The thunder had finally awoken the Valkyr. And almost as if it were a summoning, Eden rose from the comfort of her bed, smirking. She'd had the same dreams now for months. All of them consisted of her king; things she simply could not speak on, and the few minor details she could say out loud, were still a little twisted. After bottling all that up for months now, Eden was left unbalanced, and practically unhinged. Anticipation burnt right through the Valkyr, spinning her inside out. 

Eden had realy messed up by not leaving her old life behind her when Lord Heathcliff first turned her. And on top of that, she'd fallen victim to blood addiction. It was the misfortune some Valkyr's faced when they got just a little too much. But much like drug addiction, Eden couldn't even function without the right amount of blood. Eden had been pushing herself, and holding on to very little restraint lately. She loved her job, and losing her job, would be the tip of the iceberg, and would likely cause the Valkyr to lose the last of her humanity. 

But, as she got to her feet finally, Eden crumbled. Shaking, sweating, and sporting black circles underneath her eyes, Eden needed blood. She felt starved no matter how much she consumed, and she guessed it was just one of many side effects to being a Valkyr addicted to blood. Pressing her hands against the cold, hard wood floors, the Valkyr mustered up the strength to take a long, needed bath; After climbig in, Eden slid down until she'd went under water. Some days she just wanted an easy way out, and due to her supernatural healing factors, drowning wasn't one of them. After resurfacing, Eden wiped her face, causing black streaks of mascara to smear down her cheeks.

, Nearly an hour and a half later, Eden finally climbed out, dried off and put a fresh change of clothes on. She couldn't restrain herself any longer. Fearing that she may kill someone was something she worried about less than the fear of going any longer without blood, and what it might do to her if she did. 

After shakily getting out of the shower, Eden swipped her hand across a fogged up mirror, unable to recognize the girl looking back at her anymore.. After quickly dressing herself, the Valkyr gathered her personal items, and headed out into the city. It was the time of night where all the drunks were just leaving the bar, and she typically got away with feeding on them without it bringing any attention to her, or her faction.  Eden stood in the same alley that she'd been standing in the night he found her ready to rip a red head into shreds; and stalked around the exit door, using her predatory nature to fish out the perfect one. 

Eden narrowed her gaze, watching a well built male hassling a female who was trying to go home by a cab. The male wanted her to go home with him, and apparently she didn't want that at all. Eden waited until the woman sucessfully got into the cab, and watched as the male walked off in his own direction, yanking him into the darkness with her roughly. "You don't like the word no, do you?" she asked, and by this point, had him pinned against the wall. "Wh-ho- how? how are you stronger than me?!" the man yelled, fear crippling him as he began heaving. Eden smirked, and rolled her tongue across her lips. She failed to hear the words coming from his mouth, due to the sound of his heart pumping blood, that's all Eden heard now. 

Just as she reared her head back, ready to plunge her fangs into the man's neck, Eden felt something sting her neck. She reach, trying to see what it was, and crumbled to the ground, fighting to keep herself conscious, but to no avail, as her world finally faded black. Eden was sure she was going to be killed right then and there. Why else tranq her  with darts like that?And who? Perhaps someone important was keeping an eye on her, or had others watching her while he couldn't.. but, either way, Eden wasn't sure where she'd woken up when her eyes finally opened again. 

After blinking a few times, Eden didn't recognize her surroundings and immediately became defensive of herself, ready to fight if she had to. This couldn't be good. But, she wasn't tied or chained to anything, so she was free to wander. Perhaps someone had intervened and saved her? "Hello?!" she yelled out, and felt herself become jittery again, which meant she hadn't been succesful in feeding before she had been shot with tranq darts. The starvation settled in again, and once more Eden was a threat to everyone, including herself. "Where am I?" she then asked, hoping someone would show themselves, and tell her how she'd gotten here. 

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Shortly after the fall of Skye and the aspects and guards settled themselves into Evermore, Bexley began to look for her own place. It didn’t take long till she was moved out and starting her own shop in Evermore. It was her perfect excuse for  her not to be around a group of people that had become a family to her. They had all lost so much in the fall of the Isle, but the pain was something she didn't want to face. She couldn’t be around others mourning with them, trying to convince one another everything was okay, when it wasn’t.

