know. Hana decided not to draw any attention to the fact that people were watching them, because Miyaza already seemed scared to death. She couldn't help but find her a little adorable though, for how shy she seemed. Hana had a pretty shy personality sometimes too, but the fact that she was overly sophisticated, made her seem bold. "Well, there's a lot of little shops right here in this area. There's herb shops, voodoo shops, and a few cafe's such as this one" she stated, pointing out to the cafe in front of them.

"Anything in specific that you're looking for?' she asked, arching a brow before offering a gentle smile. "Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you" she added, and patted the girl's shoulder. "I just know how it feels to be a long way from home without anyone looking out for you" she nodded, remembering her experience when she first arrived to the city. It hadn't been easy, but Hana had come such a long way since then.

"If we go a few blocks from here, there's clothing stores and grocery centers" she added, and placed a finger to her chin as if she were in thought. She couldn't really tell her everything in the area, because Hana had yet to explore every inch of the city. "How about we go check it out and see for ourselves?" she asked, making a kind offer to be her guide for the day. "No family here with you?" she asked curiously, wondering how alone Miyaza really was. She had apparently been through something terrible, Hana could see how haunted she was by whatever she had gotten away from.

"Him" Hana then repeated, "So there is a guy?" she asked, giving Miyaza a playful smirk and nudging her side gently. "Well, do what's best for you, i'm sure if he's worth it, he will be by your side every step of the way." she smiled and looked out into the distance, wondering where this day would bring them. It may even bring a new friendship to Hana's life, and that was something she wouldn't decline. She just had to be careful, the Triad being after her and her brother, meant that she could easily put this girl in danger without even meaning to. "So, where too first?" she asked, figuring Miyaza had a plan in mind for what she was looking for, "If you're hungry, we could go inside and eat before we start our little adventure" she added, and giggled cutely, while twirling a strand of her hair around her pointer finger.

The star can feel their eyes on both of them. Something the star didn't like but it could be due to her sixteen years captured with no one looking at her or she was used to Taehyung protecting her whenever someone looked at her and then looked away.  Looking at the other female she could tell she was a Human as nothing came across her being supernatural at all but one other thing she noticed was how scared the female is. The star wanted to touch her and tell her it's alright but knowing she could see something she kept her hands to herself. 

Keeping up with that the female said, Miyaza really likes the female's English.  Her brown eyes looked at the different shops now knowing what they are as she knew to stay away from the voodoo shop as Miyaza did has some bad luck one time but then again it could be heard being who she is. The star did felt happy to know the female is very sweet and is happy to have her around right now at this moment.

Miyaza noticed how much the other knew where things are at as she kept talking and pointing. The star didn't expect to go anywhere other then something can come up in her mind that she what needed. Miyaza nodded when the other said let's go together, she felt safe with the other which made her smile for the first time to the female. 

When the female asked about family Miyaza shook her head no. Her family is now with the Celestials now, she didn't want to bother anyone to come with her due to her language barrier.  She expected no one to understand what the star went thought as it's something no one should never to though that. 

It looks like she was talking out load as Hana said Him. "정말? 17 년이 지났습니다. 그가 더 이상 살아 있는지조차 모르겠습니다. 내가하지 희망." she said with a sad pout. Miyaza didn't even know if Taehyun is alive or not. It nothing t for her to worry about she has to worry about what she needs to do her life to get back to normal. She was not a Human nor what she ever one but all she knew there is a lot for her to understand and catch up. Her light, would she able to live on her own when the time is right? Would she live a normal life? There are so many questions the star needs to find answers to but first, it's the barrier between language that needs to be resolved first. Miyaza nodded with a light smile. "Sounds good. Food is" she said and then started to think. "Good to eat?" she asked wondering if that made any sense. 

1. Really? It's been seventeen years. I don't even know if he's alive anymore. I hope not.

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