Since living in Evermore; The young Initia had a small group of close friends. One of them happened to be her best-friend Ery. The Aspect of Death, was more like another brother to her. After the death of her brother Adolf; along with her elder siblings Sierra and Cedric. The Aspect was someone, that helped keep her sanity. Losing count, how many times she had broken down in front of the aspect; when the news was still very fresh, when coping at first was hard. Maybe getting his side of things; since he was the Aspect of Death. Kind of helped ease her a little bit; knowing her elder brother was at peace.

The pair sometimes having a rather amusing relationship; as she had a tendency to scold the Aspect for his drinking ways. Even if the Aspect was Immortal; and old enough to take care of himself, Jessa couldn’t help but worry about his health. Even for Immortals; drinking so much couldn’t be good on the internal system. Jessa always joked, that his internal organs would be swimming in whisky and rum by now. But all the same; Jessa was grateful for him and his friendship. Even if he annoys the crap out of her, at times.

With his busy schedule; she hadn’t seen him for a while. So Jessalyn thought she would pay him a visit. Maybe tug him along with her; for some fun. As usual. The young Initia, found ways for the Aspect of Death to get into fun scenarios for a change. Few weeks ago, she had managed to drag him out for some cliff diving. Jessalyn knew he had a fear of cliffs; so she thought it would help him get over it; with some fun activity. And surprisingly, it had worked. Jessalyn hadn’t been cliff-diving either before; so it was something new for the young Initia too. But she had to admit; the thrill and rush, made the jumps more exciting. Especially with the beautiful crystal blue waters, waiting to welcome you each time.

Making her way to the Ailward Manor. By now, Jessalyn knew her way there like the back of her hand; having been there numerous times. The guards knew, that she was usually visiting her Aspect Friends; so she didn’t have issues getting inside.Although most of the time; Ery ended up answering the door himself.

Hugging her jacket around her slim frame. Her brown locks seemed to bounce with each step she took. The heels of her boots clicking against the pavement. Jessalyn didn’t mind the walk; at least she could enjoy some fresh air. Coming up the familiar mansion; she rang the doorbell. Before waiting for someone to answer. This time, one of the guards answered. “Ah, come to see your favorite aspect again?” she was greeted with those words, and a soft smile.

“Always.” Jessa smiled back warmly. Walking inside, when she was allowed to step into the manor. As always, the young Initia took in the beauty of the manor. There was something about the architecture and decorations, that always felt warm and home-like, and the old style; she did always like.

“Good luck, getting him out. He’s been hoarded up in his room again.” Was all the guard told her, before letting her go upstairs.

Not again. Jessalyn thought to herself. “I’ll talk to him.” she said softly. “Have a good day.” Giving the guard a pleasant smile, before heading up the stairs. Heading down familiar hallways, Jessalyn found herself outside of Ery’s bedroom door. Knocking lightly at first, she tested to see if the door was unlocked; so she could poke her head through. But the door was locked. Great. She pouted slightly. Before knocking bit louder on his bedroom door.

“Hey, Dragon, it’s me...come up.” Jessalyn said teasingly, from the other side of the door. “Are you seriously, gonna keep your favorite Intia and best friend locked out? I mean that’s just rude, you know?” She tapped her foot, whilst waiting for Ery to open up. Listening for any sounds on the other side of the bedroom door.

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Erythreus had been in a dark place lately, finding little time where he was able to smile. With having just stepping up to lead his faction, it had really added a lot to his already full plate. The worse part of it was that he'd been trying to prove his ability to lead, to a bunch of people who didn't think he could. He understood all too well that it would be a huge change on top of the Vladimir situation. He could see why no one wanted a new leader during that time. But, he was doing the best he could, and hoped that everyone would take at least that into acknowledgement. A certain blonde he cared deeply for, had left the city, and another blonde, which he had only just met, seemed to be in his every thought as of lately now too. Sofi was different, so he could be content in knowing she may not toss him aside so fast. That seemed to be the story with the rest of them. The only person he really had to vent to about all of this however, was Jessalyn.

The Initia had became someone Erythreus clicked with the moment they'd met. Their last encounter had resulted in cliff diving. Erythreus had been talked into facing a fear of his, one which led him right to his past. He had been hurled from a cliff much like the one he went to with Jessalyn, right to his own death, only to wake as a being of the night. He still hated cliff's that hovered over oceans, because it never brought him anything good. Erythreus had also been a source of comfort for Jessalyn too though. She had only just lost her eldest brother Adolf when they met, and after the two of them got close enough, shed been able to find some peace in knowing that Adolf was at peace through Ery's abilities.