While she has always been a passionate business woman she never thought it would be a way to escape from people she shouldn’t be escaping from. The thought of losing anyone in their dwindling numbers was far to much emotion for the guard. She turned to self remedies to not focus on the worst in life, she placed herself in a routine and only went outside of it when the aspects called upon her for a mission, or events to keep up appearances the best she could. Though her calls to check in became less.

That morning was like any other, up working out in her home gym, shower, breakfast, covering the scar on her eye with makeup, and off to her shop Diviner Intervention. She walked down the street mug in hand looking down to her phone scrolling through it when she noticed her backdoor was broken up. “Not again.” She hissed out as she walked through it ready to attack whoever had done it when her eyes landed on James. A fellow Guard who was a Valkyr. “Why are you breaking into my shop?” She crossed her arms.

“I was patrolling last night when I ran into a Female Valkyr, I could tell the signs of blood addiction right away.” He spoke giving a sad smile being one who had been addicted to blood himself at one point. “I was hoping maybe you could help her?”

“I’m not a halfway house.” She hissed out slightly and then peaked into the back through the beads where she could make out the outline of the woman. “I will offer my help but you darted her and she has a right to leave if she doesn’t want it. Now leave before I rip your head off for breaking my door!” She bit back as she watched James hurry his way out before making her way behind the counter and sighed heavily opening up the book on Valkyrs brushing up on the methods that were used to beat addiction.

It wasn’t long until she heard a Hello from the back. “In here.” She called back as she picked up the kettle and poured two mugs of tea and picked up the tray moving to where Eden was. She sat the tray down and then looked to her. “You look like shit.” She said simply as she picked up one of the mugs and placed it in her hands before picking up her own. “Drink it, it will help with the shakes.” She said as she sipped her own tea and sat the mug down. “My friend brought you here because he wishes me to help you with your blood addiction.” The dark diviners dark eyes hung on her for a moment. “But as I told him, you have free will, so it would be your choice to stay and let me help or leave and well deal on your own.” She said simply.

Eden felt unhinged. She'd woken to the sweats, chills, and a bitching fever. She was a Valkyr, but it certainy didn't feel as though her immortal status was worth a damn in this present moment. She had never been this sick before in her life, and she had never imagined that blood lust would be a part of her life. She'd gotten just a little too much however, and with that came a huge downfall of addiction. If this was what the dark parts of being a Calkyr consisted of, Eden Shaw and her inquisitive mind wanted no part in it. She knew she had to drink to survive, but she never wanted to lose control like that again. Much like in her past, the consequences of losing control while feeding, had been horrific. 

When another voice called out to her, breaking her out of the daze she'd fallen in once more, Eden mustered up the strength to stand, and follow the other woman's voice. Eden sat down, where she imagined she was supposed to with the spare cup of tea place before her, and glanced to the raven haired woman hesitantly. When she bluntly told Eden she looked like shit, the Valkyr chuckled, but boy was this the last thing from funny right now. Eden frowned but leaned forward and grabbed the cup, sipping from it hesitantly. "What is this?" she questioned, but savored the taste of whatever it was. It was pretty damn good. 

"I faintly heard you ripping that guy a new ass. Thank you" the Valkyr said appreciatively "But, I guess he did what he imagined was the only thing he could do. I lost myself when I was feeding.." she started, and assumed she wouldn't need to go any further for the other female to know exactly what was going on with her. "I don't.. I can't" Eden struggled for a moment. "I have no idea how to do this on my own. Ill take whatever help you're willing to give. I don't expect it to be free" she added, falling into old habits. At least this was a woman she was dealing with though, maybe she wouldn't expect Eden to strip and entertain her for money, like all the men who paid Eden had. Eden couldn't afford to be picky while she lived in a hotel, with nothing more to her name than her pride. And although Eden's pride had been stomped into the ground repeatedly, she managed to make it just one more day, living the way she lived. So, one thing they had not taken from her? Her strength, and no one would ever destroy the humble heart she had. 

