The past couple of days with Eden had been the most fun Darragh had in his whole life. Nights of staying up late talking and other extracurricular activities filled his head when he thought about the brown headed beauty that he was bonded to for the rest of his life with. The Volakiri bond that they shared came with no warning, it just happened but Darragh was happy with the Valkyr he chose to partake in the bond with. Eden was now his whole world. That's why he exploded with happiness as she agreed to go on a date with him.

 Taking care of all the arrangements, the Celestial was more than excited to spend the evening with her. He had planned the perfect first date for her and he wasn't going to lie, he was incredibly nervous. He picked out the finest hotel for them to stay at which stayed on the perfect beach, even picked out the perfect place for dinner..needless to stay he went overboard on the whole first date, but Eden was more than worth it. Darragh promised Eden the world and he'd be dammed if he couldn't give it to her.

It was nearly sunset and Darragh had just finished loading up his car with his suitcase and other things before he had to go pick up his date. He didn't dare want to drive while the sun was out and Eden be in the car, he knew all to well about how uncomfortable the sun made her kind so he was more than happy to drive in the dark. He preferred the night time anyways.  The town roads weren't busy to his liking and he was able to show up to Eden's house as quickly as he could. He wasn't in so much of a rush by any means, check in was whenever he got there, he made sure of it, he just wanted to hurry over to her house so he can see her longer.

Pulling up at her house exactly as the sun vanished in the horizon, Darragh got out of the car, closed the door and made his way up to Eden's door taking a quick inhale of air to calm his nerves before putting on his best smile and knocked on the door three times before he waited for her to answer. 

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Eden found that she could barely sleep when Darragh wasn't holding her. So, last night the Valkyr didn't do anything other than toss and turn. The past several nights with him though, had been the best days Eden had ever had in her entire life. For once she felt a little carefree, like she could be happy witho0ut the world collapsing onto her for it. Feeling weightless was new for someone like Eden, who had worked 3-4 jobs back in the past to take care of her sick mother, after her father died from the same cancer that ultimately led to Eden becoming a Valkyr, she had nearly died of the same exact thing, but Lord Heathcliff and his family offered her a deal, that she could become a Valkyr, beat the odds and live forever if she continued to tutor his children since she was the best out there.

Eden immediately agreed. She refused to let a brain tumor invade a mind as sharp as her own. After Eden's mother died, and the Heathcliff children no longer needed her tutoring skills, the young Valkyr traveled for years, but once she made it here to the city, she decided to take her wits to the hospital and give those a chance who were bound to their hospital beds and unable to get an education due to illnesses. During her time working in the hospital so far, Eden had seen a lot of children die, they never made it to graduation. Eden was certified to give these children certifictaes of completion, which meant they could graduate from their hospital beds. Parents adored Eden, and people within the hospital as in nurses and doctors respected her as well.

Everything had fallen into place here in Evermore, and even more so whe Eden met Darragh at his bar/club. She never thought for a second that two random strangers having a bad night, would turn into two people with a Volakiri bond, and two people very much destined to love each other. Fate had never been something the Valkyr believed in either, but how could she not believe in somthing bigger than herself with having someone as incredible as the Celestial by her side. Eden and Dar had planned something fun, something away from the city, and Eden agreed to this date without hesitation.

Eden had no idea what all was in store for her with her amazing Celestial for their very first daye, but she did have an idea that he was gonna go overboard on the details; but that made her love him even more. He'd told Eden not long ago that he wanted to give Eden the world, and she very much felt that the world was hers with him in her life. The sun had began going down, and Eden sat in front of her desk writing today's journal entry when a car horn caused her to jolt from her seat excitedly. She knew it was Dar before she ever went to the door to look. She loved what all their bond allowed them to know and sense with each other.

