Droplets of water still clung to the glass of her town car as Cornelia watched the vehicle roll up in front of the gigantic porcelain structure that was the Town Hall. The female leaned forward, tucking a strand of her russet strands behind her ears. The rhythmic music of rain had faded by the time a chauffeur came up and held the door open for her to climb out, Cornelia thanking him as she stepped onto the pavement before walking up the marble steps that shone under the moonlight.

As guards opened the glass doors for her, the Nephilim Ambassador stepped inside the grand lobby, running her fingers through her hair, as she freed the droplets of water clinging to her brindled locks. The clock on one end of the hallway indicated that she was early, which was relieving considering the female had to rush out while she was in the middle of working on a case.

Shaking her head, Cornelia stepped through security, the machine going off the second she passed it. The brunette eyed the well-known female on the other end of the machine, "Is this really necessary, Julia. You know I'm not leaving without my gun." With a quick shrug from the blonde who reminded her it was mere protocol, the detective was allowed to step into the elevators, escorted by two more guards to the floor where the meeting was supposed to be.

No sound was transmitted from the clear walls of the meeting room when Cornelia was escorted towards it, but the moment she opened the glass doors, she was enveloped in chatters from all across the room. Looking around, she spotted a familiar blonde at one end and Cornelia walked towards the human ambassador, stopping right beside her.

"I have a gun, just in case things escalate." She informed her friend with a teasing smirk, waiting for the meeting to start, reminding herself that every time all the ambassadors were gathered in the same place, there was chaos.

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Between Arwyn’s return to town, his date with Sariah, the unrest with the Alpha Council and his own private security firm, the Therianthrope Ambassador couldn’t help but long for simpler times. Though that idea was quickly washed away just the dirt on the sidewalk as the raindrops pelted against it. Rain had a way of cleansing things or at least that was his belief as he had parked in the lot close to the Town Hall knowing there would be no way to make it to the front doors before the rain soaked into at least his blazer but it was a risk he was going to have to take since in his infinite Kitsune wisdom he had forgotten his umbrella at the officer.

His polished black leather dress shoes hit the pavement as he stepped out of his Hyundai and slammed the door behind him pressing the lock button on his keys before making quick time on his distance to the door. The rain darkening his dark locks along with the bit of gray that was no sprinkled about which he usually blamed his children for but he was pretty sure it was his previous way of life. Guards nodded in his direction as the doors were opened for him and he stepped inside of the building and out of the weather a chill coming over him from the warm humidity outside to the cool temperature controlled building.

The security check was something he always hated and he didn’t even bother to walk through the metal detector before he unholstered and slide the clip from his .45 Beretta and showed the regular security guard there was nothing in the chamber before placing it in one of the lock boxes provided along with the knife which was holstered to his leg before stepping through the detector. There was no beeping since he didn’t have anything else which would set it off on his person. In truth given it was all of the Ambassadors of the city and his distaste for vampires it was probably best he wasn’t armed.

Despite still being newer to his position of Ambassador than most he was well aware how of how the Town Hall worked since it was meant to be a safe and neutral zone for meetings such as this. Stepping towards the elevator he walked in with no problem eyeing the guards since even though he could be a threat if he wanted to be, he wasn’t. He held more respect for his position than that.

As he stepped into the meeting room some Ambassadors he knew first hand such as Cornelia and Sariah but others he only knew due to meetings such as this. Which meant he was more comfortable around the Nephilim and Human Ambassadors since Sariah was likely to say something to calm his nerves without even meaning to. “And here I thought you might be civil.” Despite what most might hear in those words his tone was joking in response to Cornelia knowing full well she was joking…mostly.

The ambassador meeting. Quite possibly her least favorite day of the year. Not because she didn’t like the people attending, Sariah actually enjoyed the company of most of the ambassadors, for the most part everyone was rational and intelligent. Sariah liked to think she was doing right by the organization with the part she played in these meetings. What she hated was the fact that with the human faction being the host of the meeting, everyone looked to her to be a leader and that very prospect only brought out the nervous and twitchy part of her that said stupid things.

