Darkness, fangs, blood, Wayland… Mother…. No…

Giselle shot up out of bed covered in sweat as she panted out, her hand went to her heart as it pounded loudly into her chest. She pushed the covers off of her trying to take deep breaths to calm the anxiety that came over her once again. It had been weeks since she had gotten any proper sleep, Wayland was weighing heavily in her mind these days. She leaned herself forwards on her knees holding her face in her hands as she shook violently. One thing she was sure about is that the man she heard in her head, the man she saw that night Wayland was a vampire.

She moved off the bed and ran her finger along her Diamond Edged Whip letting out a soft breath muttered to herself “you are okay Zella.” She repeated it a few times until her heart rate was normal once again. She looked over at the time and shrug there was no point in going back to bed, she wouldn’t get any sleep done anyways. She decided to start her day, after a shower and getting dressed she made her way out of her home towards her office. She doubted Adrien would be around which meant she could get some work done.

As she walked up to her office she paused, turning her head to the side seeing the back of Wayland's head. Her hand dipped into her purse tightening around the whip as she began to follow the figure, the early morning work goers clogging the streets as she pushed through the crowds trying to keep a calm exterior while her insides burned. She drew closer to him and her hand reaching out and yanking roughly on the jacket he wore and as the man turned around it wasn’t Wayland.

“What do you think you are doing!” the man yelled at her.

“Forgive me I thought you were someone I knew, I am sorry.” She plastered on a smile as she apologized once again and then quickly turned and walked away hanging her head ducking into the closest alleyway her body shaking violently as paranoia ran through her. She crumbled slightly holding her body in a fetal position as she focused on calming herself once again. She hummed softly to herself and once she felt stable enough she stood up and turned on her heel to walk out of the alley running straight into someone flinging her body back. Fear took over as the man who she pulled her eyes up to look at the solid form she ran into.

Wayland stood there his fangs extended as he licked them “Little Giselle I am so happy to have found you.” He said as he picked her up off the ground and pressed her back against the wall and then sank his teeth into her neck. She let a soft scream out before Wayland's hand covered her mouth muffling her screams, fear, and panic set in.

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Wyatt looked at his prized Nikon and frowned with a hint of a slight pout. Two years strong through perilous caves in South America and the treacherous mountains of Japan and not once, not once had he dropped his camera. All it took was one little fall from the countertop of his kitchen while heating up a slice of pizza in the microwave for breakfast and it was all over. "Shit." The cracks webbed out ever so lightly through nearly the whole lens and he knew there was nothing to do, but have it repaired. 

The diviner sighed and shoved the rest of the slice of pepperoni pizza in his mouth as he tied his boots, hopping around and nearly toppling over in his rush. Looking at his watch, he saw it was still early before his go-to electronics shop would be open, but that just meant he'd be the first customer in the store to be helped. Every time his eyes fell on the camera sitting on the bed, he'd feel a new sense of anxiety come over him. 

Groaning, Wyatt shoved the camera in his backpack and headed outside to his car. It wasn't long before he was finally in the human part of the city where his friend Stan owned the shop he had been going to for years. Anything he ever needed when it came to his camera equipment, he was ordering it from Stan. As expected, the usually lit up neon sign that let customers know the store was open was dulled. The car came to a stop across the street and the diviner fed the meter. Wouldn't be the first time Wyatt waited outside of the establishment for it to open for business.

He slung the worn backpack over his one shoulder and began crossing the busy intersection. There was a sea of people hurrying about as they rushed to work in the early hours of the morning. One thing he loved about his job, he controlled his own hours. Wyatt leaned against the brick building of the shop with a sigh and people watched. He liked to play a game with himself to see who he could guess was a supernatural or just a human who had no clue of the world around them. 

His attention was suddenly diverted when a brunette came rushing down the street and dipped into the alley. A curious eyebrow raised and he slowly pushed himself off the wall. Wyatt slowly walked over to the alleyway between Stan's shop and a deli next door that had yet to open. He wasn't exactly sure the woman wanted to be bothered in the first place, but she was clearly in some type of distress. Suddenly, a short scream came from the back street and he quickly ran around the corner.