After three knocks, Eden opened the door with a grin from ear to ear. Not even letting the door swing open all the way, the Valkyr jumped up in the Celestial's arms, wrapping her own arms tightly around him before glancing down into his eyes. "You do have perfect timing Mr Cavan" she stated, as she realized the sun had vanished completely. "I didn't sleep much last night" she added, frowning a bit. The only reason for them staying apart last night though, was for them to pack for this date, and Eden being a female, it meant that she practically packed everything in her studio sized apartment. "Im so happy to see you. Curiosity is eating me alive!" she expressed playfully, but truthfully it was, because Dar had did a damn good job of keeping their date a surprise. "I'm totally ready though! if you wanna grab a bag or two, ill get the rest and we can be on our way" she then stated, before pulling the handle out on her roll away suit case, and placing another duffle bag over her shoulder, leaving the other two for Dar to carry.

Eden made her way out the door, and quickly made it to the car, excitement made her feel as though she'd explode but it's a feeling she kept around this man no matter how big or small the events of their day was.

As the Celestial waited for the woman he called his to answer the door, he felt his nerves come in wave after wave, flooding him for no reason. He knew his date with Eden would be perfect, hell he made sure it would turn out perfect, and he also knew Eden would appreciate everything he's done for her for this date so why was he feeling so nervous? The answer was simple, it was her. Eden was always his calm and nerves, his peace and sound. When Darragh is around Eden, everything is right in the world, but when he's away from her and planning dates like this, he felt as if what he did was never enough for her. That's why he was so nervous. 

Darragh had less than three seconds to act as he watched the front of Eden's door open before the little Valkyr herself sprang into his arms, not caring that the door wasn't even fully open before she did. Acting quickly, the Celestial caught his mate into his arms and held her tight as if these past twenty-four hours had passed like twenty-four years. All was right in the world again as he held her in his arms as he gazed into her chocolate covered eyes before landing a soft, sweet kiss on her lips. "Thank you Miss Shaw," a chuckle escaped his throat until Eden told him she couldn't sleep at all last night. 

"I couldn't either love..I kept reaching to hold you and you weren't there." He told her quietly. Darragh had quickly gotten use to Eden sleeping in his bed with him at night ever since the formation of the bond, it just felt so natural to have her around him as they slept. Much like anything else, Eden brought comfort to his life, so he understood her all to well when she said she was tossing and turning all night cause that's exactly what the Star was doing too. Placing her down on the ground, the Celestial didn't move his hands away from her hips as he smiled "I'm happy to see you too but don't worry cause we're going there right now." Looking behind her, Darragh could clearly see how much she packed and gave a small chuckle, shaking his head in the process. "Did you pack your entire house?"

Seeing as how Eden started to grab two of her bags before walking off, Dar caught her hand and took the rolling suitcase from her along with the duffle bag she placed on her shoulder. "No ma'am, give this to me." Darragh was raised a gentleman, to respect woman. That meant opening her door, pulling out her chair at the table, and carrying her luggage for her. In return he handed her the keys to the car and smiled at her, "Would you please go start the car? I'll get the bags and load them up and then I'll drive us to where we're going. You said you didn't sleep so I would suggest you catch up on that cause you're going to need it." He told her before placing a quick kiss on her lips before retrieving the other bags to load them in the car.

After a minute to rearrange and compact the trunk of his car even more, he finally got everything to fit. Walking over to the drivers side of the car to get in, he smiled at Eden as he closed the door and put on his seatbelt as he asked her, already knowing the answer, "Are you ready?" Chuckling more to himself than to her, Darragh put the car in drive and began to head towards the horizon that was covered in a blanket of stars. 

It wasn't long until Darragh pulled up close to the place where they would be staying, since he was keeping the date a surprise from Eden, he pulled out a blindfold and handed it to her, "Put it on, and don't take it off until I tell you too." He smirked at his order to her. After pulling up to the parking lot of the check in place, The Celestial unbuckled his seatbelt before kissing the Valkyrs cheek, "Stay." 

