Avery had been at her self-defense studio for the better part of the day since she didn’t have much to write about for the paper currently. Lena was surely getting annoyed with her under performance and they’d already had that conversation once so far. Avery loved her job and she didn’t want to lose it but for the moment she just needed to unwind and think about a different kind of work.

The locker rooms were clean and a few of the instructors had already shown up and had a class or two. Avery had intended to take part in a class just to limber herself up and get a good work out in to keep her mind occupied. Instead she’d ended up cleaning, going through billing which had a lot of the same affect just without allowing her violent urges out. Not that Avery was necessarily violent but she did believe in keeping your body and mind strong and building muscle memory was part of that process.

Muscle memory was really the only thing you always remember, even if you were to forget everything else tomorrow your body would usually remember how to walk and eat. Even things you didn’t necessarily know you remembered how to do, your body was conditioned to remember motions it did often which helped in fight or flight mode. That was why each instructional self-defense class was weeks long with the same instructor, it was a lot of repetition so that if you were placed in a position where you might not be able to think straight, your body would think and act for you.

Avery trained everyday because she remembered what had happened to her previous boss, what had happened to her and that the only correlation was Evermore City. From the moment she had gotten here she had been digging into the city and she had found that was most people saw was merely a face the city wore, there was so much else beneath the surface. It was almost like a whole other city underneath but not everyone saw it, Avery wasn’t even supposed to see it. Every column or article she had written which even hinted at the truth of the city was quickly buried. Lena telling her not to write things she couldn’t prove and Avery knew exactly what that meant. Things were only buried if you were getting too close to something and Avery knew that she was.

After all one of her instructors was a lycanthrope and she had only found that out on accident and his advice to her was to be careful and not to dig too deep since if someone killed her boss and stole his files it was for a reason. If someone was willing to go to those lengths it was best for her stay on the down low and keep anything she found to herself. She knew he was trying to protect her and she was grateful for that. The signal bell above the door pulled her attention from her thoughts, it was either someone here for a class or wanting to sign up for one.

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New year, new you was always the top of everyone's list of New Year’s resolutions. Most people made their list before the it came around whilst some decide a few days after. January is the start of the year. Where people have all the time to make a change so it can last for most of the year. To make a difference. For some people it would be to give up smoking, drinking, eating healthier, to make better decisions and many more. Sierra decided that this year so would take some time out of her day to do some exercise. The initia had always been skinny, even from a young age. Having struggled in past years with eating habits and dealing with her parents and now brother’s death. Sierra wanted to focus now on building her strength up and muscles. So they she wouldn’t be just skin and bones. She would get out of breath from running up 5 flights of stairs or for a certain amount of time.  Sierra may be late to the starting it but it’s never too late to do something good.

It wasn’t just getting fitter and building her strength up that Sierra wanted to focus on. She wanted to learn some self-defense too. Even though she had her Magister powers on her side and to rely on. Knowing some self-defense techniques would come in handy. If she wanted to protect herself and others without spilling the secret of the supernatural. Sierra had spent the last few days looking up self defense classes and which ones were the best ones. Since she wanted to learn from someone who knew their stuff. She’d found a self-defense studios in the city center not so far from her apartment. In walking distance. Unsure whether she could get a lesson today since she hadn’t signed up yet she put some gym clothes in her bag. Just in case. 

Sierra left her apartment and was on her way to the self defense studio. Maybe training would help to cleanse her mind push away all her past thoughts and troubles. She soon arrived at the studio first looking at the sign above the door to be sure she was in the right place. Seeing she was at the right place, the blonde pushed open the door. The bell ringing as she walked in signalling to people working inside that someone had walked in. Sierra looked to see that there was a woman with dark hair was at the front desk, just looking up seeing her walk in. Sierra walked up to the desk speaking before she could. “Hey, I was wondering if I could sign up for some self-defense classes” She asked polititle with a friendly smile on her face. With hope that they had someone spots still free since she knew places like these were always busy at the start of the New Year.

Avery was used to the fact that every January and February the number of members enrolled increased drastically, at least for a short time period. The New Year’s resolution of many was to get into shape, start working out more, eat better, learn to protect themselves and Avery cashed in on. Most would give up after the first month realize it wasn’t as easy to follow through as it was to make the plan in the first place. To Avery, following through on things was easy since she always had regardless of morals and the likes. Morals….that was laughable but she wasn’t going to think too hard on that currently.

