Droplets of water still clung to the glass of her town car as Cornelia watched the vehicle roll up in front of the gigantic porcelain structure that was the Town Hall. The female leaned forward, tucking a strand of her russet strands behind her ears. The rhythmic music of rain had faded by the time a chauffeur came up and held the door open for her to climb out, Cornelia thanking him as she stepped onto the pavement before walking up the marble steps that shone under the moonlight.

As guards opened the glass doors for her, the Nephilim Ambassador stepped inside the grand lobby, running her fingers through her hair, as she freed the droplets of water clinging to her brindled locks. The clock on one end of the hallway indicated that she was early, which was relieving considering the female had to rush out while she was in the middle of working on a case.

Shaking her head, Cornelia stepped through security, the machine going off the second she passed it. The brunette eyed the well-known female on the other end of the machine, "Is this really necessary, Julia. You know I'm not leaving without my gun." With a quick shrug from the blonde who reminded her it was mere protocol, the detective was allowed to step into the elevators, escorted by two more guards to the floor where the meeting was supposed to be.

No sound was transmitted from the clear walls of the meeting room when Cornelia was escorted towards it, but the moment she opened the glass doors, she was enveloped in chatters from all across the room. Looking around, she spotted a familiar blonde at one end and Cornelia walked towards the human ambassador, stopping right beside her.

"I have a gun, just in case things escalate." She informed her friend with a teasing smirk, waiting for the meeting to start, reminding herself that every time all the ambassadors were gathered in the same place, there was chaos.

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Feeling the equivalent of a punch to the stomach, the Vampire King had to fight to keep his expression placid and serene. The scene of their last encounter played through in a series of flashing images that mashed together into a tableau of anger, hurt, and other emotions he was studiously ignoring. Closing his eyes for a moment, his back to the room, he shoved away everything but the current situation, reminding himself of his duty. He had an obligation of service to his people and a very serious other of loyalty to his ally that took precedence over his own drama.

Straightening up he took a cookie and popped it into his mouth, smiling at the Celestial’s retort. Even from across the room he could scent the emotions that flooded the room, hear the increased heartbeats, and scene the tension that seemed a living entity among them. The Therian Ambassador in particular had a reaction to his presence and the moment the Ailward representative walked in the guilt he felt was a sharp tang in the air. Some seemed oblivious to the subtle politics at play while others were hyper aware. All things considered Gideon predicted the meeting would be eventful if a bit contentious.

Once everyone arrived the Vampire Ambassador once more offered his arm to the lady Ophelia, happily guiding her to the table where they both sat at the end. He expertly maneuvered her so that he was sitting between her and the rest of the room, a position he could best defend her if anything got physical. Once he saw her seated the male smoothly took his own seat, placing one ankle atop the opposite knee in a posture that was relaxed and casual. This scenario was old hat to the Ancient, having sat through more counsel meeting than he could count across his extremely long lifespan.

His gaze dutifully went to the blonde human, Sariah, as she opened the forum with a pleasant enough greeting and a subtle warning that this meeting would not be over quickly. A small amused grin touched his lips as his eyes scanned over the other faces before refocusing on the Ambassador of the Human populace. At each of the introductions he studied the them, his mind running through the wealth of information Cecilia had gathered before his attention turned to Ophelia. He had every confidence in her, knowing she was a woman of many fine qualities and chief among them was a fierce and unabating protective streak. Even with the leader of her former captors in attendance she would no doubt showcase that she and her people were a force to be reckoned with.

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