A man was holding the brunette against the wall and from what he could tell, it was no ordinary man. A vampire. In the day time? "Hey!" Wyatt called out, which quickly drew the man's attention away from his unwilling donor. The diviner could fight. He'd been trained for years on it and even made money on the side for it, but a vampire's strength was still something to be feared. Of course, he also was a magic user. Something the vampire was quite susceptible to. 

His eyes fell on some discarded palettes nearby and Wyatt motioned for the wood to fly at the vampire with incredible force. "Motus!" They smashed into the assailant and stumbled him backwards. The diviner didn't hesitate and quickly grabbed the disoriented woman. He held the woman upright and saw she was out of it from the attack. Wyatt lowered her onto the sidewalk in front of the electronic's shop and peered around the corner again. Nothing was left of the encounter, but the shattered palettes that were splintered across the ground. 

He let out a breath and saw the eyes of curious passers-by starting to look at the brunette. Wyatt knelt down in front of the woman and tried to get her to focus on him. "Hey, are you okay? Can you stand?" Gently placing a hand on her chin, he tilted it sideways to see the bite marks the vampire had left on her skin. She looked a little pale, but he wasn't sure if it was due to blood loss or the frightening attack. His eyes fell on the coffee shop across the street. "Think you can make it over there? We'll get you cleaned up and a seat."

Fear and tears spewed out of her as Wayland had her pressed to the wall as his fangs ripped into her neck, not neatly know it was the vampires full intent to hurt her. His hand clasping over her mouth and she was unable to reach her diamond whip from her bag. The fear overloading her system causing everything to leave her mind besides the darkest of her memories.

Her dead mother's body filled her mind and she closed her eyes tight knowing this was it. The man who made her feel like he was her friend only to use her to kill her mother. Finding her dead body, being convinced that what she saw wasn’t the case that she killed her own mother and then was locked away and tortured for so many years that now she didn’t know how to handle this situation. She had nightmares that Wayland would come back to finish the job, so today was the day she guessed.

She couldn’t even fight back as he was one of the stronger species and all her weapons were in her purse which se had only tighten her grasp on as it was the last lifeline she had. Her eyes shot open as a new male voice filled her ear and before she could understand what was happening the vampire went flying from her. She was tossed from the vampire into the man’s arm. Her heart was pounding away as she looked at him with her chocolate brown gaze though she was sure her pupils were dilated as adrenaline flooded her system.

As the man moved her back to the sidewalk in front of the building the man had been in front of before though she didn’t notice him as she was running to find a place to calm herself. She kept her her hues on him as he was in fact a stranger. Though he was a stranger that went out of his way to stop an attack on her. Though it seemed he had no clue who she was. “No I am not okay.” she said honestly as he tilted her head to the side looking at the vampire mauling on her ivory flesh. “But I should be able to stand.” She said as she moved to her feet trying to make sure she wasn’t going to fall over on her face.

“We need to move quickly before people start taking photos to sale to the Evermore Daily.” she said as her eyes scanned around them seeing the people eye them. She felt sorry for the man who had saved her. He was going to be the news of the town, claiming that this must be the mystery man that she has to be keeping a secret because no self respecting deputy mayor can be thirty and unwed. The rumors the Evermore daily printed about her even made her gag some time. She did her best not to lean into him as to help avoid many rumors as she could but that was easier thought about then placed into action.

Her head was spinning but as the entered the coffee shop she looked to the person behind the counter and asked “Do you have a room we could borrow?” She smiled gently to the person trying to keep a straight face “I feel rather faint and just wish to have a few moments in some quiet.”

“Of course Madam Mayor right this way.” The shop owner said, Giselle didn’t have the strength or will to correct her with Deputy Mayor. The shop owner  moved from behind the counter and to the office that was clearly hers and opened the door. She looked to Wyatt “There is a medical kit in the bottom drew with smelling salts and stuff if you need it. Do you want anything to drink or eat. Either of you?” she asked with a soft smile looking to Giselle with a worried look.

Wyatt offered the woman his arm to keep herself steady as she shakily got to her feet. When they took the first few steps towards the street, it seemed she was strong enough to make it as he put his hand out to hold the traffic and get them across. He slowed his stride to match hers and couldn't help but make a somewhat confused face at her worry about people taking photos. 

