Baekhyun was lucky enough to survive that night in the war, he could have easily been killed if it weren't for his anger that killed both of the initia's in place. The sudden loss of his mother's death really took toll of him for a number of centuries although bonding with the tribe has helped him along the way.  Sitting up in his bed and looked around his room, letting out soft sigh then running a hand through his bed hair. He had just woken up from a rotten nightmare of his mother's death and now it has been a number of years, he should well and truly be over them. But he wasn't, they continued to be a nuisance to him. When will they ever stop? Rubbing his eyes with his fingers softly, he got to his feet and grabbed his jacket from the end of his bed. Being the helpful person he was, he was curious to know if Anivia wanted to have a hand with anything today.

He placed his jacket onto him and he exited his room and took the spiral case down and into the living room. He scanned the living room if any signs of the Chief but there seemed to be none, sighing to himself as he went to the kitchen to make something for himself. He grabbed a couple of crackers from the pantry and began to eat them then decided to head outside into the brisk wind that was blowing over the top of the mountain; it felt bliss to be here. It almost felt like home however it wasn't entirely different compared to his home, he did miss home though and his parents. Walking through the stretch of snow, his brown hues scanned over the cliff and saw the supernatural city named Evermore and here they were on top of the mountains away from everybody. He looked over to the right and saw a brown haired woman and knew it was Anivia; he trudged through the snow and saw that she was in a trance.

Without wanting to startle her, he sat down next to her in the snow and looked out to the view they had on the mountain. ''Morning Anivia,'' he said softly as his eyes than looked over to her and gave her one of his smiles. ''How are you feeling about today?'' He asked as he grabbed some snow into the palm of his hand and let it fall between his fingers, watching it as the snowflakes settled into the pile of snow beneath them. ''I think we are running low on supplies actually so I think we should take a trip to town?'' He asked her thinking about it, they needed more food even though they were capable of doing some hunting of their own but it was a lot cheaper and less time to go buy some. Letting out a soft breath, ''are you handling it okay here?'' He asked, concerned features written over his face as he knew the ambassadors of other species factions were indeed keeping a close eye on them and wasn't entirely sure how that was going to settle down. 

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The fight the night before with Caspian about whether or not their daughter should have a job in town was running through her mind as she laid in bed for a long moment. Maybe she needed to make a trip to town and talk to Kal who was her brother that had left the tribe all those years ago, who was also now Lucia boss. It was strange to her how her daughter had found her uncle on accident and had no clue who he was to her. Still maybe it was time for family to come back together, she let out a yawn as her alarm went off rolling out of the bed she had just been laying in before she got dressed for the day. She walked out of her cabin looking to the tribe as they were already getting started for the day by making breakfast for the younger children of the tribe.

She walked over to Rhydian who looked like he had gotten less sleep then her and it caused a concern look to cross her face when he reminded her it was supply run day and that he had other business to attend to. She agreed to take it on and dismissed him, watching him leave. She gave a soft sigh before she heard the male voice behind her. Placing a smile on her lips she turned around letting her dark hue hold his. “Morning Baekyun.” She replied back and gave him a slight nod “I am well, how are you doing?” She asked as her gaze moved down the the clipboard in her hands reading over the list that were there. “Yeah it is supply run day, and well since Rhydian had to take a personal day I could use the help.” she said as she cleared her throat.

“I think the hunters are going out tomorrow since the meat is running low also.” she mused looking over the list in her hands. She looked back up to him as he asked her if she was handling things okay, “humm.” she hummed out towards him and gave a nod “As long as the tribe is safe that is all that matters in the end. I will be fine no matter what” she answered as she began to walk towards the truck they had parked there for supply runs. Tossing him the keys as she hated driving as it was so having someone else around to do it was nice. “We better get started we have a long list.” she said as she slide into the passenger seat “First stop is for medical supplies.” she said to him. She stared to the window to the snow, closing her eyes slightly to keep the tears that wanted to spill over locked away.

The night of the attack between the Initia’s and the Phoenix’s took place when he was younger and he couldn’t shake the memories away from that night even after so many centuries have long past. It was still fresh in his head, he had eventually accepted the fact that his mother had died and his father was nowhere to be found. He was however glad that the tribe accepted him the way he was before Coldren did change him into an iced phoenix. It was something that took him a very long time to accept that he wasn’t a fire phoenix anymore; that he was an iced phoenix called a Niveis.

He was never really opened about his feelings about his specie change so he kept it to himself. Anivia was someone that many looked up to in the tribe and it was something that he liked to do was to help her out whenever needed. Watching her with the clipboard, he saw a few things that were needed for the tribe and it was easy enough to fetch them now as they were in the city. Nodding as he stood up and walked towards the truck with Anivia, he climbed into the driver's seat and turned the truck on and into gear, waiting for Anivia to put her seat belt on. Once the truck was in gear and they were both safely inside the vehicle, he pulled out from the driveway of their house.

He noticed inside his mind that the hunters were going out in the next day or so, which is was good. As he drove along the rode and down the mountain tops, he looked over to Anivia and gave her a small smile. ‘’At least we are safe here Anivia, it seems even if other specie ambassadors are keeping an a sharp on us.’’ He commented as he eventually made it down the mountain and onto the main street and headed to the pharmacy for their medical supplies.

‘’Here we are,’’ he announced as he saw the pharmacy not to far ahead but it appeared to be busier than usual. He parked along the side of the road a few blocks away and turned the vehicle off, climbing out as he headed over to the other side to open the door for her. ‘’What do we need?’’ He asked as he waited for to come out. Keeping his senses on high alert, he made sure that others were not suspicious. Once Anivia was out of the vehicle, he closed the door and locked the truck with the keys. Walking along the pathway beside Anivia as he made sure to keep at her pace.

‘’Daehyun and I went hunting ourselves not long ago, it was quite fun.’’ He informed as he wanted to keep some communication going through to them. His eyes peered to the left and saw someone in the alley way, eyeing off Anivia and he glared at them but continued to walk beside her as they reached the pharmacy, opening the door for her as well the bell indicating the company had a customer.

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