Eden had died to save a child's life, a child that wasn't even hers, or any kind of kin to her. She would forever remain the female who helped everyone., even if she had to die for it. So, to sit here now, knowing she'd hurt someone, hurt her more than words could ever express. Tears fell down her cheeks, and regret filled her entire being. "I can't believe I hurt someone.." she then said, tracing her finger tips over her lips, her hands trembling as a flashback of her losing control began playing in a loop in her head. "How can you help me?" she asked, a certain sliver of desperation in her tone. 

As she watched the Valkyr take a sip of tea. She raised her cup back to her lips taking a long sip and then she twirled the cup looking to her. “It's a mix of herbs and green tea that help fight off symptoms of withdraw, it also just taste good.” she said simply with a shrugged as she sat the cup down on the table that sat in front of them. She looked around the room the shelves in front of them were lined with little vials filled with different potions.

“Well being a guard has a high importance in the city and we do a lot of good. I personally don’t believe in abduction. Especially because I am assuming he could have talked with you without using force. You don’t look out of control to me.” she said as she looked her over and then looked over her tangled hair. “Blood addiction will do that to you. It makes you only focus on one thing. That one thing becomes your life.” she spoke as if she knew a thing or two and when it came to magic some magic could be addicting. She focused back on Eden as she looked her over for a moment. “You shouldn’t have to do it on your own. Most people with addictions don’t do it on their own. They seek help from others.”

Bexley thought for a long moment on what she could need from the Valkyr to offer her help. “How about we make a deal. If I help you get over your blood addiction then you can give me some of your shadow energy for use for another potions.” she gave a gentle smile as she really wanted help but also knew that some people wanted to pay for the help and she could always use some new things for her potions. “While you are recovering I would want to see you often and maybe have you spend some nights with me just to keep an eye on you and see where your struggles are.

She watched the tears roll down the Valkyrs cheeks and then reached over and took her hands into hers. “You seem like someone who would never want to hurt someone. I can feel that energy you are bigger than your addiction. You are not bad because of your addiction.” She said as she looked into her eyes for a long moment before she pulled her hands back. “I have helped many valkyrs through blood addiction with herbs, crystals and some magic. The first thing you will have to do is come with me and let me put you in a spelled room to clean your system. Then reintroduce you to blood slowly.”

Eden was hesitant, and frankly scared of this woman. She wasn't sure why anyone would want to help a female like her out, but then again, she was in no position to refuse this sort of help. The last time she had killed someone, it ripped her apart. As a new Valkyr, she had struggled with the whole feeding process, and feared that if she got so much as one drop more than she should, that she'd become a blood addict, and she'd be ripping through the streets of Evermore like the rogues did. She'd rather die than live that way. So after Bexley said it was only a mixture of herbs, and that it just tasted good, the Valkyr chugged her own. 

Catching Bexley's gaze, Eden widened her eyes at the vials, and looked back over to Bexley. "What are all those for?" she questioned curiously, and soon enough, felt the calming effects of her tea taking over. It did little for the withdrawal this soon, but she was thankful to feel a little more calm now. Eden listened to her intently, and grimaced as she told Eden that she didn't look out of control to her at all. "Well, that's a relief. I mean i'm really not, but it could easily go that way if I continue the way I have been. I wasn't perfect at feeding when I was first turned, and unfortunately, i killed a few people" she swallowed harshly before she continued "I will hate myself for it forever, and there's no way i'll survive another murder at my own hands" she frowned, remembering how she had went as far as even going to the people's funerals she killed. Their families were so broken, and Eden still remembered  their faces like it was yesterday" 

"So a guard huh? You do sound pretty intense. Were you implying that you guard the whole city?" she asked, and noted the way Bexley looked over her once or twice. Eden knew she must have looked crazy, her hair was all over the place, and mascara left black streaks down her cheeks. "Sorry, I know I must look pretty wild right now" she admitted with a frown, and looked to the ground while nervously twiddling with her thumbs. "I guess you're right about asking for help though. I know this can't be done without a little help. Where do I even start?" she asked, feeling a little helpless and doomed right now. Afraid? That was an understatement. She was terrified, mostly of herself. Eden would have had to think about this, recieving her help in exchange for some of Eden's shadow energy, that was fine. But,. spending nights away from the motel, and leaving Knox to maybe wonder why she wasn't coming back every night, that didn't sit well. 