The thought quickly dissipated though when he pulled the door open and saw how busy the café was with all of the people making their way to work, but not before grabbing their breakfast and necessary morning coffee. He was going to bring the woman to a seat that had just opened up, but she took the lead and guided them over to the counter. Wyatt shrugged and listened to the exchange as she asked for somewhere private to regroup. At the worker's response at calling her by a familiar title, the diviner closed his eyes at the realization of who she really was before slowly opening them again, feeling like an idiot. 

Wyatt had worked for the paper on numerous occasions throughout the years. Though he wasn't on their payroll continuously, it was true he had picked up some jobs from them every now and again when he wasn't getting a steady income and business was slow. The Daily had called on him when something big was happening in town such as a disaster or an election. That was where he first saw Giselle Stark. He had joined the paper on following her and others throughout the campaign trail and even the days after her appointment to see how she was settling in. Most of the times it was at a podium for her addresses to the public. It was almost strange seeing her from the other side of the lens. He thought it was probably best not to mention he was worked for the press himself. For now, anyway.

Snapping out of it, the diviner went to the bottom drawer to pull out the medical kit that the owner kept. Wyatt settled on the desk, facing Giselle, as she sat in the chair. His gaze moved over her face to see where she was hurt from the assault, seeing the bruising around her neck starting to form where the vampire had held her against the brick wall in the alleyway. "Water and maybe some nuts." He could feel the worker's gaze on his back for the strange response to her generosity, but it was good to eat something with iron to help with the mayor's blood loss. She was just human. He waited until the door closed behind him before pulling open the med kit and taking out some of the gauze inside. Brushing her hair back that kept the attack hidden, he could see the puncture wounds were deep and ragged. That vampire meant to hurt her if not worse. "So, Mayor Stark..." he began softly, gently wiping the area clean and handing her a box of tissues. "Did you know that asshole?"

Giselle had been so worried keeping her eyes around to the others to make sure no one noticed her out right that she didn’t even notice Wyatt reaction when he realized who she was. In all honest she didn’t know him from the sea of media that seemed to have their nose in her life twenty four seven lately. It was part of the job it was something she had to remind herself often. She had done good being the deputy mayor and that was why she took the job, to try and help write wrongs. It was easier said than done at the end of the day with the supernatural world at play in Evermore.

As Giselle found herself settled into the chair behind the desk she looked up to him after he grabbed the medical kit and sat on the desk in front of her. She could feel the scuff marks on the back of her head from being slammed into the wall but her neck was what she was concerned about. She could only feel shooting pain for the area the vampire had bit down on, her top and jacket were a mess so she was going to have to find a change of clothes. Maybe she should just call out all together, but she didn’t want to explain why she was. Her eyes refocused on Wyatt as he asked the barista to bring something for her to eat on. “Please do what he ask. Thank you.” She tried to reassure the barista. “Would it harm you to say please or thank you?” She turned her gaze to the male who was helping her.

She leaned her head so her gaze was not focused on him as he pushed back her hair that had blood stuck into it, as the vampire tore away from her neck she was lucky she wasn’t dead right at that moment. She was sure he was giving her some kind of look though with how she asked him if he could say please or thank you, while he had gone out of his way to help her. “Thank you, for helping me...I know you didn’t have to.” she said softly trying not to move too much taking a sharp breath as he began to clean the area. She was quiet for a moment, not many people knew about Wayland. Just Samual the man who saved her from her old life, her father now and Ben her fellow co-worker that wanted to train her to fight not just use her weapons, today had proven Ben point.

“Yes and no.” she said honestly, closing her mouth as the girl returned with water and nuts setting them down before leaving the room closing the door behind her. “He has been stalking me since I was a child.” She chose to leave out the whole fact that he use to be her imaginary friend who was actually a vampire who was toying with her mind just to murder her mother. Which set off the whole chain reaction of abuse in Giselle life. As she thought about Wayland her hand came to the other side of her neck where she had Electroshock therapy scars that matched the ones on the side of the neck he was working on.  “It was only a matter of time before he made his move.” She said more to herself. “I should have been more prepared.” her hands started to shake as she looked down to the water in front of her “it's my fault.” she felt like she had been thrown back in time when she found her mother murdered. “I let him in my life.”

