Fleur was always so fascinated by how everything was so much different in different countries. How people do things in different ways. From the languages they speak, to jobs and lifestyles that they lead. A lot different to the sort of ones that she was brought up around. Part of her missed her old home in Amsterdam, yet she knew that she couldn’t go back there again. Not wanting up end up in the same bad situation she found herself in. Fleur knew that this time she wouldn’t be able to get away with it so easily. One of the other things that she’d noticed was how in a weird way everyone had their own secrets and dark pasts. Coming to find a new start, new beginnings and all. Fleur had been looking around the past few weeks for somewhere cheap to rent out here in the city. Never realized before how expensive renting out places where before relocating to another city. Having been used to relying on her parents paying for everything. Now it was all different. Just herself to think of. Always being one of the people with big ambitions most were unrealistic  but some could be possible. Fleur just had to figure out a plan first. Starting up an organization for troubled youths was the start of it. Already able to predict that it’ll take her while to start it all up. A bit hard considering she had no place to call base. 

Today she plans to explore the city more. To go to places that she plans to go go when she eventually gets her ideas and plans a reality. One of them was a dance studio not too far from where she lives. Fleur has always been a singer, from a young age she loved to sing. Finding it her safe place in all the darkness that surrounded her. Going from singing in the shower, small group of friends to singing in clubs. Yet dancing was something she’d not found herself doing but was something she always wanted to look into doing. Not many dance studios back in Amsterdam. So it surprised her to find some here in the city. Fleur found herself starting to explore the city looking up on her phone to see what dance studios were nearby. It weren’t too long till she found her way to the one. Walking through inside looking around noticing how the interior was a lot grander yet traditional. Fleur hadn’t seen anyone around inside so far, continue looking around seeing if this would be somewhere she could see herself learning to dance with others.

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It had always been a dream of Aster's to open her own studio, despite that being a teacher had never been her best function. She loved to dance, but working with others had never been her strong suite. Still, she loved imparting the contagious joy that dance could bring to others with anyone she could. It was always encouraging to see people make progress, despite that not everyone could reach the same level, or even aspired to ever dance on stage. The building that she'd decided to rent was on the middle of main street and had large center windows parading down the brick siding and towards the sign that she'd designed inside a sketchbook during her sixth form five years ago: an en point shoe crossed with a pair of converse with the word Arabesque written underneath.

It was an early morning and Aster bundled into the building with three shoe boxes balanced carefully on her arm. She'd gotten pretty good at balancing over the years, seeing as she was used to walking on her toes while at work.  She slid the pointe shoes onto the desk and looked over the walls. With a soft smile, she placed the open sign in the door and got to work behind the desk stacking fliers and organizing class rosters which were yet to be filled with names. She was nothing if not prepared. There may be no one here right now, but she could see the barred walls lined with students on shaky legs. It would happen, hopefully, sooner than later. 

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