After hopping out and going to check them in he finally got the room key. Telling the clerk he'll need a bellhop, he headed back to the car where Eden waited and opened her door. "Don't look. Do you trust me?" He asked as he unbuckled her seatbelt and helped her out of the car and lead her down towards a dock like walk way until he was perfectly happy where with how he wanted to place her. Giving her lips one more sweet kiss, he stood behind her and whispered in her ear "Go ahead and look." and waited for her reaction.

Nervous or not, the moment she got a glimpse of Dar, everything seemed to be better. It was like magic sometimes, being in his presence. How she could be sitting there one second in despair, and in the next moment, it's like no wrong had ever happened in the Valkyr's life; simple from Dar being around her. She breathed him, and when he wasn't near her, she craved him. The time they'd spent apart to prepare for this trip out of town, had given Eden some time to think and time to reflect on if this was truly what was meant to be in her life, and the moment she thought of how life would be without him, was the moment she knew she didn't wanna spend another second away from him. The thought that Dar someday may not be there, was a thought that literally made Eden sick, and it was an agaonizing thing to think about.

After they had bonded to one another through what was called a Volakiri bond, those feelings had done nothing but heightened if anything. When Dar spoke, admitting that he kept reaching for her to hold and she wasn't there, the Valkyr frowned. She could hear it in his voice, that it'd been just as hard on him as it had been for her. Eden too felt that sense of comfort. Dar could simply just be standing in the same room as Eden, and she felt that she couldn't get no closer to home. Eden beamed at Darragh when he stated they were heading to their destination right now, she was more than excited. A big part of her felt like a kid in a candy factory right now. "You have my head spinning ya know. And knowing you, the moment I see this surprise place, my heart will melt" she stated, chuckling, but if anything was true, it was that Darragh definitely knew how to make a woman happy.

Laughter then errupted from the Valkyr when Dar asked if she'd packed her entire house. Nodding, she flashed the Celestial a wink "Only half of it. You know  how us females are" she stated playfully, but looked down to her own luggage blushing at the realization she'd packed enough for an army. Eden's mouth dropped open when she attempted to take her bags out, at least two of them, when Darragh grabbed them along with the rest, "Always charming mr Cavan, there you go again making my heart sink" she said, shaking her head always amazed by him and everything he did for her, with her, and to her. Grabbing the keys from him, Eden nodded "right away darling" she stated before waltzing out to his sleek beauty (his car) revving the engine after starting it just to hear it roar. Much like Dar himself, the car was amazing, but it had nothing on Darragh, it was just one of many things she loved about him.

After pulling the car as close to the house as she could, Eden climbed back out, watching as Dar easily loaded all her heavy luggage into the car within only one trip. Widened eyes scanned his masculine frame, feeling like the luckiest female around to call him hers. After a few moments of him rearranging everything neatly enough to fit all of her luggage along with his own, he finally climbed into the drivers seat as Eden done the same by getting into the passenger seat. As the car finally started going forward, reality hit her. "This is really happening" she said as she gave him a side glance, "more ready than you know" she added in response. She couldn't deny how curious she was though, all the possibilites than ran through her mind about what he may have planned. But what was even better than that, was how unpredictable this man was.

On the way there, Eden noticed how content Darragh was as he drove underneath a beautiful blanket of stars. She felt saddened by the fact that he would always feel like that's where he belonged, but she would always do her best to make him feel as content with Evermore as she possibly could. Maybe someday growing to call it their home together would be just what fate had in store for the two of them. Eden shook her head, it seemed insane that she was even thinking that far ahead. Sometime along the way, the Valkyr had fallen asleep with her head resting agains the window, only realizing that they had arrived when Dar woke her with a blindfold in his hands. Eden bit down on her lip gently, smiling, with her heart pounding as she slid the blind fold over her eyes. "You are something else" she stated, giggling, but loved the gesture.