Wyatt kept his focus on the mayor's neck while listening to her story. By now the wound had cleaned well enough where there was only small droplets of blood coming from the torn holes. He cut a small piece of gauze for her neck before placing a bandage on top to finally keep the wound clean as well as hidden. There wasn't much else he could do for her and he was certain she would heal fairly easily within the next week or so, but the diviner had the feeling she would forever be reminded of the event from the physical scars her attack would inevitably leave behind.

Hearing her explanation, he couldn't help but raise a brow. Stalking her since she was a child? Everything about that was just plain wrong and downright creepy. He personally always thought vampires had a certain creep factor without the whole stalking children element added in. His pale green hues searched hers for a moment before standing and sitting back on the desk. He folded his arms over his chest and couldn't believe what he was hearing. "You're fault?! I'm pretty sure none of this is your fault. You were a child when this started. You can't possibly blame yourself for letting him in." Wyatt could only wonder what she'd been through in all the years since her adolescence that she would think such a ridiculous thought.

"What about Detective Bradford? Have you told her about it?" Wyatt had known the nephilim detective for some time now, given that he worked at the paper on occasion. He practically knew everyone at the precinct and even rode with a few of the officers on calls. It was where all the good stories came from that The Daily was looking for. The two women undoubtedly knew each other already being in their positions and if anyone could help her, Cornelia seemed like a good fit. 

Wyatt picked up the water and nuts and handed it to her. "Listen, Mayor Stark, you shouldn't wait on this. I'm not sure if you're trying to do this all on your own, but no offense, on your own isn't working. You need to deal with this now because you might not get a nosey photographer next time." He glanced at her clothing and saw that her blouse had been torn, a button ripped off. "Do you want me to take you home? I can stay with you for a bit if you would feel more comfortable getting cleaned up with someone in the house. I mean, I'm pretty much a stranger too, but.. maybe you can call a friend?"

Giselle flinch slightly from his touch as he worked on patching up the torn holes on her neck. She hoped he didn’t take offence by her flinching it had been a rather long time since she let anyone touch her neck, dude to the electroshock therapy scars that were on the side of her neck. It was the main reason she rarely wore her hair up, she didn’t need the questions, nor did she need anyone poking into her past. Yet she did try to stay as still as she could while the male who had saved her. Her mind replying looking for the signs of how Wayland had returned. Though her mind already wanted to push the memory to the darkest areas of her mind to never relive them like her past trauma.

Giselle gaze held on to him as he crossed his arms listening to him question how it could be her fault. Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip as she looked down from his gaze, “You know Vampires and Valkyrs are quite different.” she said as she touched her fingers together “Valkyrs have a sense of honor while Vampires are the darkest parts of that. Wayland being a vampire befriended me as a child.” she didn’t look up because she knew how ridiculous it all sounded and he wouldn’t be the first not to believe her past. Why she was even telling him was beyond her. Maybe she wanted someone to know what happened just in case Wayland did kill her.

“He came into my mind and made me see a child that was my imaginary friend, we spent so many hours playing.” she said gently. “I can’t quite remember how long it was before I was shown a vision of my mother being murder, I awoke my bed to find him asking me to let him in my window that it would be our secret. That he only wanted to save my mother. I did. He came in but no longer a child but the man you saw before, he told me to get in bed and not to move. All I remember hearing after that was the scream of my mother.” she choked up slightly before clearing her throat. “I was frozen in my bed until the sun came through my window. I went looking for my mother.”

Giselle paused for a moment and folded her hands together as she looked back up to him “I found my mother dead. I tried to tell the police what happened but my father silenced me.” She held his gaze for a long moment. “There is a lot more to the story.” She said honestly, “but bring in more people would only cause them to get hurt. It's already too much that you have been caught in the crossfire, though I thank you for being a kind citizen. I wish not to involve Cornelia she already has far too much on her plate as is.”