Focusing on the young blonde before her, the human easily hid her surprise since she knew who the young woman was. Jordan had been trying to get Avery up to speed on the important players in the city and Sierra Reigns was one of them for sure. Some were afraid to come to the self defense studio because of Avery’s occupation but that was why she had signed a nondisclosure agreement upon opening the studio. Never would she write about anything she learned while in the studio, it was a safe place so to speak.

“Of course, you can.” The brunette moved around the front desk and offered her hand. “I’m Avery Kershaw, this is my establishment.” Most weren’t used to Avery being polite but when it came to her business she knew how to behave. Jordan always seemed to be proud of how she handled herself while in these walls. “What sort of self-defense were you thinking? We offered a wide verity of different styles. With your size I would suggest Brazilian jiu jitsu or Krav-Maga.” The brunette suggested trying to be helpful since she wasn’t sure exactly what the other woman might be looking for.

Sierra knew that places like these were used to seeing plenty of people coming through these doors in the past few weeks. All with the same pan, new years resolution or ambition. Many would give up within a few days, weeks or months. Sierra knew she wanted to do it for some months not to give up early on like some people do. Wanting to make it a regular thing, to take lessons a couple times a week. To learn and train until she knew what she was doing and felt confident not to need anyones help or guidance each week. Until then she needed help and this was what she was here for.  Sierra looked to the woman behind the desk, examining her almost. With her line of work Sierra is able to read people more easily. The ambassadors were known to the supernaturals within the city and to a few humans but to the rest of the humans they were unknown. Eternal city is one of the few cities were supernatural like, having their own leaders and council. Sierra could see too the brunette was trying to read her too. Probably seeing many faces like hers in her line of work. Sierra thought she seemed to be not the receptionist but someone higher up.

She waited to hear if she had any spots openings for newcomers. “Great” She grinned showing that she was enthusiastic to start lessons. She watched as the brunette moved from the desk to greet her to introduce herself to her. “I’m Sierra Reigns” she introduced herself with a friendly smile. “I thought you were more high up” A figure head so to say but it was good to see the owner of places to be out in front to greet and help people. “I’m not too sure about which time, this is all new to me” She answered truthfully not knowing what the differences were in self-defense techniques and classes. Both Brazilian jiu jitsu and Krav-Maga were gibberish to her. “Which one would be the best one for me to take?” She queried already knowing that Avery knew her stuff, she would do since she owns and runs the place. Sierra wanted to take the best class which was good for her build, since she was quite slim and thin not having much muscle yet. It was something she wanted to build up.

Avery couldn’t help but glance over her shoulder wondering where Michelle was since the other woman was supposed to be working registration. Given that she didn’t see the auburn haired woman anywhere nearby Avery took control. That wasn’t unusual for her but she hated to just come in and take over someone else’s job even if she did own the place. The brunette human might not have a lot of friends but she did her best to respect everyone who worked for her and not step on their toes from a management standpoint. It had been kind of intense when it came to registration the past month so she would hopefully be able to make the Initia Ambassador comfortable enough to want to stick around, that of course reminded Avery this was not the sort of position her abrasive personality should be in.

Taking a somewhat deep breath she gave the young blonde a genuine smile since she seemed happy with the opportunity to train and learn here. That filled Avery with an odd sense of pride but she was happy to have any new clients. “It’s nice to meet you Miss Reigns. I’ve seen a lot of new faces recently but I have this feeling you’ll stick around. Which is good since after the first month the prices on classes decrease and you can sign up for a membership if you want. I know it seems strange not to let people sign up for memberships right away but when you can tell they’ll maybe only be here for a handful of classes it just seems like stealing.” Avery actively tried to slow herself down, she wasn’t necessarily talking fast at the moment but she was talking a lot.

“It’s alright a lot of people aren’t really sure how to answer that question since they haven’t thought much on it before. So lets try it this way, you tell me where you think your physical strong points are and we can work around that. One way or another, a few months here and you should be pretty well rounded in strength.” Avery stated since no one form of martial arts or self-defense focused on only one part of the body, it strengthened them all. It also helped to strengthen your mind since sticking to an intense work out and learning regiment required a strong mental constitution which was always becoming stronger.  

