Taehyun stood in front of his bedroom door, staring into the tall mirror attached to it. He didn't like the person staring back at him. Ever since his first fight with Jae-Sun, it seemed like his life had been in a downward spiral, a losing battle he'd never win. It's safe to say, Taehyun's life had only gotten worse after that fight. That day had started off as mundane as any other day for Tae, but it had also been Taehyun and Jae's birthday, which would seem like a twist to anyone else, but it was a day Taehyun and Jae-Sun had been planning ever since the two of them had met. Tae and Jae were meant to enlist in the service since they were turning 18 years old, to avoid being forced in at age 29, but Taehyun, overly attached and clingy, tried to plead with Jae, telling him they'd survive whatever life threw at them. Except.. they didn't. They'd been kicked out into the streets by Jae-Suns mother, for coming out to their twon about their sexuality and love for one another. And let's face it, Taehyun's mother wasn't even fit to be a mother. This had left them with no where to go except Tae's family home, and no way to pay bills, which was why Jae-Sun told Tae it was just better if they enlisted now. They'd at least get a hot meal every day, have a roof over their heads, and be sheltered. 

Taehyun however, couldn't listen to reason, which only ended up with Jae-Sun leaving after Tae went to sleep that night, the very same night Tae watched his mother die, in a heated crossfire between Tae's uncle and Jae-Sun. Jae felt that Tae was in no shape to be enlisting, but the boys needed money to survive, so Jae-Sun did the unimaginable, leaving nothing behind but his necklace for Tae, and a letter to explain how much he loved him, but he did what he had to do. As the day Jae's blood splatterng all over Tae began playing in a loop in his mind, Tae began to heave. Out of reflex and anger, the Diviner hurled his fist straight into the mirror he'd been loking into, shattering it along with his knuckles, crumbling as pain seared through his entire arm. 

Tae clutched the necklace around his neck, that Jae-Sun left behind for him, it being the only memory the Dark Diviner had left of Jae, except for the bloody clothes he kept. Morbid to some people maybe, but Tae couldn't bring himself to dispose of them. Knowing Jae-Suns blood was on them, made him hold onto them, as if he had a piece of Jae to hold onto. Taehyun had been feeling a pull laely though, as if a magnet had been hooked to him, and the archives hall. Lately the young Diviner had became consumed and obsessed with finding a way to get in, and to no avail. After showering, and cleaning his hand up, Taehyun decided to take a stroll through the city. Walking always did him some kind of good. But, it was as he got closer and closer to the archives hall, Tae found his feet movement, completely out of his control. 

Here he stood yet again, trying to get in. Whatever was inside of this place, Taehyun had to get his hands on it . Tae could however feel the presence of another Diviner lurking around him, a light one at that. As dark as Tae was, he always knew when a lighter being was near, because it tended to throw him off in ways he'd never understand. Because Tae assumed being around his own kind, would make him feel better. But, that was never the case when it was a light Diviner. "Hello?' he called out, poking his head around the corner, jumping back startled as her figure came into sight. "Do you own this place?" he blurted absentmindedly, before peering back to the door he'd damaged from his several visits here, and trying to get in. Magic hadn't worked, nor had picking the lock. It made him wonder if it was spelled shut.

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Penelope Winston a name she still after a few years was getting used to using. Yet it tied her to a life she could have had along with pushing past the life she once had. Well mostly, she still carried her thirst for revenge for Abraxas Bradford. The man that destroyed her family, before she even knew part of it. Now she was gifted with the task of being the Guardian of The Archives Hall, A hall that was a labyrinth with mythic items and books full of magic dark, light, and neutral. A hall you could get lost in and would trap you if you didn’t know what you were doing. A hall owned by Malva Ailward the Aspect of Magic, and while Penny herself wasn't a guard to the order she was of a trusted bloodline that Malva had a hand in making herself.