Giselle took the water and nuts in her shaking hands but quickly corrected them to stop the shaking. “On my own is the only way I know how to do things.” She spoke before downing the water and tossing a few nuts in her mouth before looking down to the torn blouse. “I don’t plan on there being a next time.” She muttered under her breath as she let out a shaky breath “I’m a mess.” she said trying to smooth the shirt down before looking up to him once again with a questioning gaze “You would do that for someone you don’t know? I don’t even know your name.” she tilted her head to the side. She knew she didn’t want to be alone in that moment but she wasn’t one to ask for anyone to stay with her or even for help outright she was so used to betrayal and being used that someone being so willing to be helpful was very rare. “I don’t have friends.” she leaned back in the chair slightly.

"It's Wyatt," he replied simply, crossing his arms over his chest. "Kind citizen sounds like the writings of a comic book, though if that means it's my alter ago and I'm some kind of superhero, that isn't so bad either." He softly smiled to her with reassurance in a way to hopefully lighten the very grim situation at hand. He knew being the mayor meant you had a lot of different types of people around you all the time, much like shark infested waters. He wasn't sure if it was because of that which caused her to keep people at an arm's length or perhaps from the trauma that has seemed to follow her since childhood.

Her words sounded somewhat ominous. 'I don't plan on there being a next time'. He didn't want to pry as it wasn't his place. It was true, they didn't know each other, but the fact of the matter was she needed help whether she wanted to admit it and ask or not. A silence had fallen between them for a moment before he spoke again with a sigh. "Well, you're certainly strong. Probably grew up much faster than any child should, but you haven't let it keep you down. You're mayor of a town where supernaturals reside and you're human. That's got to take a lot of take-no-crap attitude not to mention the fact that this crazy ass vampire seems to have a stalker's interest in you. If that doesn't constitute as a strong person, I'm not sure what would."

Wyatt stood up from his seated position on the top of the desk. "Just let me take you home at least. I know this goes against your whole loner rule, but as a concerned and kind citizen, I'm going to have to insist," he said, slightly teasing, but with true sincerity nonetheless. 

The barista came back into the office with a quick knock before entering a bit flustered. She pointed back over her shoulder and Wyatt could hear the noise level of the coffee shop increase from the amount of raised voices behind her. "Mayor Stark? It looks like some of the press is outside."

Wyatt rolled his eyes in annoyance and grabbed one of the loops of his backpack. "You mind giving us a second?" The woman looked even more terrified that she would have to deal with the reporters again, sans Giselle, but she nodded feverishly before shutting the door again. "Looks like someone let loose of your situation." His hues darted around the room before he resigned to the only exit they had available to them. Turning the lock on the pane window, Wyatt lifted it open and pushed the screen off. He poked his head out to see the public parking lot behind the cafe that was void of any people. "Yup. That'll work." He quickly tossed his backpack outside and lifted a leg through the window, followed by the next, dropping some seven feet to the ground. "Now or never, Madame Mayor."

He looked up at the window expectantly and wondered in those few hesitant moments if she would follow him out, but the answer was confirmed as the first of her legs appeared. Giselle lowered herself slowly down and he reached out to guide her fall safely to the ground. Grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder, he glanced around quickly before eyeing the adjacent building from them where they could remain unseen. "Quite the eventful day. Come on."

They moved behind the brick wall, Wyatt looking back to ensure no one had seen them. "I'd say stay here while I get my car, but I think leaving you alone right now would not be the best idea." He sighed and looked to her with a coy smirk as an idea formed. "Ever been under a cloaking spell?"

Giselle looked to the man in front of her for a moment and gave a nod “Pleasure to meet you Wyatt even though it was under some rather extreme circumstances.” She said with a returned reassuring smile. “Please you have earned the right to call me Giselle.” to be truthful she wasn’t used to the whole title thing, and Mayor seem to carry a heavier meaning then Deputy Mayor. “I am sure this would make an interesting Comic would much rather read about it then it happening to me but.” she gave a soft shrug. 

Maybe this reason, moments like this was why she didn’t let people close. Because people where either out to use her, or worked for him. She trusted almost no one, and the people she did trust she feared of losing far more than she would admit out loud. She kept space to keep others safe, she didn’t ask for help because of the same reason. No reason to drag people down with her, after all that was what people where to do, save themselves not the woman panicking and drowning making it worse. She let the silence fill between them as she finished the water and another handful of nuts.