Sierra was all new to all of this not knowing how everything worked. She could already tell that it wasn’t so simple as she thought it was. Before thinking it was just a self-defense practising where there was just one class taught. Now looking into and finding more out she could tell that there was more to it with there being various different classes and techniques of self defense classes. Each one suited to each group of people whether their like her a beginner, slim with not much muscle built up yet or the opposite more experienced and athletically built. Sierra have always been the one whose wanted to go out and try new things and to find more about them as well. Looking to Avery she could sense that she was genuine and happy for her signing up. Seeing that she took pride in everything she have built up in starting up and running this place. “Thanks, I hope that these classes will be my thing” She smiled back to her not speaking to soon as it was already too early to say that she loves it. As her parents used to say ‘You never know till you try’ to give anything a go first before making a opinion on anything.

She listened in as Avery told her that the prices have decreased already for this month but money wasn’t a problem for her. Having always had a good cash flow to keep her able to spend her money of what she liked. Whether it be on things she didn’t need like another handbag, shoes or for things like this classes and memberships. “I think I’ll sign up for one of those memberships” Making up her mind already going on board with a membership to start off with. A lot of people took advantage of the deals places like this make to price slashes to entice people in. Whilst for some people they only just want to have the freebie things than bail when it comes to paying in full. Being a cheapskate. Sierra wasn’t one of them, she didn’t like to take advantage of all the deals. She started to thing of what her physical strong points were after Avery had asked her. Having not thought around it much. “I haven’t really worked out since back in school when taking PE lessons” She’d always been the one who looked liked they worked out a lot because they was so slim. Truth be told, she’s always been slim, always watching what she ate and don’t eat. She needed to build up her fitness level and strength. “That's the aim” She answered agreeing to Avery telling her that a couple months time she would be well rounded in strength. “I promise I won’t let you down” she reassured truthfully, she wasn't the one to start something and give up so quickly. To give everything long enough chance to see if it was right for her. This was something she wanted for her body and her mind too. “So where do I sign?” She asked grinning a little eager to sign the consent forms then she can get all set up and started.

It was easy to tell those who had never looked much into self-defense but Avery didn’t mind since the whole purpose of this place was to open up that door for people in a safe and judgement free environment. Some gyms were just that, gyms and fitness centers, they may have a class or two but the main purpose was to be in shape, not learn how to fight and handle yourself. It was something Avery her had had never known when she was younger and had only bothered to learn after bad things had happened. Anyone who make the effort to learn before bad things happened and in order to avoid them was pretty dang smart in her book. “Some people can’t get into them since they do require a lot of focus and physical and mental stamina, this place is meant to push you to your limits but never over extend you.” All of her instructors were amazing with being able to tell exactly how far was helpful while pushing and backing off when needed. “You seem like you have a strong mind and a lot of potential so I think you’ll do great.” Which she meant because Avery wasn’t one to give fluff just to get people in the door.

A smile spread over her lips as Sierra said she would go for a membership, that mostly meant actual dedication to learning opposed to just testing the waters. It wasn’t something she pushed on everyone but she could tell Sierra wasn’t the kind to give up until she got what she wanted. “The memberships have a lot of perks and t-shirts aren’t one of them. You have full access to the facility twenty-four hours, you’ll have a badge to get you in the door after regular hours, you’ll get an actual physical trainer who may be the same or different from your self-defense instructor but they will work hand in hand. You have free reign of the gym to strengthen your body and you trainer will give you a list of the best work outs and machines. There’s also a mini-fridge in the back your badge will get you access to that and you can have an many waters or juices as you want.” She paused for a moment sure she was forgetting something, she always did.

Grabbing one of the clipboards with the membership form that needed to filled out she grabbed a pen and handed both to Sierra. “I’m not worried about you letting me down, make sure you don’t let yourself down.” She said honestly before going into an explanation about the forms. “The first page you just need to fill out with your personal information, name, address, phone number, all that fun stuff. The second is payment information and the third page you don’t have to sign or fill out I just have to legally put it as part of the package. So if you don’t know I’m Avery Kershaw, I write a gossip column in the paper, so the last page is a legal notice that anything and everything that happens within this building is one hundred percent confidential and will never be written about. If I go against that little form you can sue me for all sorts of things. Don’t worry though I take this place incredibly seriously and I want everyone to feel comfortable here which is why that disclaimer is in there.” She said simply wondering if Sierra would change her mind on signing up since some did after hearing that.