Though not only was she the guardian of the hall, but she was the owner of Winston Library which was Evermore Largest Privately owned Library. Today was like most days, she pushed the cart along the row of books placing books back. She had a love hate relationship with the Library. While it gave her all the world's information at her fingertips it sometimes felt like a cage. She came from a Nomadic coven, who ran around the woods in the dead of night naked and did what they wished till falling in with Abraxas Bradford. So sometimes she wanted strip away the pin skirt and professional dresses and run around in the woods naked again.

That day was a day she was missing her mom deeply so pushing the cart around the library placing things back on the shelf made her want to set the building ablaze. So she pushed the cart back to the desk and planned on taking a long lunch. She picked up her bag and moved out of the library and moved down the alleyway to go to her favorite dinner that would be on the back side of the library where the back door to the Archives Hall was. She felt that dark diviner presence once again. The one the Hall refused to let. in. This time hearing him call out she turned the corner and let her gaze fell upon the male who was staring at the entrance of  The Archives Hall. It always unsettled Penny how a Diviner could show up and stare at where some of the worlds greats magic was held.

"I do, and I would appreciate if you would stop damaging my property." She said as she placed her hand on her hip looking over the male taking in his Aura, there was a lot going on with him. So much conflict within his own self. "Come with me." She said as she began to walk across the street to the diner that was there. She moved and took her booth with a smile before waiting for him to join her if he would.

It had become tiring to the Dark Diviner to say the very least. Coming here every single night, no, more so being pulled here every single night by some kind of force he couldn't fight, then not being able to get inside, to whatever it was pulling at him. Dark magic enveloped him more than ever when he stood near this building, and he had to know what it was within the place that made it so hard to walk away. After the tragedy in Busan, watching his ex lover die.. and then dousing a man's tent in gasoline, killing him with a smile on his face, Tae had become consumed by Dark Magic, often letting it control his life, to the point that most people had began to steer clear of his very presence. 

He could sense the others presence as she made her way to the very spot he stood in. She seemed like a fire cracker, because she certainly didn't hesitate to boldly tell him to stop destroying her property. "That much wasn't intended. I'm only trying to get in.. I can tell there's been some pretty powerful magic used to protect this place" he expressed, and peeled his gaze off the establishment, to look over to her instead. 

When she told him to come with her, the Dark Diviner hesitated for a second, but quickly followed along before he'd lose sight of where she was going, noting the way he felt the further away from the building he got. It left an emptiness inside of him, one that felt unbearable to cope with. Nonetheless, he took a seat opposite of her, and sighed before whistling at a waitress to come get his order. While he hated his uncle, Byung, Tae had developed so many of his arrogant ways it was pathetic. He had been raised around a man, who used women for pleasure, and sold them like they were toys when he was finished with them himself, or kept them prisoner so he would have personal servents to tend to his every demand. He'd even tried that stunt with Tae's mother, so while Tae didn't exactly mistreat women, he had developed a pretty nasty attitude towards them all the same. As he eyed the waitress, shooting him a dangerous glare, the Diviner ordered himself a basket of onion rings and a strawberry milkshake. "Nothing beats the greasy stuff" he shook his head, wishing the food here hadn't been so different than what he'd been used to back at home. Korean food had their own type of unhealthy food, but never like this. Admittedly though, it all tasted pretty damn good. 

"So, while I'm stuffing my face, are you gonna tell me why you brought me here?" he asked curiously, almost weary of this woman, since she had asked that he stopped destroying her property. Maybe she was about to teach him a lesson for that. "And why can't another Diviner get into that place?" his last question came out in the form of a whisper as he eyed their surroundings to make sure no one sat close enough to have heard him. The last thing they needed, was for anyone to get wind of a place that held the worlds most greatest magic. HE was sure that would cause a riot for sure, plenty would wanna break into a place like that and get their hands on just a sliver of it. Tae himself, just needed to figure out why he was being pulled to it, so much that at night time, he could barely sit still without finding himself venturing to the Archives Hall. 