Now that she was blindfolded, Eden was told and with that, her heart pounded against her chest even harder. She had no idea where she was, no clue where Dar had went, and anxiety began consuming her inner being. Soon after that tinge of anxiety hit her though, Darragh made it back to her, and helped her from the car after unbuckling her seat belt. "Okay, im freaking out a little here" she admitted, breathing a little heavily, and not from lack of trust, she was just someone who wanted to know everything going on around her. But, she supposed she could cave a bit for the fact that this was a date, and she didn't really need to know everyhting before it happened. Eden nodded, smiling warmly to the direction of his voice. "I trust you, of course" she stated in a soft spoken tone, feeling heat rise to her cheeks when he kissed her lips once more.

Feeling Dar walk behind her, Eden bit her lip again, but the blind fold was untied, and she was told to look. She had no idea that whatshe was about to see was the most beautiful place on earth. Eden gasped as her hand clutched her chest, and the other hand flew up towards her mouth. For a moment, all she could do was stare. And she was quite sure tears had already started pouring down her cheeks. "Dar.." she said at first, unsure of whatelse to say right now. But, when she turned to face him, that smile on his face, knowing it was simply from making her happy. Taking not another second longer, Eden jumped in Dar's arms, happy the sand caught their fall as she knocked the two of them over. "Darragh! I don't know what to say. This .." she stated, leaning  down to peck his lips "This place is fucking amazing!!" she expressed, before gazing down into his eyes, chuckling as she realized she needed to let him get up.

"God.. I don't even know where to start" she then stated, before tiwrling around. The scenery was to die for, and she couldn't help but notice that the stars above them seemed extra bright. Eden had the perfrect idea, but first she wanted to explore the room they'd be staying in, which seemed to be more of an entire house. "Is this your beach house?" she questioned, not knowing weather he had rented the place, or if he may have owned it. After exploring, she figured she and Dar could go sit on the roof to be that much closer to the stars, just a small gesture from her to him since she knew what the stars meant to him. "God I love you Darragh.. with every breath of me"

Her reaction was worth more than anything in the world to him in this moment. His only satisfaction was making Eden as happy as possible, and by the looks of how she gasped and clutched at her chest, Darragh could guess he was doing a damn good job. Before the Celestial could even get out a syllable to ask if his Valkyr liked his present, she tackled him to the sand that broke his fall as she claimed how much she adored the place. Chuckling his lips met hers for the quick peck she gave him. "I'm glad you like it my love." He told her brushing back some of her hair to see her better before she got off of him. He quickly followed up behind her.

Brushing off the sand from his suit before taking her hand in his, the Celestial shook his head to her question "No, I'm only renting it for our vacation time.." The Star admitted, although it wouldn't be a bad idea to one day buy a house like this for the both of them to come to whenever they were stressed out or for a weekend getaway. Darragh stored that piece of information in the back of his mind for a later day. Kissing the back of Eden's hand he could feel that Eden was all of a sudden feeling excited, more than what she did a moment ago. 'What is she planning?" Dar couldn't help but inwardly smile at his thoughts. "I love you too my dear, with every fiber that I am."

Picking Eden up bridal style, he carried his woman into the small yet large house that they would be staying in for their duration and instantly saw the back wall was nothing but open sliding doors. Interesting. Dar knew he had booked for an amazing view of the ocean, but he never thought it would be this amazing. The living room itself was amazing as well, a big, white sectional couch that filled majority of the room along with an entertainment, a mounted TV, some stands and decorations. It really was something for vacation. "Wow." Darragh said lowly before gently putting Eden down while kissing her. "I'm sure the bedroom is this way." He pointed to the left and lead her hand in hand to the bedroom where their luggage was already waiting for them.

Their bedroom was without a doubt something out of a romance film. Following the same structural plan as in the living room, the back wall was one big sliding door that opened out to the breath taking view of the ocean. In the middle of the room was the presumed queen size bed with an attached couch at the end that lead out to the balcony with a small patio table. Needless to say, Darragh was completely infatuated with this house. "I might have to buy this house.." he mused more so to himself than to Eden but still, his smile was bright when his chocolate hues met her angelic browns as he asked her "What do you want to do first? Darragh felt like a kid in a candy factory that has been let loose as all the possibilities were endless right now with Eden. Although he was clearly set on one thing in mind but he would wait.