Turning the music up, the Aspect of Death pulled out his chair to sit down at his desk, and began making a journal entry. Erythreus was definitely a dark soul, but he also had a soft side to him that a lot of people easily overlooked because of what he was. Everyone assumed The Aspect of Death had no soul at all, and that he had no feelings, when in fact, he was the omplete opposite, and likely the softest member of the Ailwards all together. He definitely was the biggest romantic, an old school romantic at that. He just didn't get to present that side of himself very often. Women tossed him aside before they could even get to the second date, because he wore is heart on his sleeve. And let's face it, the women of this generation rather have a man who treats them badly, or controls everything. He had his sights set on a blonde Initia master and hoped things didn't go downhill before it could even begin with her.

The music was blaring and Ery was in his feelings when a knock at the door barely got his attention. Admittedly, he had ignored the first knock. But, the louder knock made him slam his journal shut, but his music remained blasted. It was oly as he opened it, that he lit up like a set of Christmas lights. Without a word, Ery pulled the Initia in for a hug "Well, I definitely wasn't expecting you" he admitted, and pulled back, offering a genuine smile. "Sorry. I probably wreak of alcohol" he added with a frown. He hadn't been out of his room in days now, only for the usual meetings and his nightly round to the bar and graveyard. "How's life treating my closest friend?' he asked, and made a small gesture for her to go ahead and come in. Erythreus walked to his closet and pulled a solid black shirt out after pulling his other one off. If people didn't know better they'd swear he bathed himself in alcohol, and his room hadn't been tidied up in days, because he refused the cleaning lady every time she knocked.

"I'm a wreck' he finally said, and shook his head before taking a seat on the edge of his bed, patting it, offering her to join him. "What brought you here?" he asked, but gave her a knowing look, he figured she was here to drag him out into the sunshine, and to get some fresh air. Jessalyn had a way of making him do things, when no one else could get through to him.

Jessalyn was just about to knock on the door again; when it finally swung open. The sight that greeted her; had been something she witnessed before. Ery’s usual broody, alcoholic self. The young Initia blinked; at the strong scent that came from the Aspect. “I figured, I should stop by since we haven’t seen each other in a while.” Ery wasn’t wrong,when he said he reeked of Alcohol. But nonetheless smiled, as he pulled her in for a hug. “You stink.”she said playfully, as she returned the hug, giving him a slight squeeze. As always, happy to see him. Even though not in this state. “How long have you been wearing this?” she gestured to the t-shirt, that smelled of booze. “One of the guards, said you been brooding in your room….again.” Putting a slight emphasis on the last word. Giving him her usual disapproving, yet worried look.

Heading inside of the familiar room. Jessa was about to answer his questions; but her eyes widened when she saw the state of his room. Yep this was bad. “Wh...wh…” she gestured around her, unable to speak for a few seconds “Did you set of grenades in here?” Boy, he was more messy than her brother Cedric. Being highly organised of the family; the young Initia hated mess. Stepping over a bundle of clothes on the floor. She made her way over towards the window...yanking back the curtains open and opening the window; to air the room out.

“You don’t say.” Jessalyn frowned, her brows creased when he admitted to being a wreck. She definitely seen him in a better state. It seemed like the Aspect knew her well. But she just gave him, that famous innocent smile she always pulled off; before she would drag him outside. “What?I can’t visit one of my closest friends?” Jessalyn questioned. “I haven’t seen you in a while. Thought we could catch up.” But he definitely needed to get out of here for a while. Brooding in his room, wouldn’t help him, that was for sure.

“But first things’ need a shower or two.” Jessalyn couldn’t help the scolding tone that came out. Sounding like a sister. “And to get out of this room! Look! Look how nice outside it is! Sure it might be getting colder, but fresh need that. And someone needs to tidy up this war zone.” Jessa almost dramatically gestured to mess around them. “I mean, if you ever want a girl...stinking like rum and whisky, won’t do it.” Jessalyn teased. “Us girls, like clean...fresh…”It probably was amusing, that the small young Initia would scold someone so tall and much older than her; like Ery. But she always did; out of care for the Aspect.