"I can give you the trade you're wanting. What kind of spells require a Valkyr's shadow energy?" she asked, "Sorry i know i ask a lot of questions, and you may not be able to answer them all, but im a curious female" she chuckled, and sighed softly. "Okay yeah you have yourself a deal. There's just something I need to do first, someone I needto check in with" At the very least, she could just be honest with Knox. She'd make sure he knew she was safe, and that he could come see her where ever she was staying. "I also probably need to get a few outfits, unless your clothes fit" she stated. Eden wasn't going to decline her help, and she'd also have a warm place to sleep, not that the motel wasn't warm, it's just the way Eden paid for her room really hurt her pride. Plus, she'd have a hot meal every day, and maybe she'd even be able to have Knox come over and eat with her. 

For whatever reason, he was the main thing on her mind right now. He was the one source of comfort she had known, and if she had never missed himbefore, she certainly did now, and longed for him to put his arms around her and tell her everything was going to be okay. After snapping out of thoughts of the gorgeous Dhampir, Eden smiled faintly at Bexley. "Well thank you, I really appreciate your kind words. And i have no idea how ill ever be able to repay you for your help, a little shadow energy is nothing in comparison" she stated, and wiped her eyes with her free hand, giving the hand of Bexley's she was currently holding, a gentle squeeze. She didn't meet many people often who didn't judge her from the start, so it was refreshing that Bexley was only trying to help her. " long will it take to clean my system?" she asked, feeling her heart pound out of her chest to think of being confined. "I guess we can do that" she swallowed harshly. She may of hated the sounds of it, but she rather give a few days up with Knox, than a lifetime. Because if she lost herself to blood addiciton, she'd lose him all together

"It's relieving to know i'm not the first you have helped. But, it definitelt sounds painful. Cleaning my system completely, which will mean ill be super hungry, and then reintroducing me to blood, as if i'm a new Valkyr again. Is that pretty much the way it's gonna go?" she questioned, and sighed. Eden closed her eyes and ran her hands over her face. "What if I loose control again? I can't possibly be a brand new Valkyr again." her fears were legit, but she supposed if Bexley could assure her that there was no way she could kill anyone while she was going through this process, then she'd do it. "Whatever it takes" she added in the form of a whisper, and met the woman's gaze again. "You're really amazing for this" she smiled faintly, and waited to see what all Bexley had to say. 

Bexley eyes looked back to the Vials “They hold my potions and remedies. Just depends on what someone ask for and shelf life.” She said as she looked back to her wall for a moment. “So you are not fully addicted to blood then?” she asked as she tried to swallow her rough nature, she just didn’t like guess sprung upon her. “Well I have a few murders on my own hands, but if I am being honest they deserved it.” She said as she rubbed her hands together as she looked to her. “The worst thing you could do right now is to beat yourself up over the past trust me. In recovery and understanding your Valkyr needs you have to be forgiving of yourself.”

Bexley let out a low breath from her nose, “Being a guard is something.” She said softly as she thought upon her guard life from a moment even though it was much more pushed to the side at the moment. “Something like that.” She said as she watched the girl look around nervously and mess with her thumbs. “Well I think maybe going to feeding on pigs blood, or blood bags would be a good start then you are not drinking from the vain and limit your intake. That is where I have most valkyrs start. Along with some of my remedies to help push the cravings to the side.” she leaned her head to the side seeing the hesitation on her.

“Valkyr shadow energy can help with hiding ones location on a mission.” She said as she stood up and moved picking up a vial he had from another Valkyr. “Sometimes it can be used for darker things but the most I have used it for is the guards to hide themselves or an item. Or track a dark being.” She said as if it was common knowledge even though the guards themselves had been some of the first to learn it. “Ah that is where your hesitation came from. Someone at home. Very well.” She waved her hand and a phone appeared in front of her. “Darling I have magic, don’t worry so much.” She chuckled softly as she gave her a gentle smile. “I’m sorry if I come off cold, I just don’t like surprise sprung upon me, and well being a dark diviner sometimes gives you a case of resting bitch face.”