After they ordered and the waitress was gone. Penny ran her fingers along the edge of the table casting a cone of silence spell around the table so no one would be able to understand a word they were saying outside of the cone. She placed her hands one over the other and looked to him for a moment. She was studying the man while the scarlet of her magic danced in her eyes for a moment. “Now I know you may not have meant to damage private property. You did. The pull to what is inside there is strong and the Hall itself sees you as a threat to not open up to you after the first attempt.” She said leaning back into the booth seat she was sitting in. 

“The Archives Hall is one of the few places that holds magic unlike any other. It doesn’t just let people in who are Diviners. It reads the person and decides if they are worthy or if they will use what is within its walls against the world or in a dark way. It is set up under the controller of magic in the world herself.” she spoke of malva in a vague way because she could not come right out and say the hall was owned by the aspect of magic so leaving it vague as if it was a goddess or something was close enough to allow Tae to think on it.

“The question though is. Why the hall sees you as unworthy of the knowledge it holds.” She said as she paused smiling to the waitress as she sat down the drinks they had ordered before moving off. “I can tell you are a dark diviner, as I have experience with both light and dark.” She said as she lifted her drink to her lips taking a sip from it before she sat the glass back down on the table and looked him over again. “Something traumatic happen?” she asked as she messed with the straw in her glass, Unlike other diviners she had gone from dark to light with trying to give her life to save her father.

“I just can’t figure out why the hall would let itself be known to you if it wasn’t going to let you in. It's a first. Unless it sees a potential in you but is waiting for you to learn how to control your darker urges.” She muttered as her brain tried to work a mile a minute before she let out a huff through her nose. “Well maybe if I got to know you more I could understand. Oh also to pay for the damages you will have to work for me. Cleaning the library in the evening.” She stated as their food was sat down and she smiled to the waitress again before picking up the burger. “Or I press charges. Take your pick.”

The cone of silence spell was impressive as she done it without any sign of struggle or hesitation, which made the Dark Diviner smirk a little. Tae had let dark magic consume him more than once now, and he knew he consequences, but he couldn't help but think about how content he felt when doing magic. Seeing someone else use it just now, was nearly a trigger. Tae knew if he continued with this addiction to magic, that it would someday be his demise. He had at least one or two people he didn't want to leave behind just yet, so he had been trying to replace the use of magic, with other hobbies. He could only imagine that going from a magic addict to a sex addict, wasn't much better though.

The Dark Diviner sighed as her voice chimed back in, distracting Tae frm the thoughts nagging his mind. "I guess asking what it is, is also over stepping?" he questioned, with a brow arched in her direction and his arms crossed. "I can't help it. I can't keep myself away even when I try. I tried tonight, but the pull to that hall was much stronger than any of my attempts to stay away from it. What is the deal with that?" Tae grimaced down at his plate of food. His apatite was slowly but surely leaving him, which was odd for a guy like Tae.

Tae's eyes widened when she explained that the hall, and the magic within it, decided if people were worthy of being let in or not. "I don't use magic against anyone, not to harm anyone I mean. I guess no one but myself, Ive allowed it to consume me .. is that why I can't get in?" he then asked, finding it odd  that the place could sense Tae's dangerous ways with dark magic. "And, who is this woman you speak of as if she's some sort of queen to magic or something. You made it sound like she owns magic herself" he was sure his tone sounded sarcastic, but not because he had meant to be, he was genuinely curious about all of this, because of the toll it had began taking on Tae himself.

Tae could only give an eye roll at first. Hell if he knew why this damn place wouldn't let him inside. "Well, i guess we could start there. I am a Dark Diviner yes. But, I didn't use to be" he inhaled, and closed his eyes, praying to the heavens above that he didn't have to relive what turned him into a dark diviner. He always saw Jae-Sun's blood all over him, and then the man he had burnt alive. It was a gruesome way to have went from the light person he once was, to this shell of a man he is today. "It happened back in Busan where I was stationed. I doused a mans tent in gasoline and smiled as it burnt with him inside of it" he started, and clutched onto the necklace that belonged to his dead lover, tightly.