She noted his sigh, as she didn’t bring her chocolate gaze back up to his. Her lips tugged into the faintest of smiles in that moment as he expressed on how she had to be a strong person. “If you put it that way, I am pretty amazing.” she gave a weak chuckle and looked to him as he moved to stand up. “Thank you, it's been a long time since someone gave me a pep talk.” she gave a soft nod with a shake of her head “Well I guess I can’t argue with kind citizen Wyatt. I could use a ride home.” she was reaching in her bag for her phone to text her assistant that she was going to be late and to hold her meetings until the Barista came in. An annoyed sigh left the Mayor lips. “Probably Linda and her lacky who always seem to know where I am.” she huffed out honestly not wanting to deal with them at that moment.

Giselle moved to stand and steady herself ready to face the camera’s who lately seemed to flock to her like flies. After the policeman’s ball where a date with her was auctioned off, only to be stood up by the man who bid on her. The paper couldn’t seem to get enough of the sad Mayor. Giselle was staring at the door for a long moment until she heard the popping of the window lock “What are you…” her question trailed off as she looked to him and the door. “You are crazy.” she said more so to herself then him but she followed him out the window not as graceful as she wished she could but being in a skirt suit didn’t give much grace climbing through windows. “And I told you to call me Giselle.” she grunted out managing to land not horribly thanks to his help.

Pulling her skirt back in place she dusted herself off not that it was much use with the blood already covering her. She almost ran into his back as he stopped. She wouldn’t ever admit it to herself but he was right, being along with Wayland lurking wasn’t the smartest idea. She took in his coy smile and gulped softly. “No but if you don’t see any other way.” She said gripping her bag and then held her hand out to him. “I am assuming we have to be in contact for the spell to work?” she asked. “You are the first Diviner I have ever met and it hasn’t even been two hours and you want to place a spell on me.” she snorted. “Maybe later you can remove my dating hex.” she joked to ease her nervousness. “Please let's just get out of her.” her eyes showed a sad expression as she truly just wanted to hide away from the world in that moment. Maybe a cloaking spell wasn’t the worst idea.

Wyatt looked to her outstretched hand and gave a slight smirk, shaking his head once. "As flattered as I am that you'd like to hold hands while only having just met, we actually don't need to for this to work. Hearing that I'm the first diviner you've ever met though does put quite the pressure on me." He cleared his throat softly, closing his eyes for a moment and smiling at her hex joke while he slowly lowered his bag to the ground. "I'll get you out of here. Don't worry, Giselle." After quickly clearing his mind from all the surrounding noises of the city, he opened his eyes and spoke the spell to render her invisible, watching her instantly disappear. He hoped the rest would prove as easy. "Now, let's get you home and start working on how to remove that dating curse."

Leading them through the still vacant parking lot, he glanced up at the window they'd just come through and noticed the reporters had pushed their way into the back room. Someone pointed towards Wyatt, but he quickly looked away so it wouldn't appear as if he'd been noticed. "Great..." he muttered as they came to the side of the building. "A little haste, mayor." He picked up speed as they went between the businesses until they had reached the sidewalk again. "This way." The reporters were now beginning to spill from the coffee house with frantic eyes searching the busy street. If he hadn't run the risk of getting a ticket or being towed, Wyatt would've teleported them away from the madness. As nonchalantly as he could be, the diviner pulled the keys from his back pocket as he quickly pressed the electronic button to unlock the car, pulling the passenger side open for her. He imagined it would look rather strange if the door seemed to be opening by itself. He waited a few seconds to ensure she was seated before putting his bag on the floor of the car to make it seem as that being the reason to open the door. Glancing up, his green hues caught the mob begin to make their way over after the barista from before pointed towards him. 

An annoyed sigh passed through his lips as he hurried around to the driver's side and saw the violation that sat on the windshield. "Oh, come on." Wyatt pulled the door open with a curse and slid into the seat while tossing the ticket into the backseat. "You better be able to waive that." The reporters were soon banging on his window, but he paid them no mind as he revved the engine and honked to get them to move from out of his path. He pushed his foot down on the gas to lurch the car slightly forward towards those in front of him before slamming on the brake. The scare tactic worked and they hastily moved aside. "Goddamn vultures." Without hesitation, Wyatt quickly accelerated out into the hectic city street and away from the commotion.