Naturally Sariah was the first one to arrive to the city hall, greeting the security and personally overseeing the setup and organization of the main hall. After assisting with the setup downstairs she had climbed into the elevator and travelled the dozens of floors up to where the boardroom was set. Sariah wasn’t a stranger to this room or route, in fact she had travelled it more times than she could count, though today she wouldn’t be faced with the privy council but instead with the representatives of the supernatural.

The blonde had paced the room a few times as she recited the topics for the meeting in her head though it did little to calm her. As the room started filling with people however she slowed her movements to a stop. Sariah hadn’t noticed Cornelia’s entrance until she spoke the blue eyed ambassador smiling softly at a welcome presence, well at least the meeting would start off well she supposed. “Of course you do” Sariah responded with an amused laugh, naturally the rules of no weapons wouldn’t apply to the detective.

Orion’s voice came next, a feeling of relief washing over her, at least there were a fair few people here she could trust to behave, even if she was concerned over the quarrels that were sure to spin from her decision to invite the leader of the celestials. Ophelia’s faction of course, had not signed the peace treaty but Sariah hoped by including her, they could prevent any violence that may be caused by the fallen stars being in Evermore. “Believe me, this is her on a good day” Sariah teased with a bright smile as her eyes went to the door waiting for the rest of the ambassadors to arrive.

Rain pattered against the windows, a steady downpour heralded in by the rising temperatures of the Spring season. Night had fallen swiftly, seeming to come early thanks to the heavy clouds that had come in around noon and set up shop over the Eternal City. Despite the sodden cloud cover the Vampires still didn't emerge until after the sun went down, the manor coming alive as it always did. Gideon left the inhabitants in the capable hands of Cecilia, who was sure to still be pouting when he made it back later tonight. His blood sister had adamantly voiced her opinion, her insistence that she accompany him was delivered with great fervor and yet he still denied her and ordered her to remain at the mansion.

Chuckling as he waved at her from the door of the limo, the King slid into the vehicle and gave the driver the signal. The last thing he needed was an emotionally charged member of his household causing even more troubles that were sure to arise as it was. Reminding her of his training as both diplomat and warrior Gideon had maintained that he would be able to take care of himself. He didn't have time to corral his Bastion while also keeping another safe.

As soon as he’d received the information about the meeting he had put in a call to the Celestial Wayfinder, talking for a while about all the implications and possible outcomes of such a gathering. He and Ophelia had forged an alliance that the King very much wanted to keep intact and so he had offered to serve as her escort for the evening. Somewhere in his mind, he had expected her to turn him down, so it had been hard to hide his surprise when she had accepted. Pulling up at the meeting location Gideon exited the vehicle long enough to open the door for her, sliding back in after she was settled. They engaged in some pleasant small talk on the short drive to town hall, once more exciting under the cover of a wide umbrella held by the driver.

Gideon offered Ophelia his arm, adopting the usual bored smile that slid so easily into his visage when he was dealing with advisors or diplomats. The expression was relatively passive and gave nothing of his true thoughts away. Glancing at his lovely date for the evening he shot her a wink, “Relax. We are just going for a nice chat and some rather tasteless food.” He had already vowed that nothing would happen to her or her people, already promised her safety and he stood by that.

They glided through security without a problem, the Ancient himself was a weapon, therefore, steel or otherwise was useless. Letting the Celestial take his arm once more they walked into the meeting together, engaging in light chatter, as if the pair of them were old friends out for brunch. The Vampires keen eyes took in the small gathering in a single glance, rather happy that they hadn't arrived first nor had they arrived last. Orion, Sariah, and Cornelia were clustered in a corner, talking in hushed tones that seemed to pause as they entered. He gave a slight nod towards the three, before refocusing on his date for the evening. “Deep breaths and keep smiling, the more they see on your face the less they actually know.”

Gideon had spent centuries navigating situations just such as this one and had become an expert in both reading people and being unreadable himself. There was perhaps only a single person in the room who might have been able to read anything on him and she had stoutly avoided his gaze. Taking a deep breath he pretended to peruse the snack table, “Well this should be most entertaining,” he muttered.

