The name was familiar- very familiar infact, and Alexa allowed a slow devious smile to grace her lips. Added to it was the information that she was dealing with a mere human, and she could almost taste victory on her lips. This would be an easy mission, too easy, if things went her way- which they usually did.

She read the message again- Alexander Sundfor, human hacker who now wanted information about those paintings. Letting out a loud yawn, she scanned the notes that Elias had given her. It didn't divulge much about his whereabouts, being a hacker herself, she knew he would have systems in place to avoid such a breach, but what they gave was enough for her to track him down. Something she certainly intended to do.

Being under the radar of both Grayson and Marcos was not a position she was relishing. Granted, they didn't know much about her currently or even suspected her illegal activities, but it wouldn't take them long to find one tiny dot that could connect the puzzle and she'd be in real trouble.

Alexandra knew, of course, how she could get out of it. It wouldn't be the first time a con had gone awry, but she didn't want to return back to her gang. Living in Evermore, had given her a sense of freedom and independence that she wasn't ready to lose anytime soon. Not to mention the hefty paycheck and con money that all belonged to her, unlike having to share it with the other gang members. She had never been good at sharing and years later, that quality hadn't altered.

Shutting her laptop, she stood up and stretched, already thinking about how to accidentally meet him. Elias had been surprised at first, when she had divulged her desire to gain information about the best hackers in the city, but as a part of gang loyalty, he had done the job, no questions asked.

She studied the name of the gym Alexi was often know to visit again, before grabbing her purse and heading out. She didn't understand how people stated that lying was hard, or they couldn't speak one with a straight face. For her, nothing was as easy as stringing along a believable story- the technique was to believe it yourself. She smirked recollecting how she had established herself as an interior designer- an influential name, some sophisticated clothes, a snobbish personality and bam! she was hired. People were indeed boringly predictable sometimes.

The drive to the city wasn't a long one, and she parked her car few blocks away from the gym, preferring to walk. It would give her an excuse to hitch a ride with him, if needed. Her steps slowed near the building, her eyes gleaming as she noticed the hacker exiting it.  Her plan now set, Lex began to move in his direction. Pretending to be engrossed in a phone call while carrying a folder, she crashed into him, her expression convincingly apologetic, "I am so sorry! I can be such a klutz sometimes" she spoke, bending down and slowly gathering the papers, strew about. Papers all about the reports of the stolen paintings, wild theories and other such public details. "I hope you are not hurt. I'm just glad I had these, instead of a coffee. That would have been so much worse" 

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Hitting his hand against the vending machine ended a normal stint at his local Gym. It was a stubborn thing that swallowed money more than it gave it's products out to wanting customers, but Alexi had figured out through trial and error, how to grab more snacks than he bargained for. If there was anything that could win over the tall stocky male, it would most likely be crisps, sweets, chocolate, baked goods or a decent cup of coffee. 

Alexi smiled and looked around him before he stuck his hand into the cold latch below and grabbed the bottle of water he had bought, along with a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar which he had cheekily gotten free. "Was it stealing? Yes. No point in denying it" his old ways hadn't been completely scrubbed from him it seemed.  As long as his workplace didn't find out about his light fingers and opportunistic attitude. Shoving the extra items into his pockets he would lift his personal towel and wipe the subtle sheen of sweat that had began to show on specific areas of his body, mainly his arms, neck and forehead while he headed towards the private member changing rooms and tapped his card on the scanner to get in. 

After a refreshing shower Alexander changed into fresh clothes and fixed his hair so it sat presentably, turning to the bench to pack up the rest of his things into the average sized black backpack he had taken with him. His attire was sporty and monochrome, opposite to the tailored suit he would have adorned in work. The male exited the gym onto the footpath and looked both ways before deciding to go right, his favourite coffee shop was up this street and despite the snacks in his bag, he craved something more substantial. Alexi slipped in a set of earbuds and pressed play on his EDM playlist, a smile spreading across his facial features and complimenting his sharp jawline. It didn't take long before he felt the melody wash over his body like it's own force which distracted him enough, so the impact of a woman took him completely off guard. 

"Where had she come from? Surely he would have seen her". Pushing his thoughts aside he automatically took out the music and  apologised, beginning n to pick up the loose paper from the ground before the wind swept them too far away. Alexi made light conversation with her as he did so, but his deep voice paused when some of the confidential information jumped out at him. His hand scrunched the page, "Who are you." he asked coldly but it sounded much more like a demand from his tone. 

