Chansol’s feet slapped against the cemented pathway as he jogged along the lake of Evermore, it was a pretty city no doubt as he was glad that he made the right decision to come here. His heart pounded against his chest as his breathing laboured slightly as he continued to jog along the footpath, the fresh air filling his lungs, small beads of sweat slowly rolling down over his face. He normally took this route around Evermore as he crossed the human territory towards the lake, it was a different scenery compared to the therian territory where it was full of trees and nature. As he came across the lake and slowed down his pace, he leaned down to clasp his hands along his knees and started to take a deep breath. His chest heaved slowly up and down as he caught it back, he was an exercise junkie and always wanted to keep fit due to being a therian, his energy never ceased to stop.  

A small breeze swept by him and it seemed to cool him down, his cheeks were flushed due to the long jog he just had and as he looked up, he saw in a distance that there was a small group hovering near the grass area by the lake. People were cheering and yelling at others, curious on what brought their attention, he headed over the small gathering. It didn’t take him too long to reach the group, there was roughly about seven people at the gathering as well as a particular leader, a woman to be exact who had a sign saying ‘dance off today!’. His eyebrows raised at it and the person in the middle, was currently dancing to the music that was playing on his phone. He chuckled as he thought of joining in before his eyes landed on someone, across from him whom he thought was attractive. 

The woman at the front who was holding the sign beside her, ushered Chansol to step in and he slowly stepped back as he shook his head, embarrassed to even dance in front of these people. ‘’Come on man, have some fun!’’ One spoke out to him, it encourage him slightly to do so, he let out a small sigh before he nodded. A few people cheered and he grabbed his own phone, scrolling through his K-pop songs, before picking the perfect song, he decided to play ‘Monsta X - Who do you love?’ He tapped onto it and the song decided to play, quickly, he took his singlet off and headed into the middle of the group. Chansol let the music consume him, his eyes closing as he then began to move towards the beat of the song. His arms and legs began to move to the beat of the song, his lips turning into a smile as the music continued to overtake him. 

His legs bent down slightly as his arms moved towards the air, positioning himself to spread his legs out slightly as his body swerved upwards, almost like a wave that he would see at the ocean. He spotted the younger male he saw when he stood in the circle just moments ago, before a small smirk appeared on his lips as he took the others hand, bringing him into the circle. He spun the younger male around him before he closed the gap between themselves, pushing himself towards him as his eyes softly stared into the others chocolate brown eyes; his hand came up to caress his cheek gently before he slowly stepped back, his breathing was heavy once he finished and the people cheered around him. He bowed to the younger male in front of him before he stepped back around the circle, smirking at him as his eyes never left him. 

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Chanyeol's breath came out in puffs as he ran the length of the bike trail by the lake. He didn't usually run this late in the day, but his schedule had been packed that morning, and he hadn't had time. Valentin had been busy making cupcakes and brownies for his friends in the Celestial territory since it was nearing Christmas. Minghao had delivered them super early, and he really did hope that they liked them. It wouldn't be a surprise if Seungcheol did, he loved food. As he neared the end of the bike trail he could hear laughter and cheering, even over the music in his ears.

Coming to a stop, he reached over to his left arm and paused his music. His phone was in a pouch that he had attached to his arm when he had left the house. Cautiously, he walked over to where he could see people gathered. He yelped as someone tugged him into the circle. He could finally see the sign that the woman in front of him was holding. It said, "Dance off today!" That wasn't a good idea since he was only dressed in a pair of shorts and running shoes. And he could feel someone's eyes on him, so that made him feel even more exposed. But he did want to dance.

It did seem like fun since there were so many people cheering for the person in the middle of the circle. He appeared to be dancing to the music coming from his phone and seemingly having a good time. As soon as he was done, he spotted the male from earlier. The one that had swept his eyes over Chanyeol's body and had given him an approving look. He had to admit the other was attractive as well and had abs to die for. He had abs sure, but they weren't as defined as the other male's. The song that started playing was a song that Minghao knew very well and he was sure that he knew all the dance moves too. He could see that the other was immersed in the music and that he seemed to know what he was doing. Chanyeol had dance training and he could dance very well, but the other was better.