(Sorry its so short! I decided it was okay to do this late)

Hand in hand, there couldn't have been a more beautiful, more magical moment than this one. As the two of them stood silently for a moment, enduring the beauty before them, Eden couldn't seem to catch her breath. How was one man capable of doing so many amazing things? This was only one of Darragh's many talents that Eden had seen so far. He was capable of almost anything when it came to her, and so far, there had been nothing he couldn't do to make Eden feel completely weightless. Like the coldness of the world that they lived in, and all the tragedy that went on, on a daily basis, ceased to exist, even if only for a few moments. But every moment with him was like this, full of excitement, surprise and magic

As she was then picked up bridal style and carried into the luxurious beach house, Eden giggled like a little girl. "I can't express how happy I am right now. How do you do it?" she  asked playfully, nuzzling her face into the side of his neck while waiting to reach the inside of the house. Eden smirked when he said wow, "amazing right?" she asked, but the expression on his face matched hers. Eden knew this was going to be perfect. Dar went to extraordinary measures to make sure of that. Once she was placed back onto her feet, the Valkyr gazed around, captured in the moment as the two of them scoped out their surroundings. "Lead the way, my love" she said in response when he pointed out where he assumed the bedroom would be.

Eden once again found herself in shock. The bedroom seemed to be the most beautiful piece out of everything here, and the bed, well it seemed as though it was calling their names. Breathlessly, Eden nodded to her Celestial, "you just might, the bed alone would be an amazing investment" she teased, chuckling before reaching into one of her suitcases. "No peeking" she said with a sneaking grin as she trailed off to the bathroom, which also floored her as beautiful as it was. A huge round tub lined with candles, rose petals littering the floors, and just the same as every other room, a beautiful view of the ocean, but her eyes darted straight towards the huge stand up shower, images of her and Darragh hidden beneath the fog of this bathroom doing ungodly things turned her mind into a gutter system. But, it worked for her and Dar. They spent equal amounts of time on every part of their relationship, it never felt like it was just sex, and it never seemed like there was no intimacy.

Clearing her thoughts, Eden slid into a pretty revealing bikini. Since Dar asked what she wanted to do, and they had a limitless list they could go by, she figured a swim would help settle them right on in. Returning back into the room, Eden walked up behind Darragh, curling her arms around his waist while standing behind him, letting her lips hover against the back of his neck "There's so much I wanna do.." she whispered before pecking his flesh gently, and circling him both seductively and playfully. Now as she stood on the opposite side, where she faced him, revealing her change of clothes, she smirked and trailed the tips of her fingers down his stomach "How about a swim? maybe the hot tub.." she stated in an almost dark tone, biting her lower lip as her eyes flickered up and down his masculine form for a couple moments, waiting to see if swimming was in the cards for them now, because she would gladly do something different if he wasn't feeling up to getting in the water right away.

Everything about this moment screamed as if it should be in a story book. The perfect location, the perfect house, the perfect girl and Darragh was living it. A part of the Celestial waited for someone or something to tell him that all of this was a dream. For so long Dar thought that he was never going to have the 'normal' life, or what came along with it to say the least. The Celestial always thought he was cursed to be alone, to run an hide for the rest of his existence. But the woman who stood so beautifully beside him, she changed all of that the day he met her.

As the awe of the place started to settle down while checking out the bedroom Eden has successfully gotten to her suitcase before Dar had a chance to see what she had retrieved. After an order from his beauty to not to peak, the Star couldn't help but chuckle as he raised his palms up in surrender. He would listen to her. Watching her duck into the bathroom, Darragh began to kick off his shoes and placed them neatly beside the door, before flopping down on the bed, loving how it sunk in just a bit. It felt like he was on a fluffy cloud, it was truly perfect for what he wanted and how he wanted to use the soft bed. Almost instantly as he thought about his dirty fantasies, he could feel how Eden became suddenly aroused as well but it was quickly gone. The Volakiri bond always amazed him even still.

