Droplets of water still clung to the glass of her town car as Cornelia watched the vehicle roll up in front of the gigantic porcelain structure that was the Town Hall. The female leaned forward, tucking a strand of her russet strands behind her ears. The rhythmic music of rain had faded by the time a chauffeur came up and held the door open for her to climb out, Cornelia thanking him as she stepped onto the pavement before walking up the marble steps that shone under the moonlight.

As guards opened the glass doors for her, the Nephilim Ambassador stepped inside the grand lobby, running her fingers through her hair, as she freed the droplets of water clinging to her brindled locks. The clock on one end of the hallway indicated that she was early, which was relieving considering the female had to rush out while she was in the middle of working on a case.

Shaking her head, Cornelia stepped through security, the machine going off the second she passed it. The brunette eyed the well-known female on the other end of the machine, "Is this really necessary, Julia. You know I'm not leaving without my gun." With a quick shrug from the blonde who reminded her it was mere protocol, the detective was allowed to step into the elevators, escorted by two more guards to the floor where the meeting was supposed to be.

No sound was transmitted from the clear walls of the meeting room when Cornelia was escorted towards it, but the moment she opened the glass doors, she was enveloped in chatters from all across the room. Looking around, she spotted a familiar blonde at one end and Cornelia walked towards the human ambassador, stopping right beside her.

"I have a gun, just in case things escalate." She informed her friend with a teasing smirk, waiting for the meeting to start, reminding herself that every time all the ambassadors were gathered in the same place, there was chaos.

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It was not a surprise when the frequent gazes of the other ambassadors flickered onto Venetus as Ophelia spoke, but with centuries of experience, the male had mastered the art of holding a stoic expression as she introduced herself to the gathering. He merely shifted his icy optics to the Therian Ambassador as he spoke up in an attempt for clarification before trailing back to the Celestial.

Pursing his lips in a straight line, the Aspect of Realms watched her speak about her kind, and with a noticeable regret mention the extent she had gone to save them. Venetus didn't fault her for trying to save her fellow Celestials, but what he didn't agree with, was the way she went about saving them. 'An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind' was a phrase he deeply resonated with and what was worse that surely the Celestials were locked up in cages, but at least they were alive, the same couldn't be said about the people who had sworn allegiance to the Ailwards.

His brow furrowed as guilt began to take over his thoughts once again, knowing indirectly he was the reason why those people died in the first place. Though, it wasn't a thought he was willing to share yet. Quickly he snapped his gaze to the blonde Dhampir ambassador as she introduced herself, a small smirk dangling off his lips at the husky that was making its rounds around the other Ambassadors. It was a bold move to bring a pet along in a meeting like this, but Venetus admired the action greatly, being a pet-lover himself. The pup didn't fail to bring out a smile on each of his contemporary's lips, and a part of him was relieved for the slight moment all attention was not on him and the Celestial.

Illiana's introduction had nothing he didn't know already, having seen her practically being raised around the Aspects. When her predecessor stepped down, Venetus had no doubt in his mind that the blonde was the right person for the job and though they both didn't have the same opinion on everything, she lived up to her duties fully and her dedication to her people was all that mattered.

All eyes turned to the Human Ambassador as Venetus gently leaned back, watching the meeting proceed. Sariah spoke about the changes in the Human faction before dropping news equivalent to that of a bomb on the entire gathering. Containment cells, the very word, seemed to be a a connotation for cages as the Vampire King put it. He wasn't surprised by the ancient's reaction, though he knew the Ailward had unknowingly been put in a spot. So he listened, he listened to Aaliyah Cole voicing her concerns and the slight shift in the tone of the meeting as the fact that a couple of Ambassadors knew about this idea, while others were left in the dark.

It was a tricky situation to be in but eventually the male cleared his throat and leaned forward, resting his elbow on the glass table in front of him, "If I may," He started, his gaze training along the entire length of the room before continuing, "As an Aspect, my kind has always strived for balance, Guards have been sent to every corner of the world to protect peace that still remains so fragile." He then turned to Sierra Reigns, "One of our primary intentions of coming to Evermore was the unrest between the Phoenixes and the Initia's." Venetus paused, thinking over the words in his mind momentarily before speaking up once again, "That being said, I do not advocate for caging someone, regardless of their species," At this point, the male's gaze flickered momentarily to Ophelia, "Unless there is a life-threatening reason for it. So my question is," He then looked back to Sariah, "Who would we consider a threat enough to lock them in these...cages, to put it frankly. Who gets to decide who is and is not a threat?"

The wayfinder felt a sense of relief wash over her as she retreated back to her seat and wasn't bombarded with outcries or any judging comments from the other ambassadors. Instead Valeria raised to her feet, introducing herself to the room, Ophelia hadn't known the past ambassador the blonde mentioned but it did make her curious as to how often ambassadors came and went. Ophelia was the only wayfinder for her people, there was no stepping backward for her even if she wanted to. A laugh escaped the Celestial's lips as she heard the howl of the dog Valeria had brought to the meeting with her, glad for a slight ease in the tension for just a moment.

And then Illiana Dimitreu raised to her feet. Ophelia had mixed feelings about the commander of the guard, after all she hadn't been the one in power back then on Skye, in fact Ophelia had known very little of Illiana at all, save for the fact she was a member of one of the more prominent families within it. Ophelia had certainly known Vladimir, a force to be reckoned with for sure and such she expected the same of his daughter. The introductions were short but seemed to satisfy the curiosity of the room whom she was sure had their own thoughts and opinions on everything that was being said.