Back to when she was younger, her older brother had shown her some things or two. More for fighting skills rather than self-defense. As he was trying to prepare her for the war that would break out. Almost almost knowing something was going to happen, and that he would be the one who would start it. With Sierra oblivious it all, but this time she was more guard to it all. Not wanting to make the same mistake as before. Not to be the easy target everyone thought she was. Back then Sierra would always stray away from it believing that his ways wasn’t the right way, not to be manipulated by him. She was right and that what costed him his life. The blonde shook her head almost as a way to push the memories away to focus on the present. “It’s been a while since I’ve worked out properly. So excuse me if I may be a bit rusty” The initia chuckled joking to her but was saying the truth. Wanting to be pushed to her limits through the training. To power through it and then it’ll be easier going forwards. “That's good to know” She grinned a little in response, agreeing with what Avery said. Sierra have always been strong willed, that was one of her strengths.

Sierra was eager to sign up more so now after learning and finding more about Self-dense and which that entails. As truthfully she haven’t done her research for it like she normally would do with other things. Having just looked at the best self-defense place in the city. Getting the name and place and that was it. Whilst the initia would normally be scanning through different websites and pages, looking at the ratings and reviews. Learning more now she knew she wanted to have a membership and sign up. Knowing this was something she wanted to do for herself. Sierra listened as Avery was telling her the perks of the membership, finding it interesting that she’d get an physical trainer as well as a self-defense trainer. Already knowing she would have to first work on her fitness and stamina mainly to start off with. Since her fitness levels wasn’t at its highest at the moment. “I think I got everything” Sierra answered smiled to her, taking a mental note almost of the ins and outs. 

She was soon handed an application form and pen by Avery giving her a small thanks. “I’ll try not to” She reassured. One of the other reasons for choosing to do this was to have something to set her mind to. Where she could work on it to achieve her goal and mind set. Knowing this was something she wanted. Sierra listened in as Avery was beginning to tell her about the form and what she;d need to fill in. Already knowing it was the common policy that places like these have. Almost like you were signing your life away. Legal legislations already knowing all about it when she’d studied her law degree back in unverisary. Many years ago. Sierra as a little surprised to hear the Avery wrote for the gossip column in the newspaper not thinking that this wasn't her only job. “So you know who I am?” She asked sounding a little persistent, curious to find out if Avery already knew who she was as she walked into the door. Sierra already sensed that Avery was human as both an Ambassador and Magister she was good at reading people when it came down to species. As each species had a certain trait it was always down to pinning down those traits to find it out. The initia knew that there are certain human’s who knew of the supernatural and had sworn to keep it a secret like many others before having. She;d just needed to find out which was it, or Sierra would just laugh off her question as nothing if she wasn’t right.

It was clear Sierra’s mind drifted off to another train of thought, maybe it had to do with the present or the past, maybe even the future but Avery could tell the other woman wasn’t necessarily here with her. Giving the woman time to allow the thoughts to flow through her Avery stayed uncharacteristically quiet, despite what everyone saw or thought of her outside of this gym within the walls she was a very different person. Avery had once been in a position where she couldn’t defend herself with anything other than words and she refused to be in that position again which was why she had created this place. Some people have felt weak in the past and just wanted to be empowered and others knew the way the world was and didn’t want to become victims. “Sticking to a proper work out routine isn’t easy and a lot of people who come in here are a bit rusty but it’s fine, we’re here to scrap that rust away and get you shining again.” Wow that sounded incredibly stupid and cheesy and Avery was just going to pretend she never said that. “Just don’t hate us and don’t give up that’s not what we want I promise.” A lot of people got frustrated with being pushed to their breaking point in order to be remade and realize they can do more, some lashed out and others left but none of her instructors caused anything like that on purpose.

The sign up process was the easiest part and the dues were small and manageable for most so it wasn’t like they were knuckle and diming people but that might be due to the fact that they had good business. And since she was the one owning and running the place they had to keep a good reputation or everything she had worked so hard for in this aspect of her life could be taken away. Which was why she only hired the best, did through background checks and talked to the people she intended to hire to get their full story. Most places wouldn’t hire someone like Jordan, he was an ex-con but he was also an amazing person and the reasoning for his prison sentence had been protecting his family but no one bothered to ask him before her. “Good, I think you’re really going to like it here and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

Most were looking for some form of protection and defense but others were looking for the mental fortitude that came with such dedication and focus since a lot of their forms of self-defense weren’t about violence but taking the path of least resistance which was sometimes harder. One of her instructors taught you how to fight and defend yourself but just avoiding the other person altogether until they tired themselves out. It was interesting but not Avery’s thing.