To say Aaliyah’s mood was less than great would be an understatement. The petite brunette grumbled to herself the entire rainy drive into the city, her normally bright sapphire green optics were clouded and dark with her frustration. She normally loved these meetings with her fellow ambassadors. When she had been new and green to leading she had learned so much from her peers. The meetings were always interesting to the young leader, the debates, the questions, the issues they discussed always inspired her passion.

When her brother had been in the city still, he would always hide himself away when he knew Aaliyah was attending a meeting. She would come home, her energy high and her eyes glowing as she chattered on to him about all they had discussed and the changes she now wanted to make to the faction. Regardless of whether or not Caiden wanted to listen, he had no choice. As she thought of her wayward brother, Aaliyah’s lips pursed. She missed him desperately but she knew he was still lost and looking for answers. He would come back to her when he was ready.

The rain poured down, the wiper blades of Aal’s truck working overtime just to keep up with the water as it fell. Finally reaching the City Hall, Aaliyah hopped out of her truck, pulling the collar of her jacket up around her neck she quickly ran up the steps and entered. She eyed the security detail but walked through it without a peep, the knives she wore hidden on her person weren’t metal but stone that the machine wouldn’t detect. Aaliyah knew she wouldn’t need the weapons but carrying them was almost a comfort thing, especially right now.

She entered the meeting room and offered a slight nod before moving to take a seat. She pulled out her notebook that she liked to take notes in and began to flip her pen between her fingers as she read through previous, old notes and waited for the meeting to start.

Be civil. Be civil. Be civil.

That was the motto Venetus kept telling himself as he stepped out of the car, a chauffeur coming up to hold an umbrella over the Aspect Leader's head. Running his fingers down the lapel of his suit, he nervously walked up the steps leading inside the Town Hall.

Throughout his life, the male had never felt nervous as much as he had in the past couple of days leading up to this meeting. He knew, tonight, she would be there, with the others and the discussion would inevitably direct to the tension between the Celestials and the Ailwards. Venetus would have to look into her eyes and pretend to be stoic, as if every bit of his being hadn't been torn apart by guilt for his actions. The fall of the Isle was a wake up call, and he was ashamed to admit that he needed the loss of his own men to remind himself of what he had done to the fallen stars.

The glass doors parted quietly as Venetus stepped in and through security, finding it unnecessary to carry any weapons with him to a civil meeting. However, when the metal detector beeped, the male took out the flask from his coat pocket and smirked at the guard, "Just a little drink to keep me from dozing off, love." He informed before being ushered into the elevator.

Venetus was not much surprised to find that he wasn't exactly early or late to the meeting, arriving just in time. His gaze moved to the meeting room as he stepped out of the elevator and in through the next set of glass doors, noticing all the ambassadors who had already gathered. He gave each of them a polite nod before finally settling onto the Vampire Leader and the Wayfinder, deciding to greet them out of formality and the sake of keeping things civil. Walking down the polished floor, the male sat down on one of the seats, unbuttoning his suit as he leaned back and exhaled deeply, his gaze often flickering to the Celestial.

It was no secret that Ophelia was hesitant to attend the ambassador meeting, she after all, wasn't one, at least not in the way all the others were. Ophelia had never signed a peace contract in Evermore and she wasn't sure she ever could considering that it would mean promising her people wouldn't act upon the dark thoughts she knew they held when it came to the Ailward. In truth when Gideon had asked her to accompany him there had been a breath of relief, she hated the idea of walking in there like the new kid in school with no friends, at least her alliance with the vampires and Gideon's support would be a foundation she could draw from.

And so she would attend. Dressed in a smart skirt, shirt and jacket, the wayfinder felt somewhat out of place from her usual dated clothing but she decided it was time she started to accept the modern times, at least when she was outside of the castle anyway. She was only standing in the rain a few moments before the limo pulled up alongside her and she climbed inside ducking her head away from anyone looking on. "I feel like everything you do is a statement" she teased, obviously referencing the extravagant way he traveled.