She watched the Valkyr mind seem consumed with thoughts. “How about we make a deal. A week with me, then if I feel you can handle yourself I will send you home with all my contact and everything you need to get by. I just want to make sure I am setting you up for success and not failure.” She didn’t want her to feel like her life was being taken away. “Trust me its more than enough to keep you from having the weight of another life in your hands.” She smiled softly towards her. “This is true my methods had worked more than a few times.” She said softly “Actually you will not being cleaning your system out that way more so replacing it with something that doesn’t taste as great but gives you what you need for your body. The remedies are to help the mood swings you will go through. I’d hate to actually have to hit you when you try to take a bite out of me.” She laughed softly as its happened before. 

“Right now call who you need to call and there is a bathroom through that door.” she pointed to it in the corner. “Has a shower so feel free to clean there is already a fresh set of clothes and then come to me. Two days should be enough to get you hungry enough to drink what I give you.” She smiled towards her. “Just commit to the change then you will be the amazing one.” she gave a squeeze of hr hand before walking back into her shop.

Eden frowned, shaking her head to imply that she wasn't, when Bexley asked if she was fully addicted or not "It comes and goes, but the cravings tend to get worse with time. I'm fearful that it won't be long until i'm ripping through this city, leaving a trail of bodies behind me. I killed a few people when I was first turned, because I didn't know how to feed properly. But back then, I regretted it, and Ihated myself for what I had done. Now? The desire to spill blood and feed, had became one I can't ignore" she admitted and listened as Bexley shared something personal with her, which made Eden appreciate her a little more.

No one wanted to sit and spill their guts to a complete stranger, unless both people were sharing things.. It made Eden feel a little more at ease with being honest with her. "Im not judging. There's plenty who do deserve nothing more than their demise" she spoke it bitterly. Eden wasn't a bitter woman, she was just a woman who had been given the bitter end of life. She had sacrificed her life to a family of people who threw her in the streets once she woke as a Valkyr. When making the deal to save The Heathcliff's child, they never told her that once she woke, she would no longer be welcomed by them, nor her own mother. So when she woke up, and her own mother spat at her, Eden's heart broke in half, especially when they forced her out onto the streets by hiding behind guards who held sharp swords out at Eden, daring her to inch closer. They used their swords to push her outside, and slammed the door in her face as if she had never meant anything to them'

And truth be told, if she could go back to that moment, she would have probably killed them. The Valkyr frowned, but she hung onto the words Bexley spoke, giving her a faint smile "Im not sure ill e good at it, or if ill even be able to dot hat anytime soon.. the whole forgiving myself .. but I will try my best" her tone was promising, because if Bexley was taking time out of her life to help Eden, then Eden needed to do any and everything she could to make sure this worked. She wasn't even sure how she'd repay her for this. Eden's stomach began doing flips as she mentioned pigs blood, shaking her head .. shuttering at the idea "The blood bags I will try" she mentioned, making it kind of clear that pigs blood didn't even sound like an option. "With those that you have helped so far. ave you had many successful cases?" she asked, curious of her own fate in all of this.

Eden's eyes widened, and narrowed in on the phone that magically appeared before her. She couldn't help but chuckle. Bexley was a pretty down to earth woman, even if Eden could see past her smile, to all of the pain in her eyes. She knew the woman had another story to herself, one besides this down to earth person, who liked helping people. "I will never get used to that" she chuckled, referring to her use of magic just now. "But yes. Its not that he would expect me to check in, its more so that I think we're kind of like peanut butter and jelly, one isn't good without the other" she smiled faintly, thinking about the Dhampir, Knox.

Eden looked down, and with the knowledge in mind that she could at least call Knox, she nodded "You have yourself a deal. But, If im being honest, im more afraid than i'm letting on. I never wanted to fall victim to blood lust, let alone have to go through any kind of detoxing process, so please, bare with me as I try to wrap my head around all of this." she started and wiped the tears away once again. "But I really can't express my gratitude enough. You're saving my life, and likely many other lives" she admitted, knowing things got bad for those who got on this path, and didn't make it off.

Eden snorted when Bexley explained what her remedies did, and said she wouldn't want to have to hit her for trying to take a bite out of her. "Has that ever happened to you during this occasion? I mean, surely a Valkyr in detox gets super hungry, and fed up.. have you ever been attacked by one in the process of getting them clean?" she asked, with widened eyes. She really hoped that wasn't the case, because then she feared she would do the same. Surely though, a magic user like Bexley had her ways of stopping an attack before it happened.