The athletic male trained his suspicious gaze upon the woman in front of him, still holding the rest of the papers he had picked up. She looked like your average business woman, but how did this information only he and a few others get out. Alex swallowed slowly, "How did you discover these paintings were missing?" He spoke, taking a couple of steps into her personal space and holding one of the pages up so she could see exactly what he was referring to.

People who never risked anything, who didn't walk the fine line between devastation and safety, who didn't get off on playing with danger, wouldn't understand the kind of high she was currently feeling, especially on seeing the various emotions flicker across his face, playing over like scenes in a movie. Almost like an adrenaline hit after jumping off a high ground. Lex bit back a chuckle when his hands scrunched the papers, almost tasting victory. The plan was working well, too well in fact. She had expected astonishment, but this downright demand made her want to smile widely.

She could still remember her first con mission. One would expect someone about to do a nefarious act feel fear, but all she had felt at that time had been excitement and impatience. When your normal was other people's definition of bad, things really took on a whole different perspective. Granted, Alexa hadn't always enjoyed constantly being under the control of her gang, but she couldn't deny the fact that their way of living was absolutely exciting, provided one was smart about it. It was why, instead of being guilty of her crimes, she thrived in the memory of each of them. And why the thought of taking down two law enforcement officers made her mentally rub her fingers in anticipation.

"Who am I !?" Eyebrows arched, she replied as though the question itself was ludicrous, "why Alexander, I am the solution to your problem obviously," gesturing towards the evidence in his hand, Alexa continued, "let me see if I got this right, the last paper you hold was the latest finding, wasn't it? or rather I should say latest confidential finding" Her voice was light, teasing even, almost as if she was remarking on an inane topic like the day's weather, rather than confessing to carrying out a rather illegal act.

A tame one in her book, but illegal all the same.

Around them, people walked by without giving them a single glance, even as he invaded her personal space. He was built, tall and seemed strong, perhaps capable of handling himself in fights. But he was afterall still a human, and she wasn't.

"The same way you discover stuff- by hacking." A nonchalant shrug followed her words. "Something you are really good at, aren't you? Shockingly though, it wasn't very hard. My friend and I almost got bored by the end of it," and without any compunction, she threaded her fingers through his arms. "Now älskling, I am sure you have many questions, perhaps even a few threats to deliver," Lexi grinned at that "but I can't talk on an empty stomach. How about you buy me coffee and some food and we'll take it from there? I promise I am not really that scary, just don't steal my food and we'll be fine." She patted his arm, waiting for him to respond to her invitation to talk. 

Alexis mind was racing to each and every conclusion he could fathom, none of which landed on a viable option. The information was not made public so this woman whoever she was must have hacked his own personal equipment, or maybe one of the others he had told gave her what she needed to know. Not that she wanted him to believe that due to her words, making it seem like he was so easily hacked a child could do it. Alexander knew this wasn't true, but it would take someone just as good as him to do it. So at least that was something he could assume was true about her. She was a Hacker and a dangerous one at that. But her end goal he did not know yet. 

"Solution to my problem. You shouldn't fucking know about my problems." He said getting angrier by the second. "I could have you arrested." It was true what he said but he knew realistically he couldn't do that because if he did, everyone in his department and maybe beyond would know he had been keeping secrets from them, which was not part of his job description. Alexander sighed feeling a heavy weight sit on his shoulders, it was uncomfortable and frustrating to say the least. Trusting people always seemed to backfire on him, no matter when. where or who. With every one of her insults, he could feel his mind racing until it came to an unadulterated halt. What did she really have on him? Information he was trying to hide for the moment, but she didn't have the power over this. He did. It was an easy enough fix. All he had to do was inform his department. There were cameras everywhere along this street which he could easily identify her from, something he knew for sure was that he wanted nothing more to do with her. She could keep her scraps of information, this time tomorrow he would have his whole system re-secured so if she wanted to hack him again it would be almost impossible. 

Taking advantage of her assumption that he was going to go along with her invitation, he walked down the street with her for a while until they stopped outside his favourite coffee shop, which he was going to anyway "Alright, I'll buy the coffee" he said with a smile, "Ladies first" as she turned he ripped the folder from her hands and shoved it into his jacket, pulling the hood up around his head, his long legs made short work of putting distance between them. He knew she was probably a supernatural he had now angered and that honestly was scary, but he would be dammed if he let one of their kind threaten him again. At least he knew how to blend into the darkness and crowds rather nicely. She would have to be quick if she wanted to find him.