"Is it that? It just won't let me in because of how I transformed to a Dark Diviner? I mean there's another reaosn that comes to mind but" he stopped, figuring he wouldn't finish that sentence. If she thought Tae was some sort of threat to the rest of the Diviners, she'd likely have him locked away in some holding cell for people like him, which would have meant that some pretty powerful magic would need to be used to keep him in it, and that's the last thing he wanted.

The next few words she uttered caused Tae to huff as well "Seriously? This is a first. It kind f feels like something is taunting me then. Why make the place known if its not going to let me inside? And it was more of a dream, ive been dreaming about the place for weeks now, and I tried to just brush it off until I started feeling that pull, that was more than even I could fight"  he admitted, and chuckled at how pathetic it made him feel as the powerful being he knew he was. "But you say that maybe it sees potential in me..how do I prove i'm not out to hurt no one?" he asked curiously "Does it count if tehchnically it's me that i'm hurting with my darker urges?" Tae couldn't help but think that this was going to be easier said than done.

Tae's mouth fell open when she finished by saying he'd either work for her, or have charges pressed on him. After throwing  his hands up and shaking his head the Diviner knew he wasn't in a position to argue with her. She seemed pretty serious "Well it looks like I have a new job too start" although, he couldn't help but smirk. She had fire within her, and it was rather attractive. While he didn't want to be in debt like this to anyone, maybe Tae would get to know another Diviner, and find someone who would be able to help him suppress the dark urges that now had him sitting here in trouble. Tae reach for his own food, and slowly but surely cleared his plate. "So, when do I start?" he asked, eyeing the waitress who seemed to be eyeing him and the female Diviner. He couldn't help but wonder what her story was.

She watched as his hungry eyes watched her do magic and for a moment she thought she knew why The Archives Hall. He looked like a damn dog that was chained up and starving for something. Honestly if she hadn’t been through worse she may had been a little scared of him. “The pull is strong because you are not fighting it. Let's be honest with ourselves. We both know that dark magic can cause addiction. My Hall has some of the lightest and Darkest magic items in it. Some reason it's not hiding itself from you though. So it wants you to come to it. The reason why is unclear though.” She spoke of the hall as if it was a living thing. Which it very much was, anyone who spent more than a few hours there would know that.

She hummed softly as he spoke. “You may not hurt anyone yet, but if you keep down a path of self destruction it will be all consuming you could turn on your best friend, or someone you love. Even if you don’t do so now.” she said as she looked to him with her green hues before she rolled them. “Someone who is far older, far wiser, and you are lucky it's me here and not her.” She gave sass back to the man who gave it to her. After all, she had a right to call and have him arrested for damaging private property. “So tone down the sass will you.” She said as she sipped her drink and eyed him.”Why did you kill this man?” She asked as she swirled the drink with the straw as if she was unfazed. “Did you go from light to dark diviner?” she asked also.

“I was raised in a coven of dark diviners so I have seen my fair share of shit. I want to know the reasons why you think. I can’t assume anything at this moment.” She rolled her eyes for a moment. “Because the Hall has a will of its own. Maybe it's trying to save you before you go all dark lord.” She muttered as she was focused on trying to figure out if maybe the barrier around the hall was slipping or not. “ I don’t know.” she answered honestly as she looked down to her food for a moment. “But I will be figuring it out. Meaning I will be keeping close tabs on you.” She stated simply as she shrugged to him.

“Easiest way not to get arrested for damaging private property. I think you are looking for a you're welcome.” she stated as she took a bite from her burger as she then picked up a fry. “As soon as you can. I would prefer you to work during the day but if night works best. Thats fine I live in the hall so I am there twenty four seven. So if you start banging on the entrance I will bind you for the night. Fair warning.” She said as she finished off some more of her food looking to her watch. “Do you have time now to come fill out some forms?” She asked as she dropped the cone of silence and licked her lips from the salt.