As they pulled up outside the town hall however, the celestial felt the nerves bubble inside her, this would be the first time in months she would come face to face with a spokesperson for the Ailward and to double up on that, it was Venetus, quite possibly the last person she ever wanted to see. Gideon's words helped to keep her grounded however, taking a breath she put on a perfect smile "Right, a chat and food, I can do that" placing her arm in his as they made their way inside the building. She was naturally wary as she passed through the security scanners but they simply waved her through without a word. 

Entering the room, Ophelia was glad that she had arrived before Venetus as it gave her the chance to get her bearings with the other ambassadors first, she waved tentatively over to the other ambassadors already in attendance, ensuring to smile softly at Sariah in appreciation for the invitation she had extended. Her smile was far from genuine but it was there regardless, playing along with the guidance Gideon gave her. Ophelia had to admit that she wasn't sure how she would do this without him and the light chatter between them helped to distract her mind from wandering.

And then Venetus entered and a whole realm of emotions washed over the wayfinder, anger and hurt which still felt raw to this day of the decisions he had made but also fear, for it was his faction and his faction alone that posed threat to her people right now and she knew being civil was the only way to keep that in tact. The brunette forced a smile and a gentle nod of her head in response to his greeting, though it was far from convincing as she joined Gideon's sudden interest in the food laid on the table "Interesting is certainly one word for it" she responded to his sentiment as she waited for the meeting to begin.

It was meeting day. She had it marked down in her diary for the past few months or so since the last one. Meetings weren’t a usual occurrence to say the least. She always saw it as the longer they’re left the better it is, with the least amount of problems. Since the phoenix’s left and new ambassadors filled the spots, Sierra felt more of a balance. Within the other ambassadors. During the meetings she was still a bit tense thinking that she would still be judged by her past mistakes. Not wanting to be the person, the leader she was a few years back. Wanting to do good. Even if it meant trying to regain back the faith and trust by the other ambassadors. To be level headed.

The meeting was being held in the Town Hall as usual. A place where all the ambassadors couple meet. Sierra was on her way, choosing to drive there. As she was coming back from spending the morning at the initia terroy. The rainstorm was causing it to a bit more difficult to drive in. Adding a few more minutes onto her journey. She knew she wouldn’t be late just on time. Which was just a bit annoying as she wanted to be a little bit early now it didn’t matter. Finding an empty parking space outside of Town Hall she parked up her black Range Rover. She picked up her handbag that was on the passenger seat, knowing that as she would get out of the car she;d need to almost make a run for it to get inside. Not wanting to get soaked.

Quickly making a run for it. Entering the Town Hall she walked through the lobby to where the security area was. Needing to go through security to get through further. Many of the staff who worked in the town hall knew who the ambassadors were making it a bit easier to get through security. Putting her handbag through first before walking through the security scanner. Sierra was one of the few ambassadors who chosen not to carry weapons around with her. Always having no need for weapons. Knowing she have her elemental powers there if needs be and second was that she’d not been taught how to use different weapons.

Getting through security with no problems the blonde went to the elevator that would lead up to where the meeting room. Sierra knew her way around the building by now. Moments later the elevator arrives stepping inside she pressed the button for the floor that the meeting was on. As the elevator reaches the floor she entered the room where the meeting was. Looking to see that nearly all the ambassadors where there just waiting for a few more to arrive. She saw Sariah, Cornelia and Orion standing together talking, she smiled in their direction. Being friendly, whilst giving a small nod to the others. She took her usual seat beside Aaliyah. “You like to be prepared too” The blonde joked as she too took out her notepad and a pen. So that she could make notes during the meeting, not to miss out anything.

To say socializing was not her forte was an understatement. Val trusted action more than conversation anyday but being an ambassador - the word still sounded so strange in her ears- came with it's own set of responsibilities from which she couldn't escape. This would be her first official ambassador meeting since she had taken permanent residence with the Dhampir and it was like being thrown into uncharted territories. She had tried calling Max to ask for details but as it had been since the past month, his phone was unreachable.

Between trying to decide on what item in her closet would project friendly professionalism, dealing with the training of a new member and a stubborn husky who had chosen that day to cause all kind of havoc, she was utterly late.

