Evan walked into work at 7am ready to start his 15 hour shift at the hospital. He opened his office door and placed his stuff down taking his leather jacket off and putting on his lab coat before reading notes at his desk drinking a cup of coffee while he signed a few papers.

He sighed before hearing the emergency intercoms speaking 'Doctor Alexander to A&E' he stood up with a shot and ran through the halls arriving at the A&E speaking to a nurse 'situation please'.The nurse explained a drug deal gone wrong he nodded looking at the male patient and looked to his nurse 'operating theater one now stat, give 100 ml of morphine to stop the pain and get him preped for surgery' the nurse nodded as he headed to the theater to perform life saving surgery on the man after an hour he had been successful and was waiting for the police to arrive for questioning.

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After an entire night of tossing and turning on her bed, her mind racing with thoughts regarding her family, Cornelia had finally been able to shut her eyes in the wee hours of the morning, only to be awoken by a consistent ringing by the bedside table. Fumbling around for the matte black iPhone, she let out a soft groan before answering the phone, only to be told by one of her officers on the other end that a drug deal had gone wrong. Usually, the detective didn't get cases of lowlifes being stupid, but this man was an important pawn in the game of chess she was playing with Abraxas Bradford; the son of a key figure in his cartel.

It didn't take too long for the female to give up the comforts of her bed and rush out of the house, trading her pajamas for a more refined pair of pants and a white shirt paired with a deep blue overcoat. The Harley Davidson purred to life as Cornelia zoomed past the traffic, riding towards the City Hospital where the man was undergoing surgery.

Picking up a to-go cup of steaming hot vanilla latte on her way, the female pushed past the glass doors of the hospital, the heels of her black knee-high boots clicking along the polished marble floors as she approached the reception. With a quick show of her badge, it didn't take too long for her to be escorted through the hallways to the patient's room, her curiosity soon replaced by her stoic features. 

She slowed down at sight of the doctor, "Detective Bradford, ECPD." Flashing out her badge to verify as she spoke, Cornelia continued in her accented tone, "How's the patient?"

Evan was signing a few of the patients forms as he looked at the patient laying on the silver framed hospital bed as he made his way out of the room. He only took a few seconds before he heard a females voice and his ice blue eyes glanced up before he seen the female.

He nodded towards her and gave a smallish smile to be polite as he spoke 'Hello Detective Bradford, I'm Doctor Alexander head of the hospital um would you like to come into my office to discuss the patients health due to confidentiality it'd be much easier' He turned on his heels and headed north towards his office opening the door taking off his lab coat to reveal a black shirt with a white tie along with his black jeans as he took out a bottle of water from his fridge  and sat down at his desk. 'Please take a seat, I wont take much of your time' He gave a nod and smile as he sipped his water 

Taking a sip out of the foam cup, Cornelia relished in the hot sugary liquid travelling down her throat as she followed the male detective down the pristine hallways of the hospital. Her gaze moved around the place, taking in names and faces of every individual that passed by, out of habit, even taking a look at all the patients that had been visiting, in case the victim's family turned up. She was a known face amongst the Damnation, so having herself identified by her father's men could jeopardize her entire mission. 

Silently walking inside the office, Cornelia slipped her fingers inside the pockets of her pants, looking around slightly. "Thank you," She spoke as he offered her a seat, gesturing that she was fine standing. Walking over to the wall, her gaze narrowed as the female examined one of the certificates hanging across, reading the details of the male's accomplishment as he settled into his chair. 

"I won't be taking much of your time, Doctor Alexander," She spoke, turning her attention back to him, "Is there anything about the patient's health you could tell me?"

Evan looked at the detectives body language and could assume she was really one for small talk which in her line of work was fair enough as he sighed to himself as he opened the file of the patient and nodded as he read out, he has a latteral knife wound just at the side of his chest at his lungs and has a punctured lung, he has two knife marks at his back and one at his ribs, he has 3 fractured ribs, he sipped his water before continuing to read out the list, he also had a bleed on his brain which I've managed to sort, he's got one broke arm and leg. He stood up looking at the detectives, he's lucky to be alive detective, we've placed him in the icu ward and he's due to get another few minor surgery's in the following weeks.

He looked at Cornelia' he is alert and you can question him apparently he's willing to talk if you'd like to follow me, he put his lab coat and stephoscope placing it round his neck as they walked out as a nurse came up and handed him a few more files to sign, 'get this man on dialysis, that women on a respirator and that one into theater thank you, he walked on and headed into the icu unit and opened the door to the patients room' he's all your ill be back in 20  mins to check his obs, if you need anything, the nurse will page me.

He nodded to Cornelia 'pleasure to meet you detective, he gave a small nod with a half smirk walking out as a team gatherer behind him and followed 

Purely out of habit, the female took in the simple decor of the office-space as doctor spoke about the patient's condition. Usually a detective would make the effort to note down the injuries and overall condition of a patient, but Cornelia was quick to memorize, the words settling at the back of her mind without having to put in extra effort. Her acute concentration was heightened by the fact that this case was personal. And she didn't pen and paper to remember the horrific game that ensued between her and her father. 

"Sounds like someone was very angry with the guy." She spoke, taking in all the details, a small chuckle leaving her lips. "Thank you for your work, doctor. I don't know how he's still alive, but I appreciate it. He is very vital to my case." With an acknowledging nod, the detective gave him a polite smile before following him back out of the office. While the doctor was busy signing paperworks and leading her back to the patient's room, Cornelia busied herself once again in examining the area, looking out for anyone who might be secretly checking up on the male. 