Eden's dainty hand trembled in Bexley's as she explained where the shower was, and that two days would be enough. She was scared to death, but hopeful because Bexley really had eased her mind, and this was a change very worth committing to. "Thank you. I guess we start here" she smiled faintly, and hugged the woman. Eden usually  wasn't a touchy person, even if she did want Knox more than he'd ever know, but Bexley was someone she just felt like she needed to hug in that moment. After releasing her from the hug, Eden grabbed the phone, and called Knox, leaving a voicemail to let him know where she was, and that she'd be okay.

Eden handed the phone back and trailed off towards the bathroom full of shame and sorrow, and showered as fast as she could. Part of her didn't want to leave the comfort of the hot water, and she had began crying again, this time, she sobbed. It gave her a moment to release those emotions though, and she knew that's what she needed to do, to get better.

When she finally emerged and rejoined Bexley in fresh clothes, she swallowed nervously "So, where will you have me sleep?" she asked curiously, not that she was tired. In fact, she had hoped Bexley wouldn't mind keeping her company tonight. It seemed as if Bexley could maybe use a shoulder to lean on as well.

"Have you always wanted to help people? Or did you have other dreams?" she asked, trying to get to know her a little. Eden put her dirty clothes in a plastic bag, but realized she wouldn't be taking those home. "I guess we should trash that outfit, blood stain is hard to get out" she scoffed, sighing to herself and reach back to pull her wet hair up into a ponytail. She couldn't help but wonder if she would be in pain by the time those two days rolled around. But she did imagine that two days without feeding would help her give in to whatever Bexley offered her, and from there, it was a matter of her getting used to a diet.

“Well at least you are not fully addicted that is much harder to handle then cravings.” Bexley said gently as she looked to the vials for a moment. “It's most likely the fear of not wanting to turn into what you fear that makes it happen.” She said softly as she thought about what she was saying for a moment before she looked back to her. “Maybe you need to speak with a therapist, it's not normal for you to not be able to keep that urge in place.” she frowned softly as she shook one of the vials for a moment. “Everyone also deserves a chance at redemption.” Though it was one she didn’t show to those who had harmed her. “The biggest thing you can do for yourself is leave the past in the past. Focus on being better than you once were.”

Bexley often spoke in a matter-of-fact manner if she was being honest. She wanted nothing more than to just focus on the facts, yet she knew in some cases she needed to be a little bit softer. Yet she could see that Eden may in fact be one that did well if she truly wanted it. “Blood bags it is.” She said as she gave a nod. “I have access to those to help you. Basically you are going to want to train your brain to like any form of blood not from the vein.” She said as she then looked back to her for a moment. “A few cases have been successful in the end it's all about the person if they really want it or not.” her words may have sounded harsh but it was the truth.

“Fear is a part of life Eden. Fear is what reminds us that we are not monsters.” She smiled softly as she nodded towards her moving herself back to the seat for a moment. “You will be fine.” She gave a slight chuckle for a moment. “Many have tried to bite me, not all getting help from me.” She tossed a wink towards her. “I know how to keep myself safe.” She let go of Eden's hands as she was hugged and not sure how to overly react  “You don’t have to thank me.” She said before giving her space so she could call Knox returning to her shop for a moment to make sure everything was okay in there.

The emotions hung in the air as she locked the door and returned to the backroom, turning off the lights in the shop before looking at her and smiled towards her. She took Valkyr's hand and pulled her through a portal with her into her small two bedroom home that had a magical seal around it. She took the plastic bag and tossed them in the fire that started the moment they landed there. “There is nothing to remind you of what brought you to me.” She smiled and then pointed to one of the rooms. “You can sleep in there. I am sure you are tired but first.” She gave her another Vial. “This is going to dry you out so don’t freak out when you feel thirsty in the morning.”  

She moved to the couch in the living room picking up a book that was sitting there. “Feel free to eat anything in the kitchen, or read, or whatever. My home is your home for the next few days. There is a seal around the house so you will not be able to get out. So while drying out the only person you have to bite is me.” She tossed her a playful smirk. “And I dare you to try.” She said in a joking tone, before opening the spell book.

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