At the question Avery had to be careful of how she answered, “I do know you are and what you are but it really doesn’t matter to me. The human part of the city has feared Supernaturals for good reason since some began to realize what lived beside them but I don’t intend to fuel that fear or hate. Not because this gym is a safe place but because those I’ve met aren’t what I would have expected. So yes I know who you are but that doesn’t mean I see or think of you as being a certain way. I get enough of that in my own line or work not to make snap judgements on others.” Avery said honestly since when most found out what she really did for a living they thought she was just out to ruin lives which really wasn’t it.

A fresh, a new beginning as people say. One of the places people choose to start at would be to make changes in themself. To eat and drink clean. Making better life choices, one of them would be to to exercise more. Which was what Sierra was choosing to do. Already knowing it’s the right choice to make. It may be hard at first but it’ll be worth it in the long run. A grin appeared on the blondes face seeing how Avery told her something very cliche but she too knew where she was going. “I won’t won’t give up. If I try to just push me further” Already knowing that she’d want to give up but need some encouragement to power through it. To see the light at the end of the tunnel. To reach the goal she’s set herself. So that she could protect herself and others not needing her powers to do the job for her. Sierra was looking forward to starting it all off. Soon she’ll be starting classes along with regular gym sessions. Learning the ins and outs. As it is all new for her, good things was that there would be many people to show her the ropes. Getting the best help and guidance for it.  

Sierra was handed a clipboard with pieces of paper on it along with a pen. On it was the usual bits of information that needed to be read and sign. To cover yourself along with the business covering themselves. Soon she’d be starting off where the hard work is. “Thanks” The blonde replied taking the clipboard, to be filled out in a minute after Avery finished giving her the pre-introduction before the proper introduction took place. After listening to Avery giving a little more information on herself, Sierra soon learnt that there was more to her than it may seem. The good and the bad, she needed to be careful. Sierra looked to Avery for answers a little reassurance knowing that the supernatural world was a dangerous place for those who didn’t know. She nodded a little hearing that Avery knew who she was but too reassured her that it didn’t matter. That it’ll be kept secret and not shared around. “That's good to know” She breathed a little relieved. Knowing that here was a safe place and she wouldn’t be judged by others who doesn’t know her.

“What's next after I fill out the form” The Intia ambassador asked changing the subject, not needing to talk any further. Sierra could already sense that already Avery was one of her word. Wanting to show her curiosity and interest in starting the self-defense classes along with other classes she’d need to take to get her there.  As she’d be starting at the bottom working her way up till she knows what she’s doing.

Whatever Sierra’s reasonings or motivations for coming in didn’t matter but Avery did have to internally admit that she was curious. Then again Avery was always curious, it was a dangerous and annoying personality trait to some or most really. That made her good at her job and it at least made for an entertaining life since there was never a dull moment. “I’m not sure you want me pushing you, I’m probably the meanest person here.” Though she did question that at times since her trainers could even make her feel bad from time to time, it was always fleeting though since she never took anything personal. “Just remember nothing is personal and don’t hold on to it, just let it push you.” Avery said giving Sierra the best advise that she had.

The blonde began to fill out the paperwork and Avery felt herself releasing a sigh of relief since this was the point a lot of people walked out. Sierra almost seemed to have a childlike innocence to her despite being an Ambassador and Avery found that refreshing given how cynical and sarcastic she herself was and she didn’t have the same amount of weight on her shoulders. “You’re welcome.” She said simply, using her manners and conversation skills. It was nearly a forgotten concept for her but she was doing her best especially since she didn’t want to run Sierra off. She’d never had an Ambassador at her self-defense studio before so this was kind of a big deal. Beside, Avery held no ill will towards any of the supernatural species and wanted them to feel just as welcome here as her human clients. “I might not be the most trust worthy person outside of these doors but my business and reputation hinge on privacy. I’m not saying we have to be best friends but you can trust that I’ll keep my word.”

Avery gave a small smile, “When you’re finished filling everything out you can watch some of the instructors with their classes and get some idea on what each type of self-defense is and I can give you a tour. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask I don’t shy away from anything.” Avery was pretty much an open book to a point since she knew what secrets could cause and how they could be used against you.