With a muttered curse, she got in her car taking Memphis along with her. It seemed that she was destined to make an impression- and it wasn't the right kind. Driving to her husky's excited barking,  Valeria reached the town hall in record time.

Hair slightly disarry, leash in hand, she went through the security check, grinning at their raised eyebrows on noticing her Elektra. "Honestly, with this crazy dog, I hardly need any weapon but I'll be taking it.. just in case.. unpredictable human nature and all you know" With a wink, Val walked in and nagivating the area, soon stood in front of the doors where the meeting was being held.

With a glance toward Memphis and a whispered 'Lets do this' she pushed the doors open taking in the crowded space and all the ambassadors. It was certain now that she was the last to arrive. Tugging her husky in she gave everyone an apologetic smile- "You know how it is with them. They operate on their own clock unfortunately and sometimes it's way behind ours"- and keeping an eye on her dog who was busy sniffing around, she took her seat.

By the time Cornelia had made her way to Sariah, a smirk had moved up her lips at the blonde's response to her words. "Hey, better safe than sorry." She shrugged, before hearing a familiar male's voice causing her to chuckle once again. "You don't know me well if you thought that, Valkyrie." She humoured, turning to face Orion.

"And you're lucky that I'm having a good day." Narrowing her cocoa hues, her gaze flickered between the two, "Because on a good day, I don't kick your ass for taking so long to ask Sariah out." She turned back to Sariah with a teasing wink, however her smile quickly faded when she noticed the two figures walking inside the room.

While Cornelia had never made acquaintance of Ophelia Dreyvalian, she knew the male beside her all too well. Out of courtesy, she nodded her head at them both before dragging her gaze away from his striking presence, and thankfully to the next Ambassador to walk in through the doors. Inhaling deeply, the brunette took control of her thoughts once again, pushing away the last few words the two had exchanged, from her mind and turning back to face her friends."Well, looks like the Wayfinder has found a Knight to protect her tonight." She whispered to Sariah, referring to the fact that things could get ugly between the Celestials and the Ailwards. Smiling in acknowledgement as Aaliyah took a seat, followed by Venetus and Sierra, returning their greetings.

When the Dhampir ambassador came in with a husky, Cornelia couldn't help but chuckle, at least the dog would be a great distraction when she needed it to be. Returning Illiana's smile, the detective turned to face Sariah once again, noting as everyone had gathered in the room. "Well, that's all of us." Chuckling, she took a step in the direction of her usual seat, "Do your magic, Unicorn. Good luck." And with that she walked and took her place in the meeting room, sitting down next to the other Ambassadors and skillfully avoiding eye contact with a particular one.

It was still awe inspiring to Orion to be counted among those who were leaders of their species and it was something he took incredibly seriously but he had the feeling tonight he was going to need to the bit of humor Cornelia had provided. The energy within the room rather level and holding a bit of anxiety at first, “It was most a hope than an actual thought. I haven’t completely lost my mind Cornelia.” He said with a chuckle.

Then the threat easily and flawlessly fell from her lips as if she were merely telling him it was raining outside instead of the fact she would have liked to kick his ass. If he hadn’t known Cornelia for so long he might have taken offence but he was used to threats at this point when it came to Sariah, “Well then I’m thankful for small favors.”

The atmosphere in the room shifted as the leader of the Celestial species entered the room with the Vampire King. Orion’s back stiffened and his muscles tensed since even though Gideon Ashworth had never done anything to harm he still held the Vampire King partially responsible for what had happen in Nevada since it had been his species unchecked. As far as the Celestial leader, he had yet to build any opinions about her as he slowly moved to take a seat. Her species was interesting to say the least and he did feel a odd connection to them if for no other reason that the stars themselves were what his parents had based their children’s names on. “And I was hoping for a dull meeting.” He muttered under his breath as the Ailward Aspect Ambassador entered and the tension rose.