His hues glanced every so often at his rear view and side mirrors to make sure they weren't being followed before he looked over to the seemingly vacant passenger seat. Within a moment the spell was removed and Giselle appeared once more. "You okay?" He reached over and grabbed his pack, tossing it into the backseat to give her more room. She seemed a bit flustered by it all and he couldn't blame her. He wondered if now would be a good time to tell her that he technically had a work contract for being employed with the paper... Maybe later. "So where does our good mayor reside in order to get away from all the duties of this mad city?" 

Giselle immediately felt the blood rushing to her face as he gave her a smirk and comment. Giselle felt rather stupid for assuming she knew how diviner magic worked. She dropped her hand from hanging there and kept her gaze focused just past him. She nodded as he reassured her that he would get her out of here. She kept quiet for the moment as she knew if she spoke her voice would crack from how awkward she felt now. As he spoke the spell she held perfectly still not sure if that would cause the spell to mess up if she moved or not. She looked to her hand not seeing her hand and she spoke aloud “Wow!” she looked back to him knowing he couldn’t see her. It was easier for her being invisible. “After you.” 

She followed behind him her gaze turning back to look to the reporters flocking there seeing Linda Turner elbowing her way through trying to get the latest scoop on how the Mayor was failing this week. She picked up her pace behind him as he said something. She could hear the madness behind her and suspected Linda was the cause of how frantic the reporters where looking for her. As he opened the door she slipped in and watched as he used the ruse of his bag being the reason he opened the door. He was very smart, it made her thankful he was the one she ran into when it came to the attack today. As he climbed in and the violation was tossed in the back seat she looked over at it. “Don’t worry, I owe you a parking ticket is nothing.” She said as she jumped as the banging started on the passenger side window she felt her back pressed into him as he managed to get out of the spot. “You can repeat that again, Linda being the worst of them.” she huffed out correcting herself into the seat.

Once she saw her own hands again she raised her hand and soothed her hair down sure it was all over the place. She shifted slightly as he tossed his bag over the seat and she moved her own bag to her feet. “I will be fine, I have been through worst.” she said honestly as she shifted in the seat placing the seatbelt on. “I think one of the reporters has it out for me.” She gave a shrug and then looked ahead of them on the road. “Well I live in Willow Village, house 3896 Bluebird Street.” She gave her address. “It's the suburban part of the city. So a few more miles. Its got a blue door.” She said and then sat in quiet for a moment as he drove only telling him when to turn and then when they pulled into the driveway. She reached in her bag and pulled out her keys.

It was a small two bedroom cozy home that was smaller than many around it, though it had a bigger yard in the back for her garden. She moved to the door “Come on,” She said as she looked over her shoulder to him before unlocking her door and walked in waiting for him to cross the threshold before she shut the door. Inside was cozy, the walls were painted a soft grey and pops of color throughout. “I am going to grab a shower, feel free to have any of the leftovers in the fridge or anything to drink. Everything is labeled and has a star rating on it for how I liked it.” On the counter in the kitchen that could be seen from the hallway, there where cookbooks with sticky notes all in them. Giselle disappeared into her bedroom and took a quick shower and changed into a new set of clothes ziplocking the ones she had been attacked in pulling a bin from a secret hatch in her bed that held some of her darkest moments. She tossed the bag of clothes in there before she walked out of her room, dressed in a turtleneck to hide the wound. “Find anything that could be used for a hex yet?” she asked as she made her exit from her room.

Wyatt gave a nod as she told him the address and followed her directions. The drive wasn't long at all as they pulled into a nicer neighborhood where the houses could've been photographed for a magazine. He pulled into the driveway and shut the car off, peering up at the house. The blue door was a nice touch to the paler outside paint job and he was somewhat surprised that the mayor would be living in a quaint house when she probably could've had something bigger if she truly wanted. It wasn't like she wouldn't get a great deal from any of the realtors in town. Though perhaps like himself, Giselle preferred the smaller space. She did live alone too.