He watched as the other male focused in on how he moved with the music and closed his eyes. He wasn't even that dedicated to dancing, but he could see how much the brunette loved it. That was when he decided to look away, but that turned out to be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you looked at it. But he felt himself getting tugged into the circle, and he could feel his body temperature rising. That wasn't good since he was known to get very hot to the touch when he was startled, aroused or just any emotion that was bad. 

He let the other pull his closer and he could feel the other's skin on his, almost like they were the only ones there. But they weren't and he knew that. Letting his hands rest on the other's waist, he stared down into the other's eyes. Perks of being 6'2, he could look down on other people and it would seem cute, but it hurt sometimes. His neck ached whenever he had to look at his tiny sister Camillé. He could feel the other slide his hand up on his cheek and he nearly shivered but didn't let it bother him. With wide, curious eyes he watched the other go back into the circle and let himself ponder on what the hell had just happened. He wasn't sure what to feel and he sure as hell didn't know what he was supposed to do next. 

Chansol had picked up some dancing lessons along the way when he was in high school, he was close to going to college for a dancing career but decided that it may have been a risky move since his father wasn’t very approving to the fact that he took music as his career. The young kitsune was already among the crowd of people and he was already dancing to the music, he was quite into it and have always been quite the party animal. As the music went, the song grew more intense as his dance moves were. The people around him were whistling to him as he continued to dance, his body going with the flow to the music. He remembered discovering this music video and that night, he managed to perfect every dance move there was within the music video. 

The Kitsune spotted an attractive guy among the guy and decided to bring him into the circle, his hand slipping over the others as he began to dance with him and also, somewhat grind against him but he tried to not let that show to others around him. His dance moves were close as his chocolate brown eyes stared at the others, his body becoming hot as well. The man in front of him was tall, handsome and had an amazing tan on his body, he almost reminded him that he might have been from Korea too but he didn’t want to be biased. Chansol was only 5’10, the man in front must have been at least 6 foot, almost like a basketball player. As he let his hand caress the other cheek, a small sly smirk played on his lips as the music stopped, his heart pounded against his chest, sweat pouring down his forehead. He slowly went back into the circle, the remainder of the people cheered and others joined in for the fun. 

As he saw the other male across from him, he couldn’t take his eyes off of him and with that, he picked his phone up and his shirt as he walked over to approach the other attractive male, feeling slightly nervous as he approached him. ‘’이봐? 놀러 갈래?’’ (‘’Hey? Want to go hang out?’’) He asked as he wiped the sweat away from his forehead as his eyes flickered over the male. ‘’어쨌든 내 이름은 Chansol입니다.’’ (Oh, my name is Chansol by the way.) He didn’t know exactly why he started to speak Korean but his stomach had a gut feeling that this male before him was Korean. 

Chanyeol had always been fond of dancing. It had always been his second favorite hobby under baking. So when he was about nine or ten he begged his mother to enroll him in dance lessons. He was lucky as she loved dancing as well, and his father had danced as well. So without any complaints, his mother and father got him into dancing. He learned several types such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, Chinese traditional dance, and Korean dance as well. As for other dances, he learned them off of youtube or asked his fellow Korean friends to teach him some of the things they were learning as trainees. He didn't want to try out for that since it seemed harder than baking, so he gave up dancing in favor of getting a cooking degree. He still remembers how to dance though and it's hard to give it up since his body is so attuned to it. Sometimes he wishes that he had gone with dancing instead.

Minghao was definitely not expecting to get yanked into the circle to dance with someone else. He wasn't offended, just surprised. He could hear the music pounding in the background, and his heart was pounding from how close he was to the other male. It was certainly not good for him to be like this. He could feel himself trying to back away. He wasn't good with affection at this point. Normally he was very flirtatious, but since he was getting a little shy, he wasn't so flirtatious. The male in front of him was though. Very flirtatious. It almost made Valentin regret trying to move away. 