Giving a smile to each of his fellow Ambassadors he tried not to allow the scent of each of their emotions to affect him which was easier said than done. A feeling of protection washed over him as he looked at Sariah who was the most vulnerable of all those in this room. Depending on how heated this whole meeting might get he knew it could end badly. Glancing at Valeria’s husky the pup looked at him before it’s eyes went cast down and it laid down in submission. Reaching out Orion scratched the dog behind the ears as Cornelia turned the meeting over to Sariah and he shifted to look at her.   

Upon Cornelia’s warning the human ambassador shot her a surprised look before she shook her head, there wasn’t any predicting what the nephilim ambassador might do she had learned that quickly. Her expression was apologetic in the direction of Orion but he seemed to take Cornelia’s words in his stride. Sariah however was glad for the shift in the room when the other ambassadors began entering and taking their seats returning the greeting to each of them in turn.

Cornelia’s whisper caused Sariah to shrug a little “Seems only fair considering there’s two of them” she argued noting that both Venetus and Illiana were in attendance of the meeting. When she had invited Ophelia she had known it was going to be one of their more lively meetings but she hoped breaking the game of cold shoulder between the Ailward and the Celestials might be the first step to finding their middle ground.

“Going to need it” Sariah responded in thanks to Cornelia pressing a hand on her shoulder for a moment before the head of the organization moved to her head seat at the far end of the table. Out of politeness she remained standing as she spoke “Good evening all” she greeted them all with eyes scanning slowly over each face at the table, some she knew very well, others she had barely even met “Glad you could all find the time” it was pretty much a mandatory attendance but the sentiment was there anyway.

“Anyone who’s been to one of these before knows how much they like to drag on so I hope you’re all sitting comfortably” and with that the blonde took a seat on her chair and reached out to the agenda list in front of her “We’ll start with introductions I suppose” her eyes travelled around the table “Illiana Dimitreu takes up the new mantle of ambassador of the Ailward Guard, Valeria Aldridge for the Dhampirs and Ophelia Dreyvalian, our guest for this evening has been invited to represent the Celestials” her eyes travelled to each of of them in turn “Why don’t you three start us off, tell us a little about yourselves” sure the other two were new but Sariah knew who all eyes would be on and she was curious to see for herself who this woman was.

Feeling the equivalent of a punch to the stomach, the Vampire King had to fight to keep his expression placid and serene. The scene of their last encounter played through in a series of flashing images that mashed together into a tableau of anger, hurt, and other emotions he was studiously ignoring. Closing his eyes for a moment, his back to the room, he shoved away everything but the current situation, reminding himself of his duty. He had an obligation of service to his people and a very serious other of loyalty to his ally that took precedence over his own drama.

Straightening up he took a cookie and popped it into his mouth, smiling at the Celestial’s retort. Even from across the room he could scent the emotions that flooded the room, hear the increased heartbeats, and scene the tension that seemed a living entity among them. The Therian Ambassador in particular had a reaction to his presence and the moment the Ailward representative walked in the guilt he felt was a sharp tang in the air. Some seemed oblivious to the subtle politics at play while others were hyper aware. All things considered Gideon predicted the meeting would be eventful if a bit contentious.

Once everyone arrived the Vampire Ambassador once more offered his arm to the lady Ophelia, happily guiding her to the table where they both sat at the end. He expertly maneuvered her so that he was sitting between her and the rest of the room, a position he could best defend her if anything got physical. Once he saw her seated the male smoothly took his own seat, placing one ankle atop the opposite knee in a posture that was relaxed and casual. This scenario was old hat to the Ancient, having sat through more counsel meeting than he could count across his extremely long lifespan.

His gaze dutifully went to the blonde human, Sariah, as she opened the forum with a pleasant enough greeting and a subtle warning that this meeting would not be over quickly. A small amused grin touched his lips as his eyes scanned over the other faces before refocusing on the Ambassador of the Human populace. At each of the introductions he studied the them, his mind running through the wealth of information Cecilia had gathered before his attention turned to Ophelia. He had every confidence in her, knowing she was a woman of many fine qualities and chief among them was a fierce and unabating protective streak. Even with the leader of her former captors in attendance she would no doubt showcase that she and her people were a force to be reckoned with.


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