As Jessalyn walked over to his wardrobe, she pulled out a fresh pair of jeans for him, along with a jacket and a clean towel. Shoving it into his arms; as if to urge him to head to the bathroom “You can vent to me, after you take a shower and after we get you out of this dragon den.” Jessalyn gestured towards the door; so he could head to the shower. “Don’t make me kick that Dragon butt of yours, to the bathroom.” she said teasingly.

“I swear your brooding periods get worse and worse.” If there was a thing called man-period. This was it. Jessalyn slightly shook her head. “But enough of the is a day of fun...and I don’t intend to have fun on my own. You’re coming with me. It’ll do you good.” Jessalyn gave him a soft smile.

Ery sighed, but gave the Initia a playful eyeroll when she told him he stinks. "Brutally honest, I love it" he laughed jokingly. Her question however, did make him grimace a little. "Well, just since last night, but you know how I do. I drink enough to get an entire army of men drunk. Being immortal has it's downfalls. My tolerance is way to high" he frowned, because he knew he needed to cut back. "Serena vanished from the city. On top of the events currently going on in the manor, I just needed to forget everything for a moment, and took it overboard, but.. as always, you bring a little joy when your presence is near" he smiled genuinely before stepping out of the hug. He was sure she'd get a contact buzz just from the smell of alcohol on his clothes.

"One of the Guards..." he trailed off, making a mocking expression "I can only imagine who" he then said, as he made his way over to his wardrobe, slipping out of his dirty shirt, and tossing it to the side. "Save it woman" he gave a stern, yet playful look when she struggled to speak once she saw the state of his room. "Ive just not had the time to clean. Ive been dismissing the maids, because I was shutting everyone away.. I had to" he admitted. It's the only way Erythreus coped. Most people knew that about him by now. He was doing his best however with keeping up appearance, and drunk or not, he took the matter of Vladimir to heart. He wouldn't rest until their Guard was avenged, as he knew Octavia wouldn't.

Ery laughed when she asked if he had set off a grenade. "Nope, just alcohol and me dancing and singing in a drunken state" he remembered how loud he had gotten the other night. It got to the point that people were actually clustered up outside his door, ready to bombard him and kick his ass if he wouldn't quieten the noise a little. As he rummaged through his clothes in an attempt to find a fresh change of clothes, the Aspect grinned "Of course you can. You've been the only exception lately" he frowned again though, because before he and Serena fell distant towards one another, shed march into his room like she owned it when the Guards would call her about his state of health, and she somehow always managed to get him functioning again as a normal person.

"Catch up? What.. like outside.. where there's people, happiness, and sunshine?" he gave a pouty look, and playfully cringed. "Ill see what I can do" he added, figuring by the time she left, she will have already drug him out with her. And, truth be told, it had been some time since they'd saw one another, their last little adventure of cliff diving, being one worth remembering.

Ery laughed and shook his head as she continued to rant at him. "Fine, fine! I get it. People, smiles, sunshine.. while all that sounds gross, Ill try, for you" he gave a nod, amused with how she had always been able to win him over. "Give me ten minutes then" he then said, taking the clothes she'd picked out for him,  and scurried away to shower, making sure he'd taken only the time he needed to clean himself properly before rejoining her with a fresh change of clothes, his hair put up in it's usual style, and a half smile on his face now. "Well I feel a little better now" he sighed contently,happy that he had someone to push him during times like this. "I agree, I know I shouldn't fall so hard when I get in my moods. But, ill catch you up when we leave. Where to?" he asked, curious of her plans for them for the day. "I still remember the cliff diving and how scary it was to face myfears, but it was well worth it." Erythreus couldn't lie though. Each time he was near a cliff that towered over an ocean, he relived the very second he was tossed from one, to his death.

Jessalyn pulled a face, at his honest answer about loving the smell. “Maybe a little too much.” Came her cheeky reply. And as always, Ery used the Immortal Excuse. “You could drink for two armies, let alone one. And stop giving me the Immortality excuse Mr. That’s no excuse to keep damaging your insides slowly..just cause you’re not aging.” Jabbing at his torso a few times; as she spoke. As if to prove a point. Believe it or not. It was still poison. He couldn’t tolerate it forever? Right? The young Initia’s brows slightly creased, frowning as he mentioned his ex flame Serena had left. Okay, that’d partially explain his brooding. “If she left, she’s not worth your time.” she said honestly. “Like I always said, you deserved better...but you ain’t going to get it, looking like a brooding, shaggy, alcoholic mess.”She spoke gesturing to his state. Clothes, Hair, the whole mess.

