If today was the day Addie would finally give up on trying to feed Cai pineapple, you wouldn't have noticed. Cai hated pineapple and immediately would spit it out if you fed it to her, and it was exhausting to keep trying to feed her something she didn't like. Shinwon had been helping to the extent of running out to serve the customers that came into the club so Addie could get Cai to eat. 

It was just one of those days, she suspected and set the chopsticks down. Cai had long since fallen asleep in her high chair and Addie's knees were aching from kneeling on the floor to reach her child. Getting up, she brushed her skirt off and went out into the bar area of the club. Shinwon was being his normally busy self and was being helped by their friend Yugyeom. Yugyeom was a sweetheart, and he was also a Celestial. A younger one that she had known on the Isle and when he came to Evermore, he found her and she gave him the job as the assistant manager of the club.

The music wasn't loud, but she could already feel a headache coming on. Too many people were yelling at each other or the music kept getting turned up every time Mingyu decided that it was too quiet in the club. Now that it was up, she could definitely feel the headache. She was lucky that Cai's nanny came and took Cai home, so the little girl wouldn't disturb the customers. Shinwon made an annoyed noise and that was her cue to come over and help him make drinks and not kill someone.

It seemed like he was dealing with a drunk customer that had had way too many drinks that night. Shinwon looked over at her and rolled his eyes, then looked back over to see someone else signalling for a drink at the end of the bar. with a nod towards Addie, he moved over to the other side of the bar, leaving her to enlist Jaebum to escort the customer out. Now that that was out of the way, she began to clean a glass, and filled it with whiskey, sliding it towards Shinwon.

The bell to the door rang as soon as she looked up and she saw a tall man walk towards the bar with a smile. He wasn't her type but he was attractive, to be honest. So she approached him with a smile. "Hi, darling. What can I get you?" 

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Since moving to Evermore; Scott had been going through his list; in trying to achieve the things that he needed to do; Job check, place to stay check, slowly getting into the Initia community, status in progress. Unlike most of the Initia that resided in Evermore; Scott didn’t have the experience of growing up and around an entire tribe and being part of such a community. His mother had been a Lone Initia; so he was raised with a fairly normal life. It wasn’t until he was older; that he was beginning to feel like he needed to be with his people; and to learn about his elements. It had been a progress; but he was here in Evermore. A place for a new start.

It had been a fairly long day and Scott needed to relax a bit for the evening. A few people that he had met during his weeks in Evermore; kept suggesting night clubs to head to. And one particular got mentioned on more than one occasion; apparently it was run by a Korean couple. Good drinks, great atmosphere; pretty high reputation for being popular. So Scott thought he would check it out; after all. It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Finding the address online; Scott typed it up into his phone’s navigation system. Hoping, that it hadn’t relocated, since it started. Driving through the streets of Evermore; Scott soon found what he was looking for. When he arrived, outside of what looked like the correct club; his ears picked up on the music that booming from the inside. And Judging by how many cars were parked outside; it indeed screamed that this place was popular. It took Scott a few moments to find a decent parking spot; amidst all the other cars. He then proceeded to get out of the car; heading inside. Indeed; the music was loud. People shouting over each other; as dancing on the dance floor and having a good time. The vibe was already something special from this place.

As he made his way over to the bar; a few girls were checking him out. But Scott didn’t pay much attention, as he was squeezing his way through the crowd.

Compared to his towering height of 6’3”, he saw a petite yet attractive young woman heading his way to greet him. Scott smiled back at Adelaide. She seemed quite friendly and welcoming. “Hi...I’ll have a Scotch with rocks on the twist.” His Canadian accent, very noticable. Scott always gave off the country boy vibe. Scott took a seat at one of the bar stools. 

Adelaide certainly wasn't expecting it to be one of those nights. It was packed in the club, and music in her native language was booming from the speakers. She was sure that no one could understand it, but she felt like Mingyu was just having a bad day and needed reassurance from the music. Sometimes she really wondered if he was okay all the time. He seemed to be a happy puppy and he loved to play music for the club, it didn't matter what time of the day or night. If you wanted him there, he would just randomly appear. 

Addie was beginning to wonder if they would get any more customers because she was getting bored of just serving the same customers over and over again and she could tell that Shinwon was getting annoyed by the minute since he had nothing else to do.

She was about to lose her mind if she didn't get a new customer in like the next five seconds since she was naturally flighty and she wanted to help people, but if she had the same person over and over, she really could get very bored and not want to do anything. Finally spotting someone over by the bar, she flitted over there and smiled sweetly at them. After a few moments and taking down their order, she slid it to Shinwon who in turn took it and made their drink, before going back to scrolling through his phone. He seemed more bored than her and that was rare for the Auliranthrope.

