Baekhyun was lucky enough to survive that night in the war, he could have easily been killed if it weren't for his anger that killed both of the initia's in place. The sudden loss of his mother's death really took toll of him for a number of centuries although bonding with the tribe has helped him along the way.  Sitting up in his bed and looked around his room, letting out soft sigh then running a hand through his bed hair. He had just woken up from a rotten nightmare of his mother's death and now it has been a number of years, he should well and truly be over them. But he wasn't, they continued to be a nuisance to him. When will they ever stop? Rubbing his eyes with his fingers softly, he got to his feet and grabbed his jacket from the end of his bed. Being the helpful person he was, he was curious to know if Anivia wanted to have a hand with anything today.

He placed his jacket onto him and he exited his room and took the spiral case down and into the living room. He scanned the living room if any signs of the Chief but there seemed to be none, sighing to himself as he went to the kitchen to make something for himself. He grabbed a couple of crackers from the pantry and began to eat them then decided to head outside into the brisk wind that was blowing over the top of the mountain; it felt bliss to be here. It almost felt like home however it wasn't entirely different compared to his home, he did miss home though and his parents. Walking through the stretch of snow, his brown hues scanned over the cliff and saw the supernatural city named Evermore and here they were on top of the mountains away from everybody. He looked over to the right and saw a brown haired woman and knew it was Anivia; he trudged through the snow and saw that she was in a trance.

Without wanting to startle her, he sat down next to her in the snow and looked out to the view they had on the mountain. ''Morning Anivia,'' he said softly as his eyes than looked over to her and gave her one of his smiles. ''How are you feeling about today?'' He asked as he grabbed some snow into the palm of his hand and let it fall between his fingers, watching it as the snowflakes settled into the pile of snow beneath them. ''I think we are running low on supplies actually so I think we should take a trip to town?'' He asked her thinking about it, they needed more food even though they were capable of doing some hunting of their own but it was a lot cheaper and less time to go buy some. Letting out a soft breath, ''are you handling it okay here?'' He asked, concerned features written over his face as he knew the ambassadors of other species factions were indeed keeping a close eye on them and wasn't entirely sure how that was going to settle down. 

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