When he told her to save it. Jessalyn just stuck out her tongue at him playfully. “No, I will not!” crossing her arms over her chest. “If you refuse to listen to any of your siblings, friends in the guard...then you as heck, gonna listen to me Mr! It’s for your own good. I am not taking your excuses no more!” she pointed out. Maybe she did sound a bit melodramatic. But she meant well. As she hated seeing him like this. Jessalyn just rested her palm, against her forehead. Shaking her head; as he spoke of shutting everyone out and not having time to clean. She knew his ways all too well; but she always refused for him to shut her out. And she wasn’t going to start now.

She shook her head, amused as he mentioned dancing around in a drunken state. “ dance?” she smirked to herself. If only she could have caught that on video. She’d have good material to tease him with then. “Then don’t always act so surprised, if I drop in unexpectedly.” Jessa gave him a smile. Someone had to keep the Aspect,functioning somehow. And the young Initia would try and do just that. One way or another.

It was to be expected, that Ery would whine about heading outside. “No, the 7th level of Hell.” she replied back jokingly. “Of course outside, where else did you think? I ain’t staying locked up this...den. And neither are you.” His pouty look amused her. Looking like a puppy, or small child whom couldn’t get his way.  “Suck it up, Ery-jo!” Using a playful nickname for the Aspect.

When he mentioned it all sounded gross. The young Initia burst into laughter. Shaking her head. “Such a Drama Queeeeen you are.” she teased.She still thought his alcoholic scent was even more gross. And now it lingered on her clothes...yay.  “I have a list of things, are more gross than all of that. But you don’t hear me complaining about them, do you?” She rose a slight eyebrow. But the bright smile on her face; practically spoke volumes; as she was victorious in trying to get him out of the mess. As soon as he moved to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Jessalyn tossed the empty bottles around, into the bin. Before she quickly poked her head around the door; catching one of the guards. “Can you send one of the maids in here? This room is a tip.” Giving the guard a smile. Once that was sorted out and knowing a maid was on her way to clean this room. Jessalyn felt a bit more accomplished. Smiling when he came out smelling and looking more fresh. “Good, you look better too.Now for me to get rid of the stench on my jacket.”she said playfully. She would have to wait, for the full story for sure. It seemed like more than something simple. But with Ery. Nothing was ever simple. “There’s a new Arcade in town, thought we could start there.” she smiled. Practically nudging him out of the door; just as a maid was heading in their direction. A few people that were in the hallway, looked surprised that the young Initia managed to get Erythreus out of his bedroom. “See, I told you...facing your fears, would do you good.” she smiled, brightly.

The Aspect rolled his eyes as she gave him a pep talk about the alcohol and what it was likely doing to his insides whether he was immortal or not. "Maybe you're right, maybe you're not" he started, and smacked her hand away playfully "If you wanted to touch my abs, all you had to do was say so" he smirked, and sighed to himself when Jessa said his previous love interest wasn't worth his time. Maybe she was right, for the longest time, Erythreus had been feeling buried underneath the blonde Valkyr's need to continue rejecting im over and over. So, in a way, he was relieved to not have to feel like he didn't mean enough, but it didn't take the hurt away from feeling her absence. Despite their confusing love affair, Ery and Serena had become best friends. So he hadn't only lost his love interest, but also his best friend. But, that's where Jessalyn had stepped in, she quickly filled that void in no time.

The Aspect gave a mock gesture when she then told him he deserved better, but wouldn't get it with how he looked, and carried himself right now. "I know you're right Jess, but  changing how I live hasn't happened in over a thousand years, I seriously doubt it'll happen now" he shrugged. It;s not that he was entirely comfortable living like this, it's just that he didn't feel the need to change it. But maybe small steps into being a better person, would gain him more positive outcomes. With being a leader, he damn sure needed to at least try to be better.

When she scolded him and informed him she wouldn't take no for an answer, Erythreus held his hands up in defense, chuckling at how persistent she was. He laughed at her surprise, when she asked if he danced. "Only when i'm drunk. I sing too, but I never said I was good at either" he admitted, grinning slightly.