Something about the other was different though. He was shorter, sure, but he was also kinda... cute. He had big ears and a face that reminded him of a puppy. But at the same time, he was sexy? Like how was that possible? In all of the things in the world, he was cute and sexy. Deadly combination. He let himself breathe and then stood off confused as the other let him go. He wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but... he kinda liked it. His body was flushed from the exertion and he could definitely feel his muscles becoming more relaxed as he got comfortable in the situation.

A few minutes later, he walked back in front of the other male and smiled. His black tank top was already back on, and he had a towel wrapped around his neck, a water bottle hanging from his hand and his other hand running through his silver-grey hair. "날 데이트 요청하니?" (Are you asking me out on a date?) He said and then laughed, nodding at the other. "물론. 놀러 갈께. 어디가?" (Sure. I'll go hang out with you. Where we going?). Valentin replied and then noticed that he had said something else. "이봐 Chansol. 나는 장찬열입니다. 또는 Valentin St.Claire. 또는 Minghao Zhang입니다. 이름이 너무 많습니다. 하하라고 불러요." (Hey Chansol. I'm Chanyeol Jang. Or Valentin St.Claire. Or Minghao Zhang. I have too many names, haha. Call me Yeol.) 

Chansol always adored music and dancing, his career was a music producer and he loved it so much. Although he wasn’t a popular music producer, but he was getting there and producing music behind the scenes of some quite well known Korean Pop musicians. Even if his parents didn’t agree with the career he had chosen, he didn’t really care on their opinion as he wanted to be happy with what he was doing for his own future. He didn’t know why but during his dance in the middle of the group, he pulled another attractive male into the circle of this sudden dance off. He was glad though because he liked how shy the other male became. After he had finished dancing, he couldn’t help but want to get to know the male he had pulled into the group when he was dancing. 

He suddenly felt nervous when he approached the rather attractive male who he danced with, his body felt hot and all flushed all over. Chansol introduced himself and asked if he wanted to hang out with him but before he could ask anything else, the other male spoke Korean and he was absolutely right. A small laugh left his lips before a blush covered his cheeks as he heard the male. ``글쎄, 나는 당신과 만나고 싶어서 알고 싶었다.’’ (''Well, I wanted to hang out with you to get to know... I mean sure it can be a date.'') He spoke with another gentle laugh leaving his lips before he wiped away the sweat that was dripping on his forehead before his eyebrows raised when he mentioned the many names he had before one of them stood out more which was Valentin. ``발렌타인이라고 불러. 네가 말한 첫 번째. (''I'll call you Valentin. The first one you said.'') 

Valentin asked where they were going to go so he decided that the local gay pub that he spotted when he first arrived here. A small smirk appeared on his lips, ''여기서 길을 따라가는 게이 펍은 어떻습니까? 나는 거기에 있었고 오히려 좋다. ''('' How about a gay pub down the street here? I was there and rather good.’’) He suggested as he quickly put his shirt back on and grabbed his water bottle, taking a rather large gulp of it before setting it back down in his hand. ``에버 모어에 얼마 동안 있었습니까? '' (''How long have you been in Evermore for?'') He asked before he began to walk the opposite direction towards the pathways. The pub was where they were heading as he was starting to get hungry again. 

Chanyeol was raised on dance and music, all different genres. Even though he wasn't originally going to be a dancer when he grew up, he still loved the lessons that his mother had put him through. Sometimes he wished he remembered most of the classic dance that his mother had taught him personally, but he could never remember that. Ballroom dancing was hard and he couldn't necessarily do it with his long-ass legs. When he had gotten pulled into the circle to do a dance-off, he could feel what he had learned start to come back into his body. Muscle memory is a good thing, and he appreciated that it had decided to come back as soon as he had started to even think about dancing. He was endeared by the other, as he was a good dancer as well, but it also got him thinking of what other things he could do. Blushing at his mind, he smiled at the other male, before mentally slapping himself.