Soon Sierra will be spending her free time here. Taking different classes to help her along with the training. Along with gym sessions. Knowing that she’ll be spending most weekdays evenings or mornings here. Fitting it in her work schedule so that she could find the time between her ambassador duties and classes. Like how other people do the same. “Maybe not then” Sierra chuckled referring how she didn’t want to be pushed too far by Avery. Already seeing that she’s stronger in strength and mind than her put together. The blonde nodded her head hearing Avery’s advise she was giving to her, knowing that she was right about it. Having her mind set on it, Sierra knew that she’d have to work hard to get to the target she’s setting herself. Everyone have a goal set to reach before starting anything new.

Sierra knew she was the one who was quick to say yes when starting something new like this. Agreeing quickly before knowing everything about it. A little nieve at times. It was one of her downfalls always have being over-trusting. A easy target as people calls it. Mostly by being mapilated all her life by her eldest brother. Toying her mind around it thinking that the right choices were the wrong ones. After her brother;s death, she saw the light it in all. Sierra is trying to be better at not trusting people too easily. To watch her back. Choosing to take Avery’s word that she’ll keep her secret, she could already told that this business meant a lot for Avery. Building up it’s reputation  and name from the ground. Along came with keeping customer loyalty and customer liability. “Okay” She answered nodding her head choosing not to say anymore on it.

After she’s finished filling in the paperwork she’ll be taken on a tour around the place. Looking in a few classes to get the jist of it all. Seeing what she’s in for in the next upcoming months. Its all new for her. She’s got a lot to learn. “I will” She added, if she’d have any burning questions on the tour she’ll ask. Knowing that Avery knew the place the best out of everyone since she she owns and runs of it.  Sierra looked down at the paperwork in her hands looking at where to start filling it out. At the top it had her name along with details where she’ll put including her address. Contact details along with the different type of plans that the place has. Each one had different differents sets of rules and clauses. Along came with a couple of pages with the different pieces of information that needed to be read. A list of different health risks, boxes to tick if you suffer from any. None that she needed to tick. At the bottom was the date and the signature declaration. That everyone had to sign before signing up as a way for businesses to cover themselves from being sued. Flicking the paperwork back to the front page she handed it out to Avery. “All read and signed” She smiled telling her so that they could move onto the tour part. 

There was a fire and dedication in Sierra’s eyes that Avery could recognize anywhere. Some were unsure when they came in here but that not the case with Sierra, after the war between the Initia and Phoenix, Avery could understand why someone would want to know how to use their own physical strength as defense. Humans like Avery were only able to use their own physical strength against supernaturals which often wasn’t enough against powers and magic. Avery was pretty sure she had been left alive by a vampire at one point but it was hard to prove. It also didn’t meant that she hated the vampires species or any species but she didn’t want to be helpless either.   

It was still completely mind blowing to Avery that Sierra, the Ambassador to the Initia was in her self-defense studio. It was a reminder than how matter how much power you might have over elements or anything else the idea of physical strength and the ability to wield it in it’s base form spoke to all. Besides, in Avery’s case it might not be such a bad thing to have someone like Sierra on her side since anything and everything could happen in life. Besides, after alienating people for so long it might be nice to have a friend of two, maybe. But first Sierra would have to trust her which would take time but this was a good start. If they were meeting in any other situation than maybe Avery wouldn’t be hoping for the same things she was now and would likely want to exploit what she learned about Sierra, but that wasn’t the case in their current situation.

She remained quiet as Sierra filled out the paperwork not knowing what to say or if she should say anything. It wasn’t often she was unsure of what to say but silence seemed the best bet at the moment. The paperwork was long and boring and Avery knew that so it was best not to distract Sierra while she worked on it. Though keeping her mouth shut wasn’t exactly easy so she started talking again. “There are a few other supernaturals that come here so I hope that won’t be a problem, some of them teach here as well.” Which Avery was sure that Sierra would be able to easily figure out. “Like I said, it’s a safe place.” Taking the clipboard she moved to place it in one of the lock drawers of the front desk so she could input the information later.

“So just follow me back.” Avery said as they moved from the entrance area of the studio which opened up into the gym portion which had a few people currently working out in it. “Obviously this is the gym area, you can use it as much or as little as you want. Like I said, it’s always open twenty-four seven.” It was fully decked out and a lot of money had been put into every piece of equipment to make sure than any muscles you wanted to work on, you could in one place. Avery waved at one of the regulars on the treadmill who waved back in return. “If you don’t know how to use some of the equipment you can always ask someone or there’s a little QR code you can scan and it’ll bring up a video on how to use it.”

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