Erythreus narrowed his gaze at her when she said the 7th level of hell. He was sure sometimes, that she was the only one who had a sense of humor similar to his own, and it's why they knew how to take one another. As to where most others got offended when Erythreus joked with them so openly. "I'm already in hell Jessa, no need to take me there yourself. Outside .. that seems rather risky .. that means i'd have to socialize" he huffed at the thought, but he knew the only way to make her stop preaching to him, was to actually go. Erythreus looked down to her, as he towered over mostly anyone that approached him, shrugging slightly "I mean, ive got all day with you apparently. What's your list?" he asked, curious as to what she thought was gross in comparison. Eythreus wasn't even joking though, when he said the outdoors was gross, he meant it. He wasn't a social butterfly, and he guessed it's why he had been stuck with being the Aspect of Death, as opposed to all the other Aspects and what duties they were granted.

Lurking around in the cemetery at night time was more his style, because unless it was the dead he was speaking to, no one was around to pester him. And, speaking to the dead... that was very different from speaking to the living. The dead seemed to have a lot more to talk about, things that didn't irk the Aspect to much. And mostly, they just wanted to say goodbye to loved ones, or they hadn't found peace yet, and Erythreus did his job aand guided them until they did.

Ery rolled his eyes, and grabbed one of his own jackets, "It will likely look more like a dress on you, but If you wanna wear it until we're back" he offered, and arched a brow as she mentioned there being a new arcade. "Oh the horror!" he screeched a little. "I don't know how to work anything in regards to technology, I'm quite sure my gaming skills would be the same" he sighed, but chuckled at how out of date he truly was. Erythreus hadn't really evolved with the new generation and it's tech, and he wasn't sure he ever would be there completely. "I guess I can try though. Iris has had to deal with me more than enough with a cell phone, I can't wait to see how good I am at gaming" of course that was sarcasm. He knew he'd be awful at it, but he guessed it wouldn't really hurt to be out of his element for a little while.

Erythreus narrowed his gaze at the maid, as she gave him a go to hell look for the many times he had told her to go away the last few weeks "Don't get used to it, you're only going in my room because she's persistent" he shook his head, chuckling as the maid walked into his room, mouthing a few swear words. Ery then looked at the guards, who seemingly were shocked to see him leaving "Not my choice" he grumbled and a few of them laughed. But he had to admit, when he stepped outside, it was nice to get a breath of fresh air. He had been holled up in his stuffy room for days now, only going out when it was dark, to do his nightly rounds in the cemetery, keeping the dead company.

Ery nodded when she told him that facing his fearswould be good for him and so far, it had been, it's just that cliff's and oceans were still his truest fear. "I'll never be anyone else, for the longest, even though you fuss at me about certain things, you've come to accept me for who I really am, brooding, alcohol, all of it.. so thanks munchkin" he smirked, as he ruffled her hair into a mess. After flagging a cab down, Ery opened Jessa's door for her, allowing her to get in before making his way to the other side, and sliding in beside her. "I can't believe youve talked me into the Arcade" he grumbled once more, and the driver smiled, nodding that he got the hint where to take them. Ery paid him for their ride, and sat quietly on the way to their destination, simply reflecting about how chaotic life had gotten for him as ambassador to his kind.

After arriving, Erythreus made sure to step out quickly enough to open Jess's door for her again, throwing his arm around her shoulder to walk in with her, because he was nervous as fuck. He couldn't lie, the one thing that would have made this better? Sofi.

“Of course, I am right.” The Initia huffed at him. “That thing is poison, at it’s worst...even for Immortals such as yourself.” Jessalyn didn’t think, he was entirely immune to the effects of Alcohol. Wether he agreed or not, it wasn’t good for him. Not in the long run. “Fine, don’t believe me if you’re so stubborn. But I am only saying this for your own good.”It was fruitless trying to argue with him, over his alcoholism. But no doubt, she’d keep giving him pep talks once in a while. Hopefully one day, he might smarten up and listen to her. As he slapped her hand away. Jessalyn rolled her eyes at his comment. “Yeah, not the reason.” She mused, at his teasing. She had known a little about Serena and what she put him through. And honestly, she didn’t like it. Jessalyn always hated to see her friends being hurt. No wonder, the woman didn’t leave much of a good impression on her, from what she knew. But she knew, his feelings towards her were complicated. To say the least.

Jessalyn knew he was set in his ways, there was no denying that. After all, she had known him for years to know that. “Stubborn, Stubborn, Stubborn...and more Stubborn.” He really was a pain in the neck sometimes. “You know, trying to change your ways, isn’t a bad thing. I am not saying it’ll happen overnight...but.” Hopefully he’d realise that one day. Change was good. “But in the long run, this isn’t just about you Ery. What about your siblings, your friends? They need a sober, well together leader...not a drunk...that causes a hurricane in his room, whilst drunk dancing.” Wether he wanted to hear it or not. It was true. “Being drunk, won’t help anyone here in this mansion. And we both know that.”