He could tell the other was nervous, it was evident in the way he was looking at Minghao. He was forever lucky for his brother Leo for teaching him facial expressions and what they meant. He hadn't meant to speak over the other male, but it was just natural for him to talk a lot. He laughed at the other male's blush, knowing that he caused it and that there was a chance that the other male found him attractive. "아, 당신은 물론, 데이트하려면 단지? 놀고 싶었다." (Ah, you wanted to just hang out? If you want to go on a date, sure.) He replied back in Korean and smiled at the other male. He laughed as well, noticing the other's raised eyebrow and smirked. Minghao could see the sweat on his face and held up a towel, silently offering to wipe it off for him. It took some confidence, but he finally responded back in Korean. "좋아 다음. 발렌틴은 나와 함께 괜찮습니다!" (Okay then. Valentin's fine with me!) He giggled and smiled back at him.

He was quite curious to see what Chansol would pick for them to go. There were a few gay bars and restaurants around, and if he was picking, there was the Candy Striper a few blocks away. "나는.이 있었다. 계산하기 위해 너무 많은 시간을 그 일을 알고 내 동생과 그의 남자 친구를 비난." (I know that one. Been there too many times to count. Blame my brother and his boyfriend.) He said and laughed. It was true. Leo and Van were always there doing something. Whether it was eating or getting themselves terribly drunk. Chanyeol trailed his eyes down the other's body, not so subtlely. He was fit and it was very hot. "나는 열일곱이었다 때부터 에버 모어에 있었어요. 지금은 스물 네이야. 그 동안 전 그래서. 내가 원래 태어나 프랑스 파리에서왔다." (I've been in Evermore since I was seventeen. I'm twenty-four now. So it was a while ago. I came from Paris, France where I was originally born.) 

He was often made fun of being half-French, but he had gotten through it. It was just a matter of life to be teased for your race and nationality and he was used to it. Minghao still got teased for it to this day, and some days he really wants to bite their faces off but then that would be wasting the healing on someone who didn't deserve it at all. Now he just ignored them when they came in and saw him.

Once the two were close enough for the two to start up conversations, his instincts knew that he was Korean and a fairly attractive Korean. His brown hues flickered over the other male in front of him and he saw that he couldn't take his eyes off him when they were in the circle dancing together. Chansol started the conversation by asking if he wanted to hang out and of course, he blushed when the other asked if it was a date. His hand gripped the towel as he wiped the sweat away from the back of his neck, even if it was only a ten minute dance he did, he sweated a lot due to his metabolism. His eyebrow raised at the action that the other male did, offering to wipe his sweat for him before it caused him to blush even more. ``여기, '' (Sure, here’’) As he handed the towel to the other male, a small blush covering his tanned cheeks. 

Chansol smiled as he nodded to the other saying he’d call him Valentin but he was sure a nickname would come up later on in his mind if the two got close and if the other was comfortable with nicknames, he had so many names that he wondered why but then again, they could be other names in other languages from his heritage. His eyebrow raised as the two began to walk back to the city, his drink in one hand and the towel in the other, the two walked as they decided to pick out a pub to go to. ‘’흠, 당신이 원한다면, 우리는 그 하나에 갈 필요가 없습니다. 더 멋진 것을 알고 있다면 다른 것으로 갈 수 있습니다.’’ (‘’Hmm, if you want, we don't need to go to that one. We can go to another one if you know one that's cooler.’’) He responded as the other mentioned that he goes there a fair bit with his brother and his brothers boyfriend, he couldn’t imagine how awkward it would be to feel like a third wheeler. ``제 3의 바퀴가 피곤하지 않습니까? '' (''Don't you get tired of being a third wheel?'’) He asked and smirked slightly as he continued to walk.