"Doctor Alexander," She spoke, catching his attention just before they were about to enter the room. "Has anyone visited the patient yet? Any family notified?" She queried, pushing the glass doors open and stepping inside the room. Scanning the bed, Cornelia narrowed her eyes as suspicions dawned upon her. Inching closer, she let her fingers curl around the edges of the white sheet before giving it a firm tug, revealing a pair of pillows lined up under it. "F***," Cursing under her breath, Cornelia hurried outside of the room, catching sight of Doctor Alexander as she cried out to him, "The patient's missing, close all exits!" when suddenly the sound of a bullet rang from the hallway across. 

Evan looked towards the detective as she said about the patient had went missing and nodded towards his group of guards 'find him now if he's away from the machine to long he will die within hours' the guards nodded 'detective come with me, there's a few secrets passages in the hospital maybe we can cut him off, -' lock down the hospital, nobody in nobody out, detective this way 

Cornelia was not as concerned about the patient going missing, as much as who could be behind it. She hurried down the hallway and as the doctor gestured towards a secret passage, Cornelia stood conflicted. Unholstering her gun from her belt, she heard the exit doors being slammed shut followed by multiple gunshots. "I'm sorry Doctor, but you must go ahead on your own." She spoke, asking him to secure himself first.

Cornelia was about to venture out on her own when she spotted another male, sporting a familiar tattoo come out of seemingly nowhere. "The passages." She mumbled under her breath, turning around to face Doctor Alexander once again. "On second thoughts." She spoke, her fingers gripping around his elbow as she tugged him towards her, urging him back. "The passages are compromised, we need to find another place." She said, gun in her hand, walking down an empty hallway, away from the action.

Evan looked at her 'detective what are you doing ' He raised an eyebrow looking at her 'how do you know my passages are compromised very few know if them 'He scoffed annoyed that he couldn't reveal his phoenix wings or his fire power as he shook his head he grabbed his small knife out of his boot and stuck it into his belt taking his labcoat off'

He looked around as his senses heightened and he snarled lightly 'what is your true nature here detective you couldn't careless about my patients life he flipped at jumped infront of her firing his dagger across the room stabbing someone in the throat as he didn't reconigse them befoe slamming his fist into the wall 'start talking we have about 5 mins possibly so make it quick.

"I'm a detective, Doctor Alexander. When I tell you your passages are compromised, they're compromised." Cornelia's tone was stern, not in the mood to explain her ways to a doctor of all people. Sure being the head of the hospital he should be given an idea of the things going around, but they were running out on time and this was a hostage situation. Explanations seemed like a waste of time. 

The man had a specific aura that Cornelia recognised could only be one belonging to the fire-lords and with pursed lips, she walked down the hallway, only to be snarled at by the male. Rolling her eyes, she was about to retort when she watched him throw his dagger in the air and stab a man with the familiar tattoo. "Well that was impressive." She spoke, "Even for a Phoenix." It was a small gesture to make him realise she knew what he was, in hopes that he would at least trust her to carry her duties in this situation.

"I don't really need to explain myself right now. Your hospital is under attack, your passages are compromised and there are hundreds of people trapped that need help." Taking a step in the direction of the male, she walked by him before looking over her shoulder, "I suggest we don't waste time in explanations and just hurry."

Evan looked at her after she copplimented him and also gave away that she knew what he was and he shook his head trusting her to an extent 'how did you know ' he asked as they walked down the halls together as he cleaned up his blade and sighed 'thanks for the compliment aswell btw i did alot of training for a long period of time but i dont show it very often ' He looked around 'theres an air duct just through those two doors, we could climb it,it will take us to the secuity room in the left wing '

He looked around and spotted another figure running towards him as he swipe kicked the figure onto the ground and stabbed the neck as the guy went down slowly before looking in around the wall 'theres two guards gurading it 'He looked at her 'you take lefty and ill take righty ' He began to relaize maybe she wasnt a normal detective and deided working together would be more stronger

Cornelia was relieved to see him fall in with her plans, trusting her to an extent. "I would ask you to look at the purple tinge in my eyes, but we don't have time for that." She spoke quickly referring to the fact that angel-children had a lavender hue to their iris visible only to supernaturals. "You're welcome." She replied to his words about training, "Well lucky for you, Doctor Alexander. This is just the perfect time to show it." The sarcasm was evident in her British tone but the female had hints of a glimmer in her hues.

Walking down the hallway, she confirmed that the area in front of them was empty before reaching into her back pocket, quickly calling for backup. However, as she was doing so, another man came running at them which the doctor easily sliced up with his blade. "Easy there." She winced, watching the injured man's blood sputter before he hit the ground lifeless.

As they turned around a corner, Cornelia noticed the air vent the male was talking about and in a quick reflex she shot at the man on the left, the bullet piercing his abdomen in a way she was sure he would survive but won't be of much help for long. She waited for the doctor to finish his work on the other man before dashing for the air vent, grabbing the sides of the rails as she lifted it with ease, thanking her enhanced strength mentally. "C'mon, Doctor we don't have the whole day." She gestured to the opening, motioning for him to climb in and she would too once he had.

Evan nodded impressed with her knowledge and the fact she was from the angel side he kinda grinned alittle before looking at her 'wait why do I have to go first 'He sighed doing a run and jumping up and into the air duct as he crawled alittle bit to make room for her to come up offering his hand if she  needed it.

He nodded as they both started to move along with pure stealth as he kept listening for changes or hints they were getting followed but all was clear he stopped as he peaked through the air duct to see the security office and no guards in it as he opened the vent and jumped down nodding to cornelia as he walked to the cabinet and grabbed his pistol and another few throwing knifes before changing into a black jumped and jeans as he got on the computer looking at all the cameras 'tell me if you notice anything and I can lock from in here

He stood up and allowed her to sit while he went out to the corridor and stealthy walked along before grabbing a strange man  and knocking him out cold taking his walkt talkie before putting him into the broom cupboard as he walked back and stood keeping watch

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