Taking a stand once more the Star figured he would go ahead and start their unpacking while his beloved was doing whatever she was doing. Taking no more than a couple steps from the bed, Darragh was suddenly captured by his waist by small arms giving away who it was that captured him in so many ways. The Valkyrs lips taunted the back of The Celestials neck as she whispered the right words that made Dar flash back to his earlier thoughts. Before he could come back with a playful tact of his own, Eden was then standing in front of him. In a bikini. A quite revealing one to be exact. Darragh about lost it right then an there. She knew how to drive him crazy, he could give her that.

Her little fingers tease as they trailed down to his stomach as she suggested a swim in the hot tub. "Yes." Darragh had never answered a question so fast in his life, it was like as if he was programmed to tell her yes to anything she suggested. The Celestial started to take off his shirt as he reached into his suitcase to pull out his swim wear. Taking off his pants and replacing them with the appropriate attire, Dar then stood back and looked at Eden a part of him wanting to forget about the midnight swim but he kept telling himself that he had all night and the rest of their trip to do whatever he wanted to her. Still he wasn't going to keep his hands off her just yet. Grabbing her face with both of his hands, he met her face halfway to plant a sweet kiss on her lips. "I love you. I can't ever say that enough." And in his heart he meant that.

Taking her hand and intertwining their fingers together Dar lead the way to the awaiting hot tub and climbed in first oohing and aweing until his body became accustomed to the water and began to feel his body relax. Holding his hand out for the love of his life, he helped her in the tub and brought her close to his body so he could lean his forehead on her and stare into her endless chocolate eyes that always seemed to give him the strength for any and everything. "You are the most beautiful girl there ever is. Don't ever forget that." the Irish man said softly, almost hum like. The world seemed so quite as the two of them stood there in the hot tub, as if it was their own little place of heaven.

Sitting down on the small bench the hot tub provided, he brought his little vixen with him and placed her comfortably on his lap, brushing away the random fly aways her hair made and tucked them behind her ear. "Are you happy?" The same soft like hum seemed so loud coming from his mouth as he asked her his question. Darragh never once sensed she was anything but happy when Eden was around him but one could never be to sure. The bond they made was quite fast and even though the Star doesn't regret it and would go back and do it all over again, he always wanted to make sure Eden was okay with everything she was doing. He only cared about her happiness and well being. He cared more about her than he did his own.

The time Eden had spent in the bathroom, she smirked, biting her lip as she looked into the mirror to the realization that she had an effect on Darragh strong enough to send his thoughts to a dark place no matter what they were doing. It made the Valkyr feel wanted, and beautiful; things she'd not ever felt before due to her insecurities and growing up poor, assuming she was beneath most other female. But, just like magic, Darragh had changed all those negative thoughts to positive ones, building her self esteem from scratch.

The Valkyr chuckled, giving him a devilish grin when he answered so quickly. Eden decided she'd try the bed out herself now, as Dar began rummaging through his own luggage. But, when he relieved himself of his shirt, then his bottoms, everything seemed as though it moved in slow motion, and Eden's eyes were glued on the prize; until he put his swimwear on at least. Blushing heavily, she cleared her throat, before averting her gaze, looking into his eyes as both his hands cupped her cheeks. For what seemed like several minutes, the passionate kiss ended to the sounds of his voice saying just the right thing, like he always seemed to do "I love you too, Dar. Ive never meant that so much in my life" she said in response, offering a pearly white smile.

Hand in hand, Eden walked with the Celestial excitedly. The view and the scenery around te hot tub was simply beautiful. It seemed like everything he had done to prepare for this date was over the top amazing. Things Eden had only ever seen in movies, and read about in books, things she always dreamed of having when she was younger. But, this was very real, much more than a dream. Her body screamed for his as she watched him climb in, seeing his muscles ripple beneath the water as he relaxed and held his hand out for her.