Ophelia did her best to stop her gaze from drifting over to Ven's knowing that she was only reminded of everything that happened between them every time she did. Sometimes it was better to block things out for her, it helped her to keep a calmed mind. Instead she focused on the blonde human ambassador who Ophelia realized was leading the conversation away from her. She was grateful for the topic because it took the heat off her and her people and instead gave her an insight of the dynamics of the room. Especially on who got along and who didn't.

As Sariah explained the project the human faction had been working on the wayfinder naturally felt her stomach clench, containment system sounded very much like what her Celestials had been through and something she certainly didn't want them to experience again. Her eyes turned to Gideon as he raised his concerns about the disclosure of the project. Ophelia didn't have anywhere to stand on that topic, after all she hadn't been privy to any information about the council before she had walked into this very room. 

Aaliyah also made valid points, Ophelia wasn't completely adverse to the idea of a supernatural justice system as Sariah explained it, in fact if individuals could be made accountable for their decisions, especially those which resulted in fatality, then perhaps that was the first step to ensuring the Ailward couldn't make a move against her people. The brunette was about to voice those very thoughts when she heard Venetus speak. Naturally Ophelia sank back into her seat, the last thing she wanted to do was to interrupt Ven and start some petty argument admist the very meeting that would set a course of fate for her people.

When he spoke about cages, she felt his eyes on her and for a brief moment she allowed her gaze to meet his. Ophelia swallowed hard. Words were all well and good now, but 100 years ago he had turned his back on her and her people and no amount of words would ever convince her that he really believed that now. Purposefully she broke eye contact resisting the urge to shake her head at empty promises she had heard before. Once Ven was finished speaking, Ophelia opened her mouth for a moment "I assume when you say justice system, you mean some sort of fair trial right?" she raised her brows before following it up "As long as that judgement was able to be passed fairly through a spread of different factions, it could easily counterbalance bias" she offered out the suggestion. 

She had to admit, that having a say in how justice was brought in Evermore city would likely be very beneficial for her faction, especially if Aureus ever decided to make a move against her or her people, at least then she would have some level of backup from the other factions. "I do agree there has been far too much death in the name of revenge or greed" she admitted thinking specifically of the people who had killed celestials for their power and there being nothing most could do to stop them or ever feel safe from everyone around them.

She the one of the ones who sat there a little quiet from the rest. Maybe more so because she hadn’t formed any proper friendships with many of them apart from Sariah. Just hellos and few usual conversations during meetings but that was it. Whilst many of the others were closer than others. Making her feel a little bit awkward. Preferring to keep to herself but would voice her opinion of what she that to different topics and understandings. Easier way to stay out of drama from finding out of experience. Sierra knew to keep her wits about, already about to feel the tension in the air tightening. Mostly between both Orion and Gideon Ashworth then between Ophelia Dreyvalian, Venetus Aliward and Illiana d’Fierro née Dimitreu. All common enemies trying to find ground to keep the peace, not making it any easier. Feeling glad almost that she wasn’t in the middle of it all.

Looking around the rooms always eyes were turned to Valeria’s dog who had joined the meeting as a mascot almost, helping to ease the tension in the room. As well as distracting them from the meeting at hand. As the introduction of the three new ambassadors were underway she was curious to find out a little bit about them. The one she already knew of the three was Illiana since she was promoted to Aliward Guard commander/ambassador so she weren’t a total stranger to them all. Even after hearing what Ophelia had to say she couldn’t help to still bit unease, still wanting to keep her guard up almost. Like many of them who still wanted to figure her out to start off with. As Valeria introduced herself she spoke a little of her family but in a past tense almost,  too have lost a brother but Sierra knew it was of different circumstances. Feeling for her almost. Sierra couldn’t help but feel like there was something familiar about Valeria. That she reminded her about something. Someone familiar but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The blonde shook the thoughts away to figure it out another time but couldn't help to feel curious.

Moving onto the next part of the meeting was one of the usual topics. For them all to give up dates of the ins and outs of each of their fractions, so they all can know what's been happening. To give any updates. Listening to all what the others had to say starting off with Sariah. Sierra already knew a little bit that Sariah had a secret organization which only included the humans that only a few knew about, it was the main reason why she was appointed human ambassador. To have a say and ties with the humans that none of them could have. Her ideas and plans shocked the initia ambassador for a moment hearing what all goes on with the secret organization. That they want to capture and hold some supernaturals using human tactics and weapons instead. This was where her opinions and thoughts mattered differently to Sariah, choosing to be on a different side.

Silence filled the room as each of them were trying to process it all, gathering their thoughts and opinions. Whilst some had more to say about it than offers. Each of them would wait their turn to have a say in it. To voice their opinions. Listening to all that Gideon had to say as he was voice his opinions, for once Sierra agreed with him. Agreeing with him on his side. There was a few of them who have seen all that have happened to the city in the passed whoever long years. Been through and seem the blood bath and loss that the city been through. This would only add onto it more. Like Gideon say some of them were in the loop for it whilst the other half of them weren’t. Only to find out about it now. Choosing to voice her opinion too. “If we have it happen this way I feel that it’ll be history repeating itself. As Gideon has said will we learn from our mistakes or have it all happen again” She argued giving her say.

They all were supposed to keep the peace but wouldn’t this be the opposite to it. Already knowing that when others were to find out about it they too would think the same. It would be like to before all that happened between the initia’s the the phoenix’s but only worse. Both were bad as each other for capturing and keeping prisoners. Sierra didn’t want to see history repeating itself. Turning to Venetus he was right too, the Aliward came to help restore the peace not wanting it all to be ruined once more. “Why now? What do you need it all for? Have any people from any of our fractions done something enough for you wanting to capture and keep them against their will” She put forwards curiously like many trying to get to the ground of it all. “Are there things going on with our own fractions happening under our noses that we don’t know about” Each of them were responsible for knowing all that happening within their fractions but is there something that they don’t know more to it than others let on.

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