The diviner grinned at the anger and confusion swirling in his eyes. She wouldn't doubt for a second that he'd have already started planning on getting her back for this. One of the worst mistakes anyone could make was underestimating one's opponent. As a teen, she had spent hours studying 'The art of war', and particular quote therein was something she religiously adhered to- "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles'. While Lexi believed that to be a slight exaggeration, she understood how imperative it was to always anticipate the sort of trouble one could get into before even starting a particular brand of trouble. 

"Now, now...don't be so salty. Afterall, to err is human," she began keeping a steady pace with his movements, "Many before you have tried to get me arrested so you are certainly welcome to try it. Can't guarantee your success though as money always wins in the end." If there was anything predictable in her line of activity, it was the greed of human beings. Anything, and almost anyone could be easily purchased with a price and with the success of her con missions, Lex had a pretty tidy sum to use as she desired.

It didn't take them long to reach the coffee shop and Alexandra almost rolled her eyes at his ripping the folder. "You could have said please and I'd have given it. Such a lack of gentlemanly manners!" However, instead of entering the shop, he took off in the opposite direction. Her eyes narrowed in annoyance but instead of taking off behind him and ruining her dress, she entered the shop and ordered coffee and muffins for herself. The poor man didn't really know who he was dealing with and the anticipation of surprising him made her almost giddy.

It was perhaps half-hour later that Alexa stretched herself and quietly moved away from the shop to a darkened alley. Invoking the locator spell, she could see where he was and with her ability to teleport, reached the spot in no time. With a devious grin on seeing his form, she tapped him lightly on his shoulder "Missed me?"

Ok so he was a simple human if extremely intelligent, but running had always worked in the past for him, so why wouldn't it now. He knew he'd gotten a good deal away from where they were before, intentionally losing himself in a park as he didn't think a businesswoman such as herself would look for him there. As he walked his stress gradually began to build and he let out a long, tired sigh, this was the last thing he needed to happen today. But he understood that she was just as he used to be in his early 20s. There had to be more to her than she was showing off. The Sundfor male had never before in his life been subjected to the exact thing he did to other people. Is this what it felt like? Fuck it was worse than the paparazzi. 

Alexi pulled down his hood and opened his jacket taking both items off tying the hoodie around his waist before he put the jacket back on, he was sweltered but at least his mind could relax as his feet knew this area like the back of his hand. In his head, he saw a map of all the streets nearby, where every turn and alley would take him. Photographic memory was a useful skill to have if you were running away from someone among other things. But it also had its curses. 

A warm breeze passed his shoulder and for a moment he thought he felt a tap against his jacket, turning around the oak haired male let you a surprised "Agh" almost laughing at his own reaction. She was right there. How was she right there? What is this some sort of witchcraft...Oh? Ok not funny. Alexander stared at her, "So you like stalking me huh?" he said pretending her sudden apparition had not phased him at all as he walked on, "Of course I missed you." he said with a roll of his eyes and a hint of sarcasm. "Have you hacked any more updates from me yet?" he jested, keeping pace with her if she walked along beside him. 

At this point he knew there was no advantage in running, she could use magic against him and maybe next time it wouldn't be so friendly. Under no circumstances did he want any more trouble, he had already been kidnapped once. Alexander held tightly on to the files, this would obviously be a game of wits. "You know I don't care if you leak the will eventually get out. I might suffer some indignation but the storm will pass and I'll move on with my life. I might even be granted help from your efforts. Worst case scenario, you'll alert the Diviners I'm after who want to wipe out everyone else on the whole bloody planet!" he said turning to look at her with a frustrated expression, but he wasn't really angry...simply tired and over the whole day. Taking her hand he linked his arm with hers again until they left the park, turning on to the main street, travelling down it looking as if they were friends, just as she had previously.

Alex pushed open the door to a small food shop letting her go as he walked between the isles, he hadn't eaten anything and his body wasn't about to let him forget, the man was ravenous with hunger. As he looked around and picked things up he spoke to her, "So why don't you turn that obviously ingenious mind of yours to good, and help me?" he suggested finally turning his head to show a half-smile which wasn't completely genuine, but it did partially reach his eyes. Keep your friends close and your potential enemies closer. 

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