It was slightly amusing situation. At least, he found it funny. But someone had to talk sense into him. As The Aspect mentioned singing...Jessalyn giggled. “Wow, Ery the Dragon Pop-star ladies and gentleman.” she teased.

Jessalyn was pretty open about all sorts of humor.She wasn’t so judgemental about Ery’s dark humor. It amused her half the time. Some of his come backs, had been hilarious over the years of knowing him. “Pretty sure, you’re in the Eternal City, not hell. Otherwise, we’d all be up in flames.” She pointed out, as he claimed he was in hell already. As he complained about socialising, she shook her head. “It’s just socialising...not a marriage proposal.” He really hated being out in the world, with others for company.But most of the time, it didn’t turn out half as bad, as he made it out to be. “You could at least, sound a bit more happy.” She huffed at him, when he said he had all day with her, like it was a bad thing. “Well for one, the stench...yuck.” Jessa made a face, as he asked her for her list. “Rotting bodies, with worms and maggots. Garbage bins over-flowing. Like hello people..empty those things will you? No one wants to see it overflowing and growing weird stuff, when it moulds.” Yep, the young Initia was ranting slightly. But to be fair, all of those things were worse than him being social. “Or like that lady in the Guiness World of records, with those long curly eeww.” Jessa couldn’t the shivers at the mental image of that.

When he handed her one of his jackets. She sniffed it...just to make sure it didn’t smell bad. “Mhh well this should do. Thanks.” Jessalyn shrugged off her own jacket. Dropping it on his bed. Before squeezing into his own. The arms were a bit too long for her own, so she had to roll back a bit of the cuffs. As she heard his shriek, she just burst into laughter shaking her head. “It’s not like I am taking you to Mars...sheesh.” As he talked about his mishaps with technology. Jessalyn tried not to laugh. She just shook her head, unable to contain the giggles. “You really are a technology and that phone.”she laughed harder. “Although, it’d explain your constant use of random emoji’s.” she teased. “It’s a wonder, half your texts make sense.” She patted his arm, whilst still in fits of laughter. “Well, my’s the time to change all of that, and make you better at it. Who knows, you might end up having fun.” Jessa made sure to put the emphasis on the last word.
Jessalyn looked between the maid and Ery. Trying to hide her amusement, at the look she had on her face. “Make sure, to give his carpet a good hoover...maybe even a wash. It stinks of spilled booze.” Knowing the woman had her work cut out for her, with the state of his room. As they walked through the halls, she laughed hearing him grumble. “You always say that, before you eventually agree getting you outside is a good idea.” Knowing he needed it, even if he wouldn’t admit it. Maybe not just yet, at least.

The young Initia knew it was unlikely, that’d he change his ways. But he’d still be one of her closest friends regardless. “I know...I imagine, my whining at you is annoying, But I mean well...but let’s face it, You really are a pain sometimes...but still my best-friend.” Jessa smiled, before she gasped, feeling his hands ruffling her hair, letting out a whine. Her hair ruffled up mess. “ haiiir.”She pouted, trying to fix her messy hair. God damn him, for being so tall...and her so small compared to him. He was probably like an entire foot taller than her. When he stopped a cab. She climbed into the back with him. As she strapped in the seatbelt, she smiled. “You know, I am persuasive.” Jessalyn giggled.”Besides, can you really say no to this face?” Gesturing to her self playfully, as she gave him her famous puppy dog eyes. A look, she used on him plenty of times; when it was much harder to persuade him.

Whilst the cab ride was on the silent time. Jessa was feeling accomplished; that she at least got him out of the mansion and to try something new with her. As they arrived at their destination. After she climbed out of the cab. Jessa had a bounce in her step, as they headed inside. Feeling he was a little tense. “Just’ll be fine.” she reassured him, smiling. “So...where do you want to start? We got Pac-Man, Tetris, Donkey-Kong, Mario Bros, Space Invasion, Pinball, Mortal Kombat I and II.” She began pointing out all the different game stations they had on offer. “Ooh, they even have Dance Dance and Virtual Racing.” The young Initia was buzzing with excitement. Probably more up-beat than he was about the whole thing. She loved the last two. Having been to plenty of Arcades with her siblings; she always challenged her brothers to the Virtual Racing on Motor-bikes.


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