Eden could barely focus on stepping in withhout staggering a little, due to being captivated by his eyes, and just how he looked at her in this very moment. After safely making it in and thankfully not falling face first into the hot tub, the Valkyr grinned as Dar pulled her closely against him, unable to resist touching him while their eyes mirrored each others. Eden could see herself through Darragh, and because of their bond, she knew he felt the same. This was the only person Eden could ever see being a part of her future.

His sweet words caused Eden to feel breathless. There was never a waking moment spent with Darragh where she didn't feel completely weightless, or in awe of him. "You certainly make me feel like I'm beautiful.. I feel like royalty with you" she said in response, smiling out of utter happiness, soaking up every single second while she continued trying to wrap her head around just how perfect this man was. "You know you're amazing don't you?" she then questioned, while trailing her fingers down his chest and back up, trying to avoid them going any further as much as she wanted to. As Darragh then sat on a bench and placed Eden on his lap, she giggled a little to girl-like, something she didn't normally do, but he had a lot of different effects on her that she was still adjusting to, good ones to say the least. To his question, Eden wasn't sure why, but she teared up instantly, nodding at him. "Of course i'm happy. Ive never felt more alive than I do right now, I still find myself asking how this happened for me, how I got so damn lucky" she stated, before leaning forward to kiss his lips.

Twirling her body, just enough to be straddled on his lap now, Eden wrapped her arms around his neck, while her legs enveloped his waist. As her eyes then met his, she couldn't help but ask the same "What about you Mr. Cavan? Do I make you happy?" she questioned, already knowing the answer to that, but just as Darragh though, one could never be to sure of something like that. "After you shared your story with me that night on your balcony underneath the stars, ive never felt more drawn to someone in my life..and ive never been so sure and so clear about my future until I met you” she admitted, feeling her heart speed up, slightly thumping against her chest as she continued resisting temptation having to remind herself of the same thing Darragh did. They had all night. But, that didn’t make it any easier.

Glancing around, Eden spotted a bottle, an expensive looking bottle at that, sitting in a tin basket filled with ice and rose petals, with two glasses sitting on the table near it. "Is that ours?" she questioned, being surprised with each and every thing he had done for this date. Figuring since this place had been rented for just them, and there would be no one around for miles, Eden grabbed the bottle, leaving the glasses for whenever or whatever. After popping the top, and having champagne bubbles run over the top and slightly spilling down her chest, she chuckled but tipped the bottle when it reach her lips, before reaching over to do just the same as she tipped the bottle to Dar's lips, making sure he got a good enough drink before sitting it back down, and leaning forward again, only this time, her lips were more hungry for his, and her body language said more than a few things that her heart desired. Whatever way they went with this moment right now though, she would be happy with. Eden was simply ready to explore any and everything that the two of them could, and take full advantage of being here alone with him.

The music echoed through the speakers around the hot tub,, and Eden played with a remote until she had figured out how to dim the lights and turn on the colored lights within the hot tub. " really did outdo yourself mister" she stated, chuckling as she pulled back from the kiss just enough to gaze back into his eyes. "So tell me. What's an ideal weekend for you?" the Valkyr questioned, without spoiling what she had in mind. He had treated her to the most beautiful place she'd ever seen, and Eden was given some inspiration, wanting to do something for the love of her life as well on a different weekend. While gazing into his eyes, she figured until they decided to do something other than talk, that she could use the time to ask things she hadn't gotten to yet, questions that would be appropriate for this very moment. "What's one thing people have always misunderstood about you?" she then asked, figuring he would know exactly what was up with the random yet interesting questions. "And to be fair, we can take turns" she stated, chuckling before she continued to explain. "You can ask me a question for every question that I ask you. I'm an open book for you baby" she then said, offering a smile.

Playing with the remote control, that controlled literally everything, the Valkyr decided to play with the music until finding a song to fit the mood. Before it began though, Eden looked back to Dar, radiating nothing but happiness right now “I love you so much”she whispered after placing her lips against his ear, then relaxing into his lap again, unable to resist kissing him once more,  while the heat from the water worked against the tension in her muscles.

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