Tae realized he scared people. At times his expression alone was enough to steer people clear of him. While it was unsettling for even him, he hadn't been able to change nor control it to this point, so he figured he'd allow her to look at him like he was a monster for now without saying anything. Tae hated being judged, or feeling as if he might be unworthy of something, which was totally how he felt when it came to this Archives Hall. But then, he also understood why he hadn't been allowed in so far. He hoped being here with the woman across from him, would give him some answers. As she spoke up, she didn't hold back or filter what she had to say, which was something Tae appreciated. "Straight to the point huh? I like that" his tone was laced in sarcasm, but he did enjoy a female with a silver tongue, or more so in this case, a blunt female. "So what we know, is that this archives hall isn't hiding it's self from someone addicted to magic, but it's also not letting me in" he threw his hands up in a gesture that would imply he was frustrated. "That's great" he scoffed a little, but he wasn't annoyed with Penelope, more so with himself. 

Tae listened intently, and even took heed to her warning. It scared him to think he'd hurt someone he loved, and Miyaza was now the only person on his mind. "It's not like I chose it to be this way. What do you do when magic begins consuming your life?" he asked, a look of desperation tugging his features down into a frown. He figured Penelope had some experience in this, because she seemed to know what she was saying about going down this path. She'd been able to tell him he'd end up hurting someone, so he figured she knew more. "And you make a valid point, but when I was trying to get in, I was only following whatever was pulling me. Damaging property wasn't the plans. I'll pay for the damages and work for you for however long I need to" he cleared his throat, a little embarrassed now, but he couldn't take any of it back, he could only press on and fix what he'd broken. 

Tae sighed and clasped his hands together in feigned annoyance. "Yes, from light to dark. I killed him because I was miserable and lacking self-worth back then, and no matter how light I was, I never felt like I belonged, something dark has been holding me in its grasp ever since I poured gasoline all over that man's tent and struck a match. I smiled as it burnt to a pile of ash" he admitted before continuing his story "My boyfriend and I were into an awful fight, which only escalated matters, considering it was the man he cheated on me with" he felt pretty pathetic for admitting he snapped because he was cheated on, because he knew in anyone else's view, that wouldn't be worth taking a man's life. "My upbringing was complicated, and my uncle had plenty of fun being evil to my mother and I after my father got killed in the service" he added, attempting to make this as short as possible. Tae's life story was anything but short. "I lost my light years ago.. I'm not sure in what chapter of my life, perhaps the part where my uncle killed my mother in front of me.. who knows?" he asked, but didn't exactly expect an answer. 

"The reasons I think this thing is pulling me near it but won't allow me inside?" he asked, to clarify what it was she was asking. "Well.. perhaps this is happening to get me to control how and when I use dark magic. Maybe this hall somehow know's of my abilities, but also knows the danger of the addicition ive fallen under, and it's exactly how i'm gonna be motivated to slow down?" he threw his hands up, annoyed even more because he wasn't sure how to word it, and had hoped she understood what he was trying to say. "So now that ive told you why I think it's happening, can you tell me why you think?" he asked, almost in a plea of mercy. He definitely was at this woman's mercy because he needed answers. "Great. Keeping tabs on me might be a good idea, for a lot of peoples sake" his dark optics focused on her for a moment, and not even a hint of a smile to say he was joking crossed his face. "I'll try to keep all this in mind. I really don't feel like being binded, but every night ive felt this pull, and it always leads me to the hall, so what do you think ill do the next time i'm woken up and have to follow where my feet is guiding me?" he asked, wondering if together, they could maybe come up with a safer solution than him damaging property, or her binding him, or calling the police for that matter. 

Tae finished his own food and drink before she asked if he had time to go fill forms out. "Sure, I have nothing else to do. I really just wished I could get inside of that place. It's weighing heavily on my mind / heart .. I don't know, it's just frustrating" he sighed to himself and waited to follow her lead. 

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