He followed the mayor up the drive and to her doorstep. His eyes casually scanned the area around them as he waited for her to open the entrance. From what he could see, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but that also didn't mean something wasn't there. The world of the supernatural meant things could be out there that one just couldn't see and he wondered how desperate her attacker really was. Perhaps he had already beaten them to her house. After all, the valkyr had an enormous lead on them.

As the door opened, Wyatt walked inside to the quiet. The house was immaculate and from her personality, it didn't surprise him in the least. Everything was in perfect order, yet it didn't feel cold as there were spots of color around the home too. He walked further in and passed her as she continued talking, noticing the kitchen. His eyes fell on a book that was covered in notes as she mentioned the labels of star ratings. Wyatt raised a brow and smiled at the comment. "Uh, think I'll just grab a drink, but thanks." 

He watched as she headed off further into the home and pulled open the fridge to find a beer he wouldn't normally drink that would have to do. Pulling his keys from the wallet chain he had attached to his jeans, he popped the top off with his mini bottle opener that was attached to the ring, tossing it in the trash. He took a swig of the drink and walked slowly around the space. There was a door leading out back with a window nearby that he peered out of to the large backyard. Despite knowing the possibilities, his eyes were telling him no one was there at the moment.

Wyatt didn't exactly feel comfortable leaving the woman here without some sort of minor protection at least and even then it felt wrong just leaving her. He wanted to at least reach out to the ECPD and let them know what happened, but he knew it wasn't his place. Perhaps there were a couple of those she trusted there that could keep a car outside her residence; Specifically those that weren't human and stood a chance against this crazed stalker. He had sat on the couch and was in his thoughts about the best case scenario when she appeared again in new clothes. A slight smirk moved over his features at her mention of a hex and he shook his head. "Sadly a hex against another hex doesn't work, but I was thinking about the protection over your home." Wyatt sat forward a bit as his eyes met hers. "How about some boundary spells? Something that would at least give you a fair warning if an intruder was to try and get in. I feel obligated to do something. I can't just walk out the door comfortably knowing that this clearly isn't going to stop anytime soon for you."

Most who knew where Giselle lived found it odd, why someone with so much power and money stocked away live in such a small cozy home? Even Samuel her pseudo father asked her about when she wanted to start a family. Which she replied that Sam was all the family she needed. Mainly because she didn’t see children or a family in her future ever for many reasons. Small was what she liked, it was more than enough So as his eyes scanned the outside and then the inside she wondered what he was thinking. If he wondered why she was in the small home. Though she pushed that thought away after all everyone has assumptions of her. It came with being in the public eye.

After the shower and tucking the bag in the box under her bed joining him once again. Watching him drinking the beer for a moment and chuckles. “In the garage Ben stores beer if you would prefer one of those.” She said as she settled into the seat for a moment her true awkward appearance was clear as she wasn’t used to being around people when she wasn’t Mayor mood. She let out a soft chuckle and then looked around her home. “What kind of protection?” she asked as she reached up and tucked her hair back behind her ear. “You know you are speaking in a different language right?” She chuckled softly.

Giselle thought for a moment and then found herself standing disappearing into her bedroom. She had never show anyone the box and what was inside of it. After all it would be exposing herself massively if she had. She pulled the box from under the bed and returned with it in her arms as she sat beside him with some space between him. She placed her hands on the lid and looked to him. “This box holds everything I  have ever received from this vampire and everything that has been done to me from what I can remember and things I have pieced together. I have never trusted someone with this secret, not many would understand what has happened to me.” Her chocolate brown eyes held on to him. 

“I am only showing you this in hopes maybe it will help with whatever protections you may think will help.” She said as she opened the book and pulled out some letters that were in bags that were written in blood. “I am not sure if this is his blood or victims.” she said as she then pulled out the file on her from over the years police reports in your youth and then her psych records. “These are my records.” She pulled out random gifts that were less than ideal. “Over the years when he wants to make contact with me he will send a gift, a dead crow, and a letter in blood to me.” she said as she pulled them out and then the bag of clothes she had been in before and lastly her journal she had filled out in detail what he looked like, everything that has happened to her. Lastly a few sketches she did of him. “I am not sure if any of this will help.” she placed the book aside.

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