The newest guy was somewhat interesting. He had a handsome face, but he wasn't her type, but it didn't mean that he wasn't handsome enough to fit her fancy.

"A scotch on the rocks with a twist coming right up!" She said and gave him a smile. Nodding at Shinwon, she laughed at something he was doing before looking back at the male behind her. "So what brings you here, country boy?" She asked and giggled at her own joke.

Scott couldn’t help but note, the lyrics of the songs playing. Foreign. His brows slightly furrowed, as he was trying to make out the language in his mind. Japanese? Korean? He wasn’t sure which it was, but had to be one of the two, or something similar to the pair. Despite not understanding what the current song was about; it had quite a good beat to it. The Canadian Initia had always liked music; so there was nothing wrong with getting accustomed to new things right? At least it would expand his knowledge.
The bartender, that was serving him was easy on the eyes. There seemed to be a bubbly, warm aura to her.
Truth to be told; most of the time Scott didn’t show interest in females beyond the friendly conversations/friendship. Dating, hadn’t been in his interest after he lost his first girlfriend and love; in a tragic car accident, during his teenage years. It had taken him some time to heal, and try and move on from that heart-ache. But Scott would never forget her. Whom would forget their first love? Whilst Scott was handsome and a charmer; it would take quite a bit for him to want to settle into a relationship again. But being like anyone else; he had his moments of need and loneliness. Taking a lover to a bed; was nothing new for people. Even if it was a short term thing.
He gave her a smile, Lightly chuckling at her country boy joke. It worked; as it made him smile. There seemed to be some sort of a light to her; Scott couldn’t really place it. As he never met, a being like Adelaide before. Maybe it was just the lights in this place, that was playing up with his vision or something.“Well, I’ve heard some good things about this club, so thought I would check it out.” Scott said honestly. “Makes a bit of a change, from the normal bars I visit.” Change was good. “Do you get many people here all the time?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. Tonight it seemed to be quite busy. Keeping business afloat.
The music kept echoing inside of his head; with how loud it was blasting through the club. But everyone seemed to be enjoying it. So it was a good thing. Scott seemed to zone out every once in a while; his brows furrowed; as if he was trying to attempt to translate the lyrics in his head; to try and get some context of the foreign words. But to no avail.

Adelaide could tell that the male was confused about the lyrics of the song playing right now. She could understand that since it was definitely in a different language that he didn't speak. Most of the patrons didn't speak Korean but she could tell that they liked the beat and the voices of the vocalists. Adelaide could see that he liked it, so she was happy about that and she signaled for Mingyu to turn it up behind her back. Shinwon gave her a silly look and she gave him a silly look back before turning to the tall Canadian before her.

If he had been checking her out, she couldn't tell since she was immersed in pulling funny faces at Shinwon and giggling as Yugyeom fought to keep his laughter in. She knew that this was probably unprofessional but it was near the holidays and she wanted to spread cheer all around. And if it got to the customers then she would be happy. She wondered if the male that she was currently serving was happy. He seemed happy, but she didn't know if he was suffering from depression or something. The star hoped that if he wasn't happy that her cheer would get to him and he would be happy again. But, if he was already happy then she hoped that he would be happier than he already was. She definitely was happy and she needed to stop herself from making faces at her husband before she forgot to serve the male his drink. That would be terrible and she was sure that Shinwon would tease her about it later since he loved to tease her about everything. It was just a thing he did, and she loved that about him. 

She smiled back at him as he smiled at her. That made her feel warm. She had made him smile, and she was happy about it. If she got anymore happier, she might just explode with happiness. Her happy was like an infectious disease, everyone who was around her got happy. Addie looked over at him as she heard him speak. "Oh really? Well, that's good. I'm grateful that people really do like my club. It makes me happy." She said and gave him another sweet smile. "Change is good. You should always have a little bit of change in your life." The star replied and picked up a glass to start cleaning it as she listened to him. "Oh yes. People seem to like the music, so they stay." 

It was true that they got a lot of people and they liked the music. They also seemed to really like the food. The food was courtesy of Yugyeom and his boyfriend, a hyper Valkyr named BamBam that could cook like a dream. Smiling at him again, she slid his scotch over to him and leaned over the bar on her elbows. "I'm Adelaide Huang-Jeong. I own the club with my husband Shinwon, who is currently pulling faces at me." She said and shot a look at her husband.

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