He listened as the other spoke about how long he was in Evermore for, he nodded along, a small hum leaving his lips before he spoke. ‘’나는 몇 달 동안 여기에 있었다. 나는 서울에서 자랐습니다.’’ (I've only been here for a couple of months. I grew up in Seoul, South Korea.) He mentioned as the two turned a corner and saw the street flooded with gay pubs and regular pubs alike, a small smile slipped passed his lips before he checked his watch. ‘’곧 행복한 시간이 될 것입니다! 거기에 가기 전에 먼저 먹을 것을 얻을 수 있습니까?’’ (It might be happy hour soon! We can get something to eat though first, before we go in there?) He asked the other as he turned to see him, a small smile coming across his lips again. A small nickname popped into his head but he would mention it later, if he remembered. He smirked before he had an idea, he grabbed the others hand suddenly before he ran towards the nearest gay pub, a new one he hadn’t been too, it was gold the Golden Rainbow pub, where he could feel the music vibrating underneath his feet before the two entered inside. ‘’Let’s dance!’’ He said in English this time, smirking as he pulled the other male towards the dance floor where Pop music was playing. 

Minghao was quite endeared by the shorter male, as he was someone that the Dhampir had never expected to meet in his entire lifetime. Chansol was like a breath of fresh air, and he was certainly ready to go anywhere with him, no matter what species he was. There was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he shouldn't really trust someone that he didn't know that well, but he ignored it. Chanyeol's mind couldn't tell him what to do and he was glad that the other male had dragged him into the circle and had started up a conversation with him. The Dhampir was a terrible flirt, but when he met someone that was just as flirtatious as him, he became shy and would wait for the other to make the first move. Valentin had defeated his own stereotypes of himself when he silently asked Chansol if he could wipe the sweat off for him. He nodded and took the towel, going closer to him and gently dabbing at his tan skin with the soft towel.

There was a certain aura to the shorter male that Val could see. He smiled when Chansol nodded at him and then blushed. He could think of many different nicknames for the other male and he was sure that he couldn't go around calling him jagiya all the time, as that would be embarrassing. The Dhampir knew it meant "darling" but he wasn't that old and it seemed like something his grandparents would call him. Yeol could see that the other was interested in what he had to say and that was a little bit weird cause nobody was ever interested in what he had to say unless it was about baking and that got boring after a little while. "나는 하나를 알고,하지만 난 당신이 당신이 그것을 제안하기 때문에 우리가 너무 이동하는 장소를 선택한다고 생각합니다." (I do know one, but I think you should pick the place we go to since you suggested it.) He responded with a little smile. Talking in Korean wasn't normal for him, but it felt natural now that he had someone to talk too that understood the language. It was kind of awkward for him to go to the same bar that his brother and his brother's boyfriend went to. "아, 지금 내가 할. 나는 세 번째 휠 것을 싫어." (Oh do I ever. I hate being the third wheel.) Val replied and smacked the others arm lightly with a little giggle as he noticed the smirk.

Being in Evermore was sort of like a privilege to Yeol, and he was glad that he lived here. If he didn't, who knows if he would've met the awesome people that lived here and made lasting friends. "그건 여기에 긴 시간은 아닌 것 같아. 당신이 원한다면 나는 도시 언젠가 주변을 보여줄 수 있습니다." (That doesn't seem like a long time to be here. If could show you around the city if you'd like.) The Dhampir said with a smile towards the other. He could see that there was gay pubs and regular ones all down the street that they had turned down. Grabbing the others hand and lacing his fingers through his, he nodded. "이제 당신이 그것을 언급, 나는 매우 배고프다. 어쩌면 그들은 닭 날개 같은 것을 가지고? 내가 어떤 이유로, 내가 그들을 갈망하고 왜 그러나 모르겠어요." (Now that you mention it I am very hungry. Maybe they have something like chicken wings? I don't know why, but for some reason I am craving them.) Val replied to his question with a smlie. He was really hungry as he didn't eat breakfast before he had left. It was a routine for him to eat after he ran. He had let go of the other's hand to take a drink of his water, but felt Chansol take it and pull him after him. Making a face at the other's antics, he ran after him and almost jerked back when he could feel the vibration of the music under his feet. He hadn't been in this one before, and it was a little unnerving to see how many people were in there. It was decorated prettily though. "I wasn't expecting